The Sheer Elegance of Glass Bathroom Basins

With luxury and spa-inspired bathroom themes being a top choice this year, it’s no surprise that the glass bathroom basins are receiving a lot of attention, offering a chance to add an elegant touch to your bathroom design.

Glass is a welcome addition to any bathroom design, incorporating light colours, glass and chrome to a bathroom adds that modern finish that can create a statement in any home.

Glass Bathroom Basins Variety

There is a selection of glass bathroom basins to choose from enabling you to blend them into your overall bathroom design. There are the oval, round and square choices ensuring you carry the same design throughout your bathroom space.

You’re heard me say it before but if you are designing a modern bathroom with plenty of straight edges, then you want to keep that design flowing, so you should choose the square glass bathroom basins. Again if you have chosen bathroom products with curves, then the round or oval will blend in beautifully with the rest of the design.

Caring for Your Glass Bathroom Basin

If you are worried that glass bathroom basins may not withstand the demands you family puts on them, you’ll be pleased to know they are made from toughened glass which can withstand almost everything you throw at them.

Of course you are not going to pour a kettle of boiling water into the glass bathroom basins, but they can handle high temperatures and won’t chip if a deodorant can falls into the basin. You do find many of the other basins will chip at some point.

These glass bathroom basins are easy to clean and maintain, mix half a container with vinegar and the other half with warm water, the same as you would if you were cleaning your shower enclosures. Using a clean sponge, wipe the basin with the mixture and leave for a minute before wiping it off again.

The advantage is that even soap marks come off the glass bathroom basins with ease when you use this homemade mixture, reducing unwanted marks and leaving your basin gleaming.

Bright Spaces

We all know that a light and bright bathroom feels more spacious than it is. This can be accomplished by choosing plenty of white and glass. The glass of the glass bathroom basins allows the light to flow straight through them, which enhances the space and makes your bathroom feel lighter and bigger.

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