Top Tips When Designing Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are very common these days, it seems homes are being built on a smaller scale and that means small family bathrooms, small en-suites and tiny cloakrooms.

When faced with a small bathroom you may feel that there is no way you can turn this small space into your dream bathroom, but there is no reason that small bathrooms cannot be spa-inspired luxury spaces.

There are a few bathroom products you can use to turn your small bathrooms into dream spaces, careful measurement is key, so be sure to work off a clear bathroom layout so you know exactly how much space you have to work with.

Here are a few tips to help you.

Quadrant Shower

Once you have all your measurements in place you can start looking at quadrant showers for smaller bathrooms. The quadrant shower trays and enclosures fit beautifully into the corner of the bathroom, available in square or rectangular with a gentle and stylish curve in the front.

The advantage to the quadrant design is that the enclosures come with sliding shower doors, this means you don’t compromise any floor space and don’t have to worry that your shower door will swing open and bang into another bathroom item, even worse not be able to open completely at all, limiting your shower opening for getting in and out of the shower.

Vanity Units

Bathroom vanity units with basins are the perfect addition to small bathrooms, they not only offer valuable storage space which is essential to reduce clutter in the bathroom but they incorporate a basin, which again saves on valuable floor space. Vanity units come in a range of sizes from floor standing to wall mounted, so it’s easy to find the right sized unit to meet your bathroom size requirements.

vanity unit and toilet set

Back to Wall Toilets

Another space saving option for smaller bathrooms is the back to wall toilets. These toilets have the toilet cistern hidden in the wall which means only the toilet bowl takes up space in your bathroom, you’d be amazed how much space you can save by choosing these modern toilets for the small bathroom space.

Light and Bright

When working with small bathrooms always try and keep the area as light and bright as possible, a large window for natural light and plenty of white will make the space feel much bigger than it is.

The Easy Way to Design a Shower

Shower design can be daunting, there are so many shower trays to choose from, so many enclosures and then there are a selection of shower kits, shower heads and valves. But it’s so important that you make the right choice to blend in with the overall design of your bathroom space.

Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect shower to match your overall bathroom design.

The Compact Bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, chances are that you have chosen a shower because a bath would overpower the space. Smaller bathrooms benefit from light and bright, so plenty of white walls, white bathroom products, glass and chrome.

compact bathroom design

The best shower choice for the smaller spaces are the quadrant showers, the trays are quadrant which fit perfectly into a corner position with a stylish curved front. Square and rectangular enclosures that fit these trays have sliding doors which don’t compromise on space and don’t leave you concerned that your shower door will swing open and bash into another of your bathroom products.

The Walk in Design

Modern bathrooms benefit from the style and elegance of a walk in shower design. These are easy to choose and you can place them in a corner or along a wall, whichever you prefer. Use the rectangular shower trays giving you more room to move around. The walk in enclosures are modern and sophisticated with panes of clear glass that allow the light to flow through with ease. The advantage to the walk in design is that there are no doors and if your enclosure doesn’t fit your rectangular shower trays, a side or inline panel will do the trick.

The Bi-Fold Design

Bi-Fold shower doors are very elegant and work beautifully in any bathroom design when combined with rectangular shower trays which offer versatility and more showering space. The rectangular shower trays can be placed in a corner or along the wall, whichever works best with your design. The bi-fold doors work as a concertina effect folding in towards the shower so they don’t take up any additional floor space.

Other Options

Some people prefer the door opening size offered by the pivot or hinged shower doors, these doors swing open so are only suitable for the larger bathroom space. Again these work beautifully when combined with rectangular shower trays and using inline panels you can easily get your enclosure to seal off reducing the risk of leaks while you shower.