What You Need to Know About Radiator Valves

What is the first thing you think of when you read “radiator valves?” I bet your thoughts are drawn to the ugly white knobs you find on the radiator in your living room or bedroom. Those white knobs would completely ruin your bathroom design if you have already chosen a modern and sophisticated looking designer radiator.

Thankfully there are stylish designed radiator valves available in stunning chrome to blend in with your new radiator and modern finish.

Modern Bathrooms

Chances are you’re designing a modern bathroom, what with bathrooms being luxurious and spa-inspired these days, it’s only natural to want a spectacular bathroom oasis of your own.

Modern bathrooms are about clear lines, light colours and lots of chrome and glass. Incorporating glass and chrome into your lightly coloured bathroom will be a huge benefit not only to the design, but to the spacious feel they provide.

When it comes to radiator valves, this is something that should be taken seriously. If you choose the normal white valves you can ruin the entire modern feel of your bathroom and the white valves can really let the space down.

The Radiator Valves

The modern and stylish chrome radiator valves are the only choice when you are designing a modern bathroom. From the shiny chrome finish to the way they sit in your bathroom and blend in with your overall décor, makes them a must.

From angled valves to straight valves and even corner valves, you can get all of these in a great chrome finish, just what you need to complete your modern and stylish bathroom design.

Then there are the thermostatic radiator valves also available in the chrome that you need to complete the picture. These are made up of two radiator valves, one is to manage the thermostat and the other is plain without the control gauge.

Whichever radiator valves you choose to complement your bathroom design ensure they blend in with your overall décor and most importantly, they work with your bathroom radiator. Obviously if you have chosen a white radiator, then chrome radiator valves will look out of place.

Match your taps, shower head, bath taps, radiator and radiator valves you can enjoy a streamlined bathroom that oozes modern style.

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