The Amazing World of Tap Selection

If you’re renovating your bathroom or just looking to give your bathroom a little facelift, tap selection isn’t overly exciting and you may not consider it amazing.

When you think that years ago there were the cross topped taps and that was the choice you had, there were always a tap for hot and a separate tap for cold, there weren’t mixer taps or single taps. There are so many choices available today and when you think of their modern design, elegant beauty and perfect chrome finish, you can start getting excited.

There are different taps for everything in your bathroom from the stunning basin taps to the modern bath taps and even the convenient bidet taps. Yes bidet taps. Now you’re probably wondering why I would mention these, but bidets are more popular than you may think, in fact a majority of homes in Europe today have a bidet in their bathroom.

OK let’s be honest a majority of these homes that have a bidet in the bathroom don’t use it, but a bidet enhances the bathroom space, makes it look sophisticated and elegant and when combined with the right bidet taps, these items can really make a statement in the bathroom.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for bidet taps or bath or basin taps, you want the same style to flow throughout the space. If you have chosen cylindrical taps for your basin, then you should also choose cylindrical bidet taps and bath taps, you want the style to flow with ease throughout the space.

These days it’s popular to go for the straight edges with square or rectangular designs and there are a host of taps available, including bidet taps that offer this elegant and modern option.


One of the considerations you need to make when selecting taps is your overall bathroom design. You should keep the taps in line with the design. If you have chosen a traditional style throughout the space, don’t go for an ultra-modern tap. The same applies if you have a modern design, be sure your bidet taps and your bath and basin taps are modern and stylish to blend in with the design.

The Luxurious Bathroom Addition

The bidet, a luxurious bathroom addition that is often misunderstood. Dating back centuries, the bidet has been something of a grey area in bathrooms, but as bathrooms are designed to luxurious standards, the bidet is making a comeback.

The bidet has been gracing bathrooms around the world for many years and has increased in popularity the last few years. In many cases they have been installed for show, a luxurious edge on a bathroom design.

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EV Series Bidet Tap

What many don’t know is that the simple bidet is a hygienic choice for any bathroom. The ideal solution for the elderly and is also known to be a must for those who suffer from urinary tract infections.

While the bidet may just become an item on show in your luxury bathroom, it’s not as simple as all that. Bidets have taps and you need to choose your bidet taps with care. You want them to blend in with all your other fixtures and fittings in the space, complement the bathroom and maybe even become the wow statement you were hoping to achieve.

Bidet taps are simple, they are a single tap with a level to manage the water pressure and temperature. The spout is somewhat different from a regular tap in that you can move it to the direction you want it to flow.

The CU Series Bidet Mixer is a fantastic choice for the modern bathroom where you have already chose square taps and products for your bathroom. These bidet taps are square in design, very stylish and will blend in beautifully with your current design. The only cylindrical part on this bidet tap is the spout, which you can move as you wish.

The PL Series is a cylindrical design. It’s a modern and stylish design finished in gleaming chrome to complement any bathroom design. A single level manages water pressure and temperature and again the spout can be moved to direct water flow.

Then there is the AR Series, also modern bidet taps. These are cylindrical in design to complement any modern or traditional bathroom. These bidet taps also give you control of the direction of the water flow with a lever that manages temperature and pressure.

Remember that you want everything to blend in together when designing your bathroom. If you have chosen straight lines, such as squares and rectangles from your bathroom products to taps, the you want a square designed bidet tap to bring the design together and give your bathroom a sophisticated finish.