Bathroom Mirrors with Lights Offer So Many Advantages

When it comes to choosing bathroom mirrors there is no shortage to choose from. My personal favourite is the bathroom mirrors with lights which come in a choice of shapes and sizes, offers a host of benefits and blends in with any bathroom design.

Mirrors are essential in any bathroom offering practicality, functionality and as an art piece on the wall.

The Practical Side

These bathroom mirrors with lights will complement any bathroom, big or small. They offer superior reflection enabling you to get ready while shaving minutes off your time, a great advantage for the mornings when you’re trying to get the whole family ready for work and school.  The extra lighting also ensures you have a clear reflection even in the darkest of bathrooms.

Bathroom Mirror with Light

Minimal Mirror with Light

Extra Lighting is Always Welcome

Light is so essential in any bathroom, light helps the bathroom feel brighter and in turn this makes it feel more spacious. Lightly coloured walls, light bathroom accessories and an abundance of light is a recipe for success.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the advantage of abundant light in our bathrooms, we can’t all have huge windows that catch all the sunlight, even though it would be a dream come true, which is why need to find other ways to add light to the bathroom space.

Bathroom mirrors with light add that extra bit of light we need. With careful positioning the mirror can reflect any natural light coming into the bathroom, immediately brightening the room and in the evenings you can put on the lights of the mirror for that extra glow.

Styles and Shapes

What I really love about the bathroom mirrors with lights is the choice of shapes and sizes available from oval to square. There is a design to blend in with your bathroom whether you have chosen a modern minimalistic design or a more traditional feel.

It’s important you pay careful attention to your bathroom products and fixtures and fittings when choosing bathroom mirrors with lights, you want your new mirror to enhance the space and blend in with your existing features.

This being said, if you have chosen plenty of straight edges, choose bathroom mirrors with lights in a square or rectangular design. If you have chosen round, oval or gentle curves, keep the design flowing by choosing round or oval bathroom mirrors with lights to help compliment your bathroom design.

Finding The Best Mirror For Your Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom mirrors are essential in any bathroom, they offer a host of benefits and make a bland wall into a masterpiece. When working with a modern bathroom design where you want to keep everything minimalistic, plain bathroom mirrors are the ideal choice.

Plain bathroom mirrors are what they are, plain, minimalist and stylish. These mirrors work beautifully in any ultra modern or modern bathroom design as they are available in a range of shapes and sizes to compliment your bathroom space.

A Choice of Shapes

When you think of plain bathroom mirrors you probably have a plain rectangular mirror design in mind. You’ll be amazed at the great shapes available to compliment any bathroom space. If you have chosen straight edges throughout your bathroom with rectangular or square fixtures and fittings, then I do suggest a rectangular mirror. But if you have gentle curves, round or oval fixtures and fittings you can choose from oval plain bathroom mirrors to the etched designed mirror, which is rectangular in shape being wider at the top than the bottom with gentle curved edges to fit in with your design with ease.

Mirror with Lights

Argento Wave Mirror with Lights

Selection of Sizes

It is so important that you choose the right size when looking at plain bathroom mirrors. A small mirror in a large bathroom will look completely out of place as will a large mirror in a smaller or compact bathroom.

Measure your wall, determine the right sized mirror before you start looking at the shapes available. You can find plain bathroom mirrors in sizes from 60cm right up to 100cm.


What you may not realise is how important the placement of plain bathroom mirrors are to the bathroom design. Mirror reflect light and in a modern bathroom you want to achieve a light and bright space.

See how the light flows through your bathroom during the day and then mount your plain bathroom mirror where it will reflect the most light, your mirror will bounce the light into the space giving your bathroom a spacious, light and bright feel automatically.

You’ll also want to ensure that you place the mirror in a convenient space. While your bathroom may get the most amount of light in the far corner, you should choose a wall close to the basin that benefits from light. This way you benefit from the light and practicality in one easy step.

How A Designer Would Choose Your Bathroom Mirror

When designing any room in our homes these days we want style, sophistication and even elegance. The bathroom is an important space in any home and with the right design can increase the value of your property.

This year is the year for luxurious bathrooms, those spa-inspired places where you can relax and unwind after a hard day at work. With whirlpool baths, shower jets and stylish design choices putting a luxurious design together is much easier than it has been in the past.

infinity mirror

Blue Infinity Mirror

Then comes your bathroom mirror, you want to make the right choice to ensure it blends in with the rest of your bathroom design while complimenting the space and even becoming a centre piece on what would have been a very bland wall. So how do the designers do it?


The first thing is a designer will do is determine where the natural light is coming from, any mirror can be used to bounce the natural light into the room giving it a more spacious feel. Stand in your bathroom and see how the natural light enters the room, where is the light focussed, which wall? This is the wall you will want to place your bathroom mirrors with lights.

Now you may wonder why bathroom mirrors with lights are such a popular choice with designers, it comes back down to lighting. They offer additional light on those darker days, they offer convenience and practicality while adding that special something to the bathroom.


Next step is to take in the design of the bathroom. A modern bathroom with a minimalist feel and plenty of straight edges will benefit from a mirror that compliments the space, such as rectangular mirrors. The standard pure mirror and the extra vision pure mirror are both bathroom mirrors with lights that would work beautifully in a modern bathroom space.

Luckily bathroom mirrors with lights come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can easily find one that blends in with the rest of your design, whether you have curved edges or straight edges. For curved edges you will want to incorporate round or oval mirrors or something along the lines of the Minima bowed mirror which has a straight top and bottom design with curved sides.

The “Wow” Factor

Any bathroom mirrors with lights which are mounted in any bathroom should offer a focal point for the space, that special “wow” factor that helps bring the design together, enhancing the space while it’s also functional and practical.

Decorate Your Bathroom Wall With Style

A bathroom wall doesn’t have to be a bland and blank space, you can add useful items that not only serve a convenience in the bathroom, but that add a design to your wall.

If you think of a bathroom that has nothing on the walls, it’s going to look like a blank canvass, boring with nothing to offer. Now you don’t want to add pretty pictures on the walls, but there are three ideas on ways you can add something that makes the wall stand out.

mirror cabinets

Mirror Cabinet with Lights

Feature Walls

With so many bathroom designs moving in the direction of luxury this year, feature walls are becoming very popular. A feature wall can be one bright wall surrounded by white walls, a decoration wall made of stone or a wall that has something unique and special, maybe something so out there, such as a water wall. Why not? It’s your bathroom.

Designer Radiators

Another great bathroom feature that is placed on a wall is designer radiators. Gone are those ugly white radiators that are mounted to the floor, the bathroom radiators are decorative and serve a great purpose.

From the warmth they provide to the fact you can place your towel over them to offer you a warm towel to wrap around you when you get out of the shower or bath, decorative radiators are a stylish and elegant addition to any bathroom design.

Mirror Cabinets with Lights

Another fantastic addition to a bathroom wall is the mirror cabinets with lights. These offer functionality, practicality, convenience and they are decorative. You can place your cabinet strategically so that it enhances the space by bouncing the natural light you get from the window into the bathroom space. This will help make the bathroom feel more spacious, light and bright.

These mirror cabinets with lights offer other great benefits. They offer a storage space for all your smaller bathroom items, immediately reducing the clutter in the bathroom. The biggest problem with many bathrooms today is not having enough storage.

They also offer extra light, now if you have a darker bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the mirror cabinets with lights offer that extra light that can make such a huge difference to the space. Never mind the lights ensure that you enjoy a clear reflection when getting ready in the morning and rushing to work. Having your toiletries, make up or shaving items in the cabinet and then having the mirror and lights right there to shave minutes off your time each morning.

Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Mirror For Your Bathroom

A bathroom mirror can make an enormous impact on your bathroom, it reflects light, highlights sections of your bathroom you want on display and its a practical and convenient item.

With so many bathroom mirrors to choose from, finding that perfect mirror comes down to three things, positioning, size and style.

LEd bathroom mirror from Kings Bathroom

LED Bathroom Mirror ith Digital Clock


You want your mirror to be placed where it best reflects light, now this may not be directly above the basin, but rather on the wall next to it. The best rule of thumb is to ascertain where the natural light flows, placing a mirror on the wall which gets the most natural light will immediately make your bathroom lighter.

If you have chosen a modern bathroom with luxury items, you may prefer highlighting a certain aspect of the bathroom, such as a feature wall. In this case placing your mirror on the opposite wall will enhance the area you are looking to display.


The size of the bathroom mirror is as important on where you choose to position it. The size needs to fit in with the rest of your bathroom size, as you can imagine a large mirror on a small wall will look out of place. You need to measure the wall space available and then choose a mirror that complements the space the best, this may be a smaller bathroom mirror with shelves, which adds style to your design.


There is a wide selection of bathroom mirrors on the market from those with LED lights to the striking infinity designs. Bathroom mirrors with shelves are a practical choice especially if you need additional storage space. The shelves can be used to place bathroom items or scented candles to add that splash of colour.

The styles available for bathroom mirrors with shelves include square, round and even hexagonal shapes, each one designed to complement the bathroom design. Remember the best rule is if you have chosen a modern bathroom with square bathroom products that give off that straight edge, then a square mirror is best suited.

In some cases the hexagonal bathroom mirrors with shelves also work beautifully in these modern bathrooms, changing the shape slightly but still offering the straight edges that enhance the minimalistic design.

Choose your bathroom mirror with care, imagine it on the wall and how it will blend in with your bathroom design.

The Top LED Bathroom Mirror Designs

When you are looking for a mirror for your new bathroom design, you want a mirror that offers practicality and still makes a statement, maybe even being the focal point in your bathroom design.

LED bathroom mirrors are the most suitable of all bathroom mirrors to do this, they come with superior lighting to help you get ready in the mornings, some of them even offer a digital clock to enable you to be on time and they come in a range of designs that are guaranteed to complement any bathroom.

LEd bathroom mirror from Kings Bathroom

LED Bathroom Mirror ith Digital Clock

LED Illuminated Mirror with Steam Pad

Have you ever had a hot bath or shower and then spend five minutes wiping the steam off the mirror so you can continue getting ready? With these LED bathroom mirrors that problem is a distant memory. The mirrors are rectangular in design with an easy pull cord system to turn on and off your lighting. The de-mister pad ensures that you will always enjoy a clear reflection even if the entire bathroom is filled with steam.

LED Sensor Mirror with Shaver Socket and Steam Pad

These LED bathroom mirrors are the ultimate choice for any bathroom. The rectangular design is ideally suited for any bathroom while the shaver socket is an added advantage. These mirrors have the de-mister pad to ensure your reflection is always clear even if you have just climbed out of a steaming hot bath, but it’s the convenience of the sensors that make this mirror such a breeze, just wave your hand near the mirror and the lights will come on, no cords, buttons or switches to worry about when you’re still soaking wet.

Luminoso Misty Etch LED Mirrors with Steam Pad

The simplicity of the square design of these LED bathroom mirrors is what makes them stand out from the rest. They have LED lights all the way around the mirror offering you ample light and the sensors ensure you can turn the lights on or off without having to flip a switch or push a button.

Luminoso LED Sensor Mirror

These rectangular LED bathroom mirrors are stylish in design. While they may be the traditional rectangular shape the LED lights are located at the top in a stunning pyramid design while the digital clock located at the bottom ensures you can keep an eye on the time while you get ready in the mornings. These LED bathroom mirrors also benefit from the sensor controls, wave in front of the mirror and watch as your mirror comes alive with lights.

Back Lit Mirror Cabinets Ideal For Additional Bathroom Storage

The one thing that many bathrooms do not benefit from is additional storage. Often no matter what cupboards you place in your bathroom, you will always need more. The bottles of medicine, make up and shaving items can quickly build up and you need a good and stylish place to store them.

Back lit mirror cabinets not only offer you that additional storage, they are convenient and practical putting all your items together with your mirror and additional lighting, saving you time in the mornings when getting ready for work.

The back lit mirror cabinets are stylish in design, they ooze elegance and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design, both modern and traditional. Being available in a choice of sizes and styles, it’s easy to find the right back lit mirror cabinet for your bathroom.

Misty Etch Block Landscape Mirror Cabinet

This back lit mirror cabinet is rectangular in shape with a modern and elegant feel. It has frosted glass sides where the lights shine through illuminating the mirror and giving you a clear reflection whether you’re shaving or putting on your make up. The modern style continues inside the cabinet with clear glass shelves to store all your bathroom items.

mirror cabinet

Misty Etch Back Lit Mirror Cabinet

Misty Etch Vertical Block Mirror

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern in design with two handy fixed shelves to store all your toiletries, make up and shaving items. There are frosted glass strips down either side that let the light shine through enhancing the mirror and make it a beautiful piece of art work on your bathroom wall.

Misty Etch Black Cone Mirror

These mirror cabinets are a contemporary design, the rectangular shaped cabinet comes to a point at the top which lights up making this a favoured back lit mirror cabinet for many households. There are two fixed shelves inside offering more than enough storage for your smaller bathroom items and the magnetic closures on the doors just finish off that perfect design.

Misty Etch Cone Etching Mirror Cabinet

These back lit mirror cabinets are modern and minimalistic and the perfect choice for ultra modern bathroom designs. The back lighting is at the top of the rectangular shaped design with pointed top and is a clear frosted class that illuminates. These mirror cabinets are elegant, stylish and minimalistic making them the perfect choice for modern bathrooms. The two fixed shelves offer more than enough space to store all your medicines, toiletries and more.

Infinity Mirrors The Perfect Choice For Your Luxurious Bathroom

If you stay updated with the latest trends then you probably know that this year is all about bathroom luxury, having a day spa in your own home and taking advantage of the great bathroom products available to turn your bathroom into your own private oasis.

I think it’s so important to be completely happy with your bathroom, it’s one of the biggest escapes for many mothers after a day of juggling their children and work. In fact it is a known fact that many mothers retreat to the bathroom for a little bit of peace and quiet. If you are one of these mothers, why not make your bathroom space one you want to spend time in.

Blue Infinity Mirror

Blue Infinity Mirror

The Luxury Design

Luxury design is all about the things that make you feel comfortable from the light natural colours of your tiles and walls to the items you place in your bathroom. For me luxury is a large and deep bath, a place to soak and relax. Ideally the bath will have jets to massage my aching muscles and joints.

My basin needs to be placed on a counter, oozing modern and luxury in one and then it should all be finished with a stylish radiator and infinity mirror.

Why An Infinity Mirror

You may wonder why I would want to put an infinity mirror in my luxurious bathroom instead of just a plain mirror or mirrored bathroom cabinet. Have you seen the infinity bathroom mirrors? They have lights that disappear to no where, they give the bathroom a wonderful glow and they look stylish and elegant in a modern or luxurious bathroom design.

A bathroom is all about light, you want natural light combined with glass, light colours and space to make a bathroom feel light and airy. When you’re lying back in your bath soaking all your stress away the blue glow from an infinity bathroom mirror may be just what you need rather than the bright light of your main fitting.

These infinity bathroom mirrors scream ultra-modern and luxurious design, they are in their own league and look fantastic in just about any bathroom design, though I feel they really work well in a modern and luxuriously designed bathroom.

Use the mirror as a normal mirror during the day and turn on the infinite lights when it’s time to relax.

Which Bathroom Mirror Is Right For My Home?

There are so many fantastic bathroom mirror designs available these days and choosing can prove difficult for many of us. There is a little trick I learned years ago when it comes to finding the perfect mirror, you need to look at the mirrors available and with your layout in hand, try and imagine the mirror on your bathroom wall, how will it complement the space, how will it be of convenience to you and how will it enhance your bathroom?

Of all the mirrors available, my favourite is still plain bathroom mirrors, they are minimalistic in design, no frills or fuss and no additional lighting to wire in during installation. But that being said, you need to know all the mirrors available to decide which one will work best in your bathroom design.

LED Bathroom Mirror

LED Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors That Include Lighting

There are a number of bathroom mirrors that include lighting, such as the back lit bathroom mirrors. These mirrors offer convenience and practicality and are good when you have a smaller bathroom that doesn’t benefit from natural light, the additional lighting can make a huge difference in these bathroom designs.

Then there are the infinity mirrors, I’m sure you’ve seen these before they have lights that seem to disappear inside the mirror. These are the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom enabling you to make your mirror a centre piece. Don’t be fooled though, these mirrors offer good reflections and additional lighting when you need it most.

The Shelf Kind

Then you get the bathroom mirrors which incorporate shelves. These are very handy in bathrooms where you are limited in storage space. You can place all your make up and other items on the shelves and have them within easy reach of the mirror. They are stylish in design and work in both the modern and more traditional bathrooms.

Plain Bathroom Mirrors

There are my favourites, the plain bathroom mirrors. These mirrors have no lighting, no shelves, they are minimalistic which makes them the ideal choice for the ultra modern bathroom or the traditional bathroom. They come in a range of shapes and sizes which also means you can find one that works well with your overall bathroom design.

With so many bathroom mirrors to choose from, you do have to take your time and try and imagine the mirror on your wall. Remember a bathroom mirror should be a convenience but at the same time it should reflect light and be stylish, all at the same time.

Double The Convenience With Bathroom Mirrors With Shelves

There are two things you need in any bathroom, the one is a light spacious feel and the other is a storage area to reduce the clutter than can accumulate when you aren’t looking.

My solution to the problems we face in our bathrooms is bathroom mirrors with shelves which solve both of these problems in one handy item that looks elegant and stylish on any bathroom wall, making it a focal point of beauty.

Bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

The Mirror

Bathroom mirrors with shelves come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can easily find one that will blend in with your bathroom design, enhancing the space with ease. Of course the advantage you are looking for is not only the practical side of having a mirror in your bathroom when you are rushing to put your make up on before work, but a mirror that can help your bathroom have that light and spacious feel.

The biggest obstacle many of us face with our bathrooms is a light area, many bathrooms don’t benefit from an abundance of natural light so we have to make the most of what we get. Even the smallest window shining light into a bathroom can become an important part of your bathroom design.

All it takes is placing your bathroom mirror with shelves opposite your natural light source to enhance the space. You’re wondering how this works. Well the mirror will bounce the light away from it, this automatically brightens the room. A light room will automatically feel spacious. So all you need to make your bathroom that spacious and light room you have always wanted is to add a stunning mirror on the wall opposite your window.

The Shelves

Bathroom mirrors with shelves can be an essential item in your bathroom. I don’t know if you struggle with the same problem I face in my family bathroom, but I turn away for a few minutes and I come back to a clutter filled bathroom which I then proceed to clean up.

If everything had it’s own place then the clutter would be dramatically reduced. Being a family of all girls there is so much make up and hair products and all it needs is a few shelves to store all of these things to immediately reduce the clutter.

Bathroom mirrors with shelves come in a variety of designs, you can choose a design with one shelf or many shelves, depending on how much you need to store close to the mirror for easy access.