Can an offer really be trusted?

The main reason why I’ve picked this question to write about is that here at Kings Bathrooms we have just made an offers page with 19 products all with great discounts with one product being reduced by up to £50. So while producing this page it got me thinking what constitutes or makes a good offer?

You see all the time in supermarket’s offers like, two for one and buy two get one free etc, etc and some times these offers are actually not very good. It can simply be a case that the supermarket has over stocked and needs to get rid of the items before they go out of date meaning your not actually getting a good deal at all. Or that the original price of the item has actually increased from its usual price to make you think that you’re getting a good deal when again in fact your not.

It could be argued it’s the same with clothes shops, that only the old styles or clothes with strange sizes go on offer, so again unless your super skinny or super large there’s actually no offer there at all.

Then of course you also have the ridiculous offers where it is simply too good to be true and it’s just a scam. The offer’s where you buy a mars bar and you get a free iPad2 is clearly some kind of scam or a ridiculous marketing ploy. It is only in the term and conditions that you have to buy 15 thousand mars bars to get the free iPad2.

So with a quick bit of maths it’s clear that if you brought 15 thousand mars bars you could easily pay for two iPad2’s and still have change.

To brighten up the tone and not get you questioning every purchase you ever make, I want to re-assure you that there are genuine good deals and offers out there. If you are a savvy offer shopper then you may already know about www. If not I would highly suggest you check it out, as it is consumers who post the deals that they have seen in shops and tell you where you can get them.

So there is a brighter side to offers and there are genuine deals to be had, it may just take a little more searching. I hope you enjoyed reading this short article and have time to visit our new offers page, as we feel they are genuine discounts with no searching involved. As always we would love to hear from you so drop a comment below.

Let’s be positive for a summer of sport

The bells have tolled and time has run out for England at Euro 2012. It all came down to the dreaded penalties and we all know how it was going to end before the first penalty was even kicked. Why we all had hope after Italy missed first was a nation riding on sheer adrenaline rather then confidence. Here at Kings Bathrooms we are all a little subdued today knowing that the excitement of the Euro’s is essentially over. It could also be that it’s Monday morning.

Let me try and brighten your spirits now as we look towards the future, as this summer has huge potential for sporting success. Not only do we have the Olympics that the UK is hosting, where we have some fantastic athletes that have a strong chance of achieving a gold medal. But we also have Wimbledon that is starting today. So what better way of dealing with the disappointment of exiting Euro 2012 then to dive straight into the excitement and hype of Wimbledon. I guess at this point I should mention the purpose of this article that here at Kings Bathrooms we will be having some great offers that will be linked into these fantastic sporting events. So we will keep you all updated as soon as we finalise the offers.

Back to the up coming sporting events and I feel we really do have a fantastic opportunity for success at both the Olympics and Wimbledon. So let me leave you with a few inspiring words to uplift your spirit and give you hope for this sporting summer.

Pele (Footballer)
“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”

Muhammad Ali (Boxer)
I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Jim Valvano (Basketball player and coach)
“Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.”

The complication with shower enclosures

Showers are brilliant, there is simply no denying it they are brilliant, particularly first thing in the morning to wake yourself up ready for the day ahead. They are more economical then baths due to less water consumption and you don’t have to wait 10 minutes before you can use them. So why am I getting all worked up with showers when I enjoy them so much. Well I guess it’s not really the showers which I have an issue with it’s more the copious amount of choice with regard to shower enclosures.

Shower enclosures are the part of the shower which unfortunately is just as important as the shower head and handles that constitute the actual shower. Shower enclosures are essential as they stop water getting every where and are crucial in making sure you have a happy shower. But here is where my complication begins what shower enclosure should I choose?



The option out there for shower enclosures is vast and diverse with lots of different shapes, sizes, styles and functionalities, there are Quadrant, Pivot, Hinged, Sliding, Bi-fold, Walk In and Shower panels all available, but which one to choose?

I’ve tried to split the decision down into a few very short categories which although are simple logic it’s worth reminding ourselves of these simple factors. I mean the last thing we want is to buy the wrong shower enclosure.


The first small category and possibly the most important is space. Measuring and working out how much space you have to install a shower enclosure is the first action to be taken. As if you really like a certain shower style and size but simply don’t have the space you need to re-think and find a shower enclosure suitable for the space you have available.


Budget is also a key factor in decision making with regard to shower enclosures as you may find a shower enclosure made from plated gold which is no doubt beautiful but also way out of your budget and so would have to be ruled out. So stick to your budget.


Style is all down to personal preference, what some people think is wonderful, others may be repulsed. So it’s your house and your decision so be as extravagant or minimalist as you like. As I said it’s your house and your shower enclosure so you get the style that you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog on shower enclosure frustration and have found the information useful or at least a reminder of what to be considering when buying a shower enclosure. As always please leave any comments and thanks again for reading.




Just for fun, what colour of bathroom is your preference?

Just for fun we have created a little poll as to which bathroom colour people prefer. We have only listed a few colours so if the colour you prefer is not listed please feel free to comment your colour underneath the poll.

Have fun!

Why upgrade your bathroom to a higher spec when thinking of selling or renting?

Why upgrade your bathroom to a higher spec when thinking of selling or renting?

So you’ve made the decision to sell your house or to rent it out or you’re a property developer and you have a new house or flat ready to develop. The choices available to you are vast with lots of questions to be asked and a budget to be made and hopefully kept to. One question which may well be asked is should you upgrade/re-design the bathroom? or leave it how it is (assuming the bathroom is in no need of immediate repairs just general ware and tear). This question may from the outset seem like a trivial one with not much really to think about if the bathroom is still in pretty good nick, why change it? Hopefully over the next few paragraphs I may persuade you otherwise to change your mind.

      The bathroom is a place where on average a person living up to the age of 75 spends a year and a half in over their lifetime. That is simply put a staggering amount of time to be spent in one room. Bearing this in mind and that the time frame stated above will only increase due to improved health care and so people are living longer. So with all that time being spent in the bathroom I’m sure everyone would want a bathroom that deserves the many hours and days that are accumulated there. This is just one small reason to deck your bathroom out sufficiently enough that it is comfortable and stylish for your potential new owners or clients.

      But why kit your new bathroom out to a high standard surely a quick lick of paint or a few extra tiles will do the job, why pay more for a higher end finish when you’re not even going to enjoy the benefits? Well simply put you could make more money through a little extra investment and effort.

       The extra investment and effort of re-designing could mean you reap a profit higher then your investment and well worth the extra effort. This is because the bathroom is such a key room in the house as already mentioned we spend over a year in it over our life time. But a well styled luxury bathroom is as big a selling point as a garden or a garage if styled correctly. Take the bath tub as an example, who doesn’t like to come home after a hard days work on a cold winters evening and not want to jump into a wonderful hot steamy bath for relaxation. The bathroom is viewed as a place of comfort and security, a place where you can unwind and de-stress while also being a place that has extreme health function practicalities (a sophisticated way of saying its got a toilet in it).

This close connection that people have with a bathroom is a unique selling point and one that can be exploited for you to gain more profit (if selling) or a better rental value. An average looking bathroom will not produce the wow factor that would be needed to produce the highest potential financial gain. With the current housing market being rather slow any improvement to your house could entice that all important buyer to sign on the dotted line and what better room to start your re-decorate then the bathroom.

  Potential buyers/renters look primarily at the kitchen first (as this is the room where the majority of family life circulates round) followed swiftly by the bathroom. The re-decoration of both of these two rooms would transform the re-sale/rental price of your home. Giving you the boost you need to sell your home (hopefully at a higher price) or a long term rent (again hopefully at a higher price).

    I hope this little blog has made you think about re-decorating the bathroom to a higher spec and that if carried out the potential increase in revenue is attained. Any comments are always welcome, thanks for reading. 

An incite into office life at Kings Bathrooms

It’s a bright and sunny start here at Kings Bathroom and Furnishings, the weather forecast predicted rain but so far not a dark cloud in the sky whether this will remain through out the whole day is anyone’s guess. The office is quite at the moment just processing orders and doing the everyday hum drum morning duties that are required of every office. 

At the current moment there is only 3 members of staff in the office, this is usually the case as 2 more members of staff start at 9.30 rather then 9. All the staff gets on with one another and is all keen for the company to do well. The general office vibe is usually pretty quite with people focusing on what their doing, but every now and again a burst of conversation will erupt and engulf the office with every member joining in to give their opinion on the latest news or event. Only yesterday the topic of the Olympics was brought up that saturated the office in an excitement, and also came along with the secret reveal that an office member had tickets.

As with every company each staff member has their own unique role and position whether it is IT, marketing or customer service. The IT department consists of two staff while the marketing and customer service consists of three members. 

The office itself is very much your bog standard office set up, every staff member with their own desk and computer to work from. The office itself is a cream coloured walled room with three windows that stream daylight in giving the office a light spacious feel.

Well this was just a very brief introduction to office life at Kings Bathrooms and Furnishings, hope you enjoyed it and we’ll keep you updated. Please feel free to comment about what your office or work environment is like.  




Kings Bathroom Website

Over the last few months here at Kings Bathrooms and Furnishings we have been under taking the task of upgrading and re-designing of the website. We decided to re-design the website as we felt the old site looked out dated and was confusing for our customers. We also have been taking lots of photos to help with the illustration of the products to give more different angles and details for our customers.

The new website is now up and running but we are constantly modifying and changing this to make the site even better and help with customer useability.

Below is a link to our new site if you have any ideas of things we could improve or things that you don’t like please let us know so we can make the site even better.

Hope you like it.

Kings Bathroom Website


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