Bathroom Basin Choices for the Modern Design

These days’ basins play such an important role in your modern design. Before you chose a basin with a full pedestal and now you can choose from full pedestal, half pedestal and even wall hung options which use bottle traps to finish off the perfect picture.

Before you frown and think I’m crazy, I am not talking about those unsightly bottle traps you’d find under your kitchen sink. The bathroom bottle traps are stunning in design with a polished chrome finish to blend in with your bathroom design.

In fact these bottle traps are a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design. They offer that finished and minimalistic look that is necessary when designing an ultra-modern bathroom space.

Full Pedestal

The full pedestal basins are the ones we all know so well, they are mounted against the wall and the pedestal runs all the way to the floor. Thankfully these days these basins come in a choice of shapes and sizes so you can blend them into your bathroom design with ease.

basin with full pedestal

Qube basin with full pedestal

Half Pedestals

The half pedestals are as the name suggests. These free up more floor space and while they look similar to the full pedestal, these are mounted to the wall. They hide all the plumbing and are available in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom design.

basin with half pedestal

Qube basin with half pedestal

The Wall Mounted Basins

Wall mounted basins are my personal favourite. With these they come in a host of shapes and sizes. There are those designed for main and en-suites and there are even cloakroom options available. The biggest advantage to these basins is the amount of floor space they save. They are mounted to the wall and you can mount them at your desired height and then bottle traps are used to manage the waste.

Bottle Traps

I’ve already mentioned that the bottle traps for bathrooms are finished in a polished chrome and they look great. What you may not realise is they are available in cylindrical or square designs to blend in with your design with ease.

What else you may not know is that bottle traps are beneficial to the bathroom, they not only look good, but are convenient items to have in the bathroom. These traps trap any hair or other debris that may be washed down the basin, this reduces the risk of clogging. These bottle traps can be cleaned easily on a regular basis to ensure your water drains away with ease every time.

The Modern Bathroom Basins

I remember years ago when every house had the same basin design. They were all semi-circular in shape with space for two taps, soap and a full pedestal which made the basins a freestanding unit.

Today there are such a wide variety of modern bathroom basins available from those with a full pedestal to those with a half pedestal and those that mount directly on the wall. Each one comes with its own advantages and styles, so you can easily find the one that best suits your overall bathroom design.

Full Pedestal Modern Bathroom Basins

Many homes still use the full pedestal modern bathroom basins because they are freestanding and if you don’t have room for a vanity, then these are a top choice. The advantage these days is that these modern bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes to blend in with any bathroom design.

You can choose from square, rectangular, oval, semi-circular and modern options. They are all available in a brilliant white which helps keep your bathroom looking bright and fresh.

Half-Pedestal Modern Bathroom Basins

The half pedestal modern bathroom basins are a welcome addition in any bathroom size or design. These modern bathroom basins help you maximise floor space and while they still use a pedestal to hide plumbing they leave ample space below for any items, such as a small bin, you may want to place below.

Again these modern bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom from the semi-circular design to the square and rectangular choices, there are even those specially designed for cloakrooms with the tap to the side to maximise space.

Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Basins

Wall mounted modern bathroom basins are a great option for any bathroom as you can mount them to the desired height and are not restricted by a pedestal. The advantage to these modern bathroom basins, over and above the selection of shapes and sizes available, is that when combined with a polished chrome bottle trap they can really enhance the bathroom space.

A rule of thumb that I always stick to when choosing modern bathroom basins is to ensure the shape I choose is the same shape I use throughout the space. So my basin shape is similar or the same to my shower, bath and toilet.

Use Your Basin to Complete Your Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom designs are increasing in popularity. Up until a few years ago the bathroom was just a necessary space in the home, today a lot of emphasis is placed on the bathroom and their design is as important as the kitchen or living room.

When it comes to the bathroom, a modern, luxurious or spa-inspired bathroom can impact on your home’s value, in fact having a stunning and functional bathroom space can increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to prospective buyers should you ever decide to sell.

What You Need for the Modern Bathroom Design

A modern bathroom design doesn’t need to be minimalistic. Of course if you want a minimalistic design use plenty of white, chrome and glass with straight edges, such as rectangles and squares.

Modern bathrooms can use both straight and curved edges in their design. One of the best options for a modern design is the counter top bathroom basins. These basins sit on top of an existing shelf or vanity and come in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom décor.

The counter top bathroom basins ooze elegance and sophistication and are a welcome addition to any bathroom design. Then there are the baths, from the magnificent freestanding baths to the slipper baths. Bear in mind that your counter top bathroom basins and bath should be a similar shape, you want to carry the same design throughout the space.

Counter Top Bathroom Basins

Once you have chosen your larger bathroom products for your modern bathroom design and have chosen counter top bathroom basins there are a few things to take into consideration. The first thing you will notice is that not all the counter top bathroom basins have space for a tap. This means that you will need to mount your tap on the wall above the basin, though this can add that final touch to your modern design.

Counter Top Bathroom Basin

Counter Top Basin

Be careful to choose the right size counter top bathroom basins, there is nothing worse than having a tiny basin in spacious bathroom area or a large basin in a small bathroom space. Take the measurements available into consideration to ensure your counter top bathroom basins enhance the space.

Inset Basins – A Beautiful Finish to Any Bathroom Design

I remember when a bathroom basin was an ugly product that stood against the wall with a full pedestal, these basins still look good in a traditional or cottage style bathroom, but with modern bathrooms being the top choice these days, inset basins work better, enhancing the space.

To explain, inset basins sit within a counter top or vanity. The easiest way to describe them is that the sides of the basin are just above the vanity or counter top. The basin itself sits inside, this gives a stylish and elegant feel to any bathroom space.

The best thing about these inset basins is their modern design. They are usually available in square or rectangular designs, which really compliment a minimalistic or modern bathroom.

Inset basin

Inset Basin Mounted in Wood

Why Choose Inset Basins?

You may be wondering why inset basins would be the best choice for your bathroom. It’s easy to see that they are stylish and will blend in with any modern design, but what else do they have to offer?

The first thing you will realise is how they can help you maximise your floor space in your bathroom, this is such an important step when working with smaller bathrooms.

Because the basin sits within an existing vanity or counter, you are not taking more space away to fit your basin.

All bathrooms benefit from having an abundance of space, of course this isn’t always practical especially these days when we are all dealing with smaller bathroom designs, using inset basins over full pedestal modern bathrooms, just helps you get that extra space that your bathroom needs to feel spacious.

What You Will Need

The greatest thing about inset basins is that they don’t need a pedestal, all you need is modern taps that blend in with your bathroom design and a bottle trap. Now don’t worry, I’m not talking about the ugly plastic bottle traps you find in your kitchen cupboard. The bottle traps available for the inset basins are stylish and finished in chrome, which adds to the sophistication of the space.

Another advantage is that if you are mounting your inset basins on a counter top, you can leave the bottle traps on display without concern, it will help add to that modern feel you are trying to achieve and ensures you have ample space below the counter at the same time.

What Basin is Right For Your Design?

When designing a bathroom you want to ensure that everything blends in together offering you an elegant and sophisticated space. You’ve probably paid careful attention to your bath or shower and now it’s time to find the perfect basin to complement the space.

The advantage with modern bathroom basins is that you don’t have to go with the full pedestal design that was the only choice years ago. There are semi pedestals and those that use bottle traps as a welcome alternative, helping you find the perfect basin to match your modern bathroom design.

Basin and Pedestal

Qube Basin and Pedestal

When it comes to basins for the bathroom there is some considerations that you need to think about, firstly is the size. A large basin in a small cloakroom will look out of place, as you can well imagine, you need to find a basin that maximises the bathroom space, doesn’t look out of place and compliments the space rather than destroying your design.

Then there is the shape. Modern bathroom basins come in a selection of shapes for you to choose from, making it even easier to find that perfect match that blends in with all your other fixtures and fittings.

The Different Styles

I have my favourites when it comes to the modern bathroom basins available and one of them is the Qube design, these basins are large and a welcome addition to a spacious bathroom is a stylish rectangular design.

Qube also took the compact cloakroom into consideration making the Qube Cloakroom basin which remains modern and stylish but on a much smaller scale. This medium sized basin is rectangular with straight edges and the tap fits to the side rather than the back, this helps you maximise the space especially when working with a rectangular cloakroom where space is very limited.

The Emma modern bathroom basins are stylish and elegant in a stunning semi circular design, perfect if you have chosen a rounded edged bath or a quadrant shower tray which already incorporates that stunning curve design.

The Mia Round is an ultra modern design suitable for medium to large bathrooms, these modern bathroom basins are rectangular with a rounded edge, enabling you to incorporate some curves into your modern design.

Lastly are the Pensato modern bathroom basins, these are very stylish basins that are suitable for any sized bathroom. The stylish rectangular design makes them a firm favourite in any bathroom design.

The Different Bathroom Basins

There is such a wide selection of bathroom basins available on the market today and this can make the decision on which one to add to your bathroom a very difficult one. With such a wide selection to choose from, you should embrace the ability to find the one perfect match that will complement your bathroom space, rather than feel frustrated that there are just too many to choose from.

Years ago you had one choice, the traditional basin with full pedestal. Where was the excitement in that? Today there are counter top bathroom basins, inset designs, modern choices, glass options and wall hung styles. Designing a modern bathroom has never been easier.

Counter top basin

Counter Top Bathroom Basin

The Selection

Counter top bathroom basins have become a very popular choice. These can be mounted on top of a counter or a slab, depending on how you have designed your bathroom. These basins are available in a choice of modern designs from the stunning rounds to square designs or even the bespoke designs.

These counter top bathroom basins blend in with any modern bathroom design and can make a great statement to the space, adding elegance, sophistication and style to any bathroom.

The glass basins are also a popular choice and a good selection for smaller bathrooms where you want to maximise light. These basins are made to the highest quality and are exceptionally durable, which means they will not break when you place hot water in them. These glass basins are available in a similar design to the counter top bathroom basins where they can be mounted on a counter top or slab to make a statement in your bathroom.

The biggest advantage with counter top bathroom basins is that you don’t have to have that full pedestal any more, the plumbing can be added in the cabinet below or you can use a bottle trap that is minimalistic and makes cleaning the bathroom easier than every before as there is nothing under the basin so you can just swipe it with the mop.

For a stylish modern bathroom design choose your counter top bathroom basins to match the shape of your bath or shower enclosure, if you have chosen square with straight edges, stick to the design. The same applies if you have chosen an oval bath or a shower enclosure with a curved edge, choose a round counter top bathroom basin to blend in with the space.

Understanding Bathroom Wastes

Chances are you don’t really care where your water goes once you let the plug out of your bath or basin in the bathroom, but when you are designing a new bathroom these are important things to take into consideration.

For the Basin

When you think of wastes you have no interest, but when you are in the process of designing a new bathroom, the bathroom wastes you choose have an impact on your overall bathroom design.

Basically there are two choices, the traditional plug and chain design which works beautifully in traditional and cottage style bathrooms and then there are the Klik-Klak wastes, these are push designs which are easy to use.

basin and bath wastes

Square Slotted Basin Waste

The push design requires you push down on the plug to seal the unit, enabling you to fill your basin with water and when you want to let the water out, you just give the plug a simple push again. This is ideal for the modern bathroom giving your bathroom a sophisticated and functional element.

For the Baths

When it comes to bath wastes you have more than the plug to consider, there is also the overflow outlet. Obviously you want to ensure your overflow outlet and your plug match in design. There is of course the traditional plug and chain design and then there are the push plug designs from Klik-Klak with matching overflow outlets that ensure your plug and outlet match.

The advantage is that there are some really stylish choices, my favourite for modern bathrooms has to be the square design with the square overflow outlet. These are ideal when you have chosen square taps and products for your new modern bathroom, allowing everything to work together and complement the space.

Take Your Design into Consideration

When choosing wastes you have to take your overall bathroom design into consideration. Think about the items you have chosen, have you got a glass basin, a roll top bath or a modern basin? What will look best with these items?

When choosing always ensure that your bath and basin wastes are matching in functionality and design. If you have chosen push plug designs for your basin, make sure you carry it over to your bath. This is so important, it reduces the risk of your bathroom being out of sync and ensures that everything complements each other and blends in beautifully with your overall bathroom design.

Are Glass Bathroom Basins The Right Choice For You?

What I love about designing a bathroom is the choice available. Many years ago you only had one choice when it came to your bathroom basin, they were semi circle in shape with a large white pedestal. Today these options are varied enabling you to complete a modern design bathroom with ease.

One of my favourite basins for modern bathrooms is the glass bathroom basins. Just because they’re made from glass, don’t let them fool you. They are toughened glass which are durable and can stand the heat of the bathroom. Of course you do need to take some care such as not dropping heavy items into the basin so you don’t crack it, but you would probably do that with a regular basin too, as they tend to chip, your glass basin if cared for will not chip.

glass basin

Square Glass Basin

Shapes Available

Because you’re considering glass bathroom basins for your new bathroom space doesn’t mean you will be restricted on the shape available. You can get these basins in circular designs, oval designs and square options. What I always suggest is to keep your design flowing so if you have chosen a square bath and toilet, choose a square bathroom basin.

Various Designs

When looking at glass bathroom basins you will not be forced to choose only one design. There is the circular design with glass lip or the plain and minimalistic options. The majority of the designs are smaller at the bottom and widen at the top, giving them that elegant and sophisticated finish.

Then there are those that come with a pedestal, now when you think pedestal don’t imagine those white bases that bathroom basins used to have. The glass bathroom basins come with elegant chrome pedestals which are minimalistic and work beautifully in any modern bathroom.

There is the minimalist design which has chrome legs and bars that you can use to hang your hand towels that fits to the wall with ease and then there is my personal favourite, the chrome pedestal with glass shelves. Combining the glass shelves, chrome legs and glass bathroom basins together gives your design that superior luxury feel that will be the centre piece of any bathroom design.

Remember that by using glass in your bathroom you are automatically making the space feel lighter and brighter which will enhance your bathroom design.

Wall Hung Vanity Basins – The Floating Basin

I remember years ago there was one basin design available, they were rounded in the front and came with a pedestal, these basins are still popular today, but there is so much more on offer to finish your new bathroom to perfection.

The wall hung vanity basins are the best option for the compact bathrooms such as en-suites and cloakrooms. They hang on the wall, advantage one and they leave ample floor space, the second advantage.

In fact these wall hung vanity basins look spectacular enabling you to use the space below them as storage or just leave open to give a sense of spaciousness.

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

The Floating Basin

I think a small cloakroom is probably one of the hardest of all the bathroom designs. What do you need in a small cloakroom? A toilet and a basin and if you can fit in a little storage to store toilet rolls and hand towels.

The wall hung vanity basins are basically floating basins that are modern, stylish and offer that minimalist design that you desperately need in a really compact space. Some cloakrooms are barely the size of a cupboard and once you get your toilet in, there isn’t much room for anything else, which is why these vanity wall hung basins are the perfect solution. You can place them on the side wall close to the toilet, just have your towel ring alongside and your cloakroom is complete.

Designing Your En-Suite

Often an en-suite bathroom isn’t much bigger than a cloakroom, cloakrooms are a toilet and basin that are used when guests come to visit and the en-suite is your private bathroom that leads off your main bedroom.

With the smaller spaces you need to take advantage of your wall space and leave as much floor space as possible. Cramping too much into an en-suite bathroom will immediately make the bathroom feel cluttered and claustrophobic, which is why I always suggest the wall hung vanity basins.

The best thing about these basins is how easy they are to clean, you can mop the floor under them with ease and don’t have to spend your time scrubbing the pedestal, completed with a stylish and modern bottle trap and your bathroom is ready for use.

Any small bathroom will benefit from additional floor space, by hanging your basin on the wall you immediately make your bathroom feel bigger than it really is.

An Easy Guide To Selecting Basin Taps

When choosing basin taps there are a few things to take into consideration, while you may see taps that really appeal to you, you need to ensure they blend in with all your other bathroom fixtures and fittings and that they will work with your new bathroom basin.

Tap Mountings

Before you go online and buy your new basin taps you will need to determine where and how you intend to mount your new taps. Does your basin have two tap holes or one? How close together are the two holes? These are important factors you need to take into consideration and that will help you find the right taps on your first try.

Basin Mixer tap

Phoenix WF Series Basin Mixer Tap

The basin taps you get are pillar taps, these are when you have two holes in your basin, one for hot and one for cold. Preferably if you have chosen a basin with these holes your bath will be the same.

Mixer basin taps are for when you have one hole in your basin for your tap, these taps use the same outlet for both hot and cold, mixing the water to your desired temperature and pressure.

The Finish

Your basin taps should be finished the same as all the other taps in your bathroom. My personal favourite is chrome, it blends in beautifully with the white bathroom products and is very modern and stylish.

There are a variety of materials to choose from, but if you are looking for elegance and style you may want to go with the chrome finish where you can match your bath taps, shower head and even your designer radiator to your basin taps.

Complementing The Space

The one mistake I have seen so many households make when choosing bathroom taps is not taking the design of the bathroom into consideration. Taps are available in the traditional design or very ultra-modern designs such as the stunning ZD Series Mono Basin Mixer, which is straight edged and modern with an unusual curve.

Now this basin tap may be what you have been dreaming of but will look out of place in a traditional or cottage bathroom. The same as if you are designing a modern bathroom and your bathroom products are all square and stylish, then the traditional pillar taps such as the JA Series basin taps would look out of place and ruin your overall design.