Hide Your Bath Plumbing with Bath Panels

When placing a bath in your bathroom you want it to look neat, tidy and stylish. As you probably know your bath is mounted and under it is where you find all the plumbing, not a sight you want to put on display.

The plumbing under a bath is definitely not worth putting on display, it’s unsightly and ugly and will completely ruin the design of your bathroom. This is why it’s essential to have bath panels in place. These panels hide the ugly plumbing and fit perfectly to your bath, offering you that neat design you were hoping for.

Various Sizes

The great thing about bath panels is the various sizes they come in, if you can’t find one that is an exact match, they can be cut down to size, fitting in perfectly and giving a side to your bath.

Freestanding Bath

Phoenix Rubartoi Freestanding Bath

There are different sized bath panels available, one for the elongated front section of the bath and then one for the end of the bath, if it is on display and not surrounded by a wall on three sides.

Bath panels are easy to install, they can be done quickly within an hour or two and can make a huge impact on how your bath fits into your bathroom space.

Various Colours

The next advantage when it comes to bath panels is the colour options available. Many people go for a white, lets face it, many baths are white and if you want a light and bright bathroom, then you want to choose a light colour.

Some bathrooms benefit from a focal point, a centre piece and you can do this if you have a freestanding bath, for example. Finding bath panels in bright purple, black or even red can make a huge impact in your bathroom, giving it a “wow” factor.

Selection of Textures

Sometimes you want to keep everything natural. I’ve found this in a choice of bathroom designs where they are trying to create an indoor and outdoor flow. Imagine a huge wall of glass with a bath placed near the glass, you obviously want to welcome the outdoors into the bathroom and bath panels in wood can help you achieve this.

Wooden bath panels also add some texture to your bathroom design. Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from a wooden toilet seat and wooden bath panels. Just be sure you choose a light wood that doesn’t overpower the room.

The Final Touch To Your Newly Installed Bath

With Christmas just around the corner you’ve taken the leap and installed a new bath in your bathroom. Your visitors are going to love it and you don’t have to be embarrassed as they bathe in an old and very worn bath.

Often baths just don’t blend in with your bathroom design. Maybe you have lots of light oak around your bathroom, as I do in mine. My bathroom has oak doors, an oak vanity and oak shelves and while a white bath will look good in my bathroom, I wanted to give it that final touch.

bath panels

Phoenix Trent Bath Panels

You don’t have to just accept the bath you get you can add bath panels to give it that final touch. Bath panels come in a selection of colours and sizes to fit your bath with ease and the bonus is that I found a light oak, which just enhanced my bathroom space, finishing it off perfectly.

Your Choice

Many bathrooms still benefit from white due to their compact size. A smaller bathroom will always benefit from very light colours to make the bathroom feel more spacious. If you feel it looks too clinical in all white, add brightly coloured towels or a bold coloured blind to give it that splash of colour and take the emphasis away from the white.

As you get to the larger bathrooms you can experiment, go for something unique such as purple or green or if you prefer black. Many bathrooms look fantastic with a black and white colour scheme, but don’t overdo the black.

Even the most spacious bathroom can begin to look small with too much black. Choose black bath panels and a black bathroom cupboard and keep the rest white, this will work beautifully with a black and white tile on the floor.

It’s important that whatever colour bath panels you choose they don’t stand out, your bath panels should blend in with your overall bathroom design. If you are unsure rather choose the colour you have used for all your other bathroom products, such as your basin and toilet.

Make a Statement

You may have a bathroom that is completely white with chrome taps and radiators. These bathrooms can sometimes look bland and if you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom you can make a great bathroom statement by choosing a different colour bath panel that can give your bathroom a “wow” factor.