The Best Bathroom Mirror Options

Bathroom mirrors play such an important role in any bathroom. Mirrors help reflect natural light into the bathroom space and as you probably know by now, a lighter and brighter bathroom automatically feels spacious. Mirrors can also be used to highlight a feature in the bathroom, maybe that feature wall you’ve worked on or a stunning roll top bath.

There are things you need from your mirror though. They should not only be there to reflect light and highlight features, they should also offer convenience, practicality and they should be a functional item.

Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves

The bathroom mirrors with shelves are a top choice when trying to find the most functional and convenient mirror for your bathroom space. These mirrors come in a choice of shapes and sizes which can brighten up any bathroom wall.

They offer a clear reflection essential for getting ready for work or that night on the town and they have shelves which can house all your make up, shaving items and hair care products. The advantage of having the shelves on the mirror offers you that additional storage space that you need for your smaller bathroom items.

Some of the stunning bathroom mirrors with shelves designs include oval, square and cone shaped. They are all completely unique in their design with ample shelving to store your items. One of my firm favourites is the Zola mirror with shelves, these bathroom mirrors with shelves have a wooden frame with a shelf on either side, the mirror is rectangular in shape to blend in with any bathroom design. What I really love about this specific design is you can mount it horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.

Zola Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

Zola Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

Other Options

Of course there aren’t only the bathroom mirrors with shelves available, there are LED mirrors, infinity mirrors and even mirror cabinets to choose from.

What I do is work out the space I have available, you want the mirror placed on a wall which offers convenience, many of us prefer the mirror to be located close to the basin. Whether you have chosen the bathroom mirrors with shelves or an infinity mirror, you need to ensure the mirror isn’t too big for the space you have available.

Whether it’s an LED mirror or a back lit bathroom mirror you have chosen, it should become an art piece on your bathroom wall.

Add Some Extra Light to Your Bathroom with Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

We all need ways to reduce the clutter in our bathrooms, which is why so many of us choose bathroom cupboards or vanity units. There is nothing worse than not having adequate storage in the bathroom area, you are left with towels strewn across the floor, make up on the window sill and shaving items on the side of the basin.

While storage is imperative to any bathroom design, being able to find things in the cupboards is just as important and even with the light on, you may find that your cupboard is too dark which is why you need bathroom cabinet lighting.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is not only ideal for over the cupboard or even in the cupboard, but this lighting can be used over a mirror or just as a handy additional light source that is guaranteed to lighten and brighten your bathrooms space.

Stylish Desgins

Bathroom cabinet lighting comes in a choice of stylish designs and I love placing mine over my vanity unit, so I always have light flowing onto the basin area.

Some of the designs include:

The single cone design is one of my favourites and will blend in with any bathroom design whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom. The metallic finish is perfect blending in with your taps and shower accessories. The cone design is elegant and sophisticated and guaranteed to enhance the bathroom space.

Single Cone metallic Cabinet Lighting

Another of my favourite bathroom cabinet lighting options is the single pumpkin design. Now while the name may sound a little strange, this cylindrical design is the perfect choice when your bathroom is filled with gentle curves and round or oval bathroom products. Also finished in metallic, these bathroom cabinet lighting options will blend in beautifully with your overall design.

Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

Pumpkin Metallic Bathroom Cabinet Lighting

If you have a double or large basin then the duo funnel design may be the right choice for you. These are so stylish in design and really complement the bathroom space, especially in the modern bathroom designs.

When you think of bathroom cabinet lighting chances are you think of an ugly light that is hidden inside your cabinet. The bathroom cabinet lighting designs can be used anywhere in your bathroom to add additional light to a darker area, to highlight your mirror or basins or to enhance a feature in the space.

What Bathroom Mirrors With Lights Can Do For Your Bathroom

When designing a bathroom you want a light and bright space with modern bathroom products that will give your bathroom the face lift it deserves. These days many people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than purchase new ones, giving the bathroom a make over, knocking down a wall between the living room and kitchen are all ways to enhance your home, give it a modern feel and increase your price should you decide to sell at a later stage.

Now while remodelling your bathroom is an exciting time, you need to pay careful consideration to your bathroom mirror. This may sound like a small item to worry about, but your bathroom mirror is an important item from offering you a place to do make up and hair before work to helping make the space feel bigger and brightening up the bathroom.

bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror with Lights

Who would have though a bathroom mirror could play such an important role, but the reality is that your bathroom mirror is one of the most important items in your bathroom along with your toilet, basin and shower or bath.

Why Mirrors Are So Important

When it comes to your bathroom mirror it has three important functions. It needs to offer you a place to do your make up and hair each day, it needs to enhance the room and make it feel bigger and most of all, it needs to offer additional light because a light and bright room always feels much larger than a dark room.

Now if you have a bathroom like mine, you are going to find a bathroom mirror with lights an absolute blessing and I’ll tell you why. I have a small bathroom, along with most people living in the UK. The problem is that I don’t have a large bathroom window with an abundance of natural light, even though my bathroom is in a light colour it still feels small.

How did I fix the problem? Well first I chose a mirror that blended in well with my overall bathroom design. Luckily bathroom mirrors with lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so that was the easy part.

The bathroom mirror with lights was carefully placed to ensure that the little bit of light I did get from the window bounces off the mirror immediately brightening up the space and making it feel bigger. At night I pop on the mirror lights for an additional light source, to keep the space feeling comfortable and yet spacious.

The Importance of Bathroom Lighting

You probably never dreamed that this could possibly be a topic for discussion. But today the discussion of bathroom lighting is on the top of my list and I’ll explain why.

Not everyone has the benefit of a large and spacious bathroom with so much space that it can enjoy a bath and separate shower. Of course there are those of you that do have this advantage, but the majority of us have to manage a small and compact bathroom that often isn’t big enough to turn around in.

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting for Bathroom Cabinets

It really irritates me that as new homes are being built, it appears the bathrooms are being built smaller. In order to accommodate growing families we renovate our homes turning our basements into space that can be used. What does this mean? This means that often you are left with a bigger bathroom in your basement with no natural light.


Right we need solutions. A dark bathroom automatically feels compact and closed in. I always feel claustrophobic when I go into a bathroom that has no or very little natural light. It’s probably a mind over matter thing, but there are ways to rectify this problem.

The first is adding more light. This can be done with bathroom cabinet lighting. Additional light even if it is electrically supplied will make a huge difference to the dark bathroom. Light is essential to make the space feel bigger than it is, so whatever you do, do not paint your bathroom walls a dark colour if you don’t have an abundance of natural light streaming into the bathroom.

While bathroom cabinet lighting is an essential source of light, there are other ways to improve the darkened bathroom. Add a mirror to the one wall opposite your light source. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, adding your mirror on the opposite wall to your bathroom cabinet lighting will give you the same effect.

Mirrors bounce the reflection away from them, this means they bounce the light away and in doing so make the space feel brighter and larger than it is.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is available in a choice of styles that you can choose according to your bathroom design. From single cone to tube designs to double lights the choice is yours and this is an easy and sure way to increase the lighting in any dark bathroom.