Bathroom Basin Choices for the Modern Design

These days’ basins play such an important role in your modern design. Before you chose a basin with a full pedestal and now you can choose from full pedestal, half pedestal and even wall hung options which use bottle traps to finish off the perfect picture.

Before you frown and think I’m crazy, I am not talking about those unsightly bottle traps you’d find under your kitchen sink. The bathroom bottle traps are stunning in design with a polished chrome finish to blend in with your bathroom design.

In fact these bottle traps are a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design. They offer that finished and minimalistic look that is necessary when designing an ultra-modern bathroom space.

Full Pedestal

The full pedestal basins are the ones we all know so well, they are mounted against the wall and the pedestal runs all the way to the floor. Thankfully these days these basins come in a choice of shapes and sizes so you can blend them into your bathroom design with ease.

basin with full pedestal

Qube basin with full pedestal

Half Pedestals

The half pedestals are as the name suggests. These free up more floor space and while they look similar to the full pedestal, these are mounted to the wall. They hide all the plumbing and are available in a selection of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom design.

basin with half pedestal

Qube basin with half pedestal

The Wall Mounted Basins

Wall mounted basins are my personal favourite. With these they come in a host of shapes and sizes. There are those designed for main and en-suites and there are even cloakroom options available. The biggest advantage to these basins is the amount of floor space they save. They are mounted to the wall and you can mount them at your desired height and then bottle traps are used to manage the waste.

Bottle Traps

I’ve already mentioned that the bottle traps for bathrooms are finished in a polished chrome and they look great. What you may not realise is they are available in cylindrical or square designs to blend in with your design with ease.

What else you may not know is that bottle traps are beneficial to the bathroom, they not only look good, but are convenient items to have in the bathroom. These traps trap any hair or other debris that may be washed down the basin, this reduces the risk of clogging. These bottle traps can be cleaned easily on a regular basis to ensure your water drains away with ease every time.

Bottle Traps For The Bathroom Design

When designing your bathroom one of the important decisions that you need to make is the style of your bathroom basin. There are a selection available from those that have a full pedestal to those with a half pedestal and then there are those that fit into a vanity, on the counter and those that use bottle traps.

If you are unsure what a bottle trap is, check under your kitchen sink. Now don’t get a fright, the bottle traps available for bathroom designs are not ugly plastic traps that will ruin your overall design. The traps available for bathrooms are finished in chrome offering a minimalistic design for the modern bathroom.

bottle trap

Chrome Bottle Trap

These days it’s stylish to put your bottle traps on display, the advantage to this is that you maximise your space. You can place your basin on the wall, have a bottle trap below and plenty of space below that adding to the spaciousness of your design.

Bottle traps do offer advantages though, they are not only available to look elegant and sophisticated. These traps do what the name says, they trap debris that goes down your bathroom drain and the best thing is that they reduce the risk of blockages and unwanted smells.

Easy Maintenance

Bottle traps are probably the most functional choice when installing a basin in the bathroom. You can clean them out with ease on a regular basis, all you need is a bucket to place under the trap, unscrew it and clean it out. You’ll find all the hair and debris that would have blocked the drains and it’s clean and ready to collect all the debris all over again.

Stylish Designs

With so many basins available on the market today that are ideal in finishing your bathroom to perfection, bottle traps are useful additions which help you add that sophisticated edge to your overall design.

The full pedestal bathroom basins are the more traditional design, they are the ones you used to see in all bathrooms. The half pedestals are stylish and offer more space, making it much easier to clean below them.

The bottle traps are used on your wall hung basins, vanity basins and many of your counter top basins. Leaving the trap to be seen by all who enter the bathroom may not be your first choice, but with a range of designs to blend in with your bathroom style and finished in chrome, they can look spectacular and really add that finished look to your bathroom.