Tips When Choosing a Bath

We are all trying to achieve the spa-inspired and luxurious bathroom design.  2013 is a year of luxurious bathrooms and placing a beautiful bath in the bathroom is just one of the many ways to achieve this.

Of course these days’ baths come in a selection of shapes and sizes from your corner bath designs to your rectangular bath designs.  Deciding which bath is the right choice may seem a little daunting, but you need to choose the bath that best suits your overall design.

Smaller Bathrooms

When it comes to the smaller bathroom you are more restricted on space which means you’re more restricted on the baths you can choose.  Corner baths and shower baths are great additions to the more compact bathroom design.

oval corner baths

Corner baths are available in a choice of styles from the oval design to the more rectangular bath design.  Shower baths are available in a compact design and come with a shower screen, enabling you to enjoy the best of both.

Spacious Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, then you are one of the few.  The advantage to this is that you have a blank canvas and are able to design your bathroom as you have always dreamed.

Roll top baths, freestanding baths and rectangular baths work beautifully in the spacious bathroom.

If you want to place your bath against the wall, maybe under a large window or against a feature wall, then the freestanding and rectangular baths are what you are looking for.

Rectangular baths have a stunning straight edges, perfect for the modern bathroom design.  While they have straight edges the inside of the bath varies dramatically.  There are options where the rectangular design is carried through on the inside and then there are those that are almost kidney shaped on the inside, while the outside remains a straight edged rectangular design.

Another option, of course, is to install a spectacular freestanding or roll top bath in the centre of your bathroom, making it a centrepiece and a feature, giving your bathroom that “wow” factor you are hoping to achieve.

The Luxurious Touch

You can add a luxurious touch to any bath by adding whirlpool or airpool options.  Adding these fantastic spa jets to rectangular baths really change your bathroom space inch your own private spa.  Just imagine, you will never need to visit the day spa again and you will have the luxury in your own home.

What To Look For When Installing Corner Baths

When it come to choosing a bath for your bathroom you need to take the space available and layout of your bathroom into consideration. Placing corner baths helps in maximising floor space and often these baths are chosen to be placed under a large window or sky light.


I remember years ago all corner baths looked the same, they had a triangular edge that fitted into the corner and then the bath itself was curved, offering a large space to soak. Times have changed and as bathrooms are designed more luxurious and modern, the corner baths have changed too.

corner bath

Phoenix Nice Corner Bath

These days you can find straight edged corner baths, those perfect for the modern bathroom design. Then there are those with gentle curves such as the space saving or compact corner baths and then there are the stunning oval corner baths designs.

One of my favourites is the Plato corner bath, these baths have straight sides with angled edges, making them stylish, sophisticated and elegant and perfect for any bathroom design.


The size of the corner baths you choose is as important as the design, you want to maximise your floor space leaving plenty of room for that shower you have always wanted or your vanity and toilet.

Some of the corner baths are long, the straight edged baths and even the Plato, that I mentioned earlier. These corner baths fit into the corner position and stretch along a wall. The Nice and Monaco corner baths are more the traditional design that we all know, they fit into the corner with a curved edge helping you make the most of the space you have available.

Adding a Luxurious Touch

These days bathrooms are all being designed around modern, minimalist and luxury. Spa inspired bathrooms are a top choice this year and it doesn’t matter which of the corner baths you choose, you can add a luxurious, spa-inspired touch to them by adding whirlpool or airpool jets.

If you spend time heading to the salon or gym to enjoy the jacuzzi, allowing the jets to massage your aching muscles, you can enjoy the same benefits in the comfort of your own home. The whirlpool and airpool jets available for the corner baths offer the same benefits you would fit in a professional setting, they massage aching muscles and are great for anyone with circulation problems and arthritis. It’s definitely something to consider when choosing your corner baths.

Corner Baths – The Ideal Choice For Any Bathroom

The benefit of corner baths is how much floor space you can save, the ability to neatly tuck your bath in the corner leaves you plenty of room in any bathroom to put other bathroom products without the bathroom looking too cluttered.

For many of us we think of a corner bath and immediately we imagine a bath with a rounded front and triangular back that fits neatly in the corner. Yes these designs are available and they are stylish and elegant and always offer that modern twist in any bathroom design.

What you may not realise is that there are many other options. A corner bath doesn’t need to be triangular in design, in fact you can have a rectangular bath for along the wall that is specifically designed to fit in the corner at one side.

phoenix duo corner bath

Phoenix Duo Whirlpool Corner Bath

How To Choose

When choosing corner baths for your bathroom it’s important that you measure the space you have available to ensure the bath will fit with ease. The benefit of corners baths is that they don’t compromise your floor space, so you need to take this on board and ensure that you don’t reduce your floor space too much by installing one of these fantastic bath options.

Space is a huge factor when choosing to add any bath to your bathroom design, luckily corner baths enable you to enjoy the luxury of a bath in a smaller bathroom design. By saving floor space you are able to still include a toilet, basin and even a vanity and still have space to move around with ease.

Design Choices

When it comes to design options, as I mentioned before you will not struggle with choices available.

The Monaco corner baths are the traditional styled corner bath with the perfect corner fit and rounded front, they will blend in with any bathroom design.

Then there is the Saranto corner baths, these are my favourites. They are unusual in shape with very straight sides, ideal for the modern bathroom where you want to get away from the rectangular or square design, but don’t want the rounded shape.

Space corner baths have the ideal corner positioning with a narrow and wider side to the bath along with a straight edge. These are the perfect choice for any bathroom whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom.

Lastly the Legato corner baths are modern and stylish with a unique hexagon style shape to work with any bathroom design.