Top Tips to Choosing the Right Toilet

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom needs to be done with care, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration to ensure the toilets you are looking at are the right choice for you and your family from the design and size of the toilet to the performance that they offer.

Toilet Size

You need to measure the space you have available between the wall and the centre of the sewerage drain, this will determine what size toilet you need for your bathroom, this is called the rough-distance. Elongated toilets are the most popular due to them being considered the most comfortable, but you will have a wide selection to choose from, so don’t worry you will find one that blends into your design with ease.

Another consideration is the height of the toilet. With your rough-distance and height in hand you can start looking at the toilets that match your criteria. Normally the rough-distance is around twelve inches, if yours doesn’t match this, then you may be limited to the choices you have available.

Great Design

Basically there are two designs available, the one piece and two piece options. The two piece toilets are normally the more affordable choice with a separate tank which is bolted to the wall. The one piece toilets are the more expensive choice, but at the same time, these are a top choice because they are much easier to clean.



Wall mounted toilets are very popular in modern bathroom designs. Sophisticated and elegant, even though more expensive, they can make a statement in any bathroom.

Interestingly there is a selection of toilet bowls to choose from including those that are round, square and elongated. Consider comfort and convenience when choosing the toilet bowls, round toilets often work well in smaller bathrooms while the elongated choice works beautifully in a spacious bathroom area.


The performance should be an important part of your decision when looking at toilets. Performance toilets don’t clog and have great waste removal. Most toilets are rated on their flush power from one to ten and the higher numbers offering the better waste removal.

The Seats

Right you’ve looked at toilets and chosen yours based on size, design and performance but what about the toilet seat? There are so many to choose from including self-closing toilet seats, patterned and pictured choices, wood and plastic. The toilets seat should be chosen according to your bathroom décor, ensuring everything blends in together to enhance the space.

Top Tips When Choosing a Toilet

Now you may not think your toilet is important when designing your bathroom this Easter, but the toilet you choose can impact your entire bathroom space, which is why toilet design is so important.

Toilets come in a range of shapes and styles, you can choose square or oval toilets depending on your overall bathroom design. Then there are even toilets that help you maximise the space you have available, the back to wall toilets.

If you’re shopping around this Easter for a new toilet for your bathroom, you may want to take a look at the back to wall toilets and see how they can help you make the most of the bathroom space you have available.

Phoenix Emma WC

Phoenix Emma Toilet


The first consideration when choosing any toilet whether you choose a toilet that has the cistern attached to the bowl or you’re looking at back to wall toilets is the shape. The shape of your toilet is important because it should blend in with the rest of your bathroom design.

If you have designed your bathroom with straight edges and a minimalist look, then you’ll want a square toilet to compliment the space. The same applies if you have chosen bathroom products that are curved, round or oblong, a round or oblong toilet will work best.


When designing a smaller bathroom the back to wall toilets are the best choice helping you maximise that floor space. If you aren’t sure what back to wall toilets are, they are toilets where the cistern is hidden behind the wall so you only have the bowl in the bathroom, this can save you a tremendous amount of space, especially when working with a very small area.

Round toilets also work really well in the smaller bathroom setting while large bathrooms can benefit from either the traditional design of toilet or the back to wall toilets, it’s really down to you. If you have chosen modern with a large roll top bath, counter top basins and a lot of chrome and glass, then the back to wall toilets will blend in beautifully, enhancing the space and carrying out that “wow” factor that you are looking to achieve.

Whichever toilet you choose, whether it includes the cistern or is the back to wall design, all you have to do when making your selection is imagine how it will look in your finished bathroom design.

Stylish Toilet Options

A toilet has been an essential item in any bathroom for centuries and there are so many different varieties when you think about. There are toilets that are made from a hole in the ground, then there are those with a flush mechanism, such as the toilets we have in our bathrooms today, chemical toilets and portable options.

Of course while I could probably write about toilets throughout the centuries and the different options available, you’re not going to be mounting a hole in the ground in your new bathroom design. You want a toilet that is modern in design, stylish and that will blend in with your overall bathroom style.

modern toilets

Nanno Toilet

Basic Toilets

I’m using the term “basic toilets” for those toilets we all know and recognise, those with a cistern attached to the back and a flushing mechanism. These days there are a variety of fantastic designs available from the oval choices that we all know so well to the stylish square designs.

When looking at toilets you’ll want to take your overall bathroom design into consideration. If you have chosen bathroom items with gentle curves or rounded shapes then choosing the Emma, Forma, Pensato or Dale design will ensure that your toilet blends in perfectly.

If you are designing a modern bathroom with plenty of straight edges and square designs, then you want your toilet to carry on that design throughout the space such as the Qube, MacQ, Nanno and Lisa designs.

Back to Wall Toilets

Another option is the back to wall toilet, these are a great choice for compact bathrooms and ultra modern bathrooms where you are going for that minimalist design. Back to wall toilets also use the cistern and flushing mechanism that we know today, but it’s been done in a highly sophisticated way.

Basically your toilet bowl and pedestal are mounted directly on the wall, this gives you more space in your bathroom and leaves the space looking stylish and elegant. It’s what is happening behind the wall that counts.

Behind the wall you’ll have a mounting block that will secure the toilets to the wall and then your cistern is also mounted, hidden from sight. Your flushing mechanism can be mounted on the wall behind the toilet allowing you to push a button and your toilet will flush with ease.

These toilets are firm favourites in the more modern bathroom designs, available in a choice of shapes and helping you complement your bathroom space with ease.

Some Fun and Interesting Bathroom Facts to Bear in Mind This New Year

You’re probably heading off to a New Year party tonight or maybe you’re hosting one, well you may want to take note of some of these fun and silly facts about bathrooms before you head to the bathroom tonight.

Whether you’re partying at home or heading to a friends place, check the toilet seat is down before you sit on the toilet. You may wonder why, well eighty five percent of bathroom accidents happen due to the toilet seat being up. Who would have thought.

If you’re hosting a New Year party at home go through your bathroom cupboards and make sure they’re neat and tidy, remove any products and items that you don’t want your friends and family to see. Why? Well because seventy percent of your house guests will go through your bathroom cupboards.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom Cupboards with Drawers

If you are one of the eighty percent of people that tend to use your mobile phone on the toilet, hold onto it because seven million mobile phones are dropped into toilets each and every year.

Always close the toilet lid when flushing. Flushing faeces can become airborne which is why you are always told to keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

If you are out and about this New Year be sure to wash your hands after flushing the toilet, there are so many bacteria on the toilet handle. Also be sure to use paper towel and not the hand dryers. Hand dryers can increase the bacteria on your hands by over one hundred and sixty percent.

When you wake up tomorrow morning feeling rough after your night of partying, be sure it’s toothpaste your add to your toothbrush. Did you know that thirty three percent of people will brush their teeth with something other than toothpaste when over tired, this is mostly common in mothers.

Now that you have all the bathroom facts, you may want to rush around and get your bathroom clean for tonight or pop some anti bacterial wipes in your handbag before you head out to your New Year party tonight.

The last question I will leave you with just for fun is whether you crumple your toilet paper or fold it. The truth of the matter is that a majority of people will crumple their toilet paper because it is much quicker and more convenient than sitting their folding it neatly.

Fun Toilet Facts From Kings Bathroom

Everyone uses the toilet, they are items in our homes we just expect to be there and with Christmas being just around the corner and guests coming to stay in our homes, these household items will be used more than ever before.

Did you know that the average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year? That is three years of your life you spend with your toilet.

The funniest fact is that there is someone out there in the world that made a toilet paper wedding dress. Now I know toilets are an important part of our lives and we cannot live without them, but this is taking it a little too far wouldn’t you think?

King George II had an accident in 1760 and fell off the toilet, this accident resulted in his death. Except for the film “Psycho” I never dreamed toilets could be linked with fear and danger.

Flushing toilets were invented in 1596, the first one was invented for Queen Elizabeth by Sir John Harrington.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

We are so lucky we live in the era we live in because toilet paper on a roll was only invented in 1890, before that toilet paper was just a sheet of paper with the first toilet paper being used as far back at 1391AD.

When it comes to toilets you wouldn’t think there would be so many interesting facts, but between the toilets themselves and the toilet paper there are a number of great facts including the fact that there we use an average of fifty seven sheets of toilet paper each and every day.

A good fact to know is when you walk into public toilets the first cubicle is the one that is least used, so head for this one when you can because it’s guaranteed to be cleaner.

Now if you are a woman you probably love jewellery, but would you consider a gold toilet? There is a twenty four carat gold toilet, considered the most luxurious in the world, located in the Hall of Gold in Hong Kong.

The last interesting fact you may have never known about toilets is that the average life span of a toilet is fifty years. That’s really not bad going when you are remodelling your bathroom and don’t want to choose a more expensive toilet because you’re worried it will be money wasted. Now you know your toilet is durable and will last for many years.

Fun Toilet Facts

Today is World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day is celebrated on the 19 November every year since 2001. You may wonder why we would celebrate something we are so used to having in our homes such as a toilet, but there are billions of people around the world that do not have access to this convenience.

Did you know that women are more susceptible to attack due to the fact that they don’t have a lockable toilet to use and need to go in the wild, so to speak?

World Toilet Day

Interestingly the first toilet cubicle in a public bathroom is the least used, what this means is that it’s the cleanest. So next time to use a public bathroom, be sure to head to the very first cubicle.

The most toilets are flushed at the same time is during the Super Bowl half time when everyone around USA heads to the bathroom at the same time.

2,500 times a year – that’s the average number of times you will use the toilet, that is around eight times a day for the average person. That’s a lot of time spent in the bathroom. The shocking truth is that this equates to around three years of your life, three years you spent using the toilet, now that’s a fact I bet you didn’t know.

The average person will use up to fifty seven sheets of toilet paper each day. That is a lot of toilet paper used each year.

2,5 billion people around the world do not have access to a toilet. These people are forced to go in the bush, they are more susceptible to being attacked and contracting disease. This is the main reason that World Toilet Day was introduced to improve sanitary conditions around the world.

Finally, the last fun fact is that 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. How I cannot explain, but this is one fun toilet fact that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Now You Know The Facts

Now that you know the truth about the toilet on this annual toilet celebration day, you must be so pleased that you live in a country where you have a working toilet in your bathroom both at home and at work.

Never mind here in the UK there is such a wide selection of toilets for you to choose from, you can choose your toilet according to your bathroom design and not think twice about it, while there are billions of people in the world that have never used a toilet in their lives. Interesting fact, definitely.

The Best Bathroom Scenes of All Time

When I was thinking of what to discuss this afternoon I decided I would test people’s great knowledge of films. In particular I wanted to test people’s knowledge of films with you guessed it BATHROOMS.

At first I was thinking to myself surely there is not that many films that feature a bathroom or a toilet in it. Then I looked down at my list of films and was staggered by how many film that feature a great bathroom scene in their respective films. I was also staggered to see that there was such a diverse range of films and subject matter that featured a bathroom scene. Ranging from laugh out loud comedy moments to outrageous violence scenes and everything in between it seems the bathroom is a backdrop that is utilised in the film industry to great effect.

So with all these memorable film scenes taking place in a bathroom I though I’d share my top 5. I will unfortunately assume you have seen the films listed if not then I highly suggest you watch them not just for the bathroom scenes mentioned but also because they are great films.

Austin Powers – “Who does number 2 work for”

When I first saw this film as a teenager I fell over myself laughing at this scene and I still chuckle now. Yes call me crude but even now as a grown man I enjoy toilet humour and this bathroom scene is one of the best. Some classic lines of support from the American in the next cubical is sheer brilliant.

Lethal Weapon 2 -“Do we go on 3 or 1 2 3 and then go”

For me the Lethal Weapon films are brilliant. The blend of action and comedy combined with the fantastic chemistry between Riggs and Murtaugh aka Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is superb. This scene in particular when Murtaugh is on the toilet with a bomb attached to it is a scene that highlights the friendship between the two of them.

Jurassic Park -“When you gotta go you gotta go”

This scene is Steven Spielberg at his very best with this outstandingly funny yet pretty grizzily death scene. I hope you can remember the scene which I am referring to where the somewhat annoying lawyer runs to the toilet shed to escape from the dinosaurs. Only to be confronted with the mamma of all dinosaurs T-Rex who enjoys the lawyer as a taste snack.

Psycho -“Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh”

This is a scene from one the best suspense, horror and thriller directors of all time Alfred Hitchcock, the scene is from arguably his most famous film Psycho. Hopefully you have all seen this film if not then don’t carry on reading this blog, stop whatever your doing and go watch it now. The scene is fantastically directed and edited seeing as all the violence is imagined by you the viewer. At no time do you see the knife piece or cut Marion Crane who unfortunately stopped at the wrong motel. It is an ultimately nasty violent scene yet no big blood splats or close up brutality horror at its best by being imagined by the viewer. Modern horror movies should take note that you don’t need to show blood and guts for viewers to experience feelings of dred.

Last but not least is

There’s Something About Marry –“I got IT stuck…..”

If there was ever a bathroom scene that has every male who watches it grimace and slowly fold their legs carefully it’s this film. The scene as you should all know involves Ben Stiller as Ted Stoehmann who has a quite remarkable trouser zip malfunction. This malfunction is enough to bring a tear to my eye. Luckily it all worked out in the end.

Hope you have enjoyed my little list of bathroom scenes. As I stated there is plenty more scenes out there and I have included the rest of my list below. As always please comment as I love to hear from you all and please let me know if I’ve missed out any other great bathroom scenes.

More Bathroom Scene Films

The Shinning

American Psycho

The Big Lebowski

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Fly

Scar Face


James Bond Casino Royal

Naked Gun

Pulp Fiction

The Wonder of Foreign Bathrooms

Apologies to all my adoring fans but I have been away for the last week and so have not been able to bring you amazing slices of intriguing yet quite useless bathroom ramblings. But never fear for I have now returned and I have some outstanding rambling’s for you to enjoy.

To start off let me picture the scene (although no doubt you have all been there). You’re away on holiday and you’re all excited and looking forward to a week of relaxing and exploring all the wonders a new country has to offer. You’ve got off the airplane and have just arrived at the hotel. You’ve managed to navigate through the first hurdle of checking in with a person who doesn’t speak a word of your native tongue and your pigeon version of their language has just about succeeded. As soon as you turn around to locate your room you suddenly need the toilet it’s a natural reaction all the stress is gone you’ve arrived and everything is sorted so your bowels decide now is the time to let you know that you need to go. I’m sure everyone has been in this situation at least once if not many times.

So your body is telling you that you need to go then the dread kicks in, you’re in a foreign country what if the toilet is just a hole in the ground. Thankfully for me there was a toilet and the bathroom was wonderful and everything was ding dang doodly fine. Hopefully all of your holiday bathrooms have been fine as well and you haven’t encountered any major problems.

Foreign Toilet

It got me thinking about bathrooms abroad and different cultural changes that can invariably take place. We may automatically think that all bathrooms look, smell and have the same functions as our own native bathrooms. This is where we invariably become unstuck in assuming that

1 Our bathrooms are the correct and only way in how a bathroom should be arranged.

2 That all countries have the same cultural bathroom agreements as us.

3 That all countries have the infrastructure and plumbing as us.

All these combined make us naïve when it comes to experiencing a foreign toilet.

So here are a few tips on enjoying a foreign bathroom and not being surprised or alarmed when you encounter something you weren’t expecting.

Foreign Toilet

Tip Number 1

Research, research, research.

It may seem quite blatantly obvious but research is the best way to find out if you’ll be expecting a hole in the ground and a bucket of water for a shower or expecting a fully functioning power shower and spa bath. Research will also tell you if you can flush toilet paper down the loo or if the country’s plumbing system doesn’t allow this. Research is key my friends.

Tip Number 2

Know the lingo

This again may seem obvious but it is 100% worth mentioning and should be adhered to the last thing you want is pee running down your leg while your shouting toilet at the top of your voice at a bar man or store keeper who shrug and think you want to buy a loaf of bread or a glass of milk. Know the word for toilet and have it on the tip of your tongue it could save you a world of embarrassment.

Tip Number 3

Don’t be scared

If you find out through your research that you are visiting a country that operates on a hole in the ground routine then don’t let it put you off. Remember all the natives use this system and have been for years. You can easily over come your fears and do your business the native way for a week or two.

Tip Number 4

Relax and just enjoy it remember your on holiday.

Well hope you enjoyed my quick tips on travelling round different countries and how to deal with what you maybe faced with bathroom wise. Good luck to you all fellow travellers.


Fridays Fun Poll Over or Under that is the question?

Friday’s fun poll continues on from my previous blog about the position of the TPDS (toliet paper delivery system). If you haven’t read the previous blog i’d suggest you go back and have a quick read to get more of an understanding of the issue involved.

If you are fully upto date with this connumbdrum of a debate then please let me know what your decision is on this matter.

I know some of you will have very strong opinions and if you’d like to leave a comment to help persude others that your way is the right way then please do.

For those of you that either don’t know what were talking about or simply think that this whole debate is irrelevant and pointless please vote as well.

Looking forward to the results, enjoy.

The Great Toilet Roll Debate

Which way to roll the toilet paper from the front or from the back?

Some of you may think that this alternative bathroom blog is full of general bobbins and irrelevant issues that have no relevance to either society or an individual. Well today I am going to introduce a topic that everyone has an opinion on and one that has in the past led to broken marriages, life long friendships ended and even murder.

The great debate is the position of how a toilet roll should be situated with regard to the toilet paper’s accessibility. To help evaluate this debate further I have devised a phrase, the ‘Toilet Paper Delivery System’ or TPDS.  Below is a diagram that illustrates the debate.

As you can see from the diagram there are two positions.

Position A = Under

Position B = Over

If you have laughed or smiled or sniggered at any time since reading this blog then you have drastically underestimated this debate. There have been scientific studies over this debate from a sociological aspect as well as a psychological and philosophical approach. Yet no conclusive result has been attained.

Research has shown that 60-70% of people prefer the over method of TPDS compared to the 30-40% of people who prefer the under TPDS. To provide a broad over view and will discuss what people perceive to be the pro’s and con’s of both over TPDS and under TPDS.



Over TPDS is easier to find and see the loose end piece of toilet paper.

Over TPDS reduces the unfortunate accident of knocking your knuckles against the wall when achieving the desired amount of toilet paper.

Over TPDS is generally used by manufacturers to display their loo roll products as patterned wall paper can be more aesthetically displayed.

Under TPDS


Under TPDS can be said to provide a tidier appearance due to the loose end being hidden underneath and out of view.

Under TPDS has less chance of unravelling if an earthquake were to occur.

Under TPDS also has less chance of being unravelled by small children or pets such as cats or dogs (we’ve all seen the Andrex commercials with the cute puppy).

Each toilet roll position has its own benefits and faults but ultimately it comes down to personal preference and something that only you can decide. Like all great debates such as Vampires vs Werewolves, Pirates vs Ninjas or Cake vs Biscuits this debate will rage on through out all eternity.

As with most of my blog’s I could write more, and I realise I am only scratching the surface of this debate. I will no doubt return to this topic at a later date to delve deeper into this conundrum.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you haven’t lost any friendships over it. On Friday the fun poll will be this debate so think long and hard and make sure you return on Friday to make your vote.