Quadrant Shower Trays – Complete Convenience

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large and spacious bathroom.  This means that we are working with a small, compact bathroom when trying to come up with the perfect bathroom design.

Often there are sacrifices that need to be made, the large roll top bath along the back wall is going to take up way too much space compromising your floor space available.

In any bathroom design you need to maximise your floor space as much as possible.  You obviously need space to dry yourself after shower and to move around with ease.  As you can imagine having a large bath in a small bathroom will leave you spinning on one foot when moving around the space.

Quadrant Shower Tray Designs

Quadrant shower trays are stylish in design and will blend in with ease whether you are designing a modern or traditional bathroom.  These shower trays are designed to fit into a corner position, helping you maximise on floor space.

The quadrant shower trays come in a square or rectangular design with a curved front that adds that elegance and style.

I have worked with some really small bathrooms, where adding a shower seemed almost impossible.  Using quadrant shower trays and some imagination we were able to turn these tiny spaces into comfortable and luxurious bathrooms.


There are enclosures specifically designed for the quadrant shower trays.  These are also curved and have sliding doors, helping you maximise your floor space even further.

The advantage to having sliding doors is that you never have to worry that your door will swing open and be obstructed by your toilet, basin or vanity.  In a smaller space you cannot afford to have doors that swing open. 


The placement of your quadrant shower tray is as important as choosing the right shower tray for your design.  I have mentioned floor space numerous times in this blog and I will stress it again.  When working with a smaller space you need to plan effectively to ensure that you save as much floor space as possible.

Careful placement of your quadrant shower tray, choosing the right enclosure, placement of your toilet and vanity along with the colour you paint your walls, this all plays such a vital role in ensuring your bathroom feels bright, light and spacious.

Make a Statement with Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are ideal for larger bathroom spaces, making a statement and creating that “wow” factor that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest. These baths stand on their own either in the centre of the bathroom becoming a centre piece or along a wall offering an elegant and sophisticated finish to any bathroom design.

Shape is an important decision when choosing freestanding baths, there are a number of shapes available, enabling you to incorporate them into your design, even turn them into your bathroom centrepiece.

Oval Designs

The Rubarto freestanding baths are my favourite when it comes to looking for an oval or curved edge design. These oval baths are simply spectacular with high sides allowing you to really soak in the bath. Again they come in a choice of colours allowing you to add that splash of colour to your bathroom design.

Rectangular Designs

The Assai is one of my favourites when it comes to freestanding baths, these baths are rectangular in design with straight edges to blend in with any modern finish. The top of the bath flares out slightly giving it that beautiful finish that will wow your guests.  The great thing about these freestanding baths is that you can use them to add colour to your bathroom with a host of panels from white to grey and black to purple.

The Legato freestanding bath is another top choice combining straight edges with angled sides, almost a hexagonal shape that will add style to any bathroom design. These baths come in brilliant white to help gives your bathroom that light and bright feel.

Counter Top Bathroom Basins

Counter top bathroom basins offer sophistication and modern style to any bathroom design. They make a statement in the bathroom, offering that “wow” factor you are looking to achieve. 2013 is a year of luxurious and spa inspired bathroom designs and the counter top bathroom basins enhance this, blending in with the design and creating a practical and convenient space.

The counter top bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes and sizes from round to rectangular. These basins are designed to sit on top of your shelving unit or counter top. They are very appealing and a welcome addition in any bathroom design.

Size and Colours

There are a number of size options available when looking at the counter top bathroom basins, making them ideal for large and small bathroom designs. They fill the space with modern style and sophistication. Glass is a great addition if you want to enhance the light in the room and make a big statement.

There are also white options available. The brilliant white stands out, they work beautifully if you are incorporating a feature wall behind the basins, enabling them to make the statement they are looking to make.

It’s so easy to create that “wow” factor in your bathroom when you are adding counter top bathroom basins. Choose a shape that best blends in with your overall design. The rule of thumb is to keep the design as close together as possible, so if you have gone for plenty of straight edges, choose a rectangular or square counter top bathroom basin. When your bathroom is brimming in curves and cylindrical products, go for the round or oval counter top bathroom basins to blend in and enhance the space.

Add Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves to Your Bathroom

Everyone has a clear idea on how they want their new bathroom to look. These days bathrooms are being designed to be luxurious with a spa inspired theme. More and more emphasis is being placed on bathrooms than ever before, which is why it’s essential each product is carefully handpicked to complement the other bathroom items.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of designing your bathroom. The bathroom mirrors with shelves are a welcome addition to any bathroom design. Shelving is always invaluable in any bathroom, helping you reduce the clutter by offering you a space to store your smaller bathroom items.

Design Choices

There is a good choice when it comes to bathroom mirror designs, you can have square, rectangular, oval or even interesting shapes and designs to make a statement in your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom mirrors with shelves, the Zola mirror with shelves really stands out. This rectangular mirror is surrounded by a black frame with a shelf on both sides. The great thing with these bathroom mirrors with shelves if you can choose whether to mount it horizontally or vertically, adding texture and colour to your bathroom design.

Another great choice is the Minima Hex Mirror with top light and shelves. These hexagonal shaped mirrors offer additional lighting, which is always welcome, along with shelving for your smaller bathroom items. Then there is the Minima Cone Mirror with light and shelves, again a convenient mirror with three shelves and additional lighting, the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Practical Solutions

The most important thing about bathroom mirrors with shelves is the practicality that they have to offer. In the early morning rush having all your makeup and hair accessories close to the mirror can shave valuable seconds when getting ready for work. Choosing a bathroom mirror with shelves that comes complete with a top light only makes the mornings more enjoyable.

Many bathrooms struggle with light and these top lights add the additional light you need whether you are getting ready for work or an important date.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk in showers are a very popular choice when it comes to shower enclosures because there is no door, they are easy to get in and out of and most important, they are stylish and sophisticated, blending in with any bathroom design. The biggest convenience when it comes to the walk in shower enclosures is that you don’t have to worry about your shower door swinging open and banging into any of your other bathroom items.

Bathroom Layout and Design

You will need to take your bathroom design into consideration when looking at the walk in shower enclosures available. Be sure you measure your available space and your shower tray to ensure the walk in shower enclosure is the right choice for you.


There are a selection of walk in shower enclosures to choose from, so you can find the perfect match to enhance your bathroom space. There are straight edged clear glass designs to stunning curved options available.

As I mentioned before the walk in shower enclosures don’t have a door, which means you don’t compromise on floor space when choosing these enclosures. This makes them an ideal choice for smaller and large bathroom designs.

Do You Need a Shower Door?

The reason walk in shower enclosures are so popular is because they don’t have a door, which is advantageous especially in smaller bathroom designs. Don’t worry though, the enclosures have a small glass pane that reduces the risk of leaks and with so much clear glass, these enclosures are a welcome addition in any bathroom design.

Some people just prefer peace of mind of a shower door that is entirely your choice, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your shower enclosure. Though bear in mind if you have a smaller bathroom space you want a door that slides, folds or offers a walk in design, to ensure you don’t compromise your floor space in any way.

Shower Baths – A Touch of Bathroom Convenience

Yesterday I gave you insight into the luxurious roll top baths available, the perfect addition for the luxurious bathroom design. Roll top baths are not always practical for smaller bathroom spaces, which is why today I thought I would write about shower baths.

If you’re in the process of renovating your family bathroom then you know your biggest problem is trying to keep everyone happy. You want a bath where you can soak after juggling work and the children all day and your children want a shower, which is quick and easy when they want to run out and spend the evening with friends.

Shower baths are the perfect solution, they offer convenience and the arguments can end as they meet the requirements of the whole family with ease.

Choosing shower baths is the most practical option for any sized bathroom enabling the whole family to be happy with the decision and chop and change their bathing preferences as and when they want to.

During winter there is nothing better than a soak in a hot bubble bath after a long day. While you may find this a welcome break at the end of the day, your teenage children may find this wastes too much of their time.

Keeping everyone happy is just as welcome as having that hot bath, if everyone is happy there are no arguments, you can get younger children to bathe easier and don’t end up with a child that refuses to get in the shower because they can’t bear the feeling of water running on them.

The shower baths are also really helpful when you have very young children in the home. It’s not practical to pop a six month old baby under the shower to wash them, a bath is a necessity, but as they get older, throwing a dirty ten year old that is covered in mud under the shower is much easier than sitting them in a bath.

With shower baths you win either way, you have the advantage of both without compromising your floor space.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

All bathrooms, both big and small, seem to have the same problem, that problem is clutter. The dreaded word that seems to take over every single bathroom throughout the UK. Every bathroom has a number of personal items to be stored from towels to toiletries and medicines to shaving and make up items. Whether there is only two of you or a large family, storage is essential. Wall hung vanity units have been a top choice for many years, offering a range of great advantages, including:


The first advantage is that wall hung vanity units look spectacular in a modern bathroom where you are trying to make a statement and remember that 2013 is a year for bathroom luxury and these units ooze style and elegance.

Small Bathroom Spaces

When working with a smaller bathroom the one thing you want to maximise if your floor space. You can place a vanity unit on the floor, but by installing a wall hung vanity unit you are giving your storage that floating effect which increases the floor space you have available. These units are great for any smaller bathroom design.


Vanity units that are placed on the floor can take serious time to clean, you need to get down on your hands and knees and clean all the way around the vanity where it meets the floor. When they are mounted on the wall you just mop underneath and in one step your bathroom is clean.

The wall hung vanity units are wonderful additions to a bathroom used by elderly because you can place them at any height that suits you, this means less bending to get your items out of the unit, you can just pop open the doors and pull out whatever you need with ease.

Storage Solutions

Did you know that seventy percent of your guests will snoop through your bathroom cupboards? That’s right that is a lot of nosey guests, so having extra storage in your bathroom not only enables you to reduce the clutter but place everything neatly inside your wall hung vanity, let them snoop, at least your bathroom items are not scattered all around the bathroom.

Why Should I Use Bottle Traps in the Bathroom?

Before looking at bottle traps for your new bathroom design, it’s a good idea to fully understand their function and how they can improve your overall bathroom experience.

Bottle traps are used on basins, if your basin includes a pedestal or semi-pedestal, then you won’t be needing the traps. Bottle traps are a long tube that allows waste water with a trap on the one side which attaches to your basin, the trap captures any hair or items that fall down the basin, they also capture all the gases to ensure the smell doesn’t permeate back into your bathroom.

When Should I Use a  Bottle Trap?

In a majority of cases bottle traps are used for practical reasons in both bathrooms and kitchens. If your new bathroom basin fits into a vanity unit, then a bottle trap can help with the space issues you have available. The trap will be hidden from sight within the unit enabling all excess water to drain away with ease.

In modern bathrooms, bottle traps are used as a decorative item. These traps are exposed and finished in stylish chrome showing the minimalist style of the modern and elegant bathroom design. The advantage is that it leaves enough space under the basin for additional storage if you need it.


Bottle traps have one advantage and that is that they are so easy to clean and maintain, all you do is unscrew the trap with a bucket underneath to catch any excess water, clean out any hair or anything stuck in the trap, give it a rinse and screw it back into place, it really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Choice of Designs

When it comes to your bathroom you don’t want to add an ugly plastic and bulky bottle trap to your basin, you want something stylish and modern that will blend in with the rest of your bathroom design.

These days bathroom bottle traps are finished in chrome, giving that stylish shine that blends in with your bathroom taps and shower heads.

There are two bottle trap designs to choose from the minimalist design which is a chrome finished cylindrical tube with a tubular trap. This is the perfect choice if you have chosen tubular taps for your bathroom, carrying out the same style throughout the space.

For those who have gone for the ultra modern look with square taps and products, there is the square trap, these bottle traps have the cylindrical pipe, which is mostly hidden anyway once installed, but it is finished with an elegant and modern square trap that will blend in with your bathroom beautifully.

Why Square Shower Trays Are a Top Choice

One of the biggest considerations when designing a new bathroom is space. Square shower trays are versatile, enabling you to place them anywhere in the bathroom area, maximising the floor space.


Showers are very popular these days, they not only save on water, but they offer convenience and practicality. Square shower trays are therefore a good choice because you can place them in a corner, against a wall or even in a recess in your bathroom with ease.

Which Enclosure to Choose

The biggest advantage to the square shower trays is that they are versatile enough to work with almost all the shower enclosures available on the market from the pivot or hinged door designs, all the ways to the sliding doors and even walk in choices.

Larger bathrooms can enjoy the convenience of pivot or hinged door shower enclosures. These enclosures have swinging doors, they swing open into the bathroom space and while they offer a large entry to the shower, they are not suited for smaller bathroom designs.

For compact bathrooms there are sliding doors, bi-fold doors and my ultimate favourite, the walk in designs. All of these work beautifully with the square shower trays to enhance the bathroom and offer you a perfect showering experience.

Bi-fold shower enclosures work on a concertina effect. They fold in towards the shower so they don’t take up any floor space and are easy to use. The sliding doors glide to each side offering a large opening while the walk in designs don’t have any doors but still offer you the peace of mind that your shower won’t leak all over your bathroom floor.

Material Choices

Square shower trays have three choices when it comes to materials. They are all slim line in design. For a lightweight option there is the pearl and acrylic options, both are durable and long lasting. The stone square shower trays are also durable but much heavier and are a welcome addition in a family bathroom where they will be used often.

Advantages of Back Lit Mirror Cabinets

All bathrooms need some form of storage, it is so easy for the bathroom to feel cluttered with your selection of toiletries, make up, hair care products and shaving items. This is especially true in family bathrooms where you have a number of people using one small space.

These days bathrooms are designed to be modern, elegant and sophisticated and the one thing that lets these bathrooms down is the collection of items scattered everywhere. One of the options you have is a bathroom cabinet mounted to the wall offering storage for all the smaller bathroom items and reducing the risk of them ending up on the basin, side of the bath or even on the floor.


One of the advantages you’ll find when choosing back lit mirror cabinets is their superior design. You can a selection to choose from that will blend in with any bathroom design, work as a piece of art on a bland wall and offer practicality and convenience.

Cabinets are functional items, but when you can put three conveniences into one, you are on a winning streak, which means less items on the wall and even less clutter.


Back lit bathroom mirrors offer three conveniences – storage, light and a mirror. If you think about it if you were to purchase a plain cabinet without a mirror you’ll need space to mount a mirror on the wall, another item to clutter your wall space.

If your bathroom doesn’t benefit from enough natural light, you’ll need to add additional light, maybe on the wall near your mirror, yet another item to fill your bathroom wall.

Now imagine getting ready for work, grabbing your razor and shaving cream or make up from inside the cabinet, closing the door and the mirror is right there, even better yet, you have extra light which ensures a clear reflection, helping you get ready for work and shaving minutes off your time.


Lighting is one of the most important things in any bathroom design. In order for any bathroom to feel spacious you need plenty of light. We don’t all benefit from an abundance of natural light, so we need additional lighting wherever possible. The back lit bathroom mirrors help in this department, offering additional light to enhance the space while looking elegant, stylish and sophisticated.