Affordable Shower Designs

There are four things you need for any shower design. You need your shower tray, shower enclosure, shower head and controls. In order to make things more affordable and easier, there are a choice of shower sets available.

Once you have chosen the right tray for your bathroom design and combined it with a shower enclosure you can start concentrating on the shower sets. Shower sets are not only affordable, but are convenient especially in a bathroom that is shared by a number of people.

The shower sets include thermostatic controls, a rod which is mounted vertically to the wall which holds the shower head. When you have people using the shower which are all different heights, the ability to adjust the height of the shower head can add functionality to the space, ensuring they have the best possible showering experience.

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There are a number of shower sets available in a choice of great designs which you can blend into your overall design with ease. There are round ones for the traditional bathroom and then flat round ones for the modern bathroom, not to mention the minimalistic square options available.

When you think affordability, convenience and functionality for your shower, shower sets are the easiest option available. If you want to add a wow factor you can always incorporate shower jets which will give your bathroom that spa-inspired design on a minimal budget.

These days we are all trying to save money wherever possible, but home improvements and renovations are essential in increasing the value of your property. You can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece without breaking the bank and the shower sets are just one of the ways you can achieve this.

The twin concealed thermostatic shower valve and rail kit is one of my favourite choices when it comes to the shower sets. The controls are a plate mounted on the shower wall with two dials, very stylish indeed. The shower set itself comprises of a rail with a rectangular and minimalistic shower head which is not only stylish, but very sophisticated and elegant and will blend in beautifully with any bathroom design.

For a traditional bathroom design you may prefer the kit 7 design which comprises of an exposed thermostat with two dials, one to manage your water pressure and the other the temperature. Mounted to the rail is a round shower head which will blend in to any traditional bathroom design.

Make Your Shower Design Something Special

Many homes struggle with their bathroom design because they are working with limited space. This isn’t a surprise these days as bathrooms seem to be getting smaller by the year.

What options do you have? Well the first is to install a shower rather than a bath, but just because you have to have a shower doesn’t mean that it can’t be something special. There are so many options available when it comes to the shower trays available, the enclosures, the shower heads or sets and even stunning shower jets that can give you a completely luxurious showering experience.

In order to make your shower something special in the smaller bathroom design I suggest a square or rectangular shower tray combined with bi fold door shower enclosures.

bi-fold shower enclosure door

The reason I love the bi fold shower door enclosures is that they work on a concertina effect, which is unique and stylish. The doors fold away to the side of the shower offering you a large opening for getting in and out. Also the design is unique, it stands out and it’s very elegant for any bathroom design.

Another reason for choosing the bi fold door shower enclosures rather than the hinged or pivot door design is that they don’t swing open into the bathroom space, by folding inwards towards the shower and opening to one side completely, you can maximise the amount of floor space you have without the concern that your door will swing open and get caught on an obstacle.

Can you imagine having a swinging door that opens only part way because your vanity or toilet is in the way? That’s an inconvenience you do not have to deal with when choosing these bi fold shower door enclosures.

The next thing to look at is the shower head you want to install. There are fantastic designs available which will blend in with all your other fixtures and fittings such as the large square shower heads or the star designed shower head, really making the space special.

Shower sets are also a great way to go, enabling you to find the right design for your bathroom at an affordable price and leaving some budget over for your shower jets. The jets are mounted in your shower wall at heights that ensure that the spray covers your body with warm pressured water, just another way to turn your shower design into a unique and special space.