The Importance of Finding the Right Bathroom Basin

You may not realise what a pivotal role your bathroom basin makes to your overall bathroom design.  These days your bathroom basin is a centre piece in your overall design, which is why it’s so important to find the right one that will blend in and enhance the space.

Glass Bathroom Basins

Glass bathroom basins are not only elegant and sophisticated, but they are a welcome addition to any modern bathroom design.  These basins are manufactured using toughened glass.  What this means is that they don’t chip as easily as you may have thought.

glass bathroom bowl basin

Another advantage to the glass bathroom basins is that the modern bathroom filled with glass, chrome and plenty of white always makes a statement in any home.  What you need to remember is that these days it’s important that your bathroom reflects the design of your home and it can increase your property value, making it more appealing to potential buyers in the future should you ever decide to sell.

Another fantastic addition is the glass bathroom basins that come as a unit that includes chrome legs and glass shelves, perfect for the more compact bathroom or en-suite design.

Counter Top Basins

Counter top basins are very similar to the glass bathroom basins in that they will sit neatly on the counter or shelf offering that “wow” factor that you are hoping to achieve.  They come in a range of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom design.

It is so important that you ensure you carry the shape throughout your bathroom.  For example, if you have chosen a bowl bathroom basin then you need to ensure that your bath, shower and toilet are all curved.  Another example would be if you have chosen plenty of straight edges, then choose bathroom basins that are square or rectangular in design.

Inset Basins

Inset basins are very streamlined, they sit flush with your shelf or counter top adding sophistication and style to your design.  These basins, like the glass bathroom basins, come in a choice of sizes and shapes to help you find the right choice for your bathroom.

What I always suggest is look at the bathroom products you have already chosen, maybe you’re aiming for an ultra-modern design or maybe you prefer the more traditional style.  If you have already chosen plenty of chrome and glass, then choosing glass bathroom basins will just enhance the space.

Inset Basins – A Beautiful Finish to Any Bathroom Design

I remember when a bathroom basin was an ugly product that stood against the wall with a full pedestal, these basins still look good in a traditional or cottage style bathroom, but with modern bathrooms being the top choice these days, inset basins work better, enhancing the space.

To explain, inset basins sit within a counter top or vanity. The easiest way to describe them is that the sides of the basin are just above the vanity or counter top. The basin itself sits inside, this gives a stylish and elegant feel to any bathroom space.

The best thing about these inset basins is their modern design. They are usually available in square or rectangular designs, which really compliment a minimalistic or modern bathroom.

Inset basin

Inset Basin Mounted in Wood

Why Choose Inset Basins?

You may be wondering why inset basins would be the best choice for your bathroom. It’s easy to see that they are stylish and will blend in with any modern design, but what else do they have to offer?

The first thing you will realise is how they can help you maximise your floor space in your bathroom, this is such an important step when working with smaller bathrooms.

Because the basin sits within an existing vanity or counter, you are not taking more space away to fit your basin.

All bathrooms benefit from having an abundance of space, of course this isn’t always practical especially these days when we are all dealing with smaller bathroom designs, using inset basins over full pedestal modern bathrooms, just helps you get that extra space that your bathroom needs to feel spacious.

What You Will Need

The greatest thing about inset basins is that they don’t need a pedestal, all you need is modern taps that blend in with your bathroom design and a bottle trap. Now don’t worry, I’m not talking about the ugly plastic bottle traps you find in your kitchen cupboard. The bottle traps available for the inset basins are stylish and finished in chrome, which adds to the sophistication of the space.

Another advantage is that if you are mounting your inset basins on a counter top, you can leave the bottle traps on display without concern, it will help add to that modern feel you are trying to achieve and ensures you have ample space below the counter at the same time.