Toilets to Suit Any Bathroom Design

A toilet is a toilet, or so you would think, but the shape and design of your toilet is an important step in the overall design of your bathroom. If you are in the process of designing a modern bathroom, you don’t want a traditional toilet and if your bathroom is compact, you may not want a normal toilet that will take up too much space.

There are two main factors to take into consideration when choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.


Toilets come in a number of shapes and you can find the one that best suits your overall design. The rule I work by is that if you have chosen square shower trays, rectangular baths and square or rectangular basins, then you need a rectangular toilet.

Keeping everything the same shape helps enhance your bathroom and keep the design flowing, an oval toilet will look out of place in a bathroom that is filled with straight edges.

When choosing toilets you can choose from circular or square shapes that you can blend in easily with your overall bathroom design.


Toilets come in four basic designs, once you have chosen your shape you need to determine which of the toilet designs best suit your bathroom.

The close coupled toilets are the more traditional designed toilets where you have the toilet, base and cistern all on display and installed against a wall. These are seen in many bathrooms around the world.

The wall mounted toilets are increasing in popularity because all the plumbing is hidden in the wall and all that is on display is the toilet pan and the flushing mechanism. These are perfect for modern and compact bathrooms leaving space below the pan to clean with ease.

Then there is the corner toilet. The corner toilets are the best choice for cloakrooms or compact bathrooms where space is minimal. The cistern is triangular shaped to fit perfectly in the corner helping you maximise your floor space and make your bathroom feel bigger than it is.

The back to wall toilets are suitable for both the modern and traditional bathroom. These toilets have the toilet and base on display but all the plumbing is hidden behind a wall or cabinet, this helps keep your bathroom looking stylish and elegant without the bulky cistern on display for all to see.

Make a Statement with Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are ideal for larger bathroom spaces, making a statement and creating that “wow” factor that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest. These baths stand on their own either in the centre of the bathroom becoming a centre piece or along a wall offering an elegant and sophisticated finish to any bathroom design.

Shape is an important decision when choosing freestanding baths, there are a number of shapes available, enabling you to incorporate them into your design, even turn them into your bathroom centrepiece.

Oval Designs

The Rubarto freestanding baths are my favourite when it comes to looking for an oval or curved edge design. These oval baths are simply spectacular with high sides allowing you to really soak in the bath. Again they come in a choice of colours allowing you to add that splash of colour to your bathroom design.

Rectangular Designs

The Assai is one of my favourites when it comes to freestanding baths, these baths are rectangular in design with straight edges to blend in with any modern finish. The top of the bath flares out slightly giving it that beautiful finish that will wow your guests.  The great thing about these freestanding baths is that you can use them to add colour to your bathroom with a host of panels from white to grey and black to purple.

The Legato freestanding bath is another top choice combining straight edges with angled sides, almost a hexagonal shape that will add style to any bathroom design. These baths come in brilliant white to help gives your bathroom that light and bright feel.

Counter Top Bathroom Basins

Counter top bathroom basins offer sophistication and modern style to any bathroom design. They make a statement in the bathroom, offering that “wow” factor you are looking to achieve. 2013 is a year of luxurious and spa inspired bathroom designs and the counter top bathroom basins enhance this, blending in with the design and creating a practical and convenient space.

The counter top bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes and sizes from round to rectangular. These basins are designed to sit on top of your shelving unit or counter top. They are very appealing and a welcome addition in any bathroom design.

Size and Colours

There are a number of size options available when looking at the counter top bathroom basins, making them ideal for large and small bathroom designs. They fill the space with modern style and sophistication. Glass is a great addition if you want to enhance the light in the room and make a big statement.

There are also white options available. The brilliant white stands out, they work beautifully if you are incorporating a feature wall behind the basins, enabling them to make the statement they are looking to make.

It’s so easy to create that “wow” factor in your bathroom when you are adding counter top bathroom basins. Choose a shape that best blends in with your overall design. The rule of thumb is to keep the design as close together as possible, so if you have gone for plenty of straight edges, choose a rectangular or square counter top bathroom basin. When your bathroom is brimming in curves and cylindrical products, go for the round or oval counter top bathroom basins to blend in and enhance the space.

How to Choose Bidet Taps

Yes that’s right you haven’t read the title wrong, this is how to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your bathroom design. As you know bidets have become a very popular choice in modern bathrooms, they offer that sophisticated finish to any bathroom design. At the same time it’s important to ensure your bidet blends in with the rest of your bathroom design.

The bidet taps you choose are as important as the bidet itself. The taps should be stylish and work with the bidet to add that sophisticated flair to your overall design.


When it comes to bidet taps, the best option is mixer taps which mix the hot and cold water to your desired temperature. These taps are specifically designed for the modern bidet available in a sophisticated chrome finish which when chosen to match your other bathroom fixtures, will complement your bathroom space with ease.

From the stunning CU series bidet mixer with it’s flat handle and squared design to the modern design of the AR series bidet mixer with it’s stunning chrome finish, it’s easy to choose bidet taps that will blend in with your current design.

Blending in with the Design

A lot of emphasis is being placed on bathrooms these days which means you need to pay as much attention to your design as you would in your living room or kitchen. Previously a bathroom was what it is, a bathroom. Not much care was taken in the design of the bathroom, but these days your bathroom is another room where you need to make a statement.

When planning your bathroom it’s important that all your bathroom pieces work together. Having an oval freestanding bath when your toilet, basin and shower enclosure is square will not work well together. Think of it from a designers point of view, keeping everything the same will help you enhance the room and add sophistication and flair to the space.

Bidets are available in a choice of shapes to work with your current toilet, bath and basin. Your bidet taps need to match your current tap designs. If you have rounded mixer taps on your basin and bath, then carrying this on to your bidet will help keep the space uniform without making the bidet taps look out of place.

Modern Finish

Bidet taps are modern in design and the chrome finish adds sophistication to the room. Ensure your bidet taps are the same shape as your other taps, the modern PL series bidet mixer is a top choice with it’s stylish design and shiny chrome finish, this tap will complement any bathroom space.

Sophisticated Counter Top Bathroom Basins

How many times have you walked into a bathroom and been “wowed” by the design? I cannot count how many times this has happened to me and with more emphasis being placed on bathroom designs these days, you need to use the products available to create that statement bathroom design.

Counter top bathroom basins offer any bathroom a stylish, sophisticated and modern look. They are the “wow” factor in any bathroom and are being widely used in homes around the country.

Why Counter Top Bathroom Basins?

You may wonder what makes the counter top bathroom basins so appealing and sophisticated. It could be the shape, the fact they make that statement in the space or the fact that they offer that designer finish to the bathroom design.

The counter top bathroom basins come in a choice of shapes from round to rectangular and they sit on your existing shelf or counter top in a brilliant white which makes them stand out and be noticed.

Take Your Bathroom Size into Consideration

The great thing about the counter top bathroom basins is they come in so many size options enabling you to fit them into your bathroom design with ease. They will complement any bathroom design in their brilliant white, blending in with the most minimalistic design or the most luxurious finish.

If you are in the process of designing a bathroom, you probably want to create that luxurious space that you can relax in after a long day at work. Your bathroom can be transformed into an oasis filled with light and neutral tones, luxurious finishes and fittings and a counter top bathroom basin that will stand out and offer that “wow” factor.

Turn your bathroom into a “wow” area, be proud to show your friends and let your counter top bathroom basins be your bathroom centre piece.

Three Advantages to Buying Bathroom Products Online

These days technology has enabled us to sit at our computers and find any product or service that we need. The advantage to this is you have a wider selection, it’s more convenient, saves you time, energy and money and the item will be delivered to your door.

Wider Selection

If you think about it a shop on the high street only has limited space and this means they can only offer a limited selection of bathroom products. Chances are they have a website and anything you do want you’ll have to go on their website to purchase, so basically you have wasted your time by visiting the store in the first place.

Even when buying from a high street store you will have to arrange delivery, especially on the larger items such as your roll top baths or shower enclosures, we don’t all have enormous vehicles that can fit these larger items.

A reputable online company will have a warehouse and this means they can store a much wider selection of items which are sitting there just waiting for you to push that “checkout” button and be shipped to you.

Added Convenience

I don’t know about you but once I finish work each day the last thing I want to do is head into the city centre to start making my way through busy shops. Buying bathroom products online is so much easier and so much more convenient.

I can sit down with my partner at night and we can pull out the laptop and start looking at the bathroom products available. Websites offer all the information including the measurements so I can match it to my bathroom layout and ensure the items I am looking at will fit into my design.


Then there is the added advantage that everything I buy is delivered to my door. There is no need to hire a delivery van or try and squeeze my bathroom product into the back of the car. I buy the item and can have it delivered without leaving my house, now that’s the best way to buy bathroom products.

Top Bathroom Wastes For Basins and Baths

Designing a bathroom you never really expect how much time you will need to spend deciding which wastes work best for your home and your family. I used to be under the impression that I purchased a basin and that was that until I ended up starting to renovate my home and suddenly it was a world of bath and basin wastes, which ones worked best and which ones blended in with all my other fixtures and fittings.

Wastes play such an important role in your bathroom, but while they are essential, there is no reason you should deviate from the style and design you are working towards.

Basin Wastes

Basin wastes come in a range of designs, there are the traditional designs with a plug and chain and then the more modern options which I believe are the easiest to use. On the traditional note, we know them well, we know they work and they are so easy to install, so they tick all the boxes and are perfect if you have chosen a more traditional bathroom design.

Then there are the Klik Klak basin wastes with a slotted design. These are a very modern plus and waste which are so easy to use and perfect for family bathrooms. You basically push down on the plug to seal it and fill your basin with water and then another push releases the plug and allows the water to drain away.

Bath Wastes

Bath wastes also come in traditional and modern designs but have some differences. The biggest difference is that bath wastes include an overflow, which is essential to ensure you never overfill your bath and completely flood your bathroom. Not a situation you want to be in if your bathroom is on an upper floor.

The traditional bath wastes include a plug, chain and overflow pipe which will blend in with any bathroom design whether you have gone the more traditional route or the modern choice.

The pop up bath wastes are stunning in a modern bathroom and include the pop up plug with overflow pipe. Then there are the square Klik Klak bath wastes which are in square design and perfect for that ultra-modern bathroom design where you have already chosen square bathroom fittings and fixtures.

All about Rectangular Baths

Have you tried to buy a bath recently? There are so many choices available that you don’t know which way to turn. Rectangular baths may appear the boring choice when you have roll top baths, corner baths and even shower baths to choose from. But the rectangular baths available these days are elegant and stylish and blend in with any bathroom design.

The great thing about rectangular baths is you still get a choice as to the type of bath you want. There are single and double sided baths to choose from, designed to blend in with any bathroom design whether you want to place them in a corner position or against a wall.

Singled Ended Rectangular Baths

Single ended rectangular baths are designed for that corner position where you have a wall against the top side of the bath. This means there is a stunning sloped side where you can lie back and soak in your new bath, while the other side has the taps and is placed against the wall. All you need now is a whirlpool or airpool option to turn your bath into a luxurious day spa experience.

Double Ended Rectangular Baths

Now the double ended rectangular baths are designed to be placed against the wall where both sides of the bath are free from obstacles and slope enabling you to lie back and relax at both ends of the tub without any discomfort. They are stunning in design and suited for larger bathroom areas where you aren’t going to compromise on floor space.

Ibiza Rectangular Baths

The Ibiza rectangular baths are worth mentioning because while they are rectangular on the outside and blend in with your overall bathroom design, the inside of the bath is a stunning kidney shape offering comfort and practicality while bathing.

These baths offer ample bathing space and once you add the luxurious touch of whirlpool or airpool options, you add that touch of day spa to your bathroom, creating a luxurious finish to your perfect bathroom design.

Glass Bathroom Basins Offer That Modern Touch

Designing your bathroom can be a stressful time because there are just so many options available. Glass may not appear the most practical basin solution, but you will be amazed at the durability these sophisticated looking basins offer your bathroom space.

The glass bathroom basins are stylish, sophisticated and modern and come in a choice of shapes and sizes to blend in to your bathroom design with ease.

Oval Glass Basin

If you have already chosen curved shapes when choosing your larger bathroom items, then you may want to consider the oval glass bathroom basins which will blend in with your overall design.

These glass bathroom basins are so stylish and elegant and are guaranteed to make a statement in your bathroom. They will blend in with all your current fixtures and fittings while offering the ability for you to mount them on a shelf or vanity with ease.

Square Glass Basin

The square glass bathroom basins are ultra-modern and are a welcome addition in a minimalistic bathroom design. If you’ve chosen straight edges and plenty of square designs when choosing your bathroom products, these glass bathroom basins may be just what you are looking for.

Round Glass Basins

I love the round glass bathroom basins, the rounded edges can add that softness to your bathroom design and the glass blends in with all your fixtures and fitting with ease.

Glass may not be the first choice for many home owners, but the glass bathroom basins are not only durable, they are elegant, sophisticated and stylish offering your bathroom that “wow” factor.

Of course the biggest advantage to glass bathroom basins is how easy they are to clean. As you know toothpaste and soap marks build up quickly on any bathroom basin, but when you have glass it is more likely to show up even faster. A simple mixture of vinegar and water wiped along the inside of the basin and wiped off will leave your new glass bathroom basins gleaming and allowing light to flow through them, adding space to your bathroom area.

Cloakroom Designs

Cloakrooms are often a small space under the stairs or that little recess you have which you have chosen to convert to add value to your home. Cloakrooms can be a nightmare to design, you need the right bathroom products, your planning needs to be spot on and then you need to be able to work out the space and products to work in unison to make the space functional and practical.

Cloakrooms are essential if you have all your bathrooms upstairs, you need that space for guests to use when visiting.

What Do You Need?

What do you need when designing a guest toilet or a cloakroom, as it’s favourably called? You’ll need a toilet, storage and a hand basin. Maybe add a towel ring in for your hand towel next to the basin. You need to think out of the box when working with such a compact space. Wall hung vanity units, back to wall toilets are all ways you can make the most of the space you have available.

The first suggestion I would make for any cloakroom is a back to wall toilet. These back to wall toilets are designed with a hidden cistern, so all you have in the cloakroom is area is the toilet bowl and flushing mechanism, everything else is out of sight and out of the space.

Then you’ll want some space, either a shelf or small cupboard to store your toilet rolls and cleaning supplies for the cloakroom. You don’t need much storage space, maybe just room for a couple of hand towels and toilet rolls.

Now that you’ve saved space by using a back to wall toilet you can include a modern bathroom basin that is designed for such a small space. These basins are rectangular in design with the tap on the side rather than the back, helping you maximise the space you have available.

Keep your cloakroom light and bright with plenty of white and additional lighting. In many cases cloakrooms don’t enjoy the benefit of a window, so choosing white back to wall toilets, white tiles, white basins and white cupboards combined with plenty of light can make a huge impact on the space.