Bidet Facts

Bidets are very popular in modern homes and you have to wonder why. The majority of homes include bidets into their bathroom design and yet the bidet will never be used.

A few years ago I had an apartment with a bidet. The bidet became a place to store my laundry instead of a laundry basket, which got me interested in what these toilet looking devices were all about.

Bidets come with stylish bidet taps, the taps have a versatile spout enabling you to direct6 the water flow. They come in a chrome finish to blend in with your other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Now to what you may not have known about bidets.

Bidets can be dated back to the 1700’s. While there is no confirmation on who actually designed the bidet, it appears that they did originate in France and were found in some of the wealthier homes across the country during that time.

Now back in the 1700’s, you bathed once a week, so you can imagine that personal hygiene was not a top priority. The bidet back then was a bowl of water that was used to keep your “parts” clean while you waited for your next bath.

Since then the bidet has evolved dramatically. They look like a toilet, except they don’t have a toilet seat and have a tap instead of a flushing mechanism. These days you use stylish bidet taps instead of a bowl of water.

These days bidets are added to bathrooms not only because of their personal hygiene advantages, but because they give an air of luxury and sophistication. In fact these are great additions for senior citizens that struggle with bowel problems.

Bathroom design needs to be taken into consideration when adding bidets into your bathroom. The bidet taps and bidet itself needs to blend in with your overall bathroom design.

The bidet taps on the market are available in a selection of design and the spout of the tap enables you to direct the water flow. They are finished in polished chrome to add sophistication to the bathroom design.

Add Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves to Your Bathroom

Everyone has a clear idea on how they want their new bathroom to look. These days bathrooms are being designed to be luxurious with a spa inspired theme. More and more emphasis is being placed on bathrooms than ever before, which is why it’s essential each product is carefully handpicked to complement the other bathroom items.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of designing your bathroom. The bathroom mirrors with shelves are a welcome addition to any bathroom design. Shelving is always invaluable in any bathroom, helping you reduce the clutter by offering you a space to store your smaller bathroom items.

Design Choices

There is a good choice when it comes to bathroom mirror designs, you can have square, rectangular, oval or even interesting shapes and designs to make a statement in your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom mirrors with shelves, the Zola mirror with shelves really stands out. This rectangular mirror is surrounded by a black frame with a shelf on both sides. The great thing with these bathroom mirrors with shelves if you can choose whether to mount it horizontally or vertically, adding texture and colour to your bathroom design.

Another great choice is the Minima Hex Mirror with top light and shelves. These hexagonal shaped mirrors offer additional lighting, which is always welcome, along with shelving for your smaller bathroom items. Then there is the Minima Cone Mirror with light and shelves, again a convenient mirror with three shelves and additional lighting, the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Practical Solutions

The most important thing about bathroom mirrors with shelves is the practicality that they have to offer. In the early morning rush having all your makeup and hair accessories close to the mirror can shave valuable seconds when getting ready for work. Choosing a bathroom mirror with shelves that comes complete with a top light only makes the mornings more enjoyable.

Many bathrooms struggle with light and these top lights add the additional light you need whether you are getting ready for work or an important date.

Top 3 Freestanding Baths

Baths are a welcome addition in any bathroom offering a host of health benefits, helping you distress after a long day and when using bath oils and scented candles, they can become a place to relax, unwind and wash your stresses away.

These days’ baths come in so many different shapes and sizes, but it’s the freestanding baths that make a statement. It’s important you take your overall bathroom design into consideration when looking at freestanding baths to ensure they will fit and blend in with your design ideas. Freestanding baths can be placed in the centre of the room becoming the focal point or they can be placed against a wall, the choice is up to you.

Assai Freestanding Baths

The Assai freestanding baths offer a beautiful rectangular bath range that blends in with any modern bathroom design. The straight edges give these baths that minimalistic finish and the widened top really oozes sophistication and style. The advantage to these baths is the colour options available enabling you to add a splash of colour to your design with ease.

Plato Freestanding Baths

These freestanding baths work wonderfully in any bathroom design. Finished in brilliant white, these baths blend in with modern, traditional and ultra-modern bathroom designs. There are two options available under the Plato range enabling you to play the bath against the wall or freestanding in the centre of the room to become the bathroom’s centrepiece.

Rubarto Freestanding Baths

The Rubarto freestanding baths are my personal favourite and they really do tick all the boxes for a modern bathroom design. These freestanding baths are oval in design with stunning smooth edges oozing elegance and style. Available in a choice of colours you can add that splash of colour making your freestanding bath the focal point of your design.

Bathroom Mirrors With Shelves Offer a Number of Great Advantages

You would think you could go online choose a bathroom mirror and that would be that, but what you may not realise is there are so many bathroom mirrors available, those with shelves, those with lights and then the plain options.

Bathroom mirrors with shelves are a great addition to any bathroom design, they come in a range of sizes and offer a number of benefits which will enhance your bathroom space.


Bathroom mirrors with shelves are the perfect choice for any bathroom due to their convenience. Stylishly designed they can blend in perfectly with any bathroom design and yet, they offer the convenience of a mirror combined with handy shelving.

Smaller bathrooms find that these can be the perfect choice giving you somewhere to store all your medicines and make up within easy reach of your mirror. This means you aren’t stretching around trying to grab make up in the mornings, these mirrors can shave minutes off your time each day.

Very Practical

The practical design of the bathroom mirrors with shelves means that you save space while enjoying the benefits of a bathroom mirror, it doesn’t get any better than this. When you look for bathroom mirrors there are so many to choose from, those with lights, the modern designs, but the ones with shelves offer you practicality and convenience all in one neat mirrored package.


Why do you want a bathroom mirror? You probably want it to speed up the process of getting ready in the morning, do your hair, shave or put on make up, a quick second look at you are ready to face the day.

Bathroom mirrors offer so much more than that. They are a piece of art on your bathroom wall, they can turn a bland wall into something interesting and when you choose bathroom mirrors with shelves, you have the added advantage of an art piece with storage space.

Not all bathrooms can enjoy the benefit of a vanity unit, a place to store all your medicines, hair products, make up and shaving items. This is where these bathroom mirrors with shelves thrive, they are minimalistic in design, they don’t take up any floor space and yet they offer you all the space you need to store your bathroom products. Having them within such close proximity to your bathroom mirror is just an added advantage that these mirrors have to offer.

Always choose your bathroom mirror according to your bathroom design, keep the design simple when choosing for a modern bathroom, with so many shapes and sizes available you will have no problem finding the ideal bathroom mirror with shelves for your bathroom.

How to Care for Your Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

Sliding door shower enclosures are probably one of the top shower enclosures used in smaller bathrooms throughout the UK because they don’t have a door that swings open enabling you to maximise your floor space.

Sliding door shower enclosures are available in two top designs, framed and frameless. The framed designs are finished in stunning frame which will blend in easily with all your fixtures and fittings while the frameless design is minimalistic and simple.

As with any bathroom item keeping them in perfect condition ensures they last longer and keeping them clean and in good condition is much easier than you may have thought. Many people think because the doors slide, they are harder to clean than say the pivot door designs where the doors swing open, but in reality, they are just as easy.

Clean Your Shower Enclosure Regularly

Giving your shower enclosure a simple wipe after every use is a great way to ensure it’s kept in mint condition. Each shower you or your family has steams up the glass loosening any dirt and grime, so a quick wipe with a dry cloth reduces soap marks and also reduces mould growing on the glass.

You will need to clean your sliding door shower enclosure regularly and I always use a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This works wonders on any glass surface.

Don’t forget to clean the rails of the enclosure to ensure your sliding door slides with ease with every use. Start by wiping down the tiles in your shower and then the sliding door shower enclosure and frame, finish off with the tray as you step out of the shower and start on the outside. It doesn’t take long and yet can improve the life of your shower enclosure.

In all honesty you don’t want your bathroom smelling of vinegar, even though it is the best to use on your enclosure, so what I always do is once I’ve finished cleaning I go over the sliding door shower enclosure with normal glass cleaner or bathroom cleaner as a finishing touch.

2013 Luxury Bathrooms

This year bathrooms are all about luxury and spa-inspired themes. More emphasis is being placed on bathrooms these days than ever before. At the same time the bathroom needs to remain a practical and functional space where the emphasis is placed on the design features to ensure it makes a statement.

Plenty of white, glass and chrome is essential in today’s bathroom designs with feature walls and splashes of colour used to make that statement that the bathroom so desperately needs. From one coloured walls to stone walls and living plant walls to walls with huge picture windows with a stunning bath below. Each design is aimed at opulence and pampering.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small bathroom, those luxurious touches can go a long way in today’s bathroom designs.

Today’s Luxury Bathrooms

This year the majority of bathroom designs are going to be luxurious, those magnificent roll top baths, walk in showers and shower jets offering that spa-inspired touch.

You can also expect to see plenty of counter top basins and glass basins that make a statement and enhance the bathroom area while toilets will be wall mounting with a floating effect that is guaranteed to offer that “wow” factor.

Neutral colours are very in this year so light coloured walls with stunning designer radiators acting as an art piece on the wall. The lighter the walls the larger the bathroom will feel so bear this in mind if you do have a smaller sized bathroom, you can always use towels, candles and blinds to add your splash of colour.

Luxury doesn’t mean ultra-modern, you can make a traditional bathroom luxurious by incorporating the right touches such as wall colour, feature walls and bathroom products. Remember that when choosing bathroom products you choose the same design throughout the space, allowing it to flow, work in harmony together and enhance the space.

Three Advantages to Buying Bathroom Products Online

These days technology has enabled us to sit at our computers and find any product or service that we need. The advantage to this is you have a wider selection, it’s more convenient, saves you time, energy and money and the item will be delivered to your door.

Wider Selection

If you think about it a shop on the high street only has limited space and this means they can only offer a limited selection of bathroom products. Chances are they have a website and anything you do want you’ll have to go on their website to purchase, so basically you have wasted your time by visiting the store in the first place.

Even when buying from a high street store you will have to arrange delivery, especially on the larger items such as your roll top baths or shower enclosures, we don’t all have enormous vehicles that can fit these larger items.

A reputable online company will have a warehouse and this means they can store a much wider selection of items which are sitting there just waiting for you to push that “checkout” button and be shipped to you.

Added Convenience

I don’t know about you but once I finish work each day the last thing I want to do is head into the city centre to start making my way through busy shops. Buying bathroom products online is so much easier and so much more convenient.

I can sit down with my partner at night and we can pull out the laptop and start looking at the bathroom products available. Websites offer all the information including the measurements so I can match it to my bathroom layout and ensure the items I am looking at will fit into my design.


Then there is the added advantage that everything I buy is delivered to my door. There is no need to hire a delivery van or try and squeeze my bathroom product into the back of the car. I buy the item and can have it delivered without leaving my house, now that’s the best way to buy bathroom products.

Airpool Baths for That Luxurious Touch

Airpool baths are one of the top choices because they offer that luxurious touch to your bathroom design with a host of health benefits and they are so easy to maintain and clean.

Airpool baths offer you the ability to have a spa in the comfort of your own home with so many shapes and sizes to choose from it’s easy to incorporate one of these luxurious baths to your bathroom design.

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

These airpool baths come in a range of shapes and sizes enabling you to blend them in with your bathroom design. There are semi-circular designs, rectangular choices and oval options, not to mention the more square designs perfect for the modern bathroom space.

It’s important to take your overall bathroom design into consideration when choosing airpool baths to ensure you have the same design flow throughout the space.

Health Benefits

Yes that’s right, airpool baths offer health benefits so they are not only stunning in design and oozing luxury, but they can help with arthritis symptoms, aching muscles, blood circulation and more. After a long and stressful day at work you can lie back in your bath as the air jets massage your aching muscles helping relieve stress and headaches, what a great way to end a long day.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance couldn’t get any easier with the airpool baths, unlike the whirlpool options, these baths only need you to run the jets while the bath is empty and use a cloth to remove any water to clean them. An annual maintenance check by a professional should be carried out to ensure you don’t incur any unnecessary costs later on and keep your bath in good shape.

The biggest advantage to these baths is that they can run without any water in them and you don’t have the risk of damaging any important components. The whirlpool baths on the other hand cannot be run without water, so they are not ideal if you have younger children in the home where the airpool bath can be added to any bathroom without any worry.

Top Bathroom Wastes For Basins and Baths

Designing a bathroom you never really expect how much time you will need to spend deciding which wastes work best for your home and your family. I used to be under the impression that I purchased a basin and that was that until I ended up starting to renovate my home and suddenly it was a world of bath and basin wastes, which ones worked best and which ones blended in with all my other fixtures and fittings.

Wastes play such an important role in your bathroom, but while they are essential, there is no reason you should deviate from the style and design you are working towards.

Basin Wastes

Basin wastes come in a range of designs, there are the traditional designs with a plug and chain and then the more modern options which I believe are the easiest to use. On the traditional note, we know them well, we know they work and they are so easy to install, so they tick all the boxes and are perfect if you have chosen a more traditional bathroom design.

Then there are the Klik Klak basin wastes with a slotted design. These are a very modern plus and waste which are so easy to use and perfect for family bathrooms. You basically push down on the plug to seal it and fill your basin with water and then another push releases the plug and allows the water to drain away.

Bath Wastes

Bath wastes also come in traditional and modern designs but have some differences. The biggest difference is that bath wastes include an overflow, which is essential to ensure you never overfill your bath and completely flood your bathroom. Not a situation you want to be in if your bathroom is on an upper floor.

The traditional bath wastes include a plug, chain and overflow pipe which will blend in with any bathroom design whether you have gone the more traditional route or the modern choice.

The pop up bath wastes are stunning in a modern bathroom and include the pop up plug with overflow pipe. Then there are the square Klik Klak bath wastes which are in square design and perfect for that ultra-modern bathroom design where you have already chosen square bathroom fittings and fixtures.

Bath Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are very common these days, I am convinced that homes are getting smaller. If you walk into an older home you find a huge living room, decent sized bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. Walk into a modern and newer home on the other hand and the space is so limited, the rooms have shrunk, the living room is half the size and the bathrooms are small cubicles. What this means is that you are left struggling to find fittings and fixtures to blend in with your bathroom size should you choose to renovate your bathroom.

That’s why most people choose a shower when faced with a compact bathroom, but a bath gives them the opportunity to relax after a long day at work. Surely you can’t add a bath into a small bathroom space?

Here are some bath options you may want to consider which can work in small bathrooms and larger spacious bathrooms.

Corner Baths

Buying a bath for a small bathroom you don’t want to take away too much of your floor space, you need to be able to move around in the bathroom and not be in a position where you have to spin on the spot to reach the bath, basin or toilet. Floor space is essential in every bathroom design, so you don’t want to compromise on that when looking at bath options for smaller bathroom spaces.

Corner baths are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. They fit perfectly in the corner enabling you to plan the rest of your bathroom around them. By placing your bath in the corner, you are ensuring you don’t compromise that precious floor space and are able to move around in your bathroom with ease while enjoying the luxury of a hot bath.

Shower Baths

One of the biggest decisions you will make when renovating a family bathroom is whether to have a shower or a bath and you will always have some family members who enjoy the efficient convenience of a shower, while others enjoy the ability to lie back and relax in a bath.

Shower baths are a fantastic solution to the problem you are faced with, but also enable you to enjoy the benefits of a bath and shower in a smaller bathroom area. Being able to have the best of both a bath and shower is not only a practical solution, but they work really well in small bathrooms which don’t have the space for a bath and separate shower.