Shower Baths A Great Choice For Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom designs can be a nightmare, especially when you want the convenience of a shower, but the luxury of a bath. Family members probably also all have their own idea on what they prefer and to keep the peace in the home, you may want to have a look at the shower baths available on the market.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

When working with a small bathroom you are very limited on the space you have available. While you may dream of that beautiful roll top bath and separate walk in shower, in a smaller space this isn’t a practical option.

You do have choice as to the bath you can buy, often a corner bath unit may be the ideal option when thinking of a shower bath, this lets you maximise your use of space and you still have plenty of room to move around, add your toilet, sink and even a vanity unit, if space allows.

By incorporating the two and adding a shower bath, you can enjoy the benefits of both without leaving your bathroom so cramped you cannot move.

Top Designs

The first step to installing shower baths is to look at the space you have available. There is a range of choices for shower baths from smaller baths to corner units, both of which will work wonders in a small space. Add a shower and both you and your family can enjoy the benefits of both.

Take your bathroom design and layout into consideration and with careful measuring find the right shower bath options for the space you have available. Bear in mind that having a shower over the bath design means you don’t compromise too much of your floor space, but at the same time the shower bath needs to blend in with your current bathroom design.

Best of Both

The hardest thing when remodelling a family bathroom is keeping everyone happy. You will have some family members who enjoy a quick shower and then run out the door, while you may prefer a long hot soak in the bath after a long day of juggling work and family.

You often can’t keep everyone happy, but with a shower bath you are able to meet the needs of the entire family and everyone will get to enjoy their preference. Shower baths are ideally suited for younger families. You can’t pop a baby in the shower and once they outgrow the baby bath, you will need a bath tub to wash them in. This way you can ensure the entire family is catered for.

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