Simplistic Beauty with Plain Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are such an important part of any bathroom design. They are functional, practical and can be used as an art piece of to enhance the space highlighting a feature or bouncing natural light throughout the space.

Plain bathroom mirrors are a top choice because of their simplicity. There are no bells and whistles, making them the perfect choice for minimalistic bathroom designs. They work well in any bathroom from the ultra-modern to the more traditional style.

Plain Bathroom Mirror

Argento Regal Bathroom Mirror

Keeping it Simple

Many of us have our dream bathroom in mind before renovations start taking place. You’ve taken ideas from the glossy magazines you have seen and with the right imagination and bathroom products, there is no reason you can’t turn your bathroom into your dream oasis.

The bathroom mirror plays a very important role in the bathroom design. Many homeowners don’t consider the functionality of the mirror and just grab the first one they see, but you want your mirror to enhance the space and if you are unsure which mirror does this, keep it simple and use plain bathroom mirrors that offer you the functionality, practicality and style you are looking for.

Natural Light

Natural light is something we don’t all have the advantage of in our bathroom areas, but by placing the plain bathroom mirrors with care we are able to take advantage of that light. The mirror will bounce any natural light into the room making it feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.

Choose the Right Size

Deciding where to place your mirror is one thing, but choosing the right size plain bathroom mirrors is just as important. As you can imagine a large bathroom with a small mirror is going to look wrong as is a small bathroom with a huge mirror.

Measure the wall space and then choose your plain bathroom mirrors according to the size you have available and the shape and design that enhances your overall design.

Added Convenience

Plain bathroom mirrors are not just about offering you the ability to bounce light into the room or enhance a feature in the bathroom. These mirrors offer good reflection for getting ready in the mornings. When placed correctly they are a huge convenience in any bathroom design.

While the design and size of the plain bathroom mirrors are important, you need to always remember these are functional items that can shave minutes off your time when getting ready in the mornings.

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights Offer So Many Advantages

When it comes to choosing bathroom mirrors there is no shortage to choose from. My personal favourite is the bathroom mirrors with lights which come in a choice of shapes and sizes, offers a host of benefits and blends in with any bathroom design.

Mirrors are essential in any bathroom offering practicality, functionality and as an art piece on the wall.

The Practical Side

These bathroom mirrors with lights will complement any bathroom, big or small. They offer superior reflection enabling you to get ready while shaving minutes off your time, a great advantage for the mornings when you’re trying to get the whole family ready for work and school.  The extra lighting also ensures you have a clear reflection even in the darkest of bathrooms.

Bathroom Mirror with Light

Minimal Mirror with Light

Extra Lighting is Always Welcome

Light is so essential in any bathroom, light helps the bathroom feel brighter and in turn this makes it feel more spacious. Lightly coloured walls, light bathroom accessories and an abundance of light is a recipe for success.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the advantage of abundant light in our bathrooms, we can’t all have huge windows that catch all the sunlight, even though it would be a dream come true, which is why need to find other ways to add light to the bathroom space.

Bathroom mirrors with light add that extra bit of light we need. With careful positioning the mirror can reflect any natural light coming into the bathroom, immediately brightening the room and in the evenings you can put on the lights of the mirror for that extra glow.

Styles and Shapes

What I really love about the bathroom mirrors with lights is the choice of shapes and sizes available from oval to square. There is a design to blend in with your bathroom whether you have chosen a modern minimalistic design or a more traditional feel.

It’s important you pay careful attention to your bathroom products and fixtures and fittings when choosing bathroom mirrors with lights, you want your new mirror to enhance the space and blend in with your existing features.

This being said, if you have chosen plenty of straight edges, choose bathroom mirrors with lights in a square or rectangular design. If you have chosen round, oval or gentle curves, keep the design flowing by choosing round or oval bathroom mirrors with lights to help compliment your bathroom design.

Affordable Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a stunning space if you incorporate accessories. It’s all well having a beautiful bathrooms finished with stunning bathroom products that turn the space into a modern oasis, but without accessories it will be boring and wont’ be functional or practical.


The first of the bathroom accessories you’ll want to consider is bathroom mirrors. Mirrors play a vital role in the bathroom design. They can be used to enhance light in the bathroom space or they can be used to highlight a centre piece making it a focal point, such as that stunning freestanding bath you have just placed in the room.


Basic accessories such as toilet roll holders, tumbler holders and soap dishes are also essential in ensuring your bathroom is functional. The cone bathroom accessories are a great choice for either modern or traditional designs with a cylindrical finish that can blend into your design with perfection.

Towel Rails and Rings

Towel rails and rings are also so important in any bathroom design. They help reduce clutter while ensuring that you can easily identify your hand towels from your bath towels. The last thing you want is guests drying their hands on your bath towel and I’m sure your guests won’t want to dry their hands on a towel you have used to dry your body.

Towel Bars

Cone Towel Bar

The towel rails and rings are also available as part of the cone bathroom accessories range, so you can ensure all your bathroom accessories are the same, blending in beautifully together and enhancing the space.

Brighten up the Space with Towels

New towels are an affordable item that you can use to brighten up your bathroom area. Brightly coloured towels are a welcome addition to an all-white bathroom area. Hanging these new towels on your towel rails which are part of the cone accessories range is affordable, practical and stylish.


Another essential accessory for the bathroom is a blind. You can choose from a range of blinds available on the market, personally I prefer blinds with a bit of colour which adds to the personality of your bathroom space.


Set yourself a budget before you start shopping around. You’ll be amazed how you can accessorise your bathroom without breaking the bank, turning it into a stylish, practical and functional space.

The Best Bathroom Mirror Options

Bathroom mirrors play such an important role in any bathroom. Mirrors help reflect natural light into the bathroom space and as you probably know by now, a lighter and brighter bathroom automatically feels spacious. Mirrors can also be used to highlight a feature in the bathroom, maybe that feature wall you’ve worked on or a stunning roll top bath.

There are things you need from your mirror though. They should not only be there to reflect light and highlight features, they should also offer convenience, practicality and they should be a functional item.

Bathroom Mirrors with Shelves

The bathroom mirrors with shelves are a top choice when trying to find the most functional and convenient mirror for your bathroom space. These mirrors come in a choice of shapes and sizes which can brighten up any bathroom wall.

They offer a clear reflection essential for getting ready for work or that night on the town and they have shelves which can house all your make up, shaving items and hair care products. The advantage of having the shelves on the mirror offers you that additional storage space that you need for your smaller bathroom items.

Some of the stunning bathroom mirrors with shelves designs include oval, square and cone shaped. They are all completely unique in their design with ample shelving to store your items. One of my firm favourites is the Zola mirror with shelves, these bathroom mirrors with shelves have a wooden frame with a shelf on either side, the mirror is rectangular in shape to blend in with any bathroom design. What I really love about this specific design is you can mount it horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.

Zola Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

Zola Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

Other Options

Of course there aren’t only the bathroom mirrors with shelves available, there are LED mirrors, infinity mirrors and even mirror cabinets to choose from.

What I do is work out the space I have available, you want the mirror placed on a wall which offers convenience, many of us prefer the mirror to be located close to the basin. Whether you have chosen the bathroom mirrors with shelves or an infinity mirror, you need to ensure the mirror isn’t too big for the space you have available.

Whether it’s an LED mirror or a back lit bathroom mirror you have chosen, it should become an art piece on your bathroom wall.

Mirrors Are a Must When Designing Your Bathroom

Mirrors play such an important role in any bathroom design. You’re probably thinking this statement is obvious, you need a mirror when getting ready in the mornings and having one in the bathroom saves you from running from the bathroom to a mirror in another part of your home.

While this is the obvious reason for having a mirror in the bathroom, they also reflect light entering the bathroom offering a lighter and brighter space and best of all, they can be used to highlight a feature in the bathroom.


There are so many great bathroom mirrors available, but my favourites are the LED bathroom mirrors. These mirrors not only offer you a clear reflection, but they have elegant LED lights around the mirror which add additional light to the bathroom space and ensure you enjoy a clear reflection throughout the day.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED Bathroom Mirrors with Digital Clock

Some of these mirrors come with digital clocks built into them, what a way to ensure you are never late for work again.

The LED bathroom mirrors can be used in any bathroom design due to the fact that they are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes from those with lights all the way around the border of the mirror to those with lights at the top of the mirror and a digital clock at the bottom.


The placement of LED bathroom mirrors is as important as the shape and style that you choose. Your mirror should be conveniently placed to ensure they are both practical and function in the space. At the same time they should be strategically placed to either reflect any natural light or to highlight a feature in the bathroom area.

You will be amazed how placing LED bathroom mirrors on a wall which receives an abundance of natural light will immediately brighten your entire bathroom area. As you know by now a lighter and brighter bathroom will feel more spacious than it actually is.

The last advantage to the LED bathroom mirrors is that you can use them at night for additional light rather than putting on the main light. This will give a welcome glow to the bathroom and best of all, it will not disturb the family every time someone gets up during the night.

The Advantages to Back Lit Mirror Cabinets

You will find when it comes to bathroom design that you will need to make a lot of decisions regarding your storage options.  Bathroom cabinets are a top choice as they are placed on the wall, they don’t take up any floor space and they offer ample storage for your smaller bathroom items.

The back lit mirror cabinets are a popular choice offering style and elegance to both modern and traditional bathroom designs.

back lit mirror cabinets


Storage is essential in any bathroom, whether you have a large spacious bathroom or a small compact one.  Having a place to store all your toiletries, medicines, shaving items and hair care products helps reduce any clutter that may gather in your bathroom space.

The back lit mirror cabinets give you the ability to have a storage space for each of your items, dramatically reducing the risk of clutter.  You may have the cleanest bathroom in the whole of the UK, but if your bathroom is messy it will immediately look dirty.

Mirrors for a Spacious Design

One of the biggest advantages of the back lit mirror cabinets is the mirror itself.  Mirrors play an essential role in any bathroom design.  With careful placement you can reflect any natural light into the space immediately making it feel more spacious than it is.

Another advantage of mirrors is that they can be used to highlight a centrepiece.  Maybe you have a spectacular roll top bath in the centre of the bathroom or maybe you have a feature wall and you want to highlight it.

Of course mirrors also make it easier when styling in your hair, shaving or putting on makeup and having the cabinet and mirror as one item, offers convenience, functionality and practicality.


Lighting is just as important to a bathroom design as a mirror.  Everyone is looking to achieve a light and bright bathroom space which makes the bathroom feel spacious.

The advantage of the back lit mirror cabinets is that the lighting is designed to reflect directly on to the mirror, this means that you are guaranteed a clear reflection even in the darkest of bathrooms or should you prefer to keep your main bathroom light turned off.  This is an advantage when using the back lit mirror cabinets in an en-suite, you can turn on the cabinet lighting rather than your main light, reducing the risk of waking anyone else in the main bedroom.

A Masterpiece in Your Bathroom

Mirrors play such an important role in the bathroom design offering functionality, convenience and style. There are so many great mirror options available, but one of my firm favourites are the infinity bathroom mirrors.

If you’re designing your bathroom to be modern, unique and sophisticated, these “space aged” bathroom mirrors can add that “wow” factor to the space and will easily become the centre piece of your design.

What Are Infinity Mirrors?

Infinity bathroom mirrors are a normal mirror which you can use when getting ready for work and place in an area where they reflect the natural light into the space. As it becomes evening and the sun light disappears, you can turn on the lights of your infinity bathroom mirror to make a stunning additional light source.

The lights of the infinity bathroom mirrors seem to disappear into the mirror, making the lights look like they are vanishing into a tunnel or worm hole, so to speak. The advantage is that they add that glamour and style to any bathroom design while offering a warm and ambient light during the night time.

infinity led mirrors

Why Choose These Mirrors?

You’re probably wondering why you would choose infinity bathroom mirrors over a normal bathroom mirror and the answer is simple. These mirrors offer you all the advantages you would get with a normal mirror, you can use them to see your reflection, they become a masterpiece on what would be a bland wall and you can position them to highlight a centrepiece in the bathroom or to reflect the natural light into the space during the day.

At night when you switch on the infinity bathroom mirrors is when they come into their own, giving a wonderful coloured glow into the space that makes them such an appealing choice for all bathroom designs, both modern and traditional.

If you’re looking for a way to add “wow” factor to your bathroom, you are looking for a mirror that will become the centrepiece of the bathroom and will offer you all the advantages and functionality you would get from a normal bathroom mirror, then the infinity bathroom mirrors are definitely the right choice for you.

The blue light is my favourite which gives a warm blue glow to the bathroom at night. If you have chosen white bathroom products, the blue light of the infinity bathroom mirror reflects off the white surfaces giving the bathroom additional light that is cool and sophisticated.

Additional Lighting Makes All the Difference

There is nothing worse than having a bathroom that is dark and doesn’t benefit from natural light.  A darker bathroom space will make your bathroom feel much smaller than it is.

We can’t all break down walls to add large picture windows in order to welcome the natural light into our bathroom spaces.  If only this was a possibility, bathroom design would be so much easier.

Now I don’t know about you, but personally I prefer bathrooms that are light, bright and airy.  Managing to achieve those automatically makes the bathroom feel larger than it is.

I’ve seen so many bathrooms that are hidden at the back of the home, some of them don’t have windows.  As you can imagine these spaces were dark and uninviting, definitely not contributing to the home value in any way.

So how do you add light to the space that either doesn’t have windows or has a small window, facing the wrong way so that the light does not reflect that through the room?

Adding Additional Light

The first choice is to add additional light, such as the bathroom cabinet lighting, this is not only to add extra light into the space, but makes it easier when searching through your cabinets. As you can imagine in a darker bathroom, trying to find something at the back of the cabinet can turn into a nightmare.

Bathroom Cabinet Lightings

Bathroom cabinet lighting is available in a choice of designs helping you blend them into your bathroom space with ease. You can choose between single or double bathroom cabinet lighting depending on the size of your bathroom and with great designs such as the cone design or the pumpkin design, its’ easy to blend these lights into the space to compliment your already existing bathroom products.

Use Mirrors

Another great way to get light into the bathroom space is to use mirrors. As you know mirrors reflect light, so you can place mirrors around the bathroom close to your bathroom cabinet lighting, enabling the light to reflect from the mirror into the space.

Now fair play this will not give your bathroom the feeling that it has an abundance of natural light flowing into the space, but it also won’t feel dark, uninviting and bland. With so many different bathroom cabinet lighting options and mirror options you can add light and make your bathroom feel spacious in a stylish and elegant way.

Add Glamour and Sophistication to Your Bathroom

In a year where bathrooms are spa-inspired and oozing luxury, it’s no surprise that everyone is looking for great ways to add that glamour and sophistication to their bathroom space.

Up until a few years ago the bathroom wasn’t considered important during the design process, people spent their money on their kitchens, living rooms and outdoor spaces. These days the bathroom plays a very important role in the home, its design can add value to the property when it comes time to sell.

Affordable Ways to Add Sophistication and Glamour

You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg when you want to add some sophistication to your bathroom space. Maybe you’re looking for affordable ways to give your bathroom that glamorous finish.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

If you want to avoid replacing all your larger bathroom items and completely remodelling your bathroom, but you still want to achieve a sophisticated finish, then you may want to continue reading.

I love spending time paging through bathroom magazines, sneaking a peak at my friend’s bathrooms when I stop by for a visit and designing bathrooms that give the home a comfortable, relaxed and yet sophisticated bathroom space.

One of the many options you have to add that little bit of something to the space is by adding LED bathroom mirrors. A bland wall in the bathroom doesn’t cause much of a stir, but putting LED bathroom mirrors on the wall not only look fantastic and give you that “wow” factor, but they are also practical and functional items to have.

Every bathroom needs a mirror, you cannot dispute that. You use the mirror when applying your make up or shaving in the mornings and you can’t really manage without one, believe me years ago I live in an apartment where I didn’t have a bathroom mirror for the first few weeks and I wasted so much time running between the bathroom and bedroom to use the bedroom mirror in the mornings.

The LED bathroom mirrors are available in stylish designs that will compliment any bathroom space, whether modern or traditional. They also offer the benefit of additional lighting, which if you have read my blogs, you know this is essential in making the bathroom feel lighter and bigger.

Best of all if you place your LED bathroom mirrors carefully to reflect the natural light that comes into the bathroom, your bathroom space will not only benefit from a sophisticated and glamorous mirror that will turn heads, but it will assist you in achieving an abundance of natural light in the space.

Finding The Best Mirror For Your Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom mirrors are essential in any bathroom, they offer a host of benefits and make a bland wall into a masterpiece. When working with a modern bathroom design where you want to keep everything minimalistic, plain bathroom mirrors are the ideal choice.

Plain bathroom mirrors are what they are, plain, minimalist and stylish. These mirrors work beautifully in any ultra modern or modern bathroom design as they are available in a range of shapes and sizes to compliment your bathroom space.

A Choice of Shapes

When you think of plain bathroom mirrors you probably have a plain rectangular mirror design in mind. You’ll be amazed at the great shapes available to compliment any bathroom space. If you have chosen straight edges throughout your bathroom with rectangular or square fixtures and fittings, then I do suggest a rectangular mirror. But if you have gentle curves, round or oval fixtures and fittings you can choose from oval plain bathroom mirrors to the etched designed mirror, which is rectangular in shape being wider at the top than the bottom with gentle curved edges to fit in with your design with ease.

Mirror with Lights

Argento Wave Mirror with Lights

Selection of Sizes

It is so important that you choose the right size when looking at plain bathroom mirrors. A small mirror in a large bathroom will look completely out of place as will a large mirror in a smaller or compact bathroom.

Measure your wall, determine the right sized mirror before you start looking at the shapes available. You can find plain bathroom mirrors in sizes from 60cm right up to 100cm.


What you may not realise is how important the placement of plain bathroom mirrors are to the bathroom design. Mirror reflect light and in a modern bathroom you want to achieve a light and bright space.

See how the light flows through your bathroom during the day and then mount your plain bathroom mirror where it will reflect the most light, your mirror will bounce the light into the space giving your bathroom a spacious, light and bright feel automatically.

You’ll also want to ensure that you place the mirror in a convenient space. While your bathroom may get the most amount of light in the far corner, you should choose a wall close to the basin that benefits from light. This way you benefit from the light and practicality in one easy step.