Add Some Extra Light to Your Bathroom with Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

We all need ways to reduce the clutter in our bathrooms, which is why so many of us choose bathroom cupboards or vanity units. There is nothing worse than not having adequate storage in the bathroom area, you are left with towels strewn across the floor, make up on the window sill and shaving items on the side of the basin.

While storage is imperative to any bathroom design, being able to find things in the cupboards is just as important and even with the light on, you may find that your cupboard is too dark which is why you need bathroom cabinet lighting.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is not only ideal for over the cupboard or even in the cupboard, but this lighting can be used over a mirror or just as a handy additional light source that is guaranteed to lighten and brighten your bathrooms space.

Stylish Desgins

Bathroom cabinet lighting comes in a choice of stylish designs and I love placing mine over my vanity unit, so I always have light flowing onto the basin area.

Some of the designs include:

The single cone design is one of my favourites and will blend in with any bathroom design whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom. The metallic finish is perfect blending in with your taps and shower accessories. The cone design is elegant and sophisticated and guaranteed to enhance the bathroom space.

Single Cone metallic Cabinet Lighting

Another of my favourite bathroom cabinet lighting options is the single pumpkin design. Now while the name may sound a little strange, this cylindrical design is the perfect choice when your bathroom is filled with gentle curves and round or oval bathroom products. Also finished in metallic, these bathroom cabinet lighting options will blend in beautifully with your overall design.

Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

Pumpkin Metallic Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

If you have a double or large basin then the duo funnel design may be the right choice for you. These are so stylish in design and really complement the bathroom space, especially in the modern bathroom designs.

When you think of bathroom cabinet lighting chances are you think of an ugly light that is hidden inside your cabinet. The bathroom cabinet lighting designs can be used anywhere in your bathroom to add additional light to a darker area, to highlight your mirror or basins or to enhance a feature in the space.

Reduce Your Bathroom Clutter with Bathroom Cupboards

I think one of the most frustrating things in any bathroom is not having enough storage space. Without adequate storage your bathroom starts to look like a disaster zone with towels strewn everywhere, make up on the basin and hair products lining the window sill.

These days we all take such pride in our bathrooms, we try and achieve a modern look, a sophisticated finish and an elegant space, which is almost impossible when you have your bathroom items everywhere and nowhere to store them.

ilario twin door wall mounted cupboard FI002

Phoenix ilario twin door cupboard


The bathroom cupboards available come in a range of styles, helping you integrate them into your bathroom space with ease. I always prefer white, but that is just my own personal preference because I like the minimalistic design.

The bathroom cupboards come in a range of great single door designs, some have an additional drawer and some are elongated, perfect for the larger bathroom space.


Not everyone is keen on plain white, there are a host of bathroom cupboards available in black or even light wood helping you add texture to your design. Often you will choose to add a splash of colour to your bathroom, this may be a large freestanding bath in the centre of your bathroom with a black bath panel and you can combine that with black bathroom cupboards to enhance the space.

Size and Space

Whichever of the bathroom cupboards you choose whether it’s a smaller single drawer design or a larger design which includes a laundry hamper, the choice is up to you. The one thing you do need to take into consideration is how much space you have available in the bathroom for bathroom cupboards and which one will offer enough storage for all your items.

Some can be mounted on the wall while others can stand on the floor, this is also up to you and your bathroom layout and design. Often smaller bathrooms will benefit from wall mounted bathroom cupboards where you don’t compromise on the floor space.

These cupboards can also work as an art piece on the wall, a way to cover what would have been a bland and boring wall in the bathroom space. In the end the choice is yours and I would choose the one that best fits into the space and the one that is big enough to hold the family’s bathroom items.

Say No To Bathroom Clutter

I think one of the hardest things in a family bathroom is reducing the clutter. Think about it an average family of four will have a selection of hair products, shaving items, medicines and make up that needs a storage space, otherwise it ends up scattered throughout the bathroom.

A bathroom filled with clutter looks unclean, don’t get me wrong it can be the cleanest bathroom in the area, but with all the items strewn around it looks messy and when guests come to visit it can ruin the entire look of your home.

clutter free bathroom cupboards

aaaargh !!

Add a Bathroom Cupboard

There is a solution to the bathroom clutter which gives you the ability to say “no” to the clutter and keep your bathroom neat and tidy. The bathroom cupboards available come in a range of shapes and designs to suit any bathroom layout from wall mounted high cupboards to the smaller shelf designs, the choice is up to you.

Here are a few of my favourites:

The Linda 25 base bathroom cupboards are ideal for smaller bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms. These units are white and minimalistic in design to suit even the most ultra modern bathroom design. There are two storage areas, a draw and a shelved cupboard below offering you ample storage space for all the bathroom clutter.

The Ilario Tall Cupboard is another of my favourites. These are available in a light Marango brown colour which adds a splash of colour to any bathroom design. These bathroom cupboards work well in any sized bathroom as they are mounted on the wall offering a sleek and modern design. The storage is more than enough for a family bathroom with two large storage sections separated by a draw and finished with thin metal handles which add elegance and style to the design.

My favourite of all the bathroom cupboards has to be the Zola Tall Cupboard. These are available in black with a long handle that really add elegance to any bathroom design. The great thing is that by adding the black bathroom cupboards you can enhance the space and the single door design adds to the appeal of this large storage area. These bathroom cupboards are ideal for the family bathroom with plenty of storage space, but they also work beautifully in the smaller bathroom mounted to the wall to offer convenience and practicality.

Back Lit Mirror Cabinets Ideal For Additional Bathroom Storage

The one thing that many bathrooms do not benefit from is additional storage. Often no matter what cupboards you place in your bathroom, you will always need more. The bottles of medicine, make up and shaving items can quickly build up and you need a good and stylish place to store them.

Back lit mirror cabinets not only offer you that additional storage, they are convenient and practical putting all your items together with your mirror and additional lighting, saving you time in the mornings when getting ready for work.

The back lit mirror cabinets are stylish in design, they ooze elegance and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design, both modern and traditional. Being available in a choice of sizes and styles, it’s easy to find the right back lit mirror cabinet for your bathroom.

Misty Etch Block Landscape Mirror Cabinet

This back lit mirror cabinet is rectangular in shape with a modern and elegant feel. It has frosted glass sides where the lights shine through illuminating the mirror and giving you a clear reflection whether you’re shaving or putting on your make up. The modern style continues inside the cabinet with clear glass shelves to store all your bathroom items.

mirror cabinet

Misty Etch Back Lit Mirror Cabinet

Misty Etch Vertical Block Mirror

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern in design with two handy fixed shelves to store all your toiletries, make up and shaving items. There are frosted glass strips down either side that let the light shine through enhancing the mirror and make it a beautiful piece of art work on your bathroom wall.

Misty Etch Black Cone Mirror

These mirror cabinets are a contemporary design, the rectangular shaped cabinet comes to a point at the top which lights up making this a favoured back lit mirror cabinet for many households. There are two fixed shelves inside offering more than enough storage for your smaller bathroom items and the magnetic closures on the doors just finish off that perfect design.

Misty Etch Cone Etching Mirror Cabinet

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern and minimalistic and the perfect choice for ultra modern bathroom designs. The back lighting is at the top of the rectangular shaped design with pointed top and is a clear frosted class that illuminates. These mirror cabinets are elegant, stylish and minimalistic making them the perfect choice for modern bathrooms. The two fixed shelves offer more than enough space to store all your medicines, toiletries and more.

Some Fun and Interesting Bathroom Facts to Bear in Mind This New Year

You’re probably heading off to a New Year party tonight or maybe you’re hosting one, well you may want to take note of some of these fun and silly facts about bathrooms before you head to the bathroom tonight.

Whether you’re partying at home or heading to a friends place, check the toilet seat is down before you sit on the toilet. You may wonder why, well eighty five percent of bathroom accidents happen due to the toilet seat being up. Who would have thought.

If you’re hosting a New Year party at home go through your bathroom cupboards and make sure they’re neat and tidy, remove any products and items that you don’t want your friends and family to see. Why? Well because seventy percent of your house guests will go through your bathroom cupboards.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom Cupboards with Drawers

If you are one of the eighty percent of people that tend to use your mobile phone on the toilet, hold onto it because seven million mobile phones are dropped into toilets each and every year.

Always close the toilet lid when flushing. Flushing faeces can become airborne which is why you are always told to keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

If you are out and about this New Year be sure to wash your hands after flushing the toilet, there are so many bacteria on the toilet handle. Also be sure to use paper towel and not the hand dryers. Hand dryers can increase the bacteria on your hands by over one hundred and sixty percent.

When you wake up tomorrow morning feeling rough after your night of partying, be sure it’s toothpaste your add to your toothbrush. Did you know that thirty three percent of people will brush their teeth with something other than toothpaste when over tired, this is mostly common in mothers.

Now that you have all the bathroom facts, you may want to rush around and get your bathroom clean for tonight or pop some anti bacterial wipes in your handbag before you head out to your New Year party tonight.

The last question I will leave you with just for fun is whether you crumple your toilet paper or fold it. The truth of the matter is that a majority of people will crumple their toilet paper because it is much quicker and more convenient than sitting their folding it neatly.

The Top Five Bathroom Cupboards

Choosing your bathroom cupboards is an exciting time in your bathroom remodel. This means that you are nearing completion and that once your bathroom is complete you will have plenty of storage space for all your bathroom items from your toiletries to your clean towels.

The bathroom cupboards available come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find one that will blend in with your bathroom design and complement the space.

I would suggest if you have a smaller bathroom to choose a wall hung option that isn’t too big, but still offers you enough space to store all your items and reduce the clutter in your bathroom.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom Cupboards with Drawers

Larger bathrooms can really choose what they want, though be careful you don’t make a choice you will regret later. Often the smaller bathroom cupboards will look lost in the sea of space of a larger bathroom area.

Ilario Tall Cupboard

This cupboard is suitable for small or larger bathrooms and is a wall mounted option. The wood effect can blend in beautifully with your bathroom design and these bathroom cupboards come with three sections with stylish metal handles, offering you plenty of storage space in your bathroom.

Ilario Single Door Wall Mounted Cupboards

These bathroom cupboards are the ideal choice for the smaller bathroom. They come in a stunning light brown colour and being wall mounted, they give that sophisticated design of floating. These are the ideal cupboards to be used in conjunction with a counter top basin, offering your bathroom a stylish, yet dramatic effect.

Euro 35 Linen Basket

These bathroom cupboards are the ideal choice of any bathroom, but are very beneficial in the smaller bathroom. They are floor standing units and come in a white colour, which works well in the smaller bathroom areas. The Euro 35 linen basket comes with two drawers with the bottom draw opening out with a metal rack to throw all your laundry into, ensuring the bathroom remains clutter free at all times.

Zola Tall Cupboard

If you are looking to make a statement in your medium to large bathroom, then these bathroom cupboards are what you are looking for. They are wall hung cupboards that stand 120cm high and 40cm wide, best of all they come in a sleek black colour to add dramatic effect to any bathroom space.

Euro Tall Unit

This bathroom cupboard is a floor standing unit that stands a tall 190cm. These white bathroom cupboards offer plenty of storage space for the large to medium sized bathroom. The design and colour of the cupboards can blend in beautifully with your current bathroom design offering convenience and practicality.