The Easy Way to Design a Shower

Shower design can be daunting, there are so many shower trays to choose from, so many enclosures and then there are a selection of shower kits, shower heads and valves. But it’s so important that you make the right choice to blend in with the overall design of your bathroom space.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect shower to match your overall bathroom design.

The Compact Bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, chances are that you have chosen a shower because a bath would overpower the space. Smaller bathrooms benefit from light and bright, so plenty of white walls, white bathroom products, glass and chrome.

compact bathroom design

The best shower choice for the smaller spaces are the quadrant showers, the trays are quadrant which fit perfectly into a corner position with a stylish curved front. Square and rectangular enclosures that fit these trays have sliding doors which don’t compromise on space and don’t leave you concerned that your shower door will swing open and bash into another of your bathroom products.

The Walk in Design

Modern bathrooms benefit from the style and elegance of a walk in shower design. These are easy to choose and you can place them in a corner or along a wall, whichever you prefer. Use the rectangular shower trays giving you more room to move around. The walk in enclosures are modern and sophisticated with panes of clear glass that allow the light to flow through with ease. The advantage to the walk in design is that there are no doors and if your enclosure doesn’t fit your rectangular shower trays, a side or inline panel will do the trick.

The Bi-Fold Design

Bi-Fold shower doors are very elegant and work beautifully in any bathroom design when combined with rectangular shower trays which offer versatility and more showering space. The rectangular shower trays can be placed in a corner or along the wall, whichever works best with your design. The bi-fold doors work as a concertina effect folding in towards the shower so they don’t take up any additional floor space.

Other Options

Some people prefer the door opening size offered by the pivot or hinged shower doors, these doors swing open so are only suitable for the larger bathroom space. Again these work beautifully when combined with rectangular shower trays and using inline panels you can easily get your enclosure to seal off reducing the risk of leaks while you shower.

Are You Having Problems Finding The Perfect Shower?

Are you having problems finding the perfect shower for your bathroom?  So many designs to choose from and so many enclosures available, finding the perfect fit can seem a little daunting.

Of course you don’t want your shower to be so big it overpowers your bathroom at the same time you don’t want it so small it gets lost in the space.  Another important thing is you want to place your shower where you want it.

Measure, Measure and Then Measure Again

The first place to start when looking for a shower for your bathroom is to measure the space available.  I always work to a detailed bathroom layout with all the measurements in place enabling me to find the right bathroom products that will blend in beautifully with my overall design.

You may prefer the idea of having a rectangular shower tray in the corner of your bathroom, but once you have used a shower enclosure side panel on one side and the walls on the other two sides, you realise that the door you have chosen is that little bit too small.  This is not the train smash, you do not have to choose another door.  Shower enclosure inline panels are the ideal solution enabling you to seal off the space making it watertight.

quadrant shower doors


Personally when I look at a bathroom, I get a clear indication of the size shower I want and where I want to place it.  With so many great designs available I can choose corner showers, sliding door options, hinged door options and even elegant walk in designs.

Often once I have my tray and enclosure, I realise that the two don’t fit perfectly together.  Again the shower enclosure inline panels are a solution, enabling me to have any shower design I choose.


One of my favourite shower enclosures for the modern bathroom design is the walk-in options.  The reason for this is they are minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated.  Not to mention there is no door you need to worry about opening and closing.

The walk-in shower enclosures work beautifully with either square or rectangular shower trays and when they don’t fit perfectly, I use the shower enclosure inline panels to seal off the tray making it watertight.

The shower enclosure inline panels are a slim pane of clear glass that slots in next to your shower door enclosure, without ruining the overall design of the shower.

Are Pivot Door Shower Enclosures The Right Choice for Your Bathroom

Well the new year has begun and it’s time to start tackling all those home improvements you have been putting off over the summer season. If one of your tasks is to include a shower in your bathroom you need to carefully select your shower enclosure, which is why you need to know what the pivot door shower enclosures are and whether they are the right choice for your bathroom.

The truth of the matter is that it all comes down to the space you have available and personal preference. There are the sliding doors and bi-fold doors which are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms where a pivot door would be an impractical choice.

Pivot door shower enclosure

Sloegrin Pivot Shower Door

The pivot door shower enclosures are perfect if you don’t have anything obstructing the door, remember these doors swing open, so you need to leave enough space between your shower and other bathroom items.

The pivot shower enclosures work really well when you install a shower in a recess of your bathroom, for example. You can’t have a hinged door because it won’t be able to open fully with a wall in the way, but the pivot of the pivot door shower enclosures allow the door to open completely without restricting how much space you have to get in and out of the shower.

I remember years ago the property I lived in had the most compact bathroom I have ever seen and there was a shower in the far corner. Originally it had sliding doors which were great, but when the shower was replaced they popped hinged doors on there, which to put it plainly were completely impractical.

We changed the hinged doors for a pivot door shower enclosure and never looked back. The door opened with ease giving us a large opening for getting in and out of the shower. We could choose between framed or frameless design, I went for the frameless because the bathroom was so small I wanted it as minimalistic as possible.

Another advantage is that the pivot door shower enclosures are made with a glass door, the glass allows the light to shine through the door into the shower, this strangely enough gives the bathroom that spacious feel.

In any bathroom there are two main things you need to make your bathroom feel larger, light colours, preferably white and plenty of bright light.