Make Your Own Christmas Bathroom Decorations

Merry Christmas, it’s an exciting day today. The children are busy opening their gifts from Santa, you are cooking a turkey and your guests will be arriving in a few hours. While Christmas often feels like a mad rush, there is always that enjoyable family day to look forward to once the cooking is over.

Your house is probably decorated, the tree is standing bright in the living room and your dining room is filled with Christmas cheer, but did you remember the bathroom?

Your guests are going to head to the bathroom a few times when the visit today, so why not add some festive cheer to your bathroom too, the children can help and make it a fun family activity.

Christmas decorated bathroom

Christmas Bathroom Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Towels

This one is not for the children, but you can take a few of your hand towels, find some extra red or green material and make your own Christmas towels. All you need to do is cut out a Christmas tree design from your coloured material and stitch it to the bottom of your hand towels, when you hang them over your towel rail, they will ooze Christmas.

Put a Miniature Christmas Tree Together

Making a miniature Christmas tree is actually easier than you think, no one says you have to use a specific type of tree, use a potted plant or a cutting from an outdoor tree, place it in a glass jar or vase and add some Christmas decorations. Your tree can stand on your vanity next to the basin, in the window or anywhere you have space in your bathroom.

Make a Scented Wreath

Who said a wreath must go on the front door? If you have a spare hook in your bathroom a scented wreath will not only decorate your bathroom but will help it to smell amazing. Wrap some holly into a wreath, this may take some time, it’s much easier if you have a spare wreath to start with, tie some red bows to make it festive and push some lavender into the wreath to give it that wonderful smell.

Add Some Sprigs of Holly

Holly and Christmas go perfectly together, send the children out to get some holly and make a garland or just pop it around the bathroom mirror, you only need enough to give your bathroom a Christmas feel, holly looks beautiful with a red bow, just to finish off the picture.

Let it Snow

Spray some snow along your bathroom mirror, a traditional Christmas feel that will finish your Christmas bathroom decorations off beautifully.

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