Luxurious Shower Accessories

Showers should be an easy decision and installation. All you need is a shower tray, an enclosure and a shower head. Don’t forget the thermostatic values and you’re set to go. Showers offer convenience and many households prefer a shower because it’s economical and saves time and energy.

If you have chosen to add a shower to your bathroom, chances are you’ve measured the space and have a clear idea on the shower tray you want along with the type of enclosure. Maybe you’ve gone for a modern walk in shower enclosure and a rectangular shower tray or a quadrant design if you have a smaller bathroom space to work with.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape shower you have chosen, shower accessories can add to your showering experience adding further convenience and luxury.

shower jet

Square Shower Jet

Size Considerations

If you have chosen a beautiful large shower you don’t want to end up in the situation where you can only use one corner of your shower to get wet. The water should distribute with ease throughout the space, which is where shower accessories come into play.

Shower arms are great shower accessories that can blend into your current bathroom design and match your shower head. You can choose between the cylindrical or cubed design to ensure your design flows throughout your showering space. The advantage to these shower accessories is that they lengthen the distance of the shower head, ensuring you can make the most of your large shower and enjoy a great showering experience.

Luxurious Options

Shower jets are the luxurious shower accessories you can get that can turn your shower into a spa-inspired theme. The jets come in square or round designs to blend in with your bathroom offering you an invigorating showering experience and ensuring your entire body gets wet while you shower. It doesn’t get any better than this.

These shower accessories can be added to existing showers or be included in new shower designs. They can give the bathroom that “wow” factor and ensure your bathroom makes a statement in your home.

Shower accessories are designed to make your showering experience convenient and enjoyable, they are finished to the highest quality and complement the shower ensuring your shower always offers the very best showering experience.

How to Design a Shower

The decision to add a shower to your bathroom is often because you are looking for convenience, functionality and practicality while saving on floor space. But at the same time you need to make a lot of decisions when it comes to installing shower, including where you are going to place it.


The placement of your shower is imperative when designing a bathroom, you obviously want to save on floor space, but you still want to enjoy the functionality and practicality a shower has to offer.

The best way to achieve this is to work to a strict bathroom layout with clear measurements that will help you determine the best place for your shower and the best size shower tray, this way you are assured that your shower will not be too big and overpower your bathroom space.

Shower Tray

Once you know exactly where you intend placing your shower and the size shower tray you need, you can start shopping around.  There are a number of shower trays available in various shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the right one for your bathroom space.

quadrant shower trays

Quadrant shower trays are the ideal choice if you intend placing your shower in the corner.  These are generally square or rectangular in design with a stylish curved front and work beautifully with the quadrant shower enclosures which have sliding doors helping you maximise your space.

Then there are the rectangular or square shower trays, which can be placed in the corner or along the wall with ease.

Shower Enclosure

Now that you have your shower tray it’s time to decide on the best enclosure that will work within your bathroom space.  There are such a wide variety available.  If you are limited on space then the sliding door, bi-fold door and the walk in designs are the best choice.  These three enclosures do not have a door that swings open.

If you want a large opening and a door that swings open you have a choice of either the pivot or hinged door shower enclosures to choose from.

Shower Heads

My favourite part of designing any shower is choosing a shower head.  These days shower heads come in such a great selection of shapes and sizes.  There are the star shaped shower heads, the square and even the round designs.

When choosing shower heads bear in mind that you can mount them either on the wall or directly above on the ceiling.

Are You Having Problems Finding The Perfect Shower?

Are you having problems finding the perfect shower for your bathroom?  So many designs to choose from and so many enclosures available, finding the perfect fit can seem a little daunting.

Of course you don’t want your shower to be so big it overpowers your bathroom at the same time you don’t want it so small it gets lost in the space.  Another important thing is you want to place your shower where you want it.

Measure, Measure and Then Measure Again

The first place to start when looking for a shower for your bathroom is to measure the space available.  I always work to a detailed bathroom layout with all the measurements in place enabling me to find the right bathroom products that will blend in beautifully with my overall design.

You may prefer the idea of having a rectangular shower tray in the corner of your bathroom, but once you have used a shower enclosure side panel on one side and the walls on the other two sides, you realise that the door you have chosen is that little bit too small.  This is not the train smash, you do not have to choose another door.  Shower enclosure inline panels are the ideal solution enabling you to seal off the space making it watertight.

quadrant shower doors


Personally when I look at a bathroom, I get a clear indication of the size shower I want and where I want to place it.  With so many great designs available I can choose corner showers, sliding door options, hinged door options and even elegant walk in designs.

Often once I have my tray and enclosure, I realise that the two don’t fit perfectly together.  Again the shower enclosure inline panels are a solution, enabling me to have any shower design I choose.


One of my favourite shower enclosures for the modern bathroom design is the walk-in options.  The reason for this is they are minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated.  Not to mention there is no door you need to worry about opening and closing.

The walk-in shower enclosures work beautifully with either square or rectangular shower trays and when they don’t fit perfectly, I use the shower enclosure inline panels to seal off the tray making it watertight.

The shower enclosure inline panels are a slim pane of clear glass that slots in next to your shower door enclosure, without ruining the overall design of the shower.

Getting to Grips With Shower Valves

Shower valves are an important aspect of your showering experience, this is the part that helps you manage your water flow and temperature. Of course you want your new shower valves to blend in with your overall design and complement your shower, which is why you need to know the different options available.

Exposed Shower Valves

The exposed shower valves are stylish and elegant and will look fantastic in any bathroom design. These are generally a bar with a valve on each side, the one side will determine the water flow while the other determines the temperature. The advantage is that everyone in the house can manage the temperature they prefer and the pressure they require.

mixer shower valve

Thermostatic Mixer Valve

The exposed shower valves come in cylindrical designs, square and deluxe options. Depending on your overall bathroom style, you will be able to pick the one that best works with your other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Concealed Shower Valves

The concealed shower valves are very modern and stylish, perfect for that minimalistic bathroom design. These valves are a plate which is attached to your shower wall with two or three dials. Each dial has a purpose, one will be for the water flow letting you determine what water pressure you prefer, one will be for the temperature giving you the chance to make your shower as hot or cold as you wish. If you choose a concealed shower valve with three dials, you will use the third to manage the shower jets or extra shower head that you have placed in your shower.

Dual Concealed Shower Valves

These shower valves are very stylish, perfect for modern or traditional bathrooms. The valves are round in shape with two levers, the levers manage your water flow and temperature.

There are four dual concealed shower valves to choose from, two of which have a cross head for managing the water flow, the same as you would find on many traditional taps. Perfect for all bathroom designs offering elegance and sophistication to the space.

How to Choose

With so many shower valves to choose from it can be a difficult decision on which is right for you. The best solution is to take your overall bathroom design into consideration along with the taps you have already chosen for your basin or your basin and bath, keep the shower valves in line with those designs to ensure you have the same style flowing throughout the space.

Finding The Best Shower Tray For Your New Bathroom Design

Shower trays come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you may feel a little overwhelmed when choosing the right tray for your new bathroom design.

The first thing you need to consider is where you want to place your shower, this can be in the corner, in a recess or against the back wall. You will need to measure the space you have available to determine what is right for the size bathroom you are working with.

D shaped shower trays available

D shaped shower trays

In general small bathrooms really work well with quadrant shower trays which fit beautifully into the concern of the bathroom, they are square or rectangular in shape with a curved edge and with a sliding door enclosure they are compact and complement the bathroom perfectly.

But what happens if you have chosen square for your modern design? You’ve already chosen the square basin taps, square shower head and square toilet, but now you need the ideal straight edged design shower tray to bring it all together and enhance your bathroom space.

Rectangle shower trays are a very popular choice in bathrooms today. They blend in beautifully with both modern and traditional bathrooms and offer the versatility of being placed in the corner, a recess or against a wall as a freestanding shower.

The biggest advantage is that these rectangle shower trays also work well as a walk in shower design, which means no doors to worry about.

As you may have guessed the biggest problem many people face when designing their bathroom is what shower doors to choose. There are the sliding doors, bi-fold doors, walk in designs and the pivot or hinged door designs.

Depending on the space you have available will determine what doors will work with your rectangular shower tray. The sliding, bi-fold and walk in designs are ideal when you are working with limited space and can’t have a door swinging open. The doors that swing open need enough space to do so without being obstructed, if they cannot open completely you are limiting the space you have to get in and out of the shower.

For larger bathrooms the rectangle shower trays placed against a wall as a freestanding shower look beautiful, using side panels and the door of your choice they are light and bright and allow the light to flow through the glass panels enhancing the bathroom design.

Is Your Bathroom Ready?

Many people don’t realise the amount of work that goes into a new bathroom or bathroom remodel. You probably think you’ll pop online buy a few items and once they arrive you’ll install them and your bathroom is ready.

If only it were that easy, though with some DIY savvy you can remodel your own bathroom there are a number of accessories you should take into consideration such as your easy plumb and fast flow accessories.

Yes I know you’re probably staring blankly at this page right now wondering what I could possibly be talking about, but when you plan your bathroom, you really need to take everything into account.

Shower Waste Fittings

Shower Waste Fittings

Your easy plumb and fast flow bathroom accessories are all your waste fittings for your shower, bath and basin. Have you ever wondered where the water goes? If you’re having a bath and it overflows slightly the excess water escapes through an overflow pipe, but that water has to go somewhere, this is what these accessories are all about, they are all the additional accessories you probably haven’t thought about.

Bath Accessories

If you have chosen a bath for your new bathroom, the easy plumb and fast flow accessory you will need should include a plug with overflow pipe, these are joined making them very easy to install and to ensure you don’t have any mishaps in the bathroom with an overflowing bath.

Basin Accessories

For your basin you need a basin waste, somewhere for the water to go when you pull the plug. Plugs don’t come with most basins that you choose, so these easy plumb and fast flow accessories need to be chosen separately.

The advantage is you can choose from the traditional plug with chain to the push system. I’m sure you know the plugs where you push it once to seal the plug hole and push it again to release and allow your water to flow freely.

Shower Accessories

Choosing a shower for the bathroom has become a very popular choice as they save you on floor space and are a fast and convenient way to bathe when in a rush. The easy plumb and fast flow accessories for showers fit the standard shower trays and assist with the easy flow of water as you shower, ensuring the shower doesn’t overflow. They have a thick tube which offers the water a free flow to reduce any leaks or accidents.

The Pure Simplicity of Shower Sets

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

Looking to give your bathroom a face lift? Maybe you’re trying to make some changes on a budget and are looking for inventive ways to improve your bathroom without laying out too much money.

The biggest mistake many homeowners make when renovating or building a new bathroom is using their budget unwisely. They spend too much on certain parts of the bathroom, leaving them short on budget for some of the more important aspects of the bathroom.

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

Phoenix Shower Valve with slide rail kit

If you have a small budget and spend a fortune on your bath, tiles and flooring, that doesn’t leave you much when choosing your shower sets, basin and toilet. So you firstly need to work your budget accordingly, set aside amounts for each aspect of the bathroom and then stick to that budget, this way you can ensure that you share the budget equally through the bathroom and get the design you were looking for.


Bathroom design is so important when choosing shower sets. These shower sets are the easiest and most practical shower options. They include a rail which enables you to adjust the height of your shower head, the perfect choice for a family bathroom where everyone is different heights. This means you won’t be showering with bent knees, just push the shower head up to a comfortable height when you get in the shower.

Another important factor is to ensure your new shower sets match your current bathroom fixtures and fittings. If you have square taps in your basin and most of your bathroom suite is square, then choosing rectangular designed shower sets will ensure they blend in and keep the bathroom uniform. Having rounded taps in your basin and rectangular shower sets will look out of place. You want your bathroom to be a stylish design, maybe even something you could find on the front of a glossy magazine.


If you decide to put in a shower and choose the old method, it can be expensive. Piping has to run inside the walls and the shower head needs to be mounted in a set position, the problem is that you can’t move the shower head once it’s installed. With shower sets you are in control, you can change the height of the shower head and if at any stage you have a problem, you don’t have to smash down half your wall, everything is neatly combined together.

The one thing I really appreciate about shower sets is that they are an affordable option that will give my bathroom the stylish design I am always trying to achieve.

Shower Baths A Family Decision

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

The biggest debate you will face as a family when remodelling your family bathroom is whether to add a bath or a shower. In most instances fitting both is impossible due to lack of space, but you’ll always get some family members who prefer to relax in a bath, while the others need a quick shower before rushing off.

This is a discussion that could go on for weeks as both sides argue their point and try and convince everyone that their choice is the better option for the renovation. It can be taxing trying to mediate both sides, trying to keep everyone happy and seeing the convenience of the shower which will speed the whole family up in the mornings when getting ready for school and work. But you prefer the bath, a place to relax after work and unwind, so why not add both?

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

Phoenix Space Shower Bath

You don’t have to have a large spacious bathroom to enjoy the benefits of both a bath and shower, shower baths are the best decision for family bathrooms, keeping the whole family happy and enabling everyone to enjoy their preference. Do you know how much time this saves? There is no discussions or long arguments and everyone gets what they prefer and the best thing is, you don’t compromise on floor space or try and put too much into your bathroom area.

Shapes and Sizes

Shower baths come in a choice of shapes which enables you to choose the one that best suits your bathroom layout. They are conveniently shaped enabling some family members to shower and others to take baths. This way you can lay down the morning ground rules that everyone showers, which reduces the amount of screaming and banging on the bathroom door to speed whoever is in the bathroom up because you’re all trying to get ready.

Think of the convenience it will give you as a parent. You don’t have family arguments to work through on what is the better option, you keep everyone happy and you can ensure everyone showers rather than baths in the mornings, which means everyone can get ready for work and school on time and without any of the usual morning drama that most families experience in the mornings when it comes to bathroom routines.

Of course your teens will prefer the shower because chances are they’re going to be running out to meet up with friends, but if you have younger children, a bath is a safer and practical option. Shower baths lets you enjoy both, offering you the convenience you deserve in your family bathroom.

Friday’s Fun Poll What do you listen to in the shower?

After blogging on the top 5 shower radios earlier on in the week I thought it would be appropriate to continue the theme and ask you all what you listen to in the shower.

There is lots of choice out there with regard to radio stations almost too much choice. There are radio stations for Funk, Garage, Soul, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Metal, Disco, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Rap, Hip-hop, Ska, Dubstep, Dance, Drum and Bass literally every type or form of music is available. Sometimes though you do need to do a bit of searching but eventually you find what you’re looking for.

Shower Image Kings Bathrooms

Maybe you have a fancy hi-tech shower radio that incorporates Bluetooth and are able to stream your own tunes from your mobile or computer and don’t listen to the radio. Maybe you even have a morning playlist that helps to wake you up and get you fully re-vitalised for the day ahead.

With so much choice with regards to music and radio choices and due to everyone’s individual preferences it’s time to have a poll and see what everyone listens to.

Below is a simple poll with a few choices. As always please leave a comment as i’d love to hear from you. You can even suggest the frequency and name of your favourite station so i can check it out. As always enjoy.

Top 5 Shower Radios

So you’ve come to the realisation that you need a new shower enclosure and so you’ve done the right thing and browsed through Kings Bathrooms range of quality shower enclosures to find the best style suitable for your space and style in your bathroom.

You have also been astounded and amazed at the price of your new shower enclosure from Kings Bathroom that you had to tell all your family and friends about the amazing deal. If they don’t believe you then you point them to the new Kings Bathroom You Tube video to prove the amazing styles and prices (conveniently situated below). If they are still not convinced you welcome them round to see your home to see your new bathroom centre piece with a beaming smile.

So you’ve brought and installed your new shower enclosure from Kings Bathroom and saved yourself enough money for a good slap up meal. You’ve also managed to convince your family and friends of this amazing shower enclosure deal and hope that they to will take up the amazing offer.

You then decide that today is the day when you are going to have your first shower in your new enclosure. You drop the towel on the bathroom floor and step in as naked as when you were born, turn the shower on and then you realise ………….you forgot to buy a new shower radio.

Shower radios are brilliant they give you useful information in the morning from the news, weather and travel reports. Plus they provide music for you to dance and sing (usually badly unless your blessed with a voice like Tom Jones or Aretha Franklin).

So to help you have the best shower experience possible in your new shower enclosure here is my top 5 shower radios to purchase.

Top 5 Shower Radios

  1. Steepletone Penguin Shower Radio
  2. H20-100 Power Water Pressure Powered Shower Radio
  3. Microphone Shower Radio
  4. Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker & Hands free Speakerphone for streaming Audi and Answering your phone-White
  5. Clatonic DR 814 Shower Radio with Motion Sensor – White

Penguin Shower Radio

  1. Steepletone Penguin Shower Radio

This is a good all round fun shower radio that is ideal for people with a fun sense of humour or for a family with kids. The radio is in the shape of a penguin with a rubber ring and goggles. It has easy to use buttons and requires 3 AA batteries to work and can tune into both FM and MW.

Water Powered Shower Radio

  1. H20 – 100 Power Water Pressure Powered Shower Radio

This is a fantastic shower radio that is truly a work of brilliant innovation. The radio does not need batteries to work as it is powered by the water pressure of the shower. I mean that is very clever plus environmentally friendly and cost saving on batteries.

The radio is easy to install directly onto the faucet of your shower, when you turn the shower on it turns the turbine inside the radio and generates power to run the radio. The radio will also work after the shower is turned off as the turbine also charges up the rechargeable battery inside meaning you can be listening to your tunes while drying off. Easy to use buttons are situated on the front of the radio.

Microphone Shower Radio

  1. Microphone Shower Radio

If you enjoy singing in the shower and I mean who doesn’t, then this is the shower radio for you. The radio is shaped like a microphone with easy to use buttons on the side. There is also a hook at the bottom so when you don’t want to sing into the mic when your favourite tune is playing you can always hang it up. This is defiantly the radio if you are a budding rock or pop star.

Bluetooth Shower Radio

  1. Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker & Hands free Speakerphone for streaming Audi and Answering your phone-White

This is the most hi-tech and expensive of the radios listed but it does come with some impressive features that warrant the price tag. The radio is Bluetooth enabled and so you can connect to any other Bluetooth device. This enables you to be able to stream music and even answer phone calls from your mobile while being in the shower. This is defiantly the radio for people constantly on the move or gadget lovers. This radio has easy to use buttons on the front and is available in white or black.

Motion Sensor Shower Radio

  1. Clatonic DR 814 Shower Radio with Motion Sensor

This is a fantastic shower radio that has some great features. The radio has easy to use buttons located on the front of it and a hook at the top but that is not the main feature of this radio. The main feature is that the radio has a built in motion sensor that automatically turns the radio on and off. It also has both AM and FM bands giving you a wide choice of stations to listen to.

Well hope you enjoyed my top 5 shower radios and that you found your perfect companion to compliment your new shower enclosure.

As always please drop me a comment I’d love to hear from you.