Storage Solutions for the Bathroom

One of the biggest problems we all face in our bathrooms is the lack of storage space. Without adequate storage the bathroom can quickly become a messy place and when you have guests arriving and you want to keep your bathroom neat and tidy, there is only one solution – get more storage.

There are a number of options when looking for a storage solution for your bathroom. You can choose a vanity unit, a cupboard or even mirror cabinets with lights.

Vanity Units

Vanity units are a popular choice in many bathrooms these days, the majority of these units incorporate a basin which means they not only offer adequate storage, but they help save space at the same time.

Bathroom Wall Hung Vanity Units

Juno Vanity Unit

Vanities come with single or double door designs and it’s easy to find one that blends in with your overall bathroom style. From those with a draw and cupboard to those with two cupboard and ample drawers, they all offer adequate storage for any bathroom environment.

The great thing about the vanity units is that they come in a choice of colours and materials, so you can find the right one to blend in with your other bathroom items.


There are a number of cupboards available for the bathroom environment, those you mount on the wall offering plenty of storage for all your toiletries, hair care products, shaving items and make up. These cupboards are stylish in design and a top choice if you have the space available.

Mirror Cabinets with Lights

If you are looking for a functional item that also offers convenience and storage, then you may want to look at mirror cabinets with lights. These items are mounted on the wall and offer you the advantage of storage for all your smaller bathroom items, a mirror and additional lighting, which is a huge advantage in any bathroom.

The mirror cabinets with lights are available in a choice of shapes and designs, so you can easily find the right one for your bathroom. Another advantage is the additional lighting ensures you have a clear reflection every time and the convenience of having your items within easy reach of the mirror can save you valuable time when getting ready in the mornings.

The Advantages to Back Lit Mirror Cabinets

You will find when it comes to bathroom design that you will need to make a lot of decisions regarding your storage options.  Bathroom cabinets are a top choice as they are placed on the wall, they don’t take up any floor space and they offer ample storage for your smaller bathroom items.

The back lit mirror cabinets are a popular choice offering style and elegance to both modern and traditional bathroom designs.

back lit mirror cabinets


Storage is essential in any bathroom, whether you have a large spacious bathroom or a small compact one.  Having a place to store all your toiletries, medicines, shaving items and hair care products helps reduce any clutter that may gather in your bathroom space.

The back lit mirror cabinets give you the ability to have a storage space for each of your items, dramatically reducing the risk of clutter.  You may have the cleanest bathroom in the whole of the UK, but if your bathroom is messy it will immediately look dirty.

Mirrors for a Spacious Design

One of the biggest advantages of the back lit mirror cabinets is the mirror itself.  Mirrors play an essential role in any bathroom design.  With careful placement you can reflect any natural light into the space immediately making it feel more spacious than it is.

Another advantage of mirrors is that they can be used to highlight a centrepiece.  Maybe you have a spectacular roll top bath in the centre of the bathroom or maybe you have a feature wall and you want to highlight it.

Of course mirrors also make it easier when styling in your hair, shaving or putting on makeup and having the cabinet and mirror as one item, offers convenience, functionality and practicality.


Lighting is just as important to a bathroom design as a mirror.  Everyone is looking to achieve a light and bright bathroom space which makes the bathroom feel spacious.

The advantage of the back lit mirror cabinets is that the lighting is designed to reflect directly on to the mirror, this means that you are guaranteed a clear reflection even in the darkest of bathrooms or should you prefer to keep your main bathroom light turned off.  This is an advantage when using the back lit mirror cabinets in an en-suite, you can turn on the cabinet lighting rather than your main light, reducing the risk of waking anyone else in the main bedroom.

Decorate Your Bathroom Wall With Style

A bathroom wall doesn’t have to be a bland and blank space, you can add useful items that not only serve a convenience in the bathroom, but that add a design to your wall.

If you think of a bathroom that has nothing on the walls, it’s going to look like a blank canvass, boring with nothing to offer. Now you don’t want to add pretty pictures on the walls, but there are three ideas on ways you can add something that makes the wall stand out.

mirror cabinets

Mirror Cabinet with Lights

Feature Walls

With so many bathroom designs moving in the direction of luxury this year, feature walls are becoming very popular. A feature wall can be one bright wall surrounded by white walls, a decoration wall made of stone or a wall that has something unique and special, maybe something so out there, such as a water wall. Why not? It’s your bathroom.

Designer Radiators

Another great bathroom feature that is placed on a wall is designer radiators. Gone are those ugly white radiators that are mounted to the floor, the bathroom radiators are decorative and serve a great purpose.

From the warmth they provide to the fact you can place your towel over them to offer you a warm towel to wrap around you when you get out of the shower or bath, decorative radiators are a stylish and elegant addition to any bathroom design.

Mirror Cabinets with Lights

Another fantastic addition to a bathroom wall is the mirror cabinets with lights. These offer functionality, practicality, convenience and they are decorative. You can place your cabinet strategically so that it enhances the space by bouncing the natural light you get from the window into the bathroom space. This will help make the bathroom feel more spacious, light and bright.

These mirror cabinets with lights offer other great benefits. They offer a storage space for all your smaller bathroom items, immediately reducing the clutter in the bathroom. The biggest problem with many bathrooms today is not having enough storage.

They also offer extra light, now if you have a darker bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the mirror cabinets with lights offer that extra light that can make such a huge difference to the space. Never mind the lights ensure that you enjoy a clear reflection when getting ready in the morning and rushing to work. Having your toiletries, make up or shaving items in the cabinet and then having the mirror and lights right there to shave minutes off your time each morning.

Back Lit Mirror Cabinets Ideal For Additional Bathroom Storage

The one thing that many bathrooms do not benefit from is additional storage. Often no matter what cupboards you place in your bathroom, you will always need more. The bottles of medicine, make up and shaving items can quickly build up and you need a good and stylish place to store them.

Back lit mirror cabinets not only offer you that additional storage, they are convenient and practical putting all your items together with your mirror and additional lighting, saving you time in the mornings when getting ready for work.

The back lit mirror cabinets are stylish in design, they ooze elegance and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design, both modern and traditional. Being available in a choice of sizes and styles, it’s easy to find the right back lit mirror cabinet for your bathroom.

Misty Etch Block Landscape Mirror Cabinet

This back lit mirror cabinet is rectangular in shape with a modern and elegant feel. It has frosted glass sides where the lights shine through illuminating the mirror and giving you a clear reflection whether you’re shaving or putting on your make up. The modern style continues inside the cabinet with clear glass shelves to store all your bathroom items.

mirror cabinet

Misty Etch Back Lit Mirror Cabinet

Misty Etch Vertical Block Mirror

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern in design with two handy fixed shelves to store all your toiletries, make up and shaving items. There are frosted glass strips down either side that let the light shine through enhancing the mirror and make it a beautiful piece of art work on your bathroom wall.

Misty Etch Black Cone Mirror

These mirror cabinets are a contemporary design, the rectangular shaped cabinet comes to a point at the top which lights up making this a favoured back lit mirror cabinet for many households. There are two fixed shelves inside offering more than enough storage for your smaller bathroom items and the magnetic closures on the doors just finish off that perfect design.

Misty Etch Cone Etching Mirror Cabinet

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern and minimalistic and the perfect choice for ultra modern bathroom designs. The back lighting is at the top of the rectangular shaped design with pointed top and is a clear frosted class that illuminates. These mirror cabinets are elegant, stylish and minimalistic making them the perfect choice for modern bathrooms. The two fixed shelves offer more than enough space to store all your medicines, toiletries and more.

Get Your Bathroom in Tip Top Shape For Christmas

Christmas is only a week away and if you have guests arriving, you’ll want to start getting your bathroom in tip top shape now. It’s time for cleaning, scrubbing, hanging tiles and getting rid of the clutter.

I don’t know about you but my home is easy to get clean, but my bathroom tends to be a nightmare, the whole family use one bathroom leaving all their bathroom products lying just about anywhere and now there is guests coming to stay and they will need space for all their bathroom items too. A nightmare in the happening.

What I suggest is start with a good clean. Choose the towels you want to put out and maybe add a few scented candles. The candles not only look great, but they give the bathroom a pleasant aroma.

Stainless Steel mirror cabinet

Lucido Triple Door Mirror Cabinet

Next you’ll want to start reducing the clutter, stainless steel mirror cabinets work really well for that and they are the ideal whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets give you that extra storage space you so desperately need, reducing the clutter in your bathroom and helping you get it ready for the Christmas holidays. The great thing is that these cabinets are affordable and can be such a useful item for your bathroom this holiday season.


These stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a range of sizes and shapes to blend in with any bathroom design. If you are limited on space, use one of the corner cabinets with ample storage for all your toiletries, make up and hair care products.

If you have a large bathroom the triple door stainless steel mirror cabinets are wonderful additions to your bathroom offering more than enough space for the whole family to have their own place to put their bathroom items.

Another Advantage

There is another advantage to these mirror cabinets, that’s right they’re also a mirror. This means you can enjoy the practicality of having your bathroom items stored where your mirror is, this can save you time in the mornings when getting ready. You don’t end up digging around the bathroom looking for your mascara, but open the door, take it out, close the door, use your mirror and you are ready to go.

After so long of fighting the family to tidy up after themselves in the bathroom, the stainless steel mirror cabinets were a great solution to a messy problem.

A Bathroom Face Life Without The Expense

Your bathroom is looking tired, it needs a little something to bring it into our century. Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new home and remodelling the bathroom isn’t on the cards right now or you just want to add something different to your bathroom to give it that wow factor.

There are quite a few things you can do to give your bathroom a modern feel without paying out fortunes of money. There are small things that can make a huge difference.

Mirror cabinet with lights

Mirror Cabinet with Lighting

A Lick of Paint

Winter is here so it’s time to start all the odd jobs around the home. Winter is the perfect time to paint your bathroom, on a cold day when going out isn’t appealing, grab a tin of white or very light bathroom paint and get painting.

You can make the painting of the bathroom a fun family activity, get everyone involved. To get the modern look you will want a white, the lighter and brighter the better.

Add A Mirrored Cabinet

The one thing many of us struggle with in our bathrooms is the clutter than you end up with. From your medications to make up and toiletries to hair care products, the clutter just seems to grow. Mirror cabinets with lights are a welcome addition to any bathroom.

The mirror cabinets with lights come with a range of advantages and are an affordable way to give your bathroom the necessary face lift it deserves. Available in a range of sizes and shapes it’s easy to find a cabinet that blends in with your bathroom design, while the additional light can make a huge impact on the overall bathroom style.

These mirror cabinets with lights concentrate the light on the bathroom mirror, this means speeding up your morning bathroom routine, being able to use the bathroom without bothering everyone around you by turning on the light and adding that extra light necessary to make your bathroom feel spacious.

Add Colour

If you’re aiming for a modern bathroom you have chosen white walls and chrome taps and shower fittings. If you can add a modern radiator to your bathroom, this works as a wonderful piece of artwork on a bland wall while offering you the warmth you need when getting out of the bath on a really cold day.

You can add your splashes of colour by including brightly coloured towels, a bright blind for the window or some brightly coloured candles along the side of the bath or next to the basin.

That’s all you need to do to give your bathroom an affordable make over.

The Advantages of Back-Lit Mirror Cabinets

When you add anything into your bathroom you want to know that it is useful and comes with a host of advantages. Well it’s fair to say that you get all of this with the back-lit mirror cabinets.

Now you may be wondering why I would choose to write about the advantages these back-lit mirror cabinets have to offer, but when you think of the three main things you need in your bathroom when rushing to work each morning, these cabinets cover all the bases.

Back Lit Mirror cabinet

Fair play, you can’t shower or brush your teeth in your back-lit mirror cabinet, but here is what you can do:

Remove the Messy Clutter

The first advantage to the back-lit mirror cabinets is the ability to remove all the mess lying around your bathroom. With these cabinets you now have space to store all your medicines, toiletries, make up and hair products. With these items having their own hiding place when not in use, your bathroom will begin to look neater. Now you just need to find that hiding place for your towels and the laundry on the floor that your children forget to pick up and you are on your way to a clutter free bathroom.

Brighten Up the Area

One of the things that can make a bathroom feel more spacious is light. A bathroom that overflows with natural light is a spacious bathroom, even if it’s a small bathroom, it has that wonderful spacious feel.

We can’t all have bathrooms that have natural light, our small bathroom window may not offer the light we need, so we make up for it with lighting. The back-lit mirror cabinets offer extra lighting for your bathroom while looking modern and stylish. The gentle light cascades from behind the cabinet, offering a wonderful glow of light that can help enhance the space.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

The last advantage of a back-lit mirror cabinet is that you get a mirror to use in your bathroom. Mirrors have their own advantages, they are not only a useful essential in the bathroom, but they help enhance the light that comes into the room.

Having your cabinet, mirror and light in one place makes getting ready in the morning an easy and smooth flowing process. You don’t have to move around, but can stand in one place to grab items from the cabinet and then using the light and mirror you can see what you are doing, shaving off precious minutes in the mornings.