Tips On How to Update Your Bathroom The Easy Way

Often you’ll step into your bathroom and think it’s time for a change, bathroom designs change constantly. Take this year for example, it’s the year of luxury and spa inspired bathrooms.

Now unless you’re ready to do a complete bathroom make over, just a few changes and additions can update your bathroom and have it looking new again.

The Small Things

There are a few small things you can do that make a big difference, such as giving your bathroom a new paint job. Choose light colours such as white or natural tones to really enhance the space and make the bathroom feel bigger than it is.

fantasy bathroom

Fantasy Bathroom Design

Remove any chipped tiles and replace them and re-grout any areas that need it. These can be done over a weekend and it’s not expensive to make the small changes needed to give your bathroom a new lease on life.

Upgrade Your Shower

Shower heads get old and outdated and if you have a traditional bathroom, taking a look at new shower sets may be the ideal solution. Choose ones that offer you the convenience while finished in stunning chrome to really give your bathroom a boost.

Add a Radiator

A radiator in the bathroom can make a huge impact on the space, especially during the colder winter months. The bathroom radiators that you get these days are modern in design, finished to perfection in gleaming chrome and they become the centre piece of your bathroom making a statement that the bathroom is an updated space.


You don’t have to start replacing everything in the bathroom to give it an update, in fact you probably don’t want to spend too much money at all, which is why using bathroom cabinet lighting to add the additional light is so advantageous.

Bathroom cabinet lighting is available in a range of design choices to complement your new updated bathroom, give your bathroom the extra light it needs and enables you to shine the light where you need it most. You can hang these lights over your basin vanity to shine on your basin for getting ready early in the morning or have them shine over your bathroom mirror to help you get a brighter reflection when getting ready.

As you can see subtle changes can make a huge difference to your bathroom design and bring it up to date without costing a fortune.

The Mistakes People Make With Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms have become very common these days, homes are being built on a smaller scale which in turn leaves you with a compact bathroom that you have the joy of designing.

Because your bathroom is small in scale doesn’t mean you can’t make it luxurious, but so many people try and fit too much into a small bathroom, leaving it cluttered, impractical and difficult to move.

Bath vs Shower

The biggest mistake I’ve seen in a small bathroom is placing a bath. Now while you can get small baths, you’re not going to be able to lie back and soak, if you lie back your knees stick out and if you straighten your legs your upper body is out of the water.

bathrooms made bigger at Kings Bathroom

Small Bathroom

This is why so many people try and fit a full size bath into a small space. A practical solution? Probably not.

The best solution for small bathrooms is a shower, such as the quadrant shower that fits neatly in the corner in either a square or rectangular design with a stylish curved edge.

Shower Enclosures

The most impractical bathroom I have ever had the joy of using was one where the owner of the property put in a pivot shower door to the corner shower. The bathroom was tiny and when you opened the shower door it couldn’t open all the way, as you can imagine I had to get in and out of the shower squeezing sideways because the door would bang on the vanity unit every time you opened it.

For smaller bathrooms use sliding doors, walk in shower enclosures and bi-folding doors, these doors don’t swing open and don’t get stuck on other bathroom items making it almost impossible to get in and out of the shower.

Toilet Placement

Possibly one of the worst bathroom designs I ever encountered was where the toilet had been placed behind the bathroom door to make space for the bath and basin. The bathroom was really compact and there wasn’t much floor space, but there is nothing worse than not being able to open the bathroom door properly because the toilet is in the way.

Planning For Small Bathrooms

Draw a complete bathroom layout when designing small bathrooms, measure the space you have available and take time choosing all your bathroom products. Ensure any doors open with ease and that you don’t compromise on floor space, this way your bathroom can benefit from a spacious feel, even if it’s only a few square feet.

The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Shower

After a long and hard day at work coming home and having to tackle cleaning the bathroom is one of the worst things, especially the shower. Showers are not huge spaces so getting inside and giving them a good scrub is often time consuming and exhausting work.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to make the cleaning process quick and easy.

The first step is remove everything from inside the shower, this includes any shower mats, shampoos and soaps. Actually this is a good opportunity to clear out and remove the clutter, throw any old and empty items away. The ones you are going to place back in the shower give them a good wipe.

fantasy bathroom

Fantasy Bathroom Design

Next you’ll want to rinse the shower with hot water. If you have a shower head that you can move around this works perfectly, otherwise fill a jug or bucket with hot water and throw it all over the walls, enclosure and tiles. The hot water gets all the dirt to lift making it much easier to clean.

You’ll need a good mildew remover, you can buy it in any shop and you can get rid of any mildew build up, this could be on the shower enclosure tracks, the walls and even the shower enclosure in line panels.

Make your own cleaning mixture, you can buy all the fancy and expensive bathroom cleaners in the shop but an equal amount of vinegar mixed with water is the best solution when cleaning your shower, especially your shower enclosure in line panels and shower door.

Put your mixture in a spray bottle or on a sponge and rub it on the inside of your shower enclosure, the mixture works wonders on soap marks that ruin the look of your shower.

You can also use it on the tiles, use an old toothbrush or brush between the tiles to remove any unwanted marks.

All you have to do now is rinse. Now for me personally I give my shower another once over but only because I can’t stand the smell of vinegar, while it is probably the best cleaning product for your shower, the smell isn’t one you want permeating through your bathroom. I still use a basic bathroom cleaner and give my shower a quick spray, let it stand for a few minutes, give it a wipe including the shower enclosure in line panels and then one final rinse to leave a sparkling clean shower.

Affordable Bathroom Designs

Designing a bathroom on a budget may seem difficult, but if you know what to look for and ways you can save costs, then you are able to complete your new bathroom within your budget.

Bathroom Suites

Bathroom suites is just one of the many ways you can save money when designing a new bathroom. These suites include a toilet and basin, sometimes a vanity. The advantage is that you pay one price for all the items and another advantage is that they all match and work well together. This can save you a lot of time and energy trying to source bathroom products to match the ones you have already purchased.

bathroom suite

Bright Bathroom Suites

Shower Sets

If you’re putting a shower into your bathroom taking advantage of shower sets can save you a lot of money in the long run, in fact it’s easy to finish off your shower working to a tight budget.

Shower sets usually include a slide rail, taps and the shower head. What this means is again everything is matching and you don’t have to try and source a shower head to match your mixer taps or vice versa.

In fact shower sets are the convenient way to plan your shower, there is a wide selection available for you to choose from including those designed for the more traditional bathroom to those specifically designed for the ultra modern and luxurious bathrooms.

Other Suggestions

Once you have purchased your shower sets or your bathroom suite you will want to complete your bathroom still using some of your budget. A lick of paint goes a really long way and you should bear this in mind, in fact painting your bathroom can give your bathroom a completely new feel.

Choose light colours and natural tones, natural tones are a firm favourite this year that offers warmth and texture to what would be a very clinical bathroom.

Buy bathroom accessories that blend in with your basin taps and shower sets, chrome is often preferred because it’s a modern material with a great shine that enhances the bathroom space. Choose your accessories to match from your toilet roll holder to your towel rail and then ensure they are the same shape as your taps and shower sets, so square or circular in design.

Keeping the same design throughout your bathroom helps keep your bathroom looking elegant and stylish and you can buy all these items on a shoestring budget and still finish with a spectacular bathroom.

An Easy Guide To Selecting Basin Taps

When choosing basin taps there are a few things to take into consideration, while you may see taps that really appeal to you, you need to ensure they blend in with all your other bathroom fixtures and fittings and that they will work with your new bathroom basin.

Tap Mountings

Before you go online and buy your new basin taps you will need to determine where and how you intend to mount your new taps. Does your basin have two tap holes or one? How close together are the two holes? These are important factors you need to take into consideration and that will help you find the right taps on your first try.

Basin Mixer tap

Phoenix WF Series Basin Mixer Tap

The basin taps you get are pillar taps, these are when you have two holes in your basin, one for hot and one for cold. Preferably if you have chosen a basin with these holes your bath will be the same.

Mixer basin taps are for when you have one hole in your basin for your tap, these taps use the same outlet for both hot and cold, mixing the water to your desired temperature and pressure.

The Finish

Your basin taps should be finished the same as all the other taps in your bathroom. My personal favourite is chrome, it blends in beautifully with the white bathroom products and is very modern and stylish.

There are a variety of materials to choose from, but if you are looking for elegance and style you may want to go with the chrome finish where you can match your bath taps, shower head and even your designer radiator to your basin taps.

Complementing The Space

The one mistake I have seen so many households make when choosing bathroom taps is not taking the design of the bathroom into consideration. Taps are available in the traditional design or very ultra-modern designs such as the stunning ZD Series Mono Basin Mixer, which is straight edged and modern with an unusual curve.

Now this basin tap may be what you have been dreaming of but will look out of place in a traditional or cottage bathroom. The same as if you are designing a modern bathroom and your bathroom products are all square and stylish, then the traditional pillar taps such as the JA Series basin taps would look out of place and ruin your overall design.

Spice Up Your Student Accommodation Bathroom

Because you’re a student and living in student accommodation doesn’t mean your bathroom needs to have the bare essentials in it. You can spice it up without spending a lot of money and enjoy the convenience you would enjoy if you were using your bathroom back home.

Paint Party

Whether you’re in shared accommodation or have a small studio apartment near campus you can get some friends together and give your bathroom a lick of paint. Choosing white is the best option as white gives the bathroom a brighter feel which in turn makes it feel bigger than it is. Not to mention that hanging out with friends and painting is always a great and fun way to spend the evening.


Painted Bathroom Floor and Walls


Adding some comforts from home will not only give your bathroom a more homely feel but make you more comfortable in your own space. From towels to candles and other bathroom accessories, these will all just make your bathroom look that extra special.


For student accommodation the back lit bathroom mirrors are a must, they are stylish and trendy and will make a statement in any bathroom. Never mind that they come with a range of benefits including the fact that they offer additional light in a darker bathroom, they give you place to get ready for glasses and they work as an art piece on your bathroom wall.

The advantage to the back lit bathroom mirrors is the different shapes and sizes available from round to rectangular with either vertical or horizontal lights. Placing one above the basin will not only make your student bathroom look stylish, but will give it that modern twist.


Now that you’ve given your bathroom a lick of paint, added some accessories from home and placed a back lit bathroom mirror on your wall you need space to store all your bathroom items, especially if you are sharing a bathroom.

Any bathroom can become cluttered in the blink of an eye so having adequate storage for all your products can help keep your bathroom neat at all times. You don’t need to spend a fortune, a small bathroom cupboard with just enough storage space for all your goodies can make a huge impact on your bathroom, leaving it neat and tidy and making you feel more comfortable in your student space.

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Some Fun and Interesting Bathroom Facts to Bear in Mind This New Year

You’re probably heading off to a New Year party tonight or maybe you’re hosting one, well you may want to take note of some of these fun and silly facts about bathrooms before you head to the bathroom tonight.

Whether you’re partying at home or heading to a friends place, check the toilet seat is down before you sit on the toilet. You may wonder why, well eighty five percent of bathroom accidents happen due to the toilet seat being up. Who would have thought.

If you’re hosting a New Year party at home go through your bathroom cupboards and make sure they’re neat and tidy, remove any products and items that you don’t want your friends and family to see. Why? Well because seventy percent of your house guests will go through your bathroom cupboards.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom Cupboards with Drawers

If you are one of the eighty percent of people that tend to use your mobile phone on the toilet, hold onto it because seven million mobile phones are dropped into toilets each and every year.

Always close the toilet lid when flushing. Flushing faeces can become airborne which is why you are always told to keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

If you are out and about this New Year be sure to wash your hands after flushing the toilet, there are so many bacteria on the toilet handle. Also be sure to use paper towel and not the hand dryers. Hand dryers can increase the bacteria on your hands by over one hundred and sixty percent.

When you wake up tomorrow morning feeling rough after your night of partying, be sure it’s toothpaste your add to your toothbrush. Did you know that thirty three percent of people will brush their teeth with something other than toothpaste when over tired, this is mostly common in mothers.

Now that you have all the bathroom facts, you may want to rush around and get your bathroom clean for tonight or pop some anti bacterial wipes in your handbag before you head out to your New Year party tonight.

The last question I will leave you with just for fun is whether you crumple your toilet paper or fold it. The truth of the matter is that a majority of people will crumple their toilet paper because it is much quicker and more convenient than sitting their folding it neatly.

The Advantage of Buying Bathroom Products Online This Holiday Season

Have you tried walking into a shop this week? It’s chaos, it seems that the idea that the end of the world was taking place last week hasn’t worn off and people are still shopping as though the world is ending.

As you may have noticed the world didn’t end on the 21st as predicted, but the shops remain manic, though of course this could just be due to the time of year, the festive season gets everyone in the shopping mood, first for Christmas and now for New Year.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in the next month or so, my suggestion would be buying bathroom products online and I’ll tell you why.

bathroom products online

Bathroom products online


The first reason is convenience, when you search online for any items you can find exactly what you are looking for. The convenience when buying bathroom products online is that you are able to view the entire range on offer whether you’re looking for a new bath or bathroom accessories.

When you fight the crowds at the shops you will only find some of the items on display, the others will be available on their website or in a catalogue, so why waste petrol driving to the shop when you can sit in the comfort of your own home in front of the fire with a cup of coffee and start your bathroom shopping with ease?


You can walk around any store and see bathroom products for yourself, but be sure to take your measuring tape because they don’t display the sizes. When buying bathroom products online you get all the information you need on each of the products including their sizes, colours and materials.

Peace of Mind

It’s very important when buying bathroom products online that you buy from a reputable bathroom company, this way you know the payment system is secure giving you peace of mind when you type your bank card details into the system.

The reputable companies will have a security encryption when it comes to payments, this means your details are safe throughout the whole process.

Sit Back and Wait

The biggest advantage for me when buying bathroom products online is that they get delivered directly to my front door, I don’t have to leave the house if I don’t want to from the time I order until they arrive. What’s more this is so convenient for the larger bathroom products, making it a convenient and practical way to shop.

Get Your Bathroom Ready For New Year

The chaos of Christmas is behind you and now it’s time to start planning for your annual New Year party. This means more guests and more people using your bathroom, you want to ensure your bathroom is ready for the masses and looks stylish and clean.

Many bathrooms just aren’t prepared, using a cupboard to hold their toilet roll, the side of the bath to hold their towels and hanging their robes over the door. This is fine when it’s just you and the family at home, but now you need to get ready for your guests.

bathroom accessories

Tube Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories to Consider

You may want to consider investing in some tube bathroom accessories, these will not only be helpful on New Year, but they are practical and convenient items that every bathroom should benefit from.

The advantage to the tube bathroom accessories is their stylish design. The tubular design makes these perfect for any bathroom whether you have an ultra modern bathroom or a traditional one. The chrome finish gives them an elegant and stylish look that will complement the space beautifully.

You will need a toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder next to the toilet. Where do you put your basin soap? If you don’t use liquid soap then a soap dish can be a welcome addition to your bathroom. Remember you want your bathroom to be functional and yet still look stylish when all your guests come to visit.

Add a tumbler holder near the sink where you can place all the family toothbrushes, reducing the risk of them all lying all over the basin.

Get a towel ring for next to the basin, you can hang a hand towel on these beautifully and it means your guests don’t need to search around for a towel to dry their hands on. Close to the bath include a towel rail for all the bath towels, this helps differentiate the two and your guests won’t be forced to dry their hands on your used bath towels.

Lastly you can add some glass shelves, you can add some scented candles or your toiletries, this just reduces the amount of clutter lying around your bathroom. The tube bathroom accessories glass shelves are very stylish incorporating the thin tubular design along with glass which will make a stylish statement in any bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom Ideas – Create Your Dream Bathroom

Turning your bathroom into a stylish and luxurious space is one of the many things you can do to give your home a new lease of life, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your bathroom the perfect place to relax in a bath after a long day at work.

Adding a few little things can make a huge difference, if you want you can go for larger items such as a new roll top bath or a new shower, but these ideas are ones that are affordable, practical and most of all stylish.

Roll top bath

Double Ended Roll Top Bath

A Lick of Paint

To give your bathroom a face lift a new paint job will go a long way, choose a brilliant white or very light colour. The lighter the colour the brighter the room will feel and the brighter the room the more spacious it feels. This is essential if you have a compact bathroom without much natural light.

Add a Radiator

A modern designed bathroom radiator will not cost you an arm and a leg and works as a beautiful piece of art work on your bathroom wall. These are finished in shiny chrome to match your taps, giving your bathroom that stylish feel.

Don’t use your old radiator valves, there are modern and elegant radiator valves to choose from to ensure you don’t ruin your new luxurious and stylish bathroom design. From round to square there are radiator valves that will blend in with your new bathroom beautifully.

A Cabinet

Rid yourself of some of your bathroom clutter with a bathroom cabinet, these cabinets come in a range of designs, but if you’re adding a new radiator and stylish radiator valves you may want to choose something along the lines of the stainless steel mirror cabinets, so all your wall items are similar in colour and design.

Add Splashes of Colour

A bathroom can start to look very clinical with white walls, which bathroom items and chrome everywhere, buying some brightly coloured towels, some coloured candles or even a new bright blind can add great colour to your bathroom without deviating from the spacious feel.

Ample Light

The brightness of your bathroom combined with the shiny chrome such as you will find with the chrome radiator valves may not be enough to make your bathroom feel light and bright, you may need to change your bathroom lighting or add more lighting to ensure your bathroom feels stylish and spacious.