Top Shower Head Choices

Choosing a shower head for your bathroom is as important as choosing the enclosure and where you intend placing your shower tray. Any shower head should blend in with all your other fixtures and fittings, enhancing the space while offering an elegant and sophisticated finish to the space.

Square Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

You’ve chosen the modern design in your bathroom. You have a square or rectangular shower, a square bath, basin and toilet. The next logical step to keep all your bathroom products working beautifully together is a square shower head. This shower head is 17cm though you can get much bigger. It’s stylish in design and is guaranteed to make a statement in your bathroom.

Design Round Shower Head With Swivel Elbow

When you have already chosen your modern bathroom design and have gone with rounded bathroom products, then this shower head is the ideal choice. Finished in beautiful chrome, this 18cm round shower head will blend in perfectly with your other tips and fittings.

Contemporary Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

If you have gone a little more low key when designing your bathroom, you may prefer this large circular shower head. The contemporary design really makes this large 20cm shower head the ideal choice and ensures excellent water disbursement when enjoying a hot shower on a cold night.

Star Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

This shower head is the ideal choice for any modern bathroom. The star shape of the 20cm shower head will definitely make a statement. When choosing this shower head ensure it will blend in with your overall bathroom design, if you have chosen an ultra-modern bathroom, then this shower head is guaranteed to delight.

The Rose Head With Swivel Elbow

The rose head shower head is the perfect choice for a more traditional bathroom design. A large 20cm this circular shower head is traditional in design with a modern spruce that will glamour up your shower area and give it that elegant look you were hoping for.

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