Are Glass Bathroom Basins The Right Choice For You?

What I love about designing a bathroom is the choice available. Many years ago you only had one choice when it came to your bathroom basin, they were semi circle in shape with a large white pedestal. Today these options are varied enabling you to complete a modern design bathroom with ease.

One of my favourite basins for modern bathrooms is the glass bathroom basins. Just because they’re made from glass, don’t let them fool you. They are toughened glass which are durable and can stand the heat of the bathroom. Of course you do need to take some care such as not dropping heavy items into the basin so you don’t crack it, but you would probably do that with a regular basin too, as they tend to chip, your glass basin if cared for will not chip.

glass basin

Square Glass Basin

Shapes Available

Because you’re considering glass bathroom basins for your new bathroom space doesn’t mean you will be restricted on the shape available. You can get these basins in circular designs, oval designs and square options. What I always suggest is to keep your design flowing so if you have chosen a square bath and toilet, choose a square bathroom basin.

Various Designs

When looking at glass bathroom basins you will not be forced to choose only one design. There is the circular design with glass lip or the plain and minimalistic options. The majority of the designs are smaller at the bottom and widen at the top, giving them that elegant and sophisticated finish.

Then there are those that come with a pedestal, now when you think pedestal don’t imagine those white bases that bathroom basins used to have. The glass bathroom basins come with elegant chrome pedestals which are minimalistic and work beautifully in any modern bathroom.

There is the minimalist design which has chrome legs and bars that you can use to hang your hand towels that fits to the wall with ease and then there is my personal favourite, the chrome pedestal with glass shelves. Combining the glass shelves, chrome legs and glass bathroom basins together gives your design that superior luxury feel that will be the centre piece of any bathroom design.

Remember that by using glass in your bathroom you are automatically making the space feel lighter and brighter which will enhance your bathroom design.