Bathroom Olympics

With all this Olympic hype swirling round Great Britain I have been caught up in the hype and am loving it immensely. I have been watching as many different sports as possible and been introduced to new sports and how they work.

So I thought to myself why has no one thought about creating the Bathroom Olympics? I mean the bathroom can be such a fun place that you could invite all your mates round and instead of playing the bog standard board games and usual shenanigans you could all play Bathroom Olympics.

The Olympics is such an amazing astounding event that it manages to bring people from all over the world together in harmony. It’s amazing how sport can play such a key component in bringing people together.

It was with this idea and thought process that I decided it was time to bring everyone close with the Bathroom Olympics. I know what you’re thinking here he goes again on another one of his hair brained crazy ideas, but this time I have struck gold. I truly believe that after you have read the amazing games below that you to will be a convert to the Bathroom Olympics.

I know one or two of these games are going to be hard to judge as personal space maybe infringed upon, but that infringement will no doubt bring people closer together so we can end up being all one big happy family.

To kick the Bathroom Olympic proceedings off there needs to be a Bathroom Olympic pledge just like the real Olympics. You can always amend this to suit your needs or keep it how it is.


The Bathroom Olympic Pledge:

In the name of all the competitors taking part in this illustrious and amazing competition I promise that we will respect and abide by all the laws governing this competition. We will have fun, laugh, smile and enjoy all aspects of this competition. We will mock the loser and be envious of the winner. But at the top of this all we will come together in brother and sister unity in a competition of complete and utter pointlessness.

Bathroom Olympics Events

Perfect Temperature

This is probably one of the hardest games in the Bathroom Olympics. The contestant has 10 minutes to run the perfect temperature bath, as no one likes a bath that is to hot or to cold. After the 10 minutes is up the temperature of the bath is measured by a thermometer and the closest to 38 degrees C is the winner. A contestant does not have to use all the allotted 10 minutes if they feel they have reached the achieved temperature. If there is a draw then the contestant who achieved the temperature the quickest is the winner.

Rubber Duck throwing

The contestant sits in the bath tub and has to throw a rubber duck from a minimal distance of one and a half metres into a bathroom basin. The contestant has 3 rubber ducks and scores a point for each rubber duck successfully thrown into the basin.

Soap Juggling

This is a really simple game but is great fun. The contestant has to juggle 3 Bars of soap for as long as possible. The soaps will be placed in a basin full of water before the event starts. The longest time recorded before dropping a soap is the winner.

Splash Back

This is more of the extreme sports and I apologise if anyone is offended but it’s just a bit of toilet humour. Hopefully everyone knows the term splash back but for those that don’t it is the splashing of water hitting the derrière when doing your business. The scoring would be based on surface area wetness.

Towel Drying

The contestant takes a 5 minute shower and has to dry themselves as quick as possible using a standardized medium towel. Marks will be taken off for red marks left after rubbing to hard against the body.

Tap Running

The contestant has to turn on all taps so they are full flowing and have reached the fastest flowing capacity where you can’t turn them any further. Once this is in place the contestant then needs to turn all taps off as quickly as possible until no drops remain.

Toothpaste Squirting

For this event you will need a tube of toothpaste but make sure it is the squeezy tube variety not the pump action toothpaste.

The contestant has to squeeze or push the toothpaste tube in a sharp quick action to see how far they can squirt the toothpaste. The furthest distance attained is the winner.

Bathroom Heptathlon

Takes in all the above events and the highest score after all events is crowned the winner.


Well hope you are blown away by the amazing set of games laid out for you all to compete in. So get your friends and family round and enjoy your own Bathroom Olympics.

As always any comments are welcome, maybe you can think of another bathroom game I haven’t thought of by all means let me know.







Fridays Fun Poll – Are you excited about the Olympics?

I was deciding on what to get all you lovely people to vote about in the Friday Fun poll this week. The poll is usually linked to a blog earlier on in the week but unfortunately you can’t really do a blog on printers from hell or DIY issues.

So I’ve decided to just have a very simple poll this week about the upcoming Olympics seeing as its only 7 days away. The poll is to see how excited or not excited you are about these games. Personally I’m really excited I think they are going to be great. I wish I could take a whole 2 months off work and go watch as much of it as possible. I am lucky enough to have tickets to watch one of the football games but am desperate to make it down and watch some of the Paralympics.

Are you as excited about the Olympics as I am? Or am I the only one who’s keen for it all to kick off and get under way. Simple poll Yes or No.

As always please leave a comment I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Olympics.

Positive Thinking


Here in the UK we have simply not had a summer, the weather has been completely and utterly awful even more so then usual. The rain has come and then gone and come back again and this cycle has been repeated day after day after day. We’ve had floods here there and everywhere and to be honest my hope for my tomato plants has all but faded.


So I’m going to try and lift everyone’s spirits and let you all know that the Olympics is only 16 days away and I’m sure that the weather will of brightened up in those 16 days I’m sure of it.


I know this is only a very brief blog today but I felt everyone here in the UK needed an extra boost of positivity today and I feel that reminding everyone of the pending Olympics would help. Also it should be mentioned otherwise I won’t be doing my job that here at Kings Bathrooms we will be having Olympic reduced prices. Not entirely sure what Olympic reduced prices are but I’ll be sure to let you know the meaning once I figure it out myself. Needless to say that the prices on a number of items will drastically reduce, giving you an absolute bargain.


Now if that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will. Have a great day everyone and remember it can’t rain all the time.

Let’s be positive for a summer of sport

The bells have tolled and time has run out for England at Euro 2012. It all came down to the dreaded penalties and we all know how it was going to end before the first penalty was even kicked. Why we all had hope after Italy missed first was a nation riding on sheer adrenaline rather then confidence. Here at Kings Bathrooms we are all a little subdued today knowing that the excitement of the Euro’s is essentially over. It could also be that it’s Monday morning.

Let me try and brighten your spirits now as we look towards the future, as this summer has huge potential for sporting success. Not only do we have the Olympics that the UK is hosting, where we have some fantastic athletes that have a strong chance of achieving a gold medal. But we also have Wimbledon that is starting today. So what better way of dealing with the disappointment of exiting Euro 2012 then to dive straight into the excitement and hype of Wimbledon. I guess at this point I should mention the purpose of this article that here at Kings Bathrooms we will be having some great offers that will be linked into these fantastic sporting events. So we will keep you all updated as soon as we finalise the offers.

Back to the up coming sporting events and I feel we really do have a fantastic opportunity for success at both the Olympics and Wimbledon. So let me leave you with a few inspiring words to uplift your spirit and give you hope for this sporting summer.

Pele (Footballer)
“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”

Muhammad Ali (Boxer)
I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Jim Valvano (Basketball player and coach)
“Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.”