What You Need to Complete Your New Bathroom Design

A bathroom design isn’t complete until you have placed all your items. Many people forget about a number of bathroom essentials, leaving them out of the budget and once the bathroom is completed, they end up spending more money on toilet roll holders, soap dishes and bathroom cabinets.

There are certain things that every bathroom needs, there is the obvious, the toilet, basin and bath or shower, in some cases a bath and shower. These are where the majority of your budget will go.

Now what about the little things that make your bathroom complete, how about stainless steel mirror cabinets? These cabinets give you a chance to not only have additional storage for some of your bathroom items, but it combines with a stylish stainless steel cabinet and the advantage of a mirror.

bathroom radiator

Designer Chrome Radiator

As you probably know every bathroom needs a mirror, a mirror offers more than you just looking at your own reflection, a mirror can reflect natural light into the space, making it feel lighter and brighter.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a choice of designs and sizes to complement any bathroom space combining elegance, sophistication and style to blend in with your overall design.

Have you thought about a radiator? Radiators ooze warmth, wonderful when getting out of a hot bath on a cold day. Don’t worry you don’t have to have one of the ugly old radiators that are in many homes across the UK. The radiators today are stylish, finished in chrome and look like a masterpiece on any bathroom wall.

Now you have your stainless steel mirror cabinets and your designer radiator, both working well in the space, blending together and enhancing the room. It’s time to look at the basic accessories, your toilet roll holders, towel rails, robe hooks and tumbler holders.

The advantage to the accessories available today is that they are also finished in polished chrome ensuring that all your items you need to complete your bathroom design blend in with your taps and shower valves and heads.

When looking at the finer details to complete your bathroom design, ensure that you pay careful consideration to the shapes you have incorporated, the overall design and then see the finished product in your mind. Using stainless steel mirror cabinets, designer radiators and a choice of accessories will not only complete your bathroom to perfection, but will offer a functional and practical space.