The Modern Bathroom Basins

I remember years ago when every house had the same basin design. They were all semi-circular in shape with space for two taps, soap and a full pedestal which made the basins a freestanding unit.

Today there are such a wide variety of modern bathroom basins available from those with a full pedestal to those with a half pedestal and those that mount directly on the wall. Each one comes with its own advantages and styles, so you can easily find the one that best suits your overall bathroom design.

Full Pedestal Modern Bathroom Basins

Many homes still use the full pedestal modern bathroom basins because they are freestanding and if you don’t have room for a vanity, then these are a top choice. The advantage these days is that these modern bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes to blend in with any bathroom design.

You can choose from square, rectangular, oval, semi-circular and modern options. They are all available in a brilliant white which helps keep your bathroom looking bright and fresh.

Half-Pedestal Modern Bathroom Basins

The half pedestal modern bathroom basins are a welcome addition in any bathroom size or design. These modern bathroom basins help you maximise floor space and while they still use a pedestal to hide plumbing they leave ample space below for any items, such as a small bin, you may want to place below.

Again these modern bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom from the semi-circular design to the square and rectangular choices, there are even those specially designed for cloakrooms with the tap to the side to maximise space.

Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Basins

Wall mounted modern bathroom basins are a great option for any bathroom as you can mount them to the desired height and are not restricted by a pedestal. The advantage to these modern bathroom basins, over and above the selection of shapes and sizes available, is that when combined with a polished chrome bottle trap they can really enhance the bathroom space.

A rule of thumb that I always stick to when choosing modern bathroom basins is to ensure the shape I choose is the same shape I use throughout the space. So my basin shape is similar or the same to my shower, bath and toilet.