Top Design Ideas for Compact Bathrooms

Smaller bathrooms really are a challenge when renovating the bathroom. These days bathrooms appear to be getting smaller and family bathrooms are compact spaces. But with the right vision you can turn a compact bathroom into a luxury inspired space.

Quadrant shower trays are probably the best bathroom product you can acquire for a smaller bathroom. These shower trays are designed for a corner position and come in square or rectangular designs with a stylish curved front offering elegant and style to the bathroom space. The best feature is that the quadrant shower trays help you maximise your floor space.

Another advantage to the quadrant shower trays is the enclosures that have been designed to fit these trays have sliding doors, so you don’t have to worry about the door swinging open and banging into any of your other bathroom products.

quadrant shower trays

Quadrant Shower Trays

Reducing the clutter in the bathroom is as important as the shower tray you choose. There is nothing worse than a small bathroom filled with towels, toiletries and other bathroom items. A vanity unit combined with the quadrant shower trays are just simple ways to make the most of your bathroom space while reducing the clutter and giving everything its own storage space.

The toilet you choose will also impact the space which is why back to wall toilets are such a top choices these days in smaller bathroom designs. These toilets, like the quadrant shower trays, are designed to maximise the floor space you have available.

The back to wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall and the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall. This can save considerable space when working with a small bathroom.

Now you have the quadrant shower tray, vanity and toilet, you need to ensure your bathroom is light and bright. The lighter the bathroom the more spacious it will feel. If your bathroom doesn’t have an abundance of natural light choose mirrors with lights to add that additional lighting.

Lightly coloured walls, white quadrant shower trays and plenty of light are the recipe to success when designing a smaller bathroom space.

Luxurious Shower Accessories

Showers should be an easy decision and installation. All you need is a shower tray, an enclosure and a shower head. Don’t forget the thermostatic values and you’re set to go. Showers offer convenience and many households prefer a shower because it’s economical and saves time and energy.

If you have chosen to add a shower to your bathroom, chances are you’ve measured the space and have a clear idea on the shower tray you want along with the type of enclosure. Maybe you’ve gone for a modern walk in shower enclosure and a rectangular shower tray or a quadrant design if you have a smaller bathroom space to work with.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape shower you have chosen, shower accessories can add to your showering experience adding further convenience and luxury.

shower jet

Square Shower Jet

Size Considerations

If you have chosen a beautiful large shower you don’t want to end up in the situation where you can only use one corner of your shower to get wet. The water should distribute with ease throughout the space, which is where shower accessories come into play.

Shower arms are great shower accessories that can blend into your current bathroom design and match your shower head. You can choose between the cylindrical or cubed design to ensure your design flows throughout your showering space. The advantage to these shower accessories is that they lengthen the distance of the shower head, ensuring you can make the most of your large shower and enjoy a great showering experience.

Luxurious Options

Shower jets are the luxurious shower accessories you can get that can turn your shower into a spa-inspired theme. The jets come in square or round designs to blend in with your bathroom offering you an invigorating showering experience and ensuring your entire body gets wet while you shower. It doesn’t get any better than this.

These shower accessories can be added to existing showers or be included in new shower designs. They can give the bathroom that “wow” factor and ensure your bathroom makes a statement in your home.

Shower accessories are designed to make your showering experience convenient and enjoyable, they are finished to the highest quality and complement the shower ensuring your shower always offers the very best showering experience.

Top Tips to Choosing the Right Toilet

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom needs to be done with care, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration to ensure the toilets you are looking at are the right choice for you and your family from the design and size of the toilet to the performance that they offer.

Toilet Size

You need to measure the space you have available between the wall and the centre of the sewerage drain, this will determine what size toilet you need for your bathroom, this is called the rough-distance. Elongated toilets are the most popular due to them being considered the most comfortable, but you will have a wide selection to choose from, so don’t worry you will find one that blends into your design with ease.

Another consideration is the height of the toilet. With your rough-distance and height in hand you can start looking at the toilets that match your criteria. Normally the rough-distance is around twelve inches, if yours doesn’t match this, then you may be limited to the choices you have available.

Great Design

Basically there are two designs available, the one piece and two piece options. The two piece toilets are normally the more affordable choice with a separate tank which is bolted to the wall. The one piece toilets are the more expensive choice, but at the same time, these are a top choice because they are much easier to clean.



Wall mounted toilets are very popular in modern bathroom designs. Sophisticated and elegant, even though more expensive, they can make a statement in any bathroom.

Interestingly there is a selection of toilet bowls to choose from including those that are round, square and elongated. Consider comfort and convenience when choosing the toilet bowls, round toilets often work well in smaller bathrooms while the elongated choice works beautifully in a spacious bathroom area.


The performance should be an important part of your decision when looking at toilets. Performance toilets don’t clog and have great waste removal. Most toilets are rated on their flush power from one to ten and the higher numbers offering the better waste removal.

The Seats

Right you’ve looked at toilets and chosen yours based on size, design and performance but what about the toilet seat? There are so many to choose from including self-closing toilet seats, patterned and pictured choices, wood and plastic. The toilets seat should be chosen according to your bathroom décor, ensuring everything blends in together to enhance the space.

Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinets – Ideal for the Modern Bathroom Design

Stainless steel is the material perfect for the modern bathroom design. It offers elegance and sophistication, blending in beautifully with the modern bathroom style. Stainless steel mirror cabinets are a welcome addition to any bathroom design offering additional storage while looking stylish.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets help you eliminate the clutter that accumulates in your bathroom offering you additional storage for all your make up, medicines and toiletries. Also having these items so close to the mirror helps you shave minutes off your time each day.

The stainless steel gives a modern twist to any bathroom design, blending in with just about any colour scheme and really enhancing the space.

Mirrors are an essential item in any bathroom design, offering convenience and practicality they also bounce natural light into the room or can be used to highlight a feature.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets are sleek in design, stylish and modern, but best of all is how you can have all your toiletries stored away neatly within arm’s reach of the mirror, helping you get ready for work each morning without any real effort.

Stylish Designs

The stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a choice of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom size and design. There are the larger rectangular designs to the corner design, perfect for the compact bathroom.

Stainless Steel Mirror cabinet

Stainless Steel Mirror cabinet

Remember when choosing your design to bear in mind that you want your stainless steel mirror cabinet to enhance the space while allowing the design to flow freely. If you have already chosen square or rectangular bathroom products be sure you only look at the rectangular stainless steel mirror cabinets.

The same applies if you have chosen circular or curved bathroom products, stainless steel mirror cabinets that are oval or have a rounded design will work best in the bathroom space.

Offering ample storage for all your smaller bathroom items, stainless steel mirror cabinets are a welcome addition to your bathroom design, blending in with your taps and other main fittings with ease.

Top Corner Baths

Corner baths are stylish in design, but best of all they help you maximise on space in the bathroom. The ability to install your bath in a corner not only maximises floor space but you can create the most elegant bathroom design, maybe have space for that shower or bidet you had your heart set on.

Corner baths come in a host of shapes and sizes from triangular to straight edged, making it possible to find the perfect choice to blend into your overall design.

Legato Corner Baths

These corner baths are my personal favourite in a stunning hexagonal shape with stunning angled corners that add a very elegant finish to the bathroom area. They blend into any modern bathroom design with ease where you have chosen straight edged products and fittings.

Corner Bath

Legato Corner Bath

Saranto Bath Including Panels

The Saranto corner baths are design for comfort, they are wider at one end than the other with elegant straight sides that blend into your bathroom design with ease. You can choose from a left or right corner design to ensure they fit into your space and look fantastic.

Corner Bath

Saranto Corner Bath

Monaco Corner Baths Including Panel

These corner baths offer a sensual curve and come in a brilliant white. They are a larger bath so beautifully designed with the larger bathroom area in mind. They offer ample bathing space so you can really sit back and relax after a long day at work.

corner bath

Monaco Corner Bath

Space Bath Including Panels

These corner baths also offer a wider side at one end and are very sophisticated in design with straight edges. They also have a gentle curve separating the wider end from the narrower side, which adds texture and style to the bathroom.

corner baths

Space Corner Baths

Corsica Corner Baths Including Panels

These corner baths are the perfect modern choice for any bathroom with a stunning curved front in a brilliant white finish that is guaranteed to complement any bathroom design. Enabling you to make the most of your floor space, these corner baths are a welcome addition whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom design.

Corner  Bath

Corsica Bath

Beautiful Inset Basins

These days’ modern homes are the top choice combined with a beautiful bathroom to complement the space. Bathrooms have become one of the most important designs in a home and people are spending a fortune on renovating their bathrooms each year to ensure they become a masterpiece.

Inset basins are very popular these days, they are stylish and modern, but at the same time they are convenient and help you save on space wherever possible.


Before looking at any basins you need to pay careful attention to your overall bathroom design. The advantage to inset basins is that they can be added to your current bathroom design, they fit onto counters and vanity units with ease. This gives you the ability to give your bathroom a well-deserved facelift without breaking the bank.

inset basin

Inset Basin

Inset basins come in a selection of sizes and shapes to blend in with any bathroom design.


Space plays an important role when choosing any bathroom products, including inset basins. You can get inset basins in square and rectangular designs and both large and small designs. You can easily find the perfect match to blend in with your bathroom design with ease.

Because so many bathrooms in the UK are on the compact size, you need to make every effort to ensure they are light and bright spaces which in turn makes them feel spacious. With inset basins fitting onto counters and vanity units, you immediately maximise your floor space, making even the smallest bathroom feel bigger than it is.

The Final Touch

With any basin tap selection is important and the same applies to inset basins. Taps should be chosen according to the bathroom design and shapes you have incorporated in the space. If you have gone for a modern design with plenty of straight edges, a square or rectangular inset basin with square taps is the perfect addition to the space.

The same applies if you have chosen gentle curves with plenty of round and oval bathroom products, the inset basins have curved and sophisticated design choices and combined with the right taps can really enhance your bathroom space offering that “wow” factor.

Simplistic Beauty with Plain Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are such an important part of any bathroom design. They are functional, practical and can be used as an art piece of to enhance the space highlighting a feature or bouncing natural light throughout the space.

Plain bathroom mirrors are a top choice because of their simplicity. There are no bells and whistles, making them the perfect choice for minimalistic bathroom designs. They work well in any bathroom from the ultra-modern to the more traditional style.

Plain Bathroom Mirror

Argento Regal Bathroom Mirror

Keeping it Simple

Many of us have our dream bathroom in mind before renovations start taking place. You’ve taken ideas from the glossy magazines you have seen and with the right imagination and bathroom products, there is no reason you can’t turn your bathroom into your dream oasis.

The bathroom mirror plays a very important role in the bathroom design. Many homeowners don’t consider the functionality of the mirror and just grab the first one they see, but you want your mirror to enhance the space and if you are unsure which mirror does this, keep it simple and use plain bathroom mirrors that offer you the functionality, practicality and style you are looking for.

Natural Light

Natural light is something we don’t all have the advantage of in our bathroom areas, but by placing the plain bathroom mirrors with care we are able to take advantage of that light. The mirror will bounce any natural light into the room making it feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.

Choose the Right Size

Deciding where to place your mirror is one thing, but choosing the right size plain bathroom mirrors is just as important. As you can imagine a large bathroom with a small mirror is going to look wrong as is a small bathroom with a huge mirror.

Measure the wall space and then choose your plain bathroom mirrors according to the size you have available and the shape and design that enhances your overall design.

Added Convenience

Plain bathroom mirrors are not just about offering you the ability to bounce light into the room or enhance a feature in the bathroom. These mirrors offer good reflection for getting ready in the mornings. When placed correctly they are a huge convenience in any bathroom design.

While the design and size of the plain bathroom mirrors are important, you need to always remember these are functional items that can shave minutes off your time when getting ready in the mornings.

Centre Piece Roll Top Baths

Roll top baths offer elegance and style to any bathroom design. Unfortunately not all bathrooms can take advantage of these sophisticated baths which make magnificent centre pieces, but with planning, these baths can be a welcome addition to any larger bathroom design.

Bathroom Layout

The main deciding factor will be the size of your bathroom. Even though these baths are so stylish and elegant, they need to be on display and become a statement in the bathroom to ensure you get the impact you are hoping for.

This means that these baths are better suited for larger bathrooms where they can be placed in the centre of the bathroom. Roll top baths are generally free standing baths with taps at one end or along the one side, this gives you the freedom to place them against a wall or in the centre of the room, ensuring you enjoy the elegant design that makes your bathroom so spectacular.


There are a number of choices available when choosing roll top baths, they are not all the same and the one you choose should be the one that best complements your bathroom area.

There are two choices if you are looking at placing your bath against the wall. There is the single ended roll top baths which are the perfect solution for being placed against a wall and then there is also the single ended slipper bath. Slipper baths have a raised side offering plenty of space to lie back and soak in the bath after a tough day at work.

slipper baths

Single Ended Slipper Baths

Using your bath as a centre piece there is the double ended roll top baths to choose from, again these are available in slipper designs if you prefer with two high ends. The double ended designs are suitable as a centre piece or against a wall, offering you even more versatility.

The roll top baths are your choice and comes down to personal preference, either way they are guaranteed to compliment your bathroom and make a statement. You can use your bathroom mirror to highlight your bath making it the centre piece of the bathroom at all times.

Perfect Shower Solutions for Larger Bathrooms

Designing your bathroom can be such an exciting time as you start planning your luxurious bathroom space. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, then you have no restrictions on design and can choose your bathroom products to suit your requirements rather than the space available.

Many of the larger bathrooms choose a bath and a separate shower, this way you can have the convenience to have the best of both, if you have the space, then why not? The advantage to this is that it is ideal for family bathrooms and especially if you have elderly living with you, you don’t want them climbing in and out of a bath, that’s an accident waiting to happen.

When it comes to showers in larger bathrooms you can choose rectangular showers which offer you plenty of showering space. There are many enclosures that fit onto these rectangular shower trays, giving you a wide selection to choose from.

Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

The hinged door shower enclosures are stylish in design with clear glass door which adds to the style of the bathroom. These doors swing open on hinges, so you need to ensure that nothing will obstruct the door allowing it to offer you a large opening for getting in and out of the shower.

The hinged door shower enclosures are ideal if you have younger children or elderly parents using the bathroom, the door is so easy to open and close and offers more than enough space to get in and out of the shower with ease.

Pivot Enclosures

The pivot enclosures are very similar to the hinged door shower enclosures in that they have a door which swings open offering you a large opening for getting in and out of the shower. The difference is that the door swings on pivots set just inside the shower door, so you don’t have to worry if the door opens onto a wall, where the hinged door shower enclosures would be slightly restricted.

Walk in Designs

The walk in enclosures are very different from the hinged door shower enclosures in that they don’t have a door and are also the ideal choice for elderly or younger family members. With these you don’t need to worry if anything will obstruct the door opening.

The walk in designs are also stylish in design, minimalistic and perfect for any bathroom design.

Top Shower Choices

There are a number of popular shower options available enabling you to choose the style and design that works with your overall bathroom design. A shower shouldn’t be that inconvenience in the bathroom, but rather a bathroom item that enhances the space, blends in with the rest of your design and offers you convenience and functionality.

Smaller Bathroom Designs

Many of us have the trouble of trying to design a small bathroom. It seems that homes are being built on a smaller scale which leaves us with a small family bathroom and once you place a bath in these spaces there isn’t much room for anything else, which is why we choose showers.

In a smaller bathroom space most people choose to place the shower in the corner of the room, this way you maximise the floor space and leave ample room for all your other bathroom products. Placing the shower in the corner gives you a few options you can choose from.

The first is the quadrant design. These shower trays are specifically designed for a corner position in either a square or rectangular choice with a curved from. The enclosures you have available are also designed purely for these trays which come with sliding doors, maximising your space even further.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Corner Quadrant Shower Enclosure

If you’re looking for a modern design you may not like the curve of the quadrant shower trays and may choose a square or rectangular shower tray where you can add the enclosure of your choice. Placing these showers in the corner means only two sides of the shower is wall and one wall is the shower door, you have a side open where you can use shower enclosure side panels to water tight the shower and have the design that best suits your overall bathroom style.

Larger Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom then you have a large number of options available, you can place your shower in the corner as you would with the smaller bathroom design. Again you could use the square or rectangular shower trays, the enclosure of your choice combined with shower enclosure side panels to seal off the shower.

Another option for larger bathrooms is you can place the shower along a wall, one side will be wall, the front will be the shower door and you can use shower enclosure side panels on two sides ensuring the shower is tightly sealed and reduce the risk of leaking.