The Easy Way to Design a Shower

Shower design can be daunting, there are so many shower trays to choose from, so many enclosures and then there are a selection of shower kits, shower heads and valves. But it’s so important that you make the right choice to blend in with the overall design of your bathroom space.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect shower to match your overall bathroom design.

The Compact Bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, chances are that you have chosen a shower because a bath would overpower the space. Smaller bathrooms benefit from light and bright, so plenty of white walls, white bathroom products, glass and chrome.

compact bathroom design

The best shower choice for the smaller spaces are the quadrant showers, the trays are quadrant which fit perfectly into a corner position with a stylish curved front. Square and rectangular enclosures that fit these trays have sliding doors which don’t compromise on space and don’t leave you concerned that your shower door will swing open and bash into another of your bathroom products.

The Walk in Design

Modern bathrooms benefit from the style and elegance of a walk in shower design. These are easy to choose and you can place them in a corner or along a wall, whichever you prefer. Use the rectangular shower trays giving you more room to move around. The walk in enclosures are modern and sophisticated with panes of clear glass that allow the light to flow through with ease. The advantage to the walk in design is that there are no doors and if your enclosure doesn’t fit your rectangular shower trays, a side or inline panel will do the trick.

The Bi-Fold Design

Bi-Fold shower doors are very elegant and work beautifully in any bathroom design when combined with rectangular shower trays which offer versatility and more showering space. The rectangular shower trays can be placed in a corner or along the wall, whichever works best with your design. The bi-fold doors work as a concertina effect folding in towards the shower so they don’t take up any additional floor space.

Other Options

Some people prefer the door opening size offered by the pivot or hinged shower doors, these doors swing open so are only suitable for the larger bathroom space. Again these work beautifully when combined with rectangular shower trays and using inline panels you can easily get your enclosure to seal off reducing the risk of leaks while you shower.

Shower Choices For The Modern Bathroom

What do you think of when you think of the word “modern?” Do you think of straight edges, minimalistic, white and bright? Modern is a popular choice for bathrooms these days, the streamlined designs, the elegant touches, the square bathroom products and the white, glass and chrome finishes.

When choosing a shower for your modern bathroom you need to choose a shower tray that blends in with your bathroom design while remaining both functional and practical. This is why I love the square shower trays, they offer the straight edges and you can place them in the corner of the bathroom or against a wall, wherever you have chosen to place your shower.

bi-fold shower door

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Where is Your Shower Going?

Your first decision before you go out and buy a shower tray is to determine where you are placing it in your bathroom. Often I choose a corner position which helps maximise the floor space of the bathroom leaving you room to place a bath if you have the room and all your other essential bathroom products.

Maybe you have a recess area in your bathroom, the perfect place for a shower. Again this is where the square shower trays come in, often fitting into the space with ease and then there is placing the shower along a wall. Combining the square shower trays with a stylish enclosure, panels and accessories and you have a sophisticated space to be proud of.

What Door Are You Choosing?

As you look at all the shower trays available you’ll notice that some of them only allow you the ability of a sliding door, now you may prefer the idea of a bi-fold door or a pivot door and with the square shower trays you are in control and just about any shower door will work with ease.

For smaller bathrooms I would suggest that when installing your square shower trays you stick with the doors that do not swing open such as your sliding doors or bi-fold doors. The bi-fold doors are stylish and work on a concertina effect that allows you to make the most of the bathroom space you have available.

For larger bathrooms you can choose any shower door to fit the square shower trays from the hinged and pivot doors that swing open to the walk in shower enclosures that don’t have a door and ooze sophistication and elegance to the sliding and bi-fold doors. With these trays you are in control of your own bathroom design.

What Do You Hope to Achieve with Bi Fold Bathroom Shower Enclosures?

Sloegrin Bi-fold Door Shower Enclosure

When you design your bathroom you want to achieve something. Maybe you’re looking to achieve a sophisticated design or maybe you’re looking for something simplistic, streamlined and convenient.

Deciding what to write about today, I had to throw in the bi fold bathroom shower enclosures, because you don’t get a better design for any bathroom. They are the most convenient shower enclosures I have come across, they open up the area and offer a spacious and light feel.

Sloegrin Bi-fold Door Shower Enclosure
Sloegrin Bi-fold Door Shower Enclosure

Showers are found in many homes especially those with compact bathrooms, a shower enables you to have the convenience without compromising on the floor space. But when choosing your shower enclosure you want it to be easy enough for the whole family to use, you want the convenience and style without the headache.


When you look at the bi fold shower enclosures you are looking at an enclosure that folds away, usually two panes of glass that fold together making an easy entry into the shower. The advantage to this over a sliding or pivot door is that the bi fold design, lets you fold the door flat against the wall, opening up a large area without compromising on precious space.


Which brings me to my next point, space. Space is a luxury for many of us when it comes to our homes. Have you noticed how houses are getting built smaller and smaller? This means we have compact bathrooms to work with, bathrooms that can’t fit a full size bath and a pivot shower enclosure is out of the question. Pivot enclosures need to open outwards, if you have a compact bathroom you have the delight of trying to get the door open, banging it on the basin or toilet and trying to squeeze out of the small opening you manage to accomplish.

The bi fold bathroom shower enclosures fold away with ease, you get the full space to get in and out and they don’t take up any of your actual bathroom space, that’s a big plus for those of us with a challenging compact bathroom. The fold actually folds inwards towards the centre of the shower, so you don’t have any glass jutting into the bathroom and you don’t have to worry about other bathroom amenities getting in the way.

So if you’re off to buy a shower enclosure and you have the difficult task of working with a compact bathroom, the bi fold bathroom shower enclosures may be worth a look at if you want convenience, ease and practicality combined with style and sophistication.