Storage Solutions for the Bathroom

One of the biggest problems we all face in our bathrooms is the lack of storage space. Without adequate storage the bathroom can quickly become a messy place and when you have guests arriving and you want to keep your bathroom neat and tidy, there is only one solution – get more storage.

There are a number of options when looking for a storage solution for your bathroom. You can choose a vanity unit, a cupboard or even mirror cabinets with lights.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are a popular choice in many bathrooms these days, the majority of these units incorporate a basin which means they not only offer adequate storage, but they help save space at the same time.

Bathroom Wall Hung Vanity Units

Juno Vanity Unit

Vanities come with single or double door designs and it’s easy to find one that blends in with your overall bathroom style. From those with a draw and cupboard to those with two cupboard and ample drawers, they all offer adequate storage for any bathroom environment.

The great thing about the vanity units is that they come in a choice of colours and materials, so you can find the right one to blend in with your other bathroom items.


There are a number of cupboards available for the bathroom environment, those you mount on the wall offering plenty of storage for all your toiletries, hair care products, shaving items and make up. These cupboards are stylish in design and a top choice if you have the space available.

Mirror Cabinets with Lights

If you are looking for a functional item that also offers convenience and storage, then you may want to look at mirror cabinets with lights. These items are mounted on the wall and offer you the advantage of storage for all your smaller bathroom items, a mirror and additional lighting, which is a huge advantage in any bathroom.

The mirror cabinets with lights are available in a choice of shapes and designs, so you can easily find the right one for your bathroom. Another advantage is the additional lighting ensures you have a clear reflection every time and the convenience of having your items within easy reach of the mirror can save you valuable time when getting ready in the mornings.

Reduce Your Bathroom Clutter with Bathroom Cupboards

I think one of the most frustrating things in any bathroom is not having enough storage space. Without adequate storage your bathroom starts to look like a disaster zone with towels strewn everywhere, make up on the basin and hair products lining the window sill.

These days we all take such pride in our bathrooms, we try and achieve a modern look, a sophisticated finish and an elegant space, which is almost impossible when you have your bathroom items everywhere and nowhere to store them.

ilario twin door wall mounted cupboard FI002

Phoenix ilario twin door cupboard


The bathroom cupboards available come in a range of styles, helping you integrate them into your bathroom space with ease. I always prefer white, but that is just my own personal preference because I like the minimalistic design.

The bathroom cupboards come in a range of great single door designs, some have an additional drawer and some are elongated, perfect for the larger bathroom space.


Not everyone is keen on plain white, there are a host of bathroom cupboards available in black or even light wood helping you add texture to your design. Often you will choose to add a splash of colour to your bathroom, this may be a large freestanding bath in the centre of your bathroom with a black bath panel and you can combine that with black bathroom cupboards to enhance the space.

Size and Space

Whichever of the bathroom cupboards you choose whether it’s a smaller single drawer design or a larger design which includes a laundry hamper, the choice is up to you. The one thing you do need to take into consideration is how much space you have available in the bathroom for bathroom cupboards and which one will offer enough storage for all your items.

Some can be mounted on the wall while others can stand on the floor, this is also up to you and your bathroom layout and design. Often smaller bathrooms will benefit from wall mounted bathroom cupboards where you don’t compromise on the floor space.

These cupboards can also work as an art piece on the wall, a way to cover what would have been a bland and boring wall in the bathroom space. In the end the choice is yours and I would choose the one that best fits into the space and the one that is big enough to hold the family’s bathroom items.