The Many Advantages of Wall Hung Vanity Basins

Wall hung vanity basins can blend in with any bathroom design.  Available in a selection of shapes and sizes these basins are suitable for family bathrooms, en-suites and even cloakrooms.

The appeal when it comes to these basins is that they offer the feeling that they are floating, they do not rely on a counter or shelf, but rather stand alone, mounted to the wall and when combined with a chrome bottle trap, can add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom design.

There are a number of advantages to why the wall hung vanity basins continue to be a top choice in bathrooms throughout the country.

Maximise Floor Space

Wall hung vanity basins are the ideal choice for cloakrooms and compact bathrooms as they don’t take up any floor space. They look as though they are floating and you can use the space below to place a cupboard or even a laundry basket.

The biggest advantage to this is that you can mount your wall hung vanity basins to your desired height, making them perfect for family bathrooms.

Elegant Designs

The wall hung vanity basins are available in a selection of styles and sizes from the rectangular and square designs to the round and semi-circular design with a special design for cloakrooms where the tap mounts to the side rather than the back, maximising your space even further.

The availability of shapes and sizes ensures you can blend your new wall hung vanity basins in with any bathroom design. If you have already chosen straight edges then you can choose from the square or rectangular choices while if you have curved edges, the round or semi-circular wall hung vanity basins may be the right choice for you.

Stylish Finishes

When mounting the wall hung vanity basins you need somewhere for the water to drain to which is why bottle traps are the most popular choice. Now when I mention bottle traps your mind immediately goes to the ugly bottle trap you would find under the kitchen sink.

The bottle traps for bathrooms are finished in polished chrome and come in cylindrical or square designs that blend in with your wall hung vanity basins. The great thing is that bottle traps can give a modern finish to a bathroom space, they are stylish, elegant and sleek in design, making them a popular choice for anyone who is looking at the wall hung vanity basins.

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