Top Tips For Choosing Bathroom Basins

Whether you are searching online or you have wandered from store to store looking for a bathroom basin, there are a few tips that can really help you find the ones that best work with your bathroom design.


The first thing you should do before you even start looking at bathroom basins is to put a budget together. If you are remodelling your entire bathroom, set your budget for each item you need, this will make it so much easier when it comes to what is available for you.

wall hung basin

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

While there are many different types of bathroom basins, they vary in price. Having a budget can reduce your search, making it easier to find the perfect basin for your bathroom.


Bathroom basins don’t only come in one design, there are plenty of them and you need some idea of what you are looking for. Modern bathrooms will look spectacular with inset basins while the modern traditional bathroom may benefit from wall hung or modern basins.

Whenever you are looking at the basin designs available you need to ensure they will blend in with your current bathroom design, they will work with your bathroom products you have already chosen and most of all, they will make a statement.

The inset basins not only make a statement, they are modern and exceptionally stylish and will definitely become the talking point of your bathroom design. They are easy to install and recessed into a worktop, they are minimalistic and sophisticated.


While design and budget are very important when looking for bathroom basins, practicality is just as important. You need to look at how practical the basin is in your bathroom. For compact bathrooms inset basins can be the best choice, they reduce the amount of floor space you need, making them a very practical choice.

Every day people make mistakes when choosing their bathroom basins, it’s easy to think that a basin will work but once your bathroom is completed, your basin doesn’t do the room justice. This is why you need a plan, a bathroom layout and a vision. Being able to imagine your completed bathroom will help you make the right choice, carrying the same style throughout your bathroom really helps. Choose inset basins when you are designing a modern bathroom, ensure your basin works with your toilet and bath, choose your taps to match throughout and enjoy the finished product.

What Are Bottle Traps?

When designing a bathroom you need to set some of your budget aside for a bottle trap. Now you may be wondering what bottle traps are and why you would need one, but they are an essential piece of bathroom kit that can save you a fortune in plumbing problems.

Bottle traps are devices which are installed below your bathroom basin, they are what collects all the hair and debris that gets washed down the drain. These bottle traps also reduce the risk of smells permeating through your bathroom and can save you a lot of money.

Think of it this way, each morning the entire family takes turns in the bathroom, they’re brushing their teeth, their hair and the men are shaving. Eventually some of the debris will wash down your drain and get trapped in the pipes below. Without a bottle trap you will find that a really unpleasant smell will start working it’s way into the bathroom and the water will not drain very well, maybe not at all.

minimalist bottle trap

Minimalist Bottle Trap

Time to call a plumber. You spend money paying a plumber to come in and worst case they need to dismantle all your drainage pipes to find the blockage. Definitely not the situation you want to find yourself in, it’s expensive and very messy.

A basin that has a bottle trap below is so easy to clean when it gets clogged, even you can do it. Pop a bucket underneath to catch any water, remove the trap, remove the debris and your basin is working as good as new.

Matching Your Bottle Traps to Your Design

Now that you know what I’m talking about chances are you’ve seen bottle traps before and usually they’re not very pretty. But you can buy really modern and stylishly designed bottle traps that will blend in with any bathroom design.

There is the minimalist bottle traps made from chrome with a rounded edge that gleam in the light and really blend in well with the modern bathroom design. You also get the square bottle traps, these are also made from chrome with a high shine finish. The square bottle traps work wonders in an ultra-modern bathroom with squared bathroom products.

You don’t have to have a modern bathroom to use these stylish bottle traps, there is nothing forcing you to use the ugly and very old traps that most of us recognise in the older homes. The main thing when choosing bottle traps is that it does the job it is designed to do and saves you money in the long run.

Elegant Counter Top Bathroom Basins For Any Bathroom

What is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a friend’s bathroom for the first time? Is it the overall design of the bathroom? Is it the mess lying all over the place? Or are you like me that pays special attention to the basin they have chosen.

Yes I know it sounds crazy, but I love to see what basins people have in their bathrooms. Often the basins they choose never really matches the rest of the bathroom, which is why I’ve taken this opportunity to discuss the elegant and modern designed counter top bathroom basins.

Anyone who is remodelling their bathrooms in a modern design should take a look at these fabulous counter top bathroom basins which can fit easily into any modern bathroom design, offering a focal point, a beautiful basin masterpiece and a “wow” factor that I think we all hope to achieve in our bathrooms.

Counter top basin

Counter Top Bathroom Basin

My Top Choices

There are four of these counter top bathroom basins that really stand out for me, they are all Phoenix and they all are in a brilliant white, perfect for the stylish and modern bathroom.

The round counter top bathroom basins are one of my favourites. I can picture these in a cottage styled bathroom or the most modern and minimalist bathroom. Being completely circular with a very deep bowl, these basins really stand out. What’s best is there is no place for a tap, so you can choose your taps to attach above the basin on the wall and flow like a waterfall into the deep bowl, simply stunning and very stylish.

Then there are the rectangular design. Again these are deep bowled designs in a brilliant white. What is so great about these counter top bathroom basins is that they are the ideal choice when all your bathroom items are square, such as a square shower, square toilet or even a square bath, they match the décor and add an elegant flair to the bathroom space.

There is a very unique rectangular shape as well which always catches my eye when looking at counter top bathroom basins. This design has a flat back but a curved front, again in the deep bowl design. It is unique and something different to add to a bathroom, giving it a sophisticated look and a definite “wow” factor.

And last is my favourite of all the counter top bathroom basins, the square design. This design is so unique that if I could I would have it in every single bathroom design throughout the country. These basins have a circular base that raise up into a square design with spectacular curved edges. This unique design is simple, stylish and sophisticated and is a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design.

So Many Choices With Wall Hung Vanity Basins

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

When you think of your bathroom renovation or new bathroom what do you think of? My thoughts immediately take me to modern and style. I think everyone is trying to make their bathrooms more stylish these days, gone are the days of an old bath, basin and toilet. These days there are different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from to help you make your bathroom stylish and modern.

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

Envoy Wall Hung Basin

You don’t have to be an interior designer to plan the perfect bathroom. Wall hung vanity basins are the perfect way to add sophistication and style to any bathroom design.

Where to Start

When choosing wall hung vanity basins for your bathroom, your starting point should be measuring the area you have available for the unit. Choosing the unit too big or too small will leave your bathroom looking either cluttered or very sparce, both of which you need to avoid.

Once measured you will have an idea of the wall space you have to work with and you can then choose your wall hung vanity basins according to that size. Now while this may sound obvious, I have seen some real disasters when it comes to adding these units into a bathroom. They are such a wonderful and stylish option and will complement any bathroom, but if they are chosen wrong or the wrong size is installed, they can ruin the feel of the room rather than give it that modern flair we all want to achieve.


Your decision for wall hung vanity basins should be based on your current bathroom design and layout. You may be only replacing the basin and vanity and leaving your other bathroom amenities in place, so you need to ensure that any choice you make works with what you currently have in your bathroom.

The wall hung vanity basins are the perfect choice for compact bathrooms as the vanity unit below is the size of the basin, this means you don’t compromise your floor space and still get to give your bathroom a stylish design.

Your colour choice should also be based on your current bathroom design, these wall hung vanity basins come in stylish white and stunning light oak, both will complement a bathroom and being light colours they will help make the area feel spacious and light. You need to match the colour to your current bathroom. If you have an oak door in your bathroom or oak beams, then the oak option is the ideal choice. Sometimes the oak options work well in an all white bathroom, where they can offer some colour and texture to the room.

If you are looking at wall hung vanity basins, which one are you going to choose?