Top Tips When Choosing a Toilet

Now you may not think your toilet is important when designing your bathroom this Easter, but the toilet you choose can impact your entire bathroom space, which is why toilet design is so important.

Toilets come in a range of shapes and styles, you can choose square or oval toilets depending on your overall bathroom design. Then there are even toilets that help you maximise the space you have available, the back to wall toilets.

If you’re shopping around this Easter for a new toilet for your bathroom, you may want to take a look at the back to wall toilets and see how they can help you make the most of the bathroom space you have available.

Phoenix Emma WC

Phoenix Emma Toilet


The first consideration when choosing any toilet whether you choose a toilet that has the cistern attached to the bowl or you’re looking at back to wall toilets is the shape. The shape of your toilet is important because it should blend in with the rest of your bathroom design.

If you have designed your bathroom with straight edges and a minimalist look, then you’ll want a square toilet to compliment the space. The same applies if you have chosen bathroom products that are curved, round or oblong, a round or oblong toilet will work best.


When designing a smaller bathroom the back to wall toilets are the best choice helping you maximise that floor space. If you aren’t sure what back to wall toilets are, they are toilets where the cistern is hidden behind the wall so you only have the bowl in the bathroom, this can save you a tremendous amount of space, especially when working with a very small area.

Round toilets also work really well in the smaller bathroom setting while large bathrooms can benefit from either the traditional design of toilet or the back to wall toilets, it’s really down to you. If you have chosen modern with a large roll top bath, counter top basins and a lot of chrome and glass, then the back to wall toilets will blend in beautifully, enhancing the space and carrying out that “wow” factor that you are looking to achieve.

Whichever toilet you choose, whether it includes the cistern or is the back to wall design, all you have to do when making your selection is imagine how it will look in your finished bathroom design.

Add a Spring Touch to Your Bathroom

The start of spring is here, the flowers are starting to bloom and hopefully the weather is warming up soon. Spring is such an exciting time of the year, it means that ongoing cold, rain, sleet and snow is behind us and it’s time to start planning for the warmer days.

When spring arrives most people start scrubbing their homes from top to bottom, spring cleaning helps us get rid of the old and start a new year with a spotless home.

Why should you bathroom be forgotten this spring? After giving your bathroom a spring clean there are ways you can add that touch of spring to your bathroom, giving it a new lease on life, making it bright and cheerful and making it feel fresh and new.

counter top basin and flowers

Fresh Spring Look and Feel

The first thing I always do when spring arrives is give my bathroom a new lick of paint, if you have tiles now is the time to check all the grouting, clean the tiles and have them looking new again. If you’re going to paint, keep the colour as light as possible, I always prefer white, you can add your splashes of colour in other areas.

Once the walls are painted and the bathroom is gleaming clean after the spring clean. I set a small budget aside for some spring things.

Spring Things

The simplest things like adding new towels to your bathroom can really welcome spring through the door. I always go for light blues, yellows and greens, fresh and light colours. Cool colours that will bring the brightness into the space. Combine green and yellow towels for an outside feel. Your new towels will look fantastic hanging on the towel rail or towel ring and will really enhance the space.

Another thing I like to do is to change the blind when spring arrives, again adding that fresh and cool colour scheme. I tend to blend my blind with my towels, so bright greens, yellows and blues. Vertical blinds work wonders in a bathroom environment enabling you to open them completely or just open the slats slightly while still offering privacy.

Add some flowers to the window sill, the fresh smell of flowers is always welcome in the bathroom and really welcomes spring into the space. Other options is to choose brightly coloured hand soaps and bath soaps, anything bright and cheerful to welcome spring into the bathroom area.

Compact Bathroom Tips

I think we’ve all ended up in the situation where we have had to design a small or compact bathroom space. It’s not an easy task when you’re trying to place a toilet, basin and shower into a small space.

Long and rectangular bathrooms that are galley style can be one of the hardest to design, but with the right bathroom products, colour and plenty of light, you can turn this small bathroom into a stylish space.

bathrooms made bigger at Kings Bathroom

Small Bathroom

Your Shower

The first step in the process is to determine if a shower is the right choice for you. In many smaller bathrooms, a bath is not an ideal choice and will take up way too much of your floor space.

Quadrant shower trays are a top choice for compact bathrooms, these shower trays can be fitted into the corner of the bathroom maximising your floor space. The great thing about these shower trays is the gentle curve that they offer, you can base your entire design around this stylish tray.

Another option is a wet room, though there are many people that will choose quadrant shower trays over a wet room design due to convenience and practicality.

Your Basin

Even in the smallest of bathrooms you want some form of storage, without it your bathroom will become cluttered and messy. Keeping in with your quadrant shower trays you can choose a vanity unit that includes a basin, this way you are maximising your space and making the most of what space you have available.

Vanities are essential for any bathroom, but I feel they are more important in a smaller bathroom area. It only takes a few items to be left out for a small space to look messy and cluttered.

Your Toilet

Toilets come in a choice of designs. Now if you have chosen quadrant shower trays then you want a toilet that is oval or round, back to wall toilets are exceptionally popular and ideal for the smaller bathroom space. These toilets have the cistern hidden behind the wall, this means only the toilet bowl and pedestal are in the room, saving you plenty of space when you need it most.

Light and Bright

When designing a compact bathroom you will concentrate on maximising the space you have available, but another very important aspect is the colour you choose. You want an abundance of natural light, using large windows wherever possible and combine that with white walls and floor and your bathroom will feel spacious, airy and bright.

Hide Your Bath Plumbing with Bath Panels

When placing a bath in your bathroom you want it to look neat, tidy and stylish. As you probably know your bath is mounted and under it is where you find all the plumbing, not a sight you want to put on display.

The plumbing under a bath is definitely not worth putting on display, it’s unsightly and ugly and will completely ruin the design of your bathroom. This is why it’s essential to have bath panels in place. These panels hide the ugly plumbing and fit perfectly to your bath, offering you that neat design you were hoping for.

Various Sizes

The great thing about bath panels is the various sizes they come in, if you can’t find one that is an exact match, they can be cut down to size, fitting in perfectly and giving a side to your bath.

Freestanding Bath

Phoenix Rubartoi Freestanding Bath

There are different sized bath panels available, one for the elongated front section of the bath and then one for the end of the bath, if it is on display and not surrounded by a wall on three sides.

Bath panels are easy to install, they can be done quickly within an hour or two and can make a huge impact on how your bath fits into your bathroom space.

Various Colours

The next advantage when it comes to bath panels is the colour options available. Many people go for a white, lets face it, many baths are white and if you want a light and bright bathroom, then you want to choose a light colour.

Some bathrooms benefit from a focal point, a centre piece and you can do this if you have a freestanding bath, for example. Finding bath panels in bright purple, black or even red can make a huge impact in your bathroom, giving it a “wow” factor.

Selection of Textures

Sometimes you want to keep everything natural. I’ve found this in a choice of bathroom designs where they are trying to create an indoor and outdoor flow. Imagine a huge wall of glass with a bath placed near the glass, you obviously want to welcome the outdoors into the bathroom and bath panels in wood can help you achieve this.

Wooden bath panels also add some texture to your bathroom design. Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from a wooden toilet seat and wooden bath panels. Just be sure you choose a light wood that doesn’t overpower the room.

What You Need to Complete Your New Bathroom Design

A bathroom design isn’t complete until you have placed all your items. Many people forget about a number of bathroom essentials, leaving them out of the budget and once the bathroom is completed, they end up spending more money on toilet roll holders, soap dishes and bathroom cabinets.

There are certain things that every bathroom needs, there is the obvious, the toilet, basin and bath or shower, in some cases a bath and shower. These are where the majority of your budget will go.

Now what about the little things that make your bathroom complete, how about stainless steel mirror cabinets? These cabinets give you a chance to not only have additional storage for some of your bathroom items, but it combines with a stylish stainless steel cabinet and the advantage of a mirror.

bathroom radiator

Designer Chrome Radiator

As you probably know every bathroom needs a mirror, a mirror offers more than you just looking at your own reflection, a mirror can reflect natural light into the space, making it feel lighter and brighter.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a choice of designs and sizes to complement any bathroom space combining elegance, sophistication and style to blend in with your overall design.

Have you thought about a radiator? Radiators ooze warmth, wonderful when getting out of a hot bath on a cold day. Don’t worry you don’t have to have one of the ugly old radiators that are in many homes across the UK. The radiators today are stylish, finished in chrome and look like a masterpiece on any bathroom wall.

Now you have your stainless steel mirror cabinets and your designer radiator, both working well in the space, blending together and enhancing the room. It’s time to look at the basic accessories, your toilet roll holders, towel rails, robe hooks and tumbler holders.

The advantage to the accessories available today is that they are also finished in polished chrome ensuring that all your items you need to complete your bathroom design blend in with your taps and shower valves and heads.

When looking at the finer details to complete your bathroom design, ensure that you pay careful consideration to the shapes you have incorporated, the overall design and then see the finished product in your mind. Using stainless steel mirror cabinets, designer radiators and a choice of accessories will not only complete your bathroom to perfection, but will offer a functional and practical space.

What To Look For When Installing Corner Baths

When it come to choosing a bath for your bathroom you need to take the space available and layout of your bathroom into consideration. Placing corner baths helps in maximising floor space and often these baths are chosen to be placed under a large window or sky light.


I remember years ago all corner baths looked the same, they had a triangular edge that fitted into the corner and then the bath itself was curved, offering a large space to soak. Times have changed and as bathrooms are designed more luxurious and modern, the corner baths have changed too.

corner bath

Phoenix Nice Corner Bath

These days you can find straight edged corner baths, those perfect for the modern bathroom design. Then there are those with gentle curves such as the space saving or compact corner baths and then there are the stunning oval corner baths designs.

One of my favourites is the Plato corner bath, these baths have straight sides with angled edges, making them stylish, sophisticated and elegant and perfect for any bathroom design.


The size of the corner baths you choose is as important as the design, you want to maximise your floor space leaving plenty of room for that shower you have always wanted or your vanity and toilet.

Some of the corner baths are long, the straight edged baths and even the Plato, that I mentioned earlier. These corner baths fit into the corner position and stretch along a wall. The Nice and Monaco corner baths are more the traditional design that we all know, they fit into the corner with a curved edge helping you make the most of the space you have available.

Adding a Luxurious Touch

These days bathrooms are all being designed around modern, minimalist and luxury. Spa inspired bathrooms are a top choice this year and it doesn’t matter which of the corner baths you choose, you can add a luxurious, spa-inspired touch to them by adding whirlpool or airpool jets.

If you spend time heading to the salon or gym to enjoy the jacuzzi, allowing the jets to massage your aching muscles, you can enjoy the same benefits in the comfort of your own home. The whirlpool and airpool jets available for the corner baths offer the same benefits you would fit in a professional setting, they massage aching muscles and are great for anyone with circulation problems and arthritis. It’s definitely something to consider when choosing your corner baths.

The Top Five Bath Taps For Modern Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bath taps I believe in matching the design to the overall style of the bathroom. In a modern bathroom you are looking for sleek, minimalist and elegant and you want the taps in your bath to match those in your shower and basin, carrying the design through the entire bathroom space.

There are a large selection of bath taps ideal for the modern bathroom, but these are my top five, my personal favourites that I believe will compliment the space adding that “wow” factor.

bath mixer tap

WF Series Bath Mixer Tap

ZD Series 4 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix

The ZD Series has an integrated shower head making your bath taps even more functional. These bath taps are a single unit which includes a rectangular shower head which tapers at the bottom with a gentle curve which is very sleek and stylish. This unit is a modern square design to blend in beautifully with a modern bathroom.

OV Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix Tap

These bath taps are minimalistic in design and super stylish. The tap itself is rectangular with a ninety degree angle and the shower head is simple and rectangular, giving it that perfect finish. The controls are cross head in design offering your bath that perfect finish.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Filler

The WF Series bath filler does not incorporate a shower, but offers an ultra-modern waterfall effect tap that will compliment any modern bathroom space. These bath taps are a rectangular base with a unique spout in the centre with controls on either end, one for flow and the other to manage the temperature.

XR Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

These bath taps introduce a beautiful style into the modern bathroom with a sleek rectangular shower head combined with a modern tap with ninety degree angle. The three single lever controls add ease of use to the sleek and stylish design.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

This WF Series incorporates a shower while still following through with the unique and ultra-modern design. These bath taps are modern, stylish and elegant with a rectangular shower head and a flat rectangular base with unique spout offering a waterfall effect when filling your bath. The controls can be found on either side allowing you to control your water flow and temperature with ease.

Roll Top Baths For That Luxurious Touch

2013 is a year for spa-inspired and luxurious bathroom designs. It is becoming more important to have that luxurious bathroom in your home than ever before, a chance to come home and relax in a large roll top bath rather than heading to the spa or gym.

We spend our lives juggling work and family life, these days lifestyles are chaotic and we work hard to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a luxurious en-suite or family bathroom in our home so why not add that touch of luxury with spectacular roll top baths as the centre piece.

roll top bath

Slipper Roll Top Bath

Choices Available

When choosing roll top baths you probably want your bath to become a centre piece in your bathroom and you have a few choices available to make that dream a reality.

There are a number of choices available but before you start looking it’s best you choose exactly where you intend placing your new bath. Is it going in the corner of the bathroom with two sides against a wall or is it going against a back wall with three sides open?

The roll top baths are available as single or double ended which means you can place them wherever you like in the bathroom and still enjoy the benefit of a large, deep and comfortable bath, perfect for enjoying a spa-like experience each day when you get home from work.

Then you have the choice of roll top baths or slipper baths, now the slipper baths are raised at one or both ends, giving you that ideal space to lie back. In fact these baths give a fantastic statement to any bathroom even though you would expect them in Victorian times with their sturdy feet which adds to the elegance and style of the design.

Your Stylish Design

Whenever you choose a piece of bathroom furniture such as roll top baths to add that stylish finish to your bathroom you need to ensure that you are not limiting the floor space you have available. Larger bathrooms benefit from these baths being put on display as such, in the centre of the room giving the bathroom that “wow” factor.

Obviously in a medium sized bathroom, placing roll top baths in the centre of the room would not be a practical option, here you can place them against a wall or even in the corner so that you can still enjoy the luxury and style these baths offer to your overall bathroom design.

The Affordable Way To Give Your Bathroom A New Look

Have you been waiting to redecorate your bathroom but budget just doesn’t allow for it? Are you looking for ways to give your bathroom a facelift without replacing the larger bathroom products? It can be done and all you need is a limited budget and a great imagination.

There are many ways you can give your bathroom a new look and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I always start off by giving my bathroom a good scrub, now I don’t have a dirty bathroom, but taking the time to wash the blind, scrub the tiles and get all the bathroom items sparkling is the first step to a makeover.

dressing gown hook

Dressing Gown Hooks

Did you know that mixing vinegar and water together can work better than some of the bathroom cleaning products you find on the shelves? In fact I find that vinegar and water works much better on the glass shower doors and removes soap and water marks with ease.

Things To Buy

What you’ll need to make a difference in your bathroom is some new accessories. The cone bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders and tumbler holders are available in a stylish design. Choose all your accessories the same so they blend in together whether it’s a towel rail next to the bath or a soap dish near the basin.

Cone bathroom accessories are finished in chrome which add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, giving it that facelift that it needs.

Invest in some new towels, towels can be used to add splashes of colour to your bathroom space and a new blind can make a huge impact on the entire bathroom design.

You’ll also want to get some white bathroom paint. Bathrooms should be light and bright, changing the wall colour to a gleaming white can automatically make the space feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.

Remember you have your towels for colour, your new cone bathroom accessories for elegance and your blind for impact.

You may want to add a bathroom mirror as a finishing touch, adding something to an otherwise bland wall. Be sure to position your mirror so that it bounces any natural light coming into the space. Mirrors are fantastic tools in the bathroom offering you convenience and functionality, but they work beautifully in reflecting light, again making the space feel light, bright and spacious.

The Perfect Bathroom Valentines Gifts

It’s Valentines Day, a day of love, romance and spoiling that special someone in your life. Chocolates and flowers have been overdone and are so over rated, why not find great bathroom items that will make her bathroom experience a pleasant one?

Now you could offer a complete bathroom remodel, gutting the bathroom and design your loved one a spectacular spa inspired modern bathroom or you can make some subtle changed, add a designer radiator, buy her a new bathroom cabinet or better yet, give the bathroom a clean, giving her a break from the mundane task.

Other great Valentines ideas for the bathroom include things to spoil her, when she gets home from work tonight she can go and relax in a wonderful bath while you get the children ready for bed.

Valentines Day Ideas

Candles, Petals and Wine

Make a Bathroom Gift Pack

Spend some time today finding those luxurious bath items that will make her day, all you need is a bottle of bubble bath, a scented candle, some heart shaped soaps and some bath scents.

Get some red paper and a ribbon, place all the items in a basket and wrap it up, welcome her home with the children being fed and bathed, leaving the bathroom just for her to enjoy her special gift pack.

Other Items

If you don’t have time to make a gift pack, Valentines gifts for the bathroom can be a snugly bath robe in bright red to mark the special day. Or find some heart shaped soaps, place them in the bathroom with rose petals in the toilet and bath, just ways you can make your bathroom a special place on this romantic day.

It’s true that with our busy family and work lives we don’t spend enough quality time together, it’s the little things we do that show our loved ones how much we care. If you’re thinking of giving the bathroom a good clean and then adding rose petals here is how you can go about it.

What you may not know is that vinegar mixed with water is one of the best cleaning agents for your bathroom. Vinegar gets all water and soap marks off glass and mirrors with ease. Spray cleaner into the bath and basin, add some bleach down the toilet and start wiping the mirror and shower enclosure with vinegar and water.

Once the mirror and glass surfaces are done, wipe out the bath, by now the cleaner has dug into the grime and made it easy to wipe off, give the toilet a flush and you’re ready for the rose petals.