Top Tips For Choosing Bath Taps

Bath taps should be a quick and easy choice when choosing for a new bathroom design, but with so many styles and choices available, you need to pay careful attention to your decision ensuring your new bath taps blend in with your other fixtures and fittings.

You can imagine how wrong it would look if you had traditional bath taps in a modern bathroom design. You want to ensure everything you choose for your new bathroom design blends seamlessly together, complements each other and enhances the space.

Chances are that by the time you start shopping around for bath taps you already know what basin, toilet and bath you are placing in the space. You’ll know your colour scheme, tiles and even what mirrors you’ll be using. It’s so important that the bath taps you choose blend in with your vision, making your bathroom the luxury space you are hoping for.

Tap Designs

Before you start shopping around imagine your completed bathroom in your mind. Is it a modern design or a traditional one? What style of taps will fit in with the design and complement the space? What you may not realise is that the bath taps you choose can either enhance the bathroom design or completely ruin it, which is why it’s important you make the right choice the first time.

The ZD series bath and shower mixer is the perfect choice for any modern bathroom design. It’s a single arched bath tap with a rectangular shower head, finished in chrome and ideal for a modern style.

Bath and Shower Mixer

ZD Bath and Shower Mixer

The CA series on the other hand is a mounted bath and shower mixer and will quickly become the centre piece of your bathroom. These bath taps come with two levers that control the temperature and water flow. They offer a spectacular waterfall effect from a square tap combined with a thin rectangular shower head, both are finished in polished chrome to blend in with any modern bathroom design.

Bath and Shower Mixer

CA Bath and Shower Mixer

The QS bath taps are the perfect choice when you’re not incorporating a shower. The taps are rectangular with ninety degree angled spouts and minimalistic button levers that will complement any ultra-modern bathroom design.

Bath Filler

QS Bath Filler

The CR series gives you the chance to combine old and new with a stunning cylindrical design and cross head dials. These bath taps come with a cylindrical shower head and are the perfect addition if you have chosen gentle curves in your bathroom design.

Bath and Shower Mixer

CR Bath and Shower Mixer

The Amazing World of Tap Selection

If you’re renovating your bathroom or just looking to give your bathroom a little facelift, tap selection isn’t overly exciting and you may not consider it amazing.

When you think that years ago there were the cross topped taps and that was the choice you had, there were always a tap for hot and a separate tap for cold, there weren’t mixer taps or single taps. There are so many choices available today and when you think of their modern design, elegant beauty and perfect chrome finish, you can start getting excited.

There are different taps for everything in your bathroom from the stunning basin taps to the modern bath taps and even the convenient bidet taps. Yes bidet taps. Now you’re probably wondering why I would mention these, but bidets are more popular than you may think, in fact a majority of homes in Europe today have a bidet in their bathroom.

OK let’s be honest a majority of these homes that have a bidet in the bathroom don’t use it, but a bidet enhances the bathroom space, makes it look sophisticated and elegant and when combined with the right bidet taps, these items can really make a statement in the bathroom.

Basin Taps at kings bathroom ltd

CA Basin Taps


It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for bidet taps or bath or basin taps, you want the same style to flow throughout the space. If you have chosen cylindrical taps for your basin, then you should also choose cylindrical bidet taps and bath taps, you want the style to flow with ease throughout the space.

These days it’s popular to go for the straight edges with square or rectangular designs and there are a host of taps available, including bidet taps that offer this elegant and modern option.


One of the considerations you need to make when selecting taps is your overall bathroom design. You should keep the taps in line with the design. If you have chosen a traditional style throughout the space, don’t go for an ultra-modern tap. The same applies if you have a modern design, be sure your bidet taps and your bath and basin taps are modern and stylish to blend in with the design.

The Top Five Bath Taps For Modern Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bath taps I believe in matching the design to the overall style of the bathroom. In a modern bathroom you are looking for sleek, minimalist and elegant and you want the taps in your bath to match those in your shower and basin, carrying the design through the entire bathroom space.

There are a large selection of bath taps ideal for the modern bathroom, but these are my top five, my personal favourites that I believe will compliment the space adding that “wow” factor.

bath mixer tap

WF Series Bath Mixer Tap

ZD Series 4 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix

The ZD Series has an integrated shower head making your bath taps even more functional. These bath taps are a single unit which includes a rectangular shower head which tapers at the bottom with a gentle curve which is very sleek and stylish. This unit is a modern square design to blend in beautifully with a modern bathroom.

OV Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix Tap

These bath taps are minimalistic in design and super stylish. The tap itself is rectangular with a ninety degree angle and the shower head is simple and rectangular, giving it that perfect finish. The controls are cross head in design offering your bath that perfect finish.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Filler

The WF Series bath filler does not incorporate a shower, but offers an ultra-modern waterfall effect tap that will compliment any modern bathroom space. These bath taps are a rectangular base with a unique spout in the centre with controls on either end, one for flow and the other to manage the temperature.

XR Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

These bath taps introduce a beautiful style into the modern bathroom with a sleek rectangular shower head combined with a modern tap with ninety degree angle. The three single lever controls add ease of use to the sleek and stylish design.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

This WF Series incorporates a shower while still following through with the unique and ultra-modern design. These bath taps are modern, stylish and elegant with a rectangular shower head and a flat rectangular base with unique spout offering a waterfall effect when filling your bath. The controls can be found on either side allowing you to control your water flow and temperature with ease.

How to Choose Bath Taps

Bath taps and shower

Bath Tap and Shower

You would think something as simple as bath taps would be an easy choice for your new bathroom, but there are so many different style options and your choice needs to be made with care to ensure it blends in with your basin taps, shower taps and your overall bathroom design.

Can you imagine what it would look like to have traditional taps on your bath, but your entire bathroom has been completed in a minimalist modern style? It would look out of place, completely wrong and would ruin the design style you are trying to achieve.


Your Bathroom

By the time you’re ready to start shopping around for bath taps you have already chosen your bath, basin and toilet. Your tiles are chosen and you know what colour you are painting your walls, maybe you’ve decided to tile your walls. This in fact makes it easier to choose the right style of bath taps that will complement your bathroom design.

Your Taps

Sit back and picture what your final bathroom will look like. Have you chosen an ultra-modern design? Maybe you’ve gone for a more traditional look. Either way you need to start paying attention to your bath taps. Your bath taps can really make or break your bathroom design so special attention must be paid to these fittings.

There is the ZD Series of bath and shower mixer which is a wonderful addition to the modern bathroom. The single tap is a unique arched design with a rectangular shower head, both finished in a stunning chrome that blends in with any bathroom design.

The CA Series mounted bath and shower mixer is one of my firm favourites. These bath taps are guaranteed to become the centre-piece of your bathroom design with a tap with two levels to control water flow and temperature. The amazing waterfall effect from the square tap design along with the slim rectangular shower head all finished in shiny chrome will blend in with any modern bathroom design.

The QS bath filler is when you only want a tap and don’t want the advantage of a shower in your bath. These rectangular bath taps are ultra-modern with a ninety degree angled spout and minimalist button levers.

If you want to combine the old with the new then the CR Series combined the two beautifully with a spectacular cylindrical design and cross head controls, these bath taps have a straight but cylindrical shower head, ideal if you have chosen a rounded edged bath, basin and toilet.