Are Bow Sliding Door Shower Trays The Right Choice For Your Design?

Space plays such an important role in the shower tray choices you have available. Most of us don’t enjoy the benefit of a spacious bathroom, which means we are very restricted on space and need to find ways to make the most of the floor space we have available.

Bow sliding door shower trays are my top choice for smaller bathrooms. They fit well against the wall and enjoy a beautiful curved front which adds an elegant finish to a beautiful design. The bow sliding door shower trays use a sliding door which means the door doesn’t swing open and take up space but rather glides open leaving a large opening when getting in and out of the shower.

Choosing Your Shower Tray

Start with a bathroom layout that includes all the measurements of the space from wall to wall, this is a good indicator to work to when choosing all your bathroom items.

bow sliding door shower tray

bow sliding shower tray

You can use the bathroom layout to choose where to place your shower and what size shower tray will work best in the space you have available. The bow sliding door shower trays are square in design with a curved front which fits into any bathroom design with ease and offers ample showering space.

Maximise the Space

The bathroom layout you have drawn up will become your favourite piece of paper it will help you determine exactly how much space you have between your shower and other bathroom items. It will help you determine if the bow sliding door shower trays are the best choice for your design, bearing in mind you won’t have any doors swinging open and bashing into other bathroom products.

A Modern and Stylish Finish

All modern bathrooms have wonderful clean lines and that is why I recommend the bow sliding door shower trays for any bathroom. While they have the curved front, it’s a welcome addition on top of all the straight edges. Bear in mind these trays are square so they will still blend in with your other bathroom products with ease.

Top Design Ideas for Compact Bathrooms

Smaller bathrooms really are a challenge when renovating the bathroom. These days bathrooms appear to be getting smaller and family bathrooms are compact spaces. But with the right vision you can turn a compact bathroom into a luxury inspired space.

Quadrant shower trays are probably the best bathroom product you can acquire for a smaller bathroom. These shower trays are designed for a corner position and come in square or rectangular designs with a stylish curved front offering elegant and style to the bathroom space. The best feature is that the quadrant shower trays help you maximise your floor space.

Another advantage to the quadrant shower trays is the enclosures that have been designed to fit these trays have sliding doors, so you don’t have to worry about the door swinging open and banging into any of your other bathroom products.

quadrant shower trays

Quadrant Shower Trays

Reducing the clutter in the bathroom is as important as the shower tray you choose. There is nothing worse than a small bathroom filled with towels, toiletries and other bathroom items. A vanity unit combined with the quadrant shower trays are just simple ways to make the most of your bathroom space while reducing the clutter and giving everything its own storage space.

The toilet you choose will also impact the space which is why back to wall toilets are such a top choices these days in smaller bathroom designs. These toilets, like the quadrant shower trays, are designed to maximise the floor space you have available.

The back to wall toilets have the cistern hidden in the wall and the toilet bowl is mounted directly to the wall. This can save considerable space when working with a small bathroom.

Now you have the quadrant shower tray, vanity and toilet, you need to ensure your bathroom is light and bright. The lighter the bathroom the more spacious it will feel. If your bathroom doesn’t have an abundance of natural light choose mirrors with lights to add that additional lighting.

Lightly coloured walls, white quadrant shower trays and plenty of light are the recipe to success when designing a smaller bathroom space.

Luxurious Shower Accessories

Showers should be an easy decision and installation. All you need is a shower tray, an enclosure and a shower head. Don’t forget the thermostatic values and you’re set to go. Showers offer convenience and many households prefer a shower because it’s economical and saves time and energy.

If you have chosen to add a shower to your bathroom, chances are you’ve measured the space and have a clear idea on the shower tray you want along with the type of enclosure. Maybe you’ve gone for a modern walk in shower enclosure and a rectangular shower tray or a quadrant design if you have a smaller bathroom space to work with.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape shower you have chosen, shower accessories can add to your showering experience adding further convenience and luxury.

shower jet

Square Shower Jet

Size Considerations

If you have chosen a beautiful large shower you don’t want to end up in the situation where you can only use one corner of your shower to get wet. The water should distribute with ease throughout the space, which is where shower accessories come into play.

Shower arms are great shower accessories that can blend into your current bathroom design and match your shower head. You can choose between the cylindrical or cubed design to ensure your design flows throughout your showering space. The advantage to these shower accessories is that they lengthen the distance of the shower head, ensuring you can make the most of your large shower and enjoy a great showering experience.

Luxurious Options

Shower jets are the luxurious shower accessories you can get that can turn your shower into a spa-inspired theme. The jets come in square or round designs to blend in with your bathroom offering you an invigorating showering experience and ensuring your entire body gets wet while you shower. It doesn’t get any better than this.

These shower accessories can be added to existing showers or be included in new shower designs. They can give the bathroom that “wow” factor and ensure your bathroom makes a statement in your home.

Shower accessories are designed to make your showering experience convenient and enjoyable, they are finished to the highest quality and complement the shower ensuring your shower always offers the very best showering experience.

Installing Square Shower Trays

Those of you that have DIY savvy may choose to install your own square shower tray. Many of the households call in a professional to ensure the tray is secure and won’t leak, but if you want to do the job yourself, you can do so and it will only take one afternoon.

There are a few items you will need to get the job done. Chances are you have chosen square shower trays because they fit into your bathroom design with ease, they blend in with the space you have available and you have a wider selection of enclosures to choose from.

  • Spirit Level
  • Drill
  • Utility Knife
  • Mortar
  • Silicone

If you are a little hesitant about carrying out the job yourself, but don’t want to spend money on the installation, ask a friend with some plumbing knowledge to come and give you a hand. Two of you can get the job done faster which means you’ll have your shower up and running in a shorter space of time.

Shower Tray Easy Plum Kits

Shower Tray Easy Plum Kits

Step 1

The first step to installing any shower tray is ensuring the floor is even. Many shower trays come with their own legs, which are adjustable, so a light different in height won’t make a major difference. If your shower tray doesn’t come with legs, you will need to even out the floor surface using the mortar.

Always double check that you are completely happy with the colour, shape and size of your shower tray before you start installation. The advantage to the square shower trays is their versatility, you put them in a recess, along against a wall or even in a corner position.

Step 2

Next place the shower tray where you intend putting it, step back and imagine it completed. Will your shower doors be able to open? Then mark out the waste area on the floor before removing the tray to begin the installation.

For the  shower trays that came with legs, you can start the adjustments now, always ensure the shower tray is completely level once you have finished. If your square shower trays don’t have legs, spread the mortar, double check its level using your spirit level.

To be sure I suggest you constantly check your tray is level with the spirit level throughout the process, rather be safe than sorry. Next you can place your shower tray either on the mortar or on its legs, drill out your waste area and plumb.

Step 3

Once everything is in place run some water to ensure there are no leaks in the plumbing. Once the tray is fixed in place you will have a lot of work to do to fix any unexpected leaks. If you are completely happy you can seal the tray using silicone. The utility knife enables you to remove any excess sealant and ensure the installation looks neat and professional.

Once your sealant is dry, your shower tray is complete. Now you can start installing your enclosure to ensure the shower is completely sealed and won’t leak.

Top Shower Choices

There are a number of popular shower options available enabling you to choose the style and design that works with your overall bathroom design. A shower shouldn’t be that inconvenience in the bathroom, but rather a bathroom item that enhances the space, blends in with the rest of your design and offers you convenience and functionality.

Smaller Bathroom Designs

Many of us have the trouble of trying to design a small bathroom. It seems that homes are being built on a smaller scale which leaves us with a small family bathroom and once you place a bath in these spaces there isn’t much room for anything else, which is why we choose showers.

In a smaller bathroom space most people choose to place the shower in the corner of the room, this way you maximise the floor space and leave ample room for all your other bathroom products. Placing the shower in the corner gives you a few options you can choose from.

The first is the quadrant design. These shower trays are specifically designed for a corner position in either a square or rectangular choice with a curved from. The enclosures you have available are also designed purely for these trays which come with sliding doors, maximising your space even further.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Corner Quadrant Shower Enclosure

If you’re looking for a modern design you may not like the curve of the quadrant shower trays and may choose a square or rectangular shower tray where you can add the enclosure of your choice. Placing these showers in the corner means only two sides of the shower is wall and one wall is the shower door, you have a side open where you can use shower enclosure side panels to water tight the shower and have the design that best suits your overall bathroom style.

Larger Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom then you have a large number of options available, you can place your shower in the corner as you would with the smaller bathroom design. Again you could use the square or rectangular shower trays, the enclosure of your choice combined with shower enclosure side panels to seal off the shower.

Another option for larger bathrooms is you can place the shower along a wall, one side will be wall, the front will be the shower door and you can use shower enclosure side panels on two sides ensuring the shower is tightly sealed and reduce the risk of leaking.

How to Design a Shower

The decision to add a shower to your bathroom is often because you are looking for convenience, functionality and practicality while saving on floor space. But at the same time you need to make a lot of decisions when it comes to installing shower, including where you are going to place it.


The placement of your shower is imperative when designing a bathroom, you obviously want to save on floor space, but you still want to enjoy the functionality and practicality a shower has to offer.

The best way to achieve this is to work to a strict bathroom layout with clear measurements that will help you determine the best place for your shower and the best size shower tray, this way you are assured that your shower will not be too big and overpower your bathroom space.

Shower Tray

Once you know exactly where you intend placing your shower and the size shower tray you need, you can start shopping around.  There are a number of shower trays available in various shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the right one for your bathroom space.

quadrant shower trays

Quadrant shower trays are the ideal choice if you intend placing your shower in the corner.  These are generally square or rectangular in design with a stylish curved front and work beautifully with the quadrant shower enclosures which have sliding doors helping you maximise your space.

Then there are the rectangular or square shower trays, which can be placed in the corner or along the wall with ease.

Shower Enclosure

Now that you have your shower tray it’s time to decide on the best enclosure that will work within your bathroom space.  There are such a wide variety available.  If you are limited on space then the sliding door, bi-fold door and the walk in designs are the best choice.  These three enclosures do not have a door that swings open.

If you want a large opening and a door that swings open you have a choice of either the pivot or hinged door shower enclosures to choose from.

Shower Heads

My favourite part of designing any shower is choosing a shower head.  These days shower heads come in such a great selection of shapes and sizes.  There are the star shaped shower heads, the square and even the round designs.

When choosing shower heads bear in mind that you can mount them either on the wall or directly above on the ceiling.

Are You Having Problems Finding The Perfect Shower?

Are you having problems finding the perfect shower for your bathroom?  So many designs to choose from and so many enclosures available, finding the perfect fit can seem a little daunting.

Of course you don’t want your shower to be so big it overpowers your bathroom at the same time you don’t want it so small it gets lost in the space.  Another important thing is you want to place your shower where you want it.

Measure, Measure and Then Measure Again

The first place to start when looking for a shower for your bathroom is to measure the space available.  I always work to a detailed bathroom layout with all the measurements in place enabling me to find the right bathroom products that will blend in beautifully with my overall design.

You may prefer the idea of having a rectangular shower tray in the corner of your bathroom, but once you have used a shower enclosure side panel on one side and the walls on the other two sides, you realise that the door you have chosen is that little bit too small.  This is not the train smash, you do not have to choose another door.  Shower enclosure inline panels are the ideal solution enabling you to seal off the space making it watertight.

quadrant shower doors


Personally when I look at a bathroom, I get a clear indication of the size shower I want and where I want to place it.  With so many great designs available I can choose corner showers, sliding door options, hinged door options and even elegant walk in designs.

Often once I have my tray and enclosure, I realise that the two don’t fit perfectly together.  Again the shower enclosure inline panels are a solution, enabling me to have any shower design I choose.


One of my favourite shower enclosures for the modern bathroom design is the walk-in options.  The reason for this is they are minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated.  Not to mention there is no door you need to worry about opening and closing.

The walk-in shower enclosures work beautifully with either square or rectangular shower trays and when they don’t fit perfectly, I use the shower enclosure inline panels to seal off the tray making it watertight.

The shower enclosure inline panels are a slim pane of clear glass that slots in next to your shower door enclosure, without ruining the overall design of the shower.

Elegant Shower Choices

Showers are becoming a top choice on bathroom designs due to their convenience and water saving ability. Did you know that when you shower you only use a fraction of the water you would have used if you had soaked in a hot bath?

Another reason that showers are becoming a top choice is because you can add touches of luxury, making them a welcome addition to any bathroom, such as the jets which spray water at you from various angles, depending on where you have placed them.

Top Choices

There are a number of shower choices that really have that “wow” factor. Some of the best I have seen include a wet room design with enormous picture window to one side. The window looks over a lake where the views appear never ending.

Sliding shower door

Frameless Sliding Shower Door

The great thing about this design is there are no shower doors, no tray and yet, in some cases a wet room can be a nightmare. Though they do work well in smaller bathroom spaces.

Another of the top choices was an enormous oval bath freestanding in the middle of the bathroom floor on fake grass, there was a huge window to the side of the bathroom overlooking a forest, really welcoming the outdoors into the room. Above the bath on the ceiling was a large round shower head which sprayed water directly into the bath. This design was both elegant, stylish and practical offering both the ability to shower or bath, depending on your preference.

For the Smaller Bathrooms

Of course these lavish shower designs are not always practical for our bathrooms, especially when you live in the city areas and having a huge picture window will only welcome the neighbours eyes.

Some of the best designs I have seen yet include the bow sliding door shower trays, these are rectangular trays with a gentle curve. The tray was placed against a back wall in the corner facing into the bathroom and combined with the stunning sliding doors which didn’t compromise on any floor space.

All the items in the bathroom included the gentle curve you found on the bow sliding door shower trays, carrying the design throughout the space and really complimenting the room.

Whether you choose the bow sliding door shower trays or another of the shower trays available it’s so important you always take your floor space into consideration when choosing your shower tray. The sliding doors don’t open into the space and that is why they are always a top choice in the smaller bathroom designs.

Have You Got Everything You Need For Your Bathroom Renovation?

Doing a bathroom renovation is such an exciting time, you measure your bathroom, draw up a plan and start choosing your bathroom products. Very often the budget gets used on the larger items, the bath, shower and vanity and little is left for the essential items, such as your easy plumb and fast flow waste (wastes for shower trays, baths and basins).

It’s so easy for your budget to get blown on the larger items, yet forgetting or not having enough money left over for the essential waste can be disastrous for any bathroom project. It’s obvious you need easy plumb and fast flow waste for your bathroom design, where would the water go if you didn’t plan this into your budget?

Shower wastes

90mm High Flow Shower Waste

Ensuring You Stay on Track

The easiest way to ensure that you don’t forget the essential things you need for your bathroom renovation is to set an overall budget and then break it down. Set a budget aside for the shower and its waste, the bath and its waste and the basin and its waste. This way you can rest assured you will have everything in place when the contractors come in to start work.

There is nothing worse than building work being put on hold because you don’t have everything ready when the contractors arrive. They can gut your current bathroom, but once it comes to installation they will not be able to proceed without the right easy plumb and fast flow waste available.

Choosing your Plumbing and Waste

There are a number of choices when it comes to your easy plumb and fast flow waste (wastes for shower trays, baths and basins). If you imagine a bath you know there is an overflow area and a plug hole, both of these need to have access to the drain allowing water to drain out of the bath without flooding the bathroom. The wastes for these incorporate the two with the option of the traditional plug and chain design or the easy Klik-Klak push design. Choose the design that best suits your bathroom décor and style.

The same applies to your basin, are you going to choose the traditional plug and chain or the easy to use push button easy plumb and fast flow waste? Which one suits your bathroom style and is easier for the family to use?

Take careful consideration when choosing your waste, always see what is available before making any decisions and most of all, remember to add your easy plumb and fast flow waste into your bathroom budget so you have everything ready when your contractors arrive.

Things to Consider When Looking At Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are one of the most popular choices when it comes to shower designs. They add straight lines with seductive curves that work beautifully in both the compact and larger bathroom design.

Before you even consider any shower you need to know the space you have to work with. The best tip I can offer is to measure your entire bathroom area before you think of renovating, once you have all your measurements in place you can start shopping for various bathroom items such as quadrant shower enclosures and trays, basins and toilets.

Quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant Shower Enclosure Tray with Plinth


Quadrant shower enclosures work beautifully in the corner of a bathroom, which is probably why they are so popular. They give you the ability to maximise your floor space and help reduce the feeling that the bathroom is too cluttered.

The design of these shower trays is rectangular or square with a rounded edge which makes them the perfect choice when choosing a shower enclosure for a corner design.

You can choose your quadrant shower enclosures before you start planning the rest of your bathroom, let the design flow through the bathroom using straight edges or rounded ones to complement the shower. Use chrome taps and radiators to blend in with the frame of the shower enclosure and bring the entire bathroom together in one neat design that will make a statement in any home.

Make the Most of the Space

Quadrant shower enclosures usually come with sliding doors which are a welcome addition to any bathroom. If you think about how you want your bathroom space to work, you don’t want the inconvenience of obstacles getting in the way of your shower door if it were to swing open, which is why sliding doors are often the most realistic choice.

Smaller bathrooms definitely benefit from the quadrant shower enclosures with the sliding door system, this gives you ample room to move around your bathroom, dry off after a shower and makes the space look so much bigger than it is.

Remember to lay your bathroom out so that your shower isn’t difficult to access, placing your toilet or basin in front of the shower will not offer you the practicality you were looking for, in fact it can be a huge mistake which makes the bathroom difficult to move around and leave you frustrated.