The Power of Calm to Bring you Back From the Dark Side

It’s Monday and that means another whole week of work something that not a lot of people crave, but it’s the way the cookie crumbles. Plus everyone has to work so no use in moaning about it so let’s just enjoy our new week. So with enjoying this new week we have a wonderful new Alternative Bathroom Blog. Yay, Whoooo, yay, wicked, pucker, brilliant whooo.

Anyway moving swiftly on, I was thinking about what great tit bits and useless information I could convey to you all today. I mean last week we had the excitement of trying to figure out which superhero is best to re-decorate your bathroom and before that we had the celebration of the humble toilet. But I was stumped on what to briefly discuss with you all. Then it came to me or more a close friend gave it to me, that spark of an idea for this blog.

It was over a brief texting conversation about him being angry and needing to calm down that he used the expression ‘the power of calm’. Wow what a great expression I mean it just says so much. So it got me thinking what makes me annoyed that I would need to call on the power of calm. Then like a fly hitting the window screen of a car going 80mph I knew what makes me infuriated and gets me annoyed, three small letters DIY.

DIY Fail

DIY is essentially what Kings Bathrooms is all about to a certain degree anyway. We sell all varieties of bathroom products ranging from luxury whirlpool baths to the lowly but essential waste pipes. So although DIY frustrates and annoys me I’m actually working for a DIY company in essence. It’s no wonder I haven’t thrown my computer out of the window and run around the showroom with my pants on my head, shouting obscene profanities at the static products in sheer anger. But its ok, my pants are still on keeping my bits and pieces comfy and my computer is still situated in front of me as I type.

I do exaggerate for effect because I actually don’t mind DIY it’s more the fact that I’m not particularly good at it which is the main problem. My brother is a carpenter/multi-trade handyman and my dad is also very good at DIY. I think unfortunately the DIY gene skipped me although my dad is still trying to engage me in this trade by buying me drill bits for Christmas. The only problem is I don’t even own a drill rendering the wonderful drill bits useless. Anyway that’s enough family history and deviating back to the ‘the power of calm’.

The power of calm is essential when undertaking any DIY task as I found out when re-sealing my bath tub over the weekend. The landlord had decided to put some kind of plastic skirting round the bath upon discovering a small leak coming from the bath. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had one of these plastic skirting things round your bath but there’s simply no other way to put it, they are useless. They are as good as washing with a trout and towelling down with a hedgehog and using a skunk as aftershave. Maybe a bit harsh, I guess for an immediate short term fix they are ok apart from that just plain rubbish.

So I decided to under take this DIY challenge of re-sealing the bath tub and as I guide you through my journey be aware of the stages that occurred.

Stage 1 Fear

So as the skirting was half falling off I decided now is the time to take it off and simply run some new fresh sealant round the bath and solve all the problems. But as I removed the skirting it was with shock and horror that all the glue was still attached to it and still really sticky. Stage one of frustration had occurred the fear factor. Fear that I had just set myself up for a bigger job then expected.

Stage 2 Anger

It’s OK I said to myself and continued in scrapping off all the glue which was attached all around the bath and on the tiles and basically everywhere. But no matter how much I scrapped and pulled it off, it was still sticky and horrible and refused to come off. It was like an invisible glue monster that was constantly walking all around the bath tub leaving horrible gloopy glue everywhere. Stage two had kicked in the anger stage. I was starting to get really angry at this ridiculous amount of sticky mess ever where.

Stage 3 Hate

By now the stages in my mood are changing rapidly and what seemed like a great idea and a challenge which I felt I could achieve has driven me to hate. Hate the project hate the bath tub and especially hate the glue which was still all over the place.

Stage 4 Suffering

This lead me to the fourth and final stage, suffering. I was now alone in my bathroom listening to Mr Scruff (quality DJ check his stuff out its Funky goodness) on my laptop feeling low.

If you have an astute mind or are of the Jediism religion you would have figured out that I had gone to the dark side. That’s right I was turning into the Darth Vader of bathroom DIY. It’s all as master Yoda said


“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

–YODA, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

In conclusion the Power of Calm is not just a phrase that you can simply dismiss lightly. It should be at the forefront of your mind when undertaking any DIY task or even when undertaking any task in life. So I want to thank my friend publicly for introducing me to The Power of Calm, for without it I would be half man half machine with a serious breathing problem and dressed in black.

As always thanks for reading and please leave any comments as I’d love to hear from you if you have ever turned to the dark side when under taking a DIY task.

Can you get your boss to pay for a new bed

The comfort of a new bed.

When looking at upgrading your house or getting something new for a new home one of the first things people think of is a new bed. A bed is a place for ultimately resting at night but also is a great place for relaxing and reading a book or watching TV or generally resting and relaxation.

When looking for a bed its all down to personal preference really, some people prefer hard sturdy mattresses that feel as if you’re sleeping on boards. While others prefer a bed that is so soft you sink into it as if you’re being swallowed up by a pillow monster.


Beds need to be comfortable as sleep is essential for everyone, as sleep helps significantly with maintaining a healthy body and mind. Going without a good nights sleep can cause major health damage and can put your life into disarray. You may think that I am being completely melodramatic and that I’m a sleep- aholic trying desperately to persuade you that my sleeping is under control and normal. But rest assured I am not a sleep-aholic, I enjoy my sleep but I’m not obsessed with it. If you’re a sceptical person then read on, and you’ll see how harmful lack of sleep can be.

Sleeping is the process in which your body recuperates from the day’s work and re-charges itself ready for the next day. Lack of sleep is becoming more of an issue within modern life, due to increased stresses and pressures. An example of sleep loss and the damage it can do is that seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance to a blood alcohol level of 0.05%. Basically put a lack of sleep can cause you to feel a little drunk and woozy. Defiantly not good if your driving or working heavy machinery.

Take the world record for lack of sleep is 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. The record holder reported hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech along with memory and concentration lapses. Obviously this is an extreme case of lack of sleep but clearly lack of sleep is not good for you.

So now you’re all convinced that I’m not a sleep-aholic and that serious damage can be done if a good sleep is not attained then how do you get a good night’s sleep? Well there are lots of factors and issues involved in lack of sleep and I’m not a psychologist or doctor so I’m only going to focus on what I know and what I know is beds and mattresses.

Beds are the structural basis for which a mattress rests on. They can be made from metal or wood or any number of materials. Some beds have a frame that encases a mattress while others are simple a base for a mattress to sit on. Beds can be a way of expressing style due to the wonderful different varieties and shapes available from the luxurious four poster beds to divan beds. A new bed can completely transform a bedroom and help to give you a full night’s sleep.


The other section that completes a bed is a mattress, it can be argued to be the more important of the two sections that constitutes a bed. Mattresses are essentially springs wrapped in material but you can get a wide variety of different mattresses including pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam mattresses, continuous coil mattresses, open coil mattresses and pure foam mattresses or latex mattresses also for extra comfort if you’re the cushion swallowing monster type, mattress toppers as well.

With all these varieties of mattresses, it’s hard to figure out which one is best. Buying a new mattress is also a substantial purchase and you don’t want to be buying a mattress and then finding out it’s the wrong one and having to buy another. As stated earlier when buying a new bed, mattress or both it is down to personal preference. When purchasing a mattress if possible, it’s preferable to be able to try the mattress out. Unfortunately show rooms don’t let you have a sleep over for you to really test the mattress out, but at least you can sit on it and lay on it, meaning you can have a better idea of what type of mattress it is and if it’s for you.

At the end of the day you are looking for a mattress that is comfortable to you, as this will help you drift off to a restful nights slumber.

Briefly before I end this blog which was supposed to be short and to the point, yet has turned into a full blown essay I’m going to highlight one benefit (of which there are many) of a good nights sleep. This one point could be used as a good bargaining chip to get your employers to help pay for a new bed (although highly unlikely). This bargaining chip is increased concentration. It has been proven that a good night’s sleep leads to improved concentration. This in turn can lead to improved productivity and hence improved profits for your employers. Hopefully you see where I’m going with this and see what a potential bargaining chip this can be.

Well I’ll leave you with that potential gold dust piece of information and leave it up to you to try and thrash out a deal with your employers. If you’re self employed well unfortunately you’ll just have to work it out yourself. Thanks as always for reading and any comments are always welcome.






Why upgrade your bathroom to a higher spec when thinking of selling or renting?

Why upgrade your bathroom to a higher spec when thinking of selling or renting?

So you’ve made the decision to sell your house or to rent it out or you’re a property developer and you have a new house or flat ready to develop. The choices available to you are vast with lots of questions to be asked and a budget to be made and hopefully kept to. One question which may well be asked is should you upgrade/re-design the bathroom? or leave it how it is (assuming the bathroom is in no need of immediate repairs just general ware and tear). This question may from the outset seem like a trivial one with not much really to think about if the bathroom is still in pretty good nick, why change it? Hopefully over the next few paragraphs I may persuade you otherwise to change your mind.

      The bathroom is a place where on average a person living up to the age of 75 spends a year and a half in over their lifetime. That is simply put a staggering amount of time to be spent in one room. Bearing this in mind and that the time frame stated above will only increase due to improved health care and so people are living longer. So with all that time being spent in the bathroom I’m sure everyone would want a bathroom that deserves the many hours and days that are accumulated there. This is just one small reason to deck your bathroom out sufficiently enough that it is comfortable and stylish for your potential new owners or clients.

      But why kit your new bathroom out to a high standard surely a quick lick of paint or a few extra tiles will do the job, why pay more for a higher end finish when you’re not even going to enjoy the benefits? Well simply put you could make more money through a little extra investment and effort.

       The extra investment and effort of re-designing could mean you reap a profit higher then your investment and well worth the extra effort. This is because the bathroom is such a key room in the house as already mentioned we spend over a year in it over our life time. But a well styled luxury bathroom is as big a selling point as a garden or a garage if styled correctly. Take the bath tub as an example, who doesn’t like to come home after a hard days work on a cold winters evening and not want to jump into a wonderful hot steamy bath for relaxation. The bathroom is viewed as a place of comfort and security, a place where you can unwind and de-stress while also being a place that has extreme health function practicalities (a sophisticated way of saying its got a toilet in it).

This close connection that people have with a bathroom is a unique selling point and one that can be exploited for you to gain more profit (if selling) or a better rental value. An average looking bathroom will not produce the wow factor that would be needed to produce the highest potential financial gain. With the current housing market being rather slow any improvement to your house could entice that all important buyer to sign on the dotted line and what better room to start your re-decorate then the bathroom.

  Potential buyers/renters look primarily at the kitchen first (as this is the room where the majority of family life circulates round) followed swiftly by the bathroom. The re-decoration of both of these two rooms would transform the re-sale/rental price of your home. Giving you the boost you need to sell your home (hopefully at a higher price) or a long term rent (again hopefully at a higher price).

    I hope this little blog has made you think about re-decorating the bathroom to a higher spec and that if carried out the potential increase in revenue is attained. Any comments are always welcome, thanks for reading.