Save Space in Your Bathroom With Back to Wall Toilets

These days more emphasis is being placed on the bathroom than ever before, which means bathrooms are being made modern, minimalistic and with that “wow” factor that makes an impression on anyone who walks into the bathroom space.

When designing a bathroom you always need to ensure you don’t compromise your floor space, you want a functional space where you can move around with ease. Compact bathrooms are the hardest to design, limited space makes it very hard to combine functionality and floor space to ensure the bathroom offers convenience and practicality while still creating that statement.

The advantage with the back to wall toilets is that they have a concealed cistern, the cistern is actually hidden behind the wall, so all you see is the toilet bowl and seat itself and nothing else. This really helps with the minimalistic effect of modern bathrooms, works beautifully in traditional bathrooms and gives a feeling of spaciousness because you are not cluttering your walls with toilet cisterns.

Design Options

Back to wall toilets are available in a choice of designs, there is the Emma back to wall toilets for the more traditional bathroom design. These toilets are oval and finished in white.

The Dale back to wall toilets work well in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Also oval in design, they offer a luxury close function.

Moving on to modern bathrooms, there is some great choices of back to wall toilets to complement the space such as the Qube, a rectangular back to wall toilet that will blend in with your modern and minimalistic design.

There is the Neeka which is an ultra-modern round back to wall toilet that is not only space saving but sophisticated and elegant and then there is the Lisa, a minimalistic designed rectangular back to wall toilet with curved corners to add that elegant touch to your bathroom design.

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