Top Shower Head Choices

Choosing a shower head for your bathroom is as important as choosing the enclosure and where you intend placing your shower tray. Any shower head should blend in with all your other fixtures and fittings, enhancing the space while offering an elegant and sophisticated finish to the space.

Square Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

You’ve chosen the modern design in your bathroom. You have a square or rectangular shower, a square bath, basin and toilet. The next logical step to keep all your bathroom products working beautifully together is a square shower head. This shower head is 17cm though you can get much bigger. It’s stylish in design and is guaranteed to make a statement in your bathroom.

Design Round Shower Head With Swivel Elbow

When you have already chosen your modern bathroom design and have gone with rounded bathroom products, then this shower head is the ideal choice. Finished in beautiful chrome, this 18cm round shower head will blend in perfectly with your other tips and fittings.

Contemporary Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

If you have gone a little more low key when designing your bathroom, you may prefer this large circular shower head. The contemporary design really makes this large 20cm shower head the ideal choice and ensures excellent water disbursement when enjoying a hot shower on a cold night.

Star Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

This shower head is the ideal choice for any modern bathroom. The star shape of the 20cm shower head will definitely make a statement. When choosing this shower head ensure it will blend in with your overall bathroom design, if you have chosen an ultra-modern bathroom, then this shower head is guaranteed to delight.

The Rose Head With Swivel Elbow

The rose head shower head is the perfect choice for a more traditional bathroom design. A large 20cm this circular shower head is traditional in design with a modern spruce that will glamour up your shower area and give it that elegant look you were hoping for.

Reduce Bathroom Clutter with Black Lit Mirror Cabinets

Clutter is a huge problem faced by bathrooms throughout the country. Family bathrooms can be a nightmare as each family member has their own toiletries, make up, shaving items and hair care products.

With so many great storage options on the market for bathrooms, you may want to combine functionality with style, light and convenience. Back lit mirror cabinets are a firm choice for any bathroom design ticking all the boxes including a stylish finish to any wall.

Enhance the Space

There are three key elements you want to accomplish in any bathroom design. You want a light space, you want functionality and you want ample storage. The back lit mirror cabinets take all of these requirements and place them in one stylish item that can be mounted into any bathroom.

A lighter bathroom is a larger bathroom, you can make the smallest space feel bigger when you work with light colours and an abundance of light. Not all bathrooms benefit from natural light and you need to use your imagination to make the space as light and bright as possible.

When choosing back lit mirror cabinets you are already including additional light, but place the cabinet with care and allowing any natural light that comes into the space to reflect off the mirror into the room and you are really on a winning streak.

Convenience and Practicality

The back lit mirror cabinets also offer convenience in the bathroom. When getting ready in the morning you can enjoy having your bathroom products, mirror and additional lighting in one space. This can help you get ready faster.

Mirrors in a bathroom are essential, you can’t really imagine a bathroom without a mirror can you? This is because they are an important part of your design, they offer practicality, functionality and convenience.

Storage Space is a Must

Then it comes down to one of the other main reasons why back lit mirror cabinets are such a great addition to your bathroom. They offer you the necessary storage you need for all your smaller bathroom items while including light and convenience.

These cabinets come in a choice of designs to blend in with any bathroom style. They are stylish in design and can be placed in both the ultra-modern or the more traditional bathroom design with ease.

A Perfect Shower for a Fantastic Showering Experience

There are very few homes in the UK today that don’t have a shower. Showers reduce water consumption and offer convenience. They also help maximise floor space in a smaller bathroom design.

Bathroom Layout

In reality we don’t all have the ideal space to put a shower in our bathrooms, maybe you’re working with a space against the wall because your bath takes up the corner position. When you place a shower against the wall you have three exposed sides, one will have the door, but you still have two sides that need an enclosure, which is where shower enclosure side panels come in.

Shower enclosure side panels are made of clear glass which blends in with the shower door you have chosen to seal to the shower tray and reduce the risk of leaks.

The enclosures available come in an unframed and framed option. The shower enclosure side panels give you the freedom to design your bathroom layout to your own specific taste and style and with the clear glass panels, you can enjoy the light flowing freely.

Easy Light Flow

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom design is how light and bright it is. White walls, white bathroom products, an abundance of glass and natural and additional lighting work in harmony to offer you a space which is light and feels spacious.

The advantage to the shower enclosure side panels is that they are completely clear, made from safety glass and these allow light to flow freely through them, brightening the shower and bathroom area and offering that feeling of space.

Shower Selection

It’s important that the shower tray and enclosures you choose blend into your overall bathroom design. There are so many designs to choose from including quadrant shower trays, rectangular or square trays, sliding doors, pivot doors and even bi-fold doors. The shower enclosure side panels work with these to help you get the perfect showering solution for your bathroom.

Shower Baths A Great Choice For Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom designs can be a nightmare, especially when you want the convenience of a shower, but the luxury of a bath. Family members probably also all have their own idea on what they prefer and to keep the peace in the home, you may want to have a look at the shower baths available on the market.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

When working with a small bathroom you are very limited on the space you have available. While you may dream of that beautiful roll top bath and separate walk in shower, in a smaller space this isn’t a practical option.

You do have choice as to the bath you can buy, often a corner bath unit may be the ideal option when thinking of a shower bath, this lets you maximise your use of space and you still have plenty of room to move around, add your toilet, sink and even a vanity unit, if space allows.

By incorporating the two and adding a shower bath, you can enjoy the benefits of both without leaving your bathroom so cramped you cannot move.

Top Designs

The first step to installing shower baths is to look at the space you have available. There is a range of choices for shower baths from smaller baths to corner units, both of which will work wonders in a small space. Add a shower and both you and your family can enjoy the benefits of both.

Take your bathroom design and layout into consideration and with careful measuring find the right shower bath options for the space you have available. Bear in mind that having a shower over the bath design means you don’t compromise too much of your floor space, but at the same time the shower bath needs to blend in with your current bathroom design.

Best of Both

The hardest thing when remodelling a family bathroom is keeping everyone happy. You will have some family members who enjoy a quick shower and then run out the door, while you may prefer a long hot soak in the bath after a long day of juggling work and family.

You often can’t keep everyone happy, but with a shower bath you are able to meet the needs of the entire family and everyone will get to enjoy their preference. Shower baths are ideally suited for younger families. You can’t pop a baby in the shower and once they outgrow the baby bath, you will need a bath tub to wash them in. This way you can ensure the entire family is catered for.

Save Space in Your Bathroom With Back to Wall Toilets

These days more emphasis is being placed on the bathroom than ever before, which means bathrooms are being made modern, minimalistic and with that “wow” factor that makes an impression on anyone who walks into the bathroom space.

When designing a bathroom you always need to ensure you don’t compromise your floor space, you want a functional space where you can move around with ease. Compact bathrooms are the hardest to design, limited space makes it very hard to combine functionality and floor space to ensure the bathroom offers convenience and practicality while still creating that statement.

The advantage with the back to wall toilets is that they have a concealed cistern, the cistern is actually hidden behind the wall, so all you see is the toilet bowl and seat itself and nothing else. This really helps with the minimalistic effect of modern bathrooms, works beautifully in traditional bathrooms and gives a feeling of spaciousness because you are not cluttering your walls with toilet cisterns.

Design Options

Back to wall toilets are available in a choice of designs, there is the Emma back to wall toilets for the more traditional bathroom design. These toilets are oval and finished in white.

The Dale back to wall toilets work well in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Also oval in design, they offer a luxury close function.

Moving on to modern bathrooms, there is some great choices of back to wall toilets to complement the space such as the Qube, a rectangular back to wall toilet that will blend in with your modern and minimalistic design.

There is the Neeka which is an ultra-modern round back to wall toilet that is not only space saving but sophisticated and elegant and then there is the Lisa, a minimalistic designed rectangular back to wall toilet with curved corners to add that elegant touch to your bathroom design.

Enjoy Additional Illumination with Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

Often you’ll find that the lighting in your bathroom just isn’t enough, especially on those wet and miserable winter days. Sometimes you just need that additional illumination to help you get ready for work in the morning.

A bathroom should be light and bright, the lighter the bathroom the bigger it feels. It’s a little known fact, that’s why we always paint our bathroom walls in a light colour and add a mirror. A mirror reflects the light giving it that spacious feel, but sometimes you just need that added bit of help to get the light you need.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is easy to install and doesn’t have to be switched on all the time. You can switch it on only when you need it, giving you that extra light you so desperately need or you can leave them on to help illuminate the bathroom, helping it feel bigger, even in the smallest of bathrooms.


The bathroom cabinet lighting available come in some beautiful stylish designs which will complement your bathroom and not look out of place. Choose beautiful stainless steel finished lights which will complement your current bathroom fixtures and look perfect perched next to your stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinet.

The designs are guaranteed to finish your bathroom off to perfection, looking like it came out of a glossy magazine. Placing the light next to your mirror offers ease and convenience when getting ready each day. They are highly effective, offering more than enough light while giving your bathroom that finished look.

Effective Solution

Bathroom cabinet lighting is highly effective and you can choose from a range of designs to illuminate your bathroom when you need it most. Choose from single lights to double lights, perfect for double basin units. Let the light help you and your partner get ready in the mornings without trying to squint into the mirror and hoping you put your mascara on perfectly.

Finished in a stainless steel finish, the bathroom cabinet lights blend in with your current bathroom fixtures and doesn’t ever look out of place. Depending on your bathroom design, you can choose from the modern choices such as the pumpkin metallic cabinet light or the more traditional design, the single cone cabinet light. The choice is yours, all you need to do is ensure it blends in with your current décor to give your bathroom the perfect picture postcard finish.

Benefits of Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are very popular, especially with smaller bathrooms. The quadrant design is styled to fit perfectly into a corner position, helping you save space in your bathroom area. These enclosures are designed to fit these trays perfectly, ensuring your shower doesn’t leak.

Any Bathroom Style

A great advantage to the quadrant shower enclosures is they blend in with any bathroom design whether you’re going for the luxury look or a more traditional style. The curve of the tray and enclosure add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom space.

Easy to Use Sliding Doors

Another benefit to the quadrant shower enclosures is that they are a sliding door design, another way to maximise space in your bathroom. If you think about it a pivot or hinged door in a compact bathroom probably isn’t the best choice, these doors would swing open so you need to ensure there is nothing blocking them. The sliding doors on the other hand, slide to one side offering a large opening without compromising any floor space.


The quadrant shower enclosures are stylish in design from the gentle curve to the clear class panels and sliding function. They complement any bathroom with ease, allowing light to flow through the shower doors and making the bathroom feel more spacious.

You can choose between a framed on unframed option depending on your overall design, which makes the quadrant shower enclosures suitable for modern and traditional bathroom designs from the minimalistic to the luxurious. Compact, convenient and functional are all words which can be used to describe these shower enclosures.

Square Shower Trays Remain a Popular Choice

Square shower trays have remained a popular choice in homes around the country and with good reason. They are versatile, you are able to place them anywhere in your bathroom and they are a great addition to any bathroom design, big or small.


Before you choose a shower tray you need some idea on where you are going to place it. Smaller bathrooms often benefit with a shower tray placed in the corner of the bathroom, maximising the floor space.

Of course placing a square shower tray in a corner means you only have two shower walls, you will need an enclosure and side panel to complete the showering experience.

The advantage to the square shower trays is that you can use any of the enclosures available, though in a compact bathroom I would suggest sliding doors, bi-fold doors or a walk in enclosure, this way you don’t have a door that swings open, leaving you with less space to work with.

These shower trays are also ideally suited if you are going to turn the recess in your bathroom into a functional shower. Due to the variety of sizes available, the square shower trays will fit into the space with ease, letting you make the most of the space you have available.

Enclosure Options

You can use most of the shower enclosures available when you choose square shower trays from sliding door designs to pivot door or even walk in designs. Remember to choose your enclosure depending on the space you have available and who will be using the shower.

The Simple Beauty of Bow Sliding Door Shower Trays

This year is all about modern bathrooms, those luxurious spaces with a spa-inspired design. Minimalism, simplicity and light and bright are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. But you may want to add that gentle curve to soften the space and bow sliding door shower trays can offer this to you.

Bathroom Layout

One of the most important considerations you need to take into account when remodelling your bathroom is the overall layout. You need to ensure you have the space to place a bow sliding door shower tray, you need to know where you are going to place it and most important you need to ensure you have the available space so you have room to move once your bathroom is completed.

Your bathroom layout should enable you to enjoy plenty of floor space. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to spin on one foot to get around or be unable to open your cupboard doors because you just don’t have the space.

It’s important to measure out your space available and then start selection your bathroom fixtures and fittings, this way you know you are not compromising your floor space and everything will fit in beautifully.

If you are going for the minimalist look then bow sliding door shower trays are a fantastic addition to your bathroom. These trays can be placed up against any wall or even in a corner and just add that little bit of curve that you need.

Design and Decoration

To keep your bathroom simple and unique you will want to paint your walls a very light colour, white is often the colour of choice which blends in well with your bow sliding door shower tray, your basin and toilet. Glass shower doors give that free flowing feel that adds space into the bathroom.

When choosing your bathroom fixtures and fittings choose ones that are clear lined and crisp. For modern, the square design often works best and then you add your curve with your bow sliding door shower trays.

If you want colour add your splashes of colour with a bright blind and matching towels. This is more than enough colour and keeping to the minimalist modern look is very advantageous for smaller bathrooms.

When faced with smaller bathrooms you want them to have the feeling of space and this can be done with light colours and plenty of natural light. If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from natural light add bathroom mirrors with lights and glass, all of which allows the light to flow through or bounce off them adding to the space.

How to Install Bifold Door Shower Enclosures

Bifold door shower enclosures are a great addition to the smaller bathroom, they don’t take up any floor space and fold to one side of the shower offering a large opening. If you have chosen to install your bifold door shower enclosure yourself, you may want to continue reading.

Fitting the bifold door shower enclosures is quite easy if you have a bit of DIY knowledge, if not, I suggest you get a friend in to give you a hand, but either way it won’t take long to install. Bear in mind you shouldn’t use your new shower for at least twenty four hours after installation to allow all the sealants to dry properly and avoid leaks.

Let’s Start

Before you even touch your door you need to install your shower try and ensure that it is completely even. Your next step will be to ensure the bifold door shower enclosures you have purchased are the right size and that your bathroom tiles extend all the way to your shower tray.

Now that you have checked all of this and are happy, you can start with the installation and you are on the road to complementing your bathroom with bifold door shower enclosures.

Installing Your New Shower Enclosure

You will notice when you purchase bifold door shower enclosures that you get two profiles, the doors and plenty of screws and caps.

You want to start by taking one of your wall profiles, these are the long pieces that have holes in them which enables you to put the door in place. Place your profile on the wall with the flange facing inside the shower. It should be perpendicular to the shower tray and level, which you can easily check with a spirit level.

Holding it in place mark the holes and then you can drill them out with ease before plugging the holes and screwing the profile to the wall.

First step completed, now the exciting part of adding the bifold door. Remember bifold door shower enclosures open into the shower and to avoid damage to the door ensure they do not open on the side where you have your shower taps. The door can be turned upside down to enable you to open it from the left or right, depending on where you taps and shower head is placed.

Slide the door into position in the first profile. Now time to add the second profile on the opposite wall, It should be evenly spaced to the first profile, holding the bifold door shower enclosure firmly in place. Follow the instructions you used for installing the first profile.

The Final Touches

The hard part is over once your bifold door shower enclosure is in place, all you have to do now is fix your door handle to the door and seal around the edges. Seal on the inside of the enclosures between the flange and wall and on the outside as well to ensure your enclosure doesn’t leak.