Enjoy Additional Illumination with Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

Often you’ll find that the lighting in your bathroom just isn’t enough, especially on those wet and miserable winter days. Sometimes you just need that additional illumination to help you get ready for work in the morning.

A bathroom should be light and bright, the lighter the bathroom the bigger it feels. It’s a little known fact, that’s why we always paint our bathroom walls in a light colour and add a mirror. A mirror reflects the light giving it that spacious feel, but sometimes you just need that added bit of help to get the light you need.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is easy to install and doesn’t have to be switched on all the time. You can switch it on only when you need it, giving you that extra light you so desperately need or you can leave them on to help illuminate the bathroom, helping it feel bigger, even in the smallest of bathrooms.


The bathroom cabinet lighting available come in some beautiful stylish designs which will complement your bathroom and not look out of place. Choose beautiful stainless steel finished lights which will complement your current bathroom fixtures and look perfect perched next to your stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinet.

The designs are guaranteed to finish your bathroom off to perfection, looking like it came out of a glossy magazine. Placing the light next to your mirror offers ease and convenience when getting ready each day. They are highly effective, offering more than enough light while giving your bathroom that finished look.

Effective Solution

Bathroom cabinet lighting is highly effective and you can choose from a range of designs to illuminate your bathroom when you need it most. Choose from single lights to double lights, perfect for double basin units. Let the light help you and your partner get ready in the mornings without trying to squint into the mirror and hoping you put your mascara on perfectly.

Finished in a stainless steel finish, the bathroom cabinet lights blend in with your current bathroom fixtures and doesn’t ever look out of place. Depending on your bathroom design, you can choose from the modern choices such as the pumpkin metallic cabinet light or the more traditional design, the single cone cabinet light. The choice is yours, all you need to do is ensure it blends in with your current décor to give your bathroom the perfect picture postcard finish.

Essential Bathroom Accessories for Every Bathroom

One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when designing their bathrooms is they don’t budget for the smaller and essential items, such as your tube bathroom accessories. They blow the budget on the bath, shower and even the basins and forget about the functionality of the space.

Tube bathroom accessories are a welcome addition into any bathroom design. These stylish bathroom accessories are cylindrical in design and come in a host of accessories from towel rails to toilet roll holders, so which ones do you need for your bathroom?

Towel Rails

Towel rails are a must for every bathroom design, a place to hang your bath or shower towels without having them strewn all over the floor. Another advantage is that you can keep your bath towels separate from your hand towels to ensure guests don’t dry their hands on a towel you will use after your bath later on.

Another advantage of the towel rails in the tube bathroom accessories range is that they reduce the clutter in your bathroom, enabling you to keep your bathroom neat and tidy at all times.

Towel Rings

Another of the great tube bathroom accessories are towel rings. Towel rings are a welcome addition next to the basin, a place to hang your hand towel enabling everyone to differentiate between the bath and hand towels and offer the convenience of having the towel close to the basin.

Toilet Accessories

When it comes to the toilet area you need toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders and more. These are all essential bathroom items available in the tube bathroom accessories range to ensure you reduce the clutter and keep your bathroom looking clean and neat at all times.

Useful Tube Bathroom Accessories

Other tube bathroom accessories which can add convenience to your bathroom area include the tumbler holders for next to the basin, soap dishes and baskets for the basin or bath and my personal favourite, the glass shelves.

What You Need to Know About Radiator Valves

What is the first thing you think of when you read “radiator valves?” I bet your thoughts are drawn to the ugly white knobs you find on the radiator in your living room or bedroom. Those white knobs would completely ruin your bathroom design if you have already chosen a modern and sophisticated looking designer radiator.

Thankfully there are stylish designed radiator valves available in stunning chrome to blend in with your new radiator and modern finish.

Modern Bathrooms

Chances are you’re designing a modern bathroom, what with bathrooms being luxurious and spa-inspired these days, it’s only natural to want a spectacular bathroom oasis of your own.

Modern bathrooms are about clear lines, light colours and lots of chrome and glass. Incorporating glass and chrome into your lightly coloured bathroom will be a huge benefit not only to the design, but to the spacious feel they provide.

When it comes to radiator valves, this is something that should be taken seriously. If you choose the normal white valves you can ruin the entire modern feel of your bathroom and the white valves can really let the space down.

The Radiator Valves

The modern and stylish chrome radiator valves are the only choice when you are designing a modern bathroom. From the shiny chrome finish to the way they sit in your bathroom and blend in with your overall décor, makes them a must.

From angled valves to straight valves and even corner valves, you can get all of these in a great chrome finish, just what you need to complete your modern and stylish bathroom design.

Then there are the thermostatic radiator valves also available in the chrome that you need to complete the picture. These are made up of two radiator valves, one is to manage the thermostat and the other is plain without the control gauge.

Whichever radiator valves you choose to complement your bathroom design ensure they blend in with your overall décor and most importantly, they work with your bathroom radiator. Obviously if you have chosen a white radiator, then chrome radiator valves will look out of place.

Match your taps, shower head, bath taps, radiator and radiator valves you can enjoy a streamlined bathroom that oozes modern style.

Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinets – The Perfect Modern Design

These days’ homeowners are paying careful attention to their bathroom designs. Clear lines, gleaming chrome, brilliant whites and a minimalistic finish are all at the top of the list when it comes to bathroom design.

It’s all very well deciding you are going to modernise your bathroom, but you need to pay careful attention to your basin, your toilet and your bath or shower and then there are your taps, your towel rails and let’s not forget your mirrored cabinets.

I love the stainless steel mirror cabinets for a modern bathroom. They come in a selection of styles to enhance the bathroom space and their clean finish means they work well with the taps and shower heads you choose for your bathroom.

There are so many great designs available, but there are five stainless steel mirror cabinets that really stand out for the modern bathroom space.

Wave Duo Hinge Mirror Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to break away from the clean straight lines in your bathroom, these stainless steel mirror cabinets are just what you are looking for. They have a very stylish and slim design, making them the perfect choice for any modern bathroom.

The Duo Slider Mirror Cabinet

The ideal stainless steel mirror cabinet for the slightly larger bathroom or family bathroom. Again these have the clear lines and beautiful mirrored doors. The sliding action of the doors make these a modern and convenience choice, you don’t have to worry about opening the doors and any obstructions. They have the double shelf offering plenty of storage space.

Tall Corner Hinge Mirror Cabinet

When struggling with wall space, these stainless steel mirror cabinets may be the solution. They fit snugly in the corner of your bathroom and with their tall design offer more than enough shelving space to keep your bathroom completely clutter free.

Compact Hinge Mirror Cabinet

The compact hinge mirror cabinet is the ideal choice for a smaller bathroom with a single mirrored door with magnetic closure, it adds brightness to any bathroom design. These stainless steel mirror cabinets come with a double shelf offering ample storage for all your medications, toiletries and hair products or make up.

Lucido Maxi Triple Door Stainless Steel Cabinet

You will want these stainless steel mirror cabinets when remodelling a family bathroom. With three separate compartments, you have more than enough space for the whole family to store their toiletries. The two side compartments have adjustable shelves, while the larger centre compartment has fixed shelves offering ample storage space.

Top 5 Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

Choosing a new bathroom mirror may be a daunting process. There are so many different shapes, sizes and designs to choose from. Personally I prefer mirrors that have lights, this not only adds to the practicality of the mirror and is exceptionally convenient when shaving or putting on makeup, but it enhances the bathroom offering additional lighting when your bathroom needs it.

Minima Oval Mirror with Top Light and Shelves

Seeing the new year is a year for modern, luxury and comfort, this Minima oval bathroom mirror with lights is a top choice. The circular design works beautifully with any bathroom that has oval or rounded bathroom products. The shelves are made from clear glass and combined with the chrome detailing make this a very stylish and elegant bathroom mirror choice. The top light is flexible, so you can move it to any position that suits you best.

Extra Vision Pure Mirror with Top Light and Shaver Point

If you have chosen a minimalist designed bathroom then this bathroom mirror with lights is the one for you. This large rectangular mirror can be placed either vertically or horizontally depending on your bathroom layout and space available. It comes with a shaver socket and a light that is controlled with an easy to use pull cord.

Argento Wave Bathroom Mirror with Lights

These bathroom mirrors with lights add some shape to your bathroom and work well in both modern and traditional bathrooms. The unique wave shape makes these mirrors an art piece on your wall. The lights are situated on to the top of the mirror shining down and giving you a clear reflection.

Minima Bowed Mirror with Top Light and Magnifying Mirror

These bathroom mirrors with lights are the perfect choice for a family bathroom or en-suite. This mirror is a stunning shape with straight edges at the top and bottom with rounded edges on the side, the chrome side holds a second magnifying mirror perfect for applying your make up or shaving and combined with the additional light, these bathroom mirrors with lights are practical, convenient and stylish.

Minima Cone Mirror with Top Light and Shelves

This is one of the most elegant and stylish bathroom mirrors with lights. It comes with three integrated clear glass shelves with a modern designed mirror that will make a statement in any bathroom. The light works with an easy to use pull cord making this mirror both elegant and functional.

Top Ideas for Accessorizing Your Bathroom

In order for your bathroom to be a functional space, you need accessories. Accessories add to the functionality and practicality of the space, they make the bathroom user-friendly, whether you’re designing a modern bathroom, traditional bathroom or luxurious and spa-inspired space.


The basics such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes and tumbler holders are all needed in the bathroom. The cone bathroom accessories range offers a selection of great accessories in a stunning cylindrical finish that will blend in with any bathroom design.

Add Some Colour

The problem with working so hard to have a modern bathroom, is that the space can end up very white and clinical and colour is essential to add some life to the space. Splashes of colour can be bold and bright, from adding new towels to a feature wall.


Bathroom mirrors are essential bathroom items that should be incorporated in every single bathroom around the world. Mirrors will not only offer you your own reflection when getting ready for work each day, but they can be used to reflect light into the bathroom to make it more spacious or they can be used to highlight a focal point, maybe that freestanding bath you are so proud of.

You Need a Set Budget

When shopping for bathroom accessories your budget can easily get out of control, there are so many great accessories out there, which is why I always set myself a set budget. The cone bathroom accessories are an affordable way to accessorize your bathroom. Stick to the budget to ensure you don’t break the bank and are still able to turn your bathroom into a practical space.

Advantages of Back Lit Mirror Cabinets

All bathrooms need some form of storage, it is so easy for the bathroom to feel cluttered with your selection of toiletries, make up, hair care products and shaving items. This is especially true in family bathrooms where you have a number of people using one small space.

These days bathrooms are designed to be modern, elegant and sophisticated and the one thing that lets these bathrooms down is the collection of items scattered everywhere. One of the options you have is a bathroom cabinet mounted to the wall offering storage for all the smaller bathroom items and reducing the risk of them ending up on the basin, side of the bath or even on the floor.


One of the advantages you’ll find when choosing back lit mirror cabinets is their superior design. You can a selection to choose from that will blend in with any bathroom design, work as a piece of art on a bland wall and offer practicality and convenience.

Cabinets are functional items, but when you can put three conveniences into one, you are on a winning streak, which means less items on the wall and even less clutter.


Back lit bathroom mirrors offer three conveniences – storage, light and a mirror. If you think about it if you were to purchase a plain cabinet without a mirror you’ll need space to mount a mirror on the wall, another item to clutter your wall space.

If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from enough natural light, you’ll need to add additional light, maybe on the wall near your mirror, yet another item to fill your bathroom wall.

Now imagine getting ready for work, grabbing your razor and shaving cream or make up from inside the cabinet, closing the door and the mirror is right there, even better yet, you have extra light which ensures a clear reflection, helping you get ready for work and shaving minutes off your time.


Lighting is one of the most important things in any bathroom design. In order for any bathroom to feel spacious you need plenty of light. We don’t all benefit from an abundance of natural light, so we need additional lighting wherever possible. The back lit bathroom mirrors help in this department, offering additional light to enhance the space while looking elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

The Advantages of Mirror Cabinets with Lights

When you’re adding the finishing touches to your bathroom this summer, you may want to take a look at mirror cabinets with lights. These come with a range of advantages that will enhance your bathroom design, adding convenience and practicality to your bathroom space.

Once your bathroom is finished often you find one wall looks bare and needs that little something. Adding a mirror cabinet with lights works as a piece of artwork on your wall, it breaks up a bare wall and gives it a stylish look.


The mirror cabinets with lights come in a wide selection of designs for you to choose from including those with side shelves to those with triple doors. It will depend on the size of your bathroom and the wall space you have available. The triple door designs are very useful for family bathrooms, they are available in an elegant design that works well with both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Additional Light

There is something that we all try and achieve in our bathrooms and that is plenty of light. Light makes any room feel bigger and often we need that little bit of extra light to help us get ready in the morning. With the mirror cabinets with lights you get that additional light that flows around your mirror, making it so much easier when applying make up or shaving.


I think one of the hardest things with any bathroom is finding enough storage space. Before you know what happened your bathroom can look at though a hurricane ran through it, especially when dealing with family bathrooms.

Each family member will have their own products and toiletries and these can be strewn across the bathroom and without storage space there is no getting out of it. The mirror cabinets with lights offer that extra bit of storage you need to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.


Now imagine stumbling into the bathroom in the morning, you have your shower and then need to shave or put on make up. Without mirror cabinets with lights you’ll have to dig around for your products and then find the mirror, squinting into the mirror because you don’t have enough light.

If you have mirror cabinets with lights then all you have to do is open the cabinet, take out your product, look in the mirror which is bright with light and get on your day, it doesn’t get any easier.

How to Choose Bidet Taps

Yes that’s right you haven’t read the title wrong, this is how to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your bathroom design. As you know bidets have become a very popular choice in modern bathrooms, they offer that sophisticated finish to any bathroom design. At the same time it’s important to ensure your bidet blends in with the rest of your bathroom design.

The bidet taps you choose are as important as the bidet itself. The taps should be stylish and work with the bidet to add that sophisticated flair to your overall design.


When it comes to bidet taps, the best option is mixer taps which mix the hot and cold water to your desired temperature. These taps are specifically designed for the modern bidet available in a sophisticated chrome finish which when chosen to match your other bathroom fixtures, will complement your bathroom space with ease.

From the stunning CU series bidet mixer with it’s flat handle and squared design to the modern design of the AR series bidet mixer with it’s stunning chrome finish, it’s easy to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your current design.

Blending in with the Design

A lot of emphasis is being placed on bathrooms these days which means you need to pay as much attention to your design as you would in your living room or kitchen. Previously a bathroom was what it is, a bathroom. Not much care was taken in the design of the bathroom, but these days your bathroom is another room where you need to make a statement.

When planning your bathroom it’s important that all your bathroom pieces work together. Having an oval freestanding bath when your toilet, basin and shower enclosure is square will not work well together. Think of it from a designers point of view, keeping everything the same will help you enhance the room and add sophistication and flair to the space.

Bidets are available in a choice of shapes to work with your current toilet, bath and basin. Your bidet taps need to match your current tap designs. If you have rounded mixer taps on your basin and bath, then carrying this on to your bidet will help keep the space uniform without making the bidet taps look out of place.

Modern Finish

Bidet taps are modern in design and the chrome finish adds sophistication to the room. Ensure your bidet taps are the same shape as your other taps, the modern PL series bidet mixer is a top choice with it’s stylish design and shiny chrome finish, this tap will complement any bathroom space.

Sophisticated Counter Top Bathroom Basins

How many times have you walked into a bathroom and been “wowed” by the design? I cannot count how many times this has happened to me and with more emphasis being placed on bathroom designs these days, you need to use the products available to create that statement bathroom design.

Counter top bathroom basins offer any bathroom a stylish, sophisticated and modern look. They are the “wow” factor in any bathroom and are being widely used in homes around the country.

Why Counter Top Bathroom Basins?

You may wonder what makes the counter top bathroom basins so appealing and sophisticated. It could be the shape, the fact they make that statement in the space or the fact that they offer that designer finish to the bathroom design.

The counter top bathroom basins come in a choice of shapes from round to rectangular and they sit on your existing shelf or counter top in a brilliant white which makes them stand out and be noticed.

Take Your Bathroom Size into Consideration

The great thing about the counter top bathroom basins is they come in so many size options enabling you to fit them into your bathroom design with ease. They will complement any bathroom design in their brilliant white, blending in with the most minimalistic design or the most luxurious finish.

If you are in the process of designing a bathroom, you probably want to create that luxurious space that you can relax in after a long day at work. Your bathroom can be transformed into an oasis filled with light and neutral tones, luxurious finishes and fittings and a counter top bathroom basin that will stand out and offer that “wow” factor.

Turn your bathroom into a “wow” area, be proud to show your friends and let your counter top bathroom basins be your bathroom centre piece.