Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinets – Ideal for the Modern Bathroom Design

Stainless steel is the material perfect for the modern bathroom design. It offers elegance and sophistication, blending in beautifully with the modern bathroom style. Stainless steel mirror cabinets are a welcome addition to any bathroom design offering additional storage while looking stylish.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets help you eliminate the clutter that accumulates in your bathroom offering you additional storage for all your make up, medicines and toiletries. Also having these items so close to the mirror helps you shave minutes off your time each day.

The stainless steel gives a modern twist to any bathroom design, blending in with just about any colour scheme and really enhancing the space.

Mirrors are an essential item in any bathroom design, offering convenience and practicality they also bounce natural light into the room or can be used to highlight a feature.

The stainless steel mirror cabinets are sleek in design, stylish and modern, but best of all is how you can have all your toiletries stored away neatly within arm’s reach of the mirror, helping you get ready for work each morning without any real effort.

Stylish Designs

The stainless steel mirror cabinets come in a choice of shapes and sizes to blend in with any bathroom size and design. There are the larger rectangular designs to the corner design, perfect for the compact bathroom.

Stainless Steel Mirror cabinet

Stainless Steel Mirror cabinet

Remember when choosing your design to bear in mind that you want your stainless steel mirror cabinet to enhance the space while allowing the design to flow freely. If you have already chosen square or rectangular bathroom products be sure you only look at the rectangular stainless steel mirror cabinets.

The same applies if you have chosen circular or curved bathroom products, stainless steel mirror cabinets that are oval or have a rounded design will work best in the bathroom space.

Offering ample storage for all your smaller bathroom items, stainless steel mirror cabinets are a welcome addition to your bathroom design, blending in with your taps and other main fittings with ease.

Walk In Shower Enclosures Are a Modern and Stylish Shower Choice

2013 is a year of luxurious and spa inspired bathrooms. Everyone is aiming for the modern bathroom design and when installing a shower, the walk in shower enclosure is the modern design you were looking for. These walk in shower enclosures are a great choice for both large and smaller bathroom designs.

The walk in shower enclosure are stylish and elegant offering all bathrooms that modern finish. Being made from clear glass they allow light to flow freely, helping you achieve the light and bright bathroom space that ensures your bathroom has a spacious feel.

walk in shower enclosures

walk in shower enclosures

Don’t get me wrong walk in shower enclosures are not only for the ultra-modern bathroom design, they blend in beautifully in a traditional bathroom. They have a clear glass pane of glass and a chrome bar which attaches it to the wall, it’s stylish, modern and minimalistic and works beautifully in any bathroom design.

The Plus Side

The biggest advantage about the walk in shower enclosures is the fact there is no door, making them great for the more compact bathroom design. You don’t have to worry that the door will swing open and knock against another bathroom item and they have a large opening for getting in and out of the shower.


The walk in shower enclosures are available in three exciting design choices. There is the standard which is minimalistic in design with straight edges that fits against a wall on the one side.

The second choice is the curved walk in shower enclosures, they are also minimalistic in design offering that gentle curve which enhances your bathroom when you have used rounded baths, basins and toilets.

The last choice is the walk in shower enclosures with side panel. The panel ensures there is no water leakage when you need a larger shower space. Also finished in clear glass in blends in with your shower enclosure perfectly.

Shower Placement

It doesn’t matter what shower enclosure you choose, where you place your shower in the bathroom is the most important factor. You want to ensure you maximise your floor space, this is why so many smaller bathrooms choose a corner position.

Take advantage of the side and inline panels available to ensure your shower doesn’t leak and that you have a stunning bathroom design that makes a statement in your home.