Why Sliding Door Shower Enclosures Are Ideal For Compact Bathrooms

Now I know you’ve heard me waffle on about compact bathrooms in the modern home before and yes the homes are still being built smaller, leaving us with the difficult decisions that come with remodelling a small and compact bathroom.

While the compact bathroom may seem like a frustrating experience for some, for many we grasp the challenge and find ways to make the area more spacious, using carefully chosen bathroom items, such as the sliding door shower enclosures, to enhance the space and make it work for us.

I could probably complain about trying to manage working in a compact bathroom for hours, but today we are looking at ways to complement the space, make it feel bigger and how we do that is to embrace the challenge and find ways to increase our floor space without compromising on convenience.

Sliding shower door

Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Your General Layout

When working with a smaller bathroom area you need to plan your layout very carefully and I’ll tell you why. Placing your shower in the wrong place or putting your vanity unit opposite your shower can lead to you not being able to use the full space. Often you find with compact bathrooms that haven’t been planned correctly that cupboard doors won’t open.

This brings me to my next point. Sliding door shower enclosures are the ideal choice for the smaller bathroom. You can place your shower in your bathroom without worrying if your shower door with open. Unlike the pivot door option, sliding doors slide and don’t have to swing open. This is the most practical solution for any bathroom environment where you are trying to save on space wherever possible.

Colour Combinations

Now that you have seen why the sliding door shower enclosures are the most practical solution for the compact bathroom you need to work on your colours. White or a very light colour is often the preferred choice for these small areas, a light colour immediately makes the area feel much bigger than it is.

If you are desperate to add some colour to the room, buy some brightly coloured towels, a coloured blind or even some coloured candles to add the splash of colour you are looking for.

Ensure you have plenty of light. If you don’t have the advantage of natural light, add lighting throughout the bathroom which can bounce through the sliding door shower enclosures, making the space feel light, bright and spacious.