Walk In Shower Enclosures Are a Modern and Stylish Shower Choice

2013 is a year of luxurious and spa inspired bathrooms. Everyone is aiming for the modern bathroom design and when installing a shower, the walk in shower enclosure is the modern design you were looking for. These walk in shower enclosures are a great choice for both large and smaller bathroom designs.

The walk in shower enclosure are stylish and elegant offering all bathrooms that modern finish. Being made from clear glass they allow light to flow freely, helping you achieve the light and bright bathroom space that ensures your bathroom has a spacious feel.

walk in shower enclosures

walk in shower enclosures

Don’t get me wrong walk in shower enclosures are not only for the ultra-modern bathroom design, they blend in beautifully in a traditional bathroom. They have a clear glass pane of glass and a chrome bar which attaches it to the wall, it’s stylish, modern and minimalistic and works beautifully in any bathroom design.

The Plus Side

The biggest advantage about the walk in shower enclosures is the fact there is no door, making them great for the more compact bathroom design. You don’t have to worry that the door will swing open and knock against another bathroom item and they have a large opening for getting in and out of the shower.


The walk in shower enclosures are available in three exciting design choices. There is the standard which is minimalistic in design with straight edges that fits against a wall on the one side.

The second choice is the curved walk in shower enclosures, they are also minimalistic in design offering that gentle curve which enhances your bathroom when you have used rounded baths, basins and toilets.

The last choice is the walk in shower enclosures with side panel. The panel ensures there is no water leakage when you need a larger shower space. Also finished in clear glass in blends in with your shower enclosure perfectly.

Shower Placement

It doesn’t matter what shower enclosure you choose, where you place your shower in the bathroom is the most important factor. You want to ensure you maximise your floor space, this is why so many smaller bathrooms choose a corner position.

Take advantage of the side and inline panels available to ensure your shower doesn’t leak and that you have a stunning bathroom design that makes a statement in your home.

Shower Enclosures for the Smaller Bathroom Space

I think one of the hardest things to do is design a smaller bathroom. In a year where everyone is designing spa-inspired and luxury bathrooms, those stuck with compact bathrooms have to decide how to make the space work for them.

In a smaller bathroom environment you have to be so careful where you place your bathroom products and it’s essential you ensure that there are no products that obstruct other products. For example, if you choose a pivot or hinged shower door for a smaller bathroom, these doors could swing open and bang into your vanity or even toilet. If this happens the entry may be obstructed, this could leave you trying to squeeze into a small opening when getting in and out of your shower.

This is why when choosing shower enclosures in a small bathroom space, you should choose those that don’t swing open and there are a number of options available.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

The sliding door shower enclosures are one of the top choices when finding a shower door that doesn’t swing open. It helps you maximise your floor space in smaller bathrooms and they are modern and stylish in design.

Sliding Shower Enclosures

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

The sliding door shower enclosure slides on a rail located at the top and bottom of the shower, they are easy for everyone in the family to use and reduce the risk of water leaking onto your floor while showering.

Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

The bi-fold door shower enclosures are also a top choice. These shower doors also work on rail system like the sliding door shower enclosures except that they fold up, just like a concertina file.

Bi-fold shower door

Bi-fold Shower Door

The doors fold in towards the shower rather than out, so they don’t compromise your floor space. These shower enclosures are also sleek and stylish and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

The walk in shower enclosures are a modern choice and unlike the sliding door shower enclosures, these do not have any doors but rather an opening with a lip that ensures water doesn’t leak out while showering.

walk in shower enclosures

Walk in shower enclosures

Whichever you choose, whether it’s the sliding door shower enclosures, bi-fold or walk in option, you can maximise your floor space and ensure that your smaller bathroom layout works for you.

The Convenience and Style of Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk in shower enclosures are a popular choice in many bathrooms these days and it’s down to two things, convenience and style.

Whether you are designing a modern bathroom or a traditional bathroom you want to enjoy the ease and simplicity of your shower, that is why you chose a shower in the first place. So why walk in shower enclosures when there are so many other enclosures available?

walk in shower enclosure

Walk In Shower


One of the biggest bonuses you can achieve in your bathroom is convenience. Chances are you have included a shower because it’s quick, much faster than having a bath and offers you the convenience of shaving minutes off your time when getting ready in the mornings.

Maybe you’ve chosen a shower because you have a compact bathroom and a bath would have been too big for the space, but a shower helps you save water, is practical and functional.

These days more people are adding a shower to their bathrooms than a bath, showers you still get to enjoy the luxurious side of bathing with the stunning shower jets available on the market.

Another advantage of the walk in shower enclosures is that there are no doors, you just have to walk in and turn on the taps, it doesn’t get any easier than that.


Another advantage to these walk in shower enclosures is the style that they add to the bathroom, it’s easy for your shower to become the focal point. The walk in shower enclosures are minimalist in design offering toughened clear glass panes that allow light to flow through, giving your bathroom a feeling of space.

They also don’t have unsightly frames, you get chrome frames on the sides, but other than that it is plain glass which adds sophistication, elegance and style to any bathroom design.

I love the walk in shower enclosures for this reason, they can easily be installed into an ultra modern bathroom, minimalistic bathroom or a traditional space and they will blend right in.

Due to the functionality they offer they are ideal for family bathrooms and bathrooms for the elderly, there are no doors to worry about and they are easy to get in and out of the shower.

When choosing shower enclosures you always have to pay such careful attention to where you are placing your shower and ensuring that the door doesn’t swing open and knock against an obstacle, there is no fear of this happening with the stylish walk in shower enclosures.

The Simplistic Beauty of Walk In Shower Enclosures

Designing a bathroom takes time, planning and imagination. We all want our bathrooms to be beautiful, modern, spectacular even. Getting there takes careful planning and organization, determining what we can place in our bathroom, what products will work best and what accessories we need.

For those of us who have a large bathroom we can really splash out, going for the ultimate in luxury and design. The compact bathroom is more limited and often is where you will find a shower rather than a bath. So how do you choose the best shower, where to place everything and your final accessories?

Walk In Shower Enclosure

Curved Walk In Shower Enclosure

Bathroom Layout

Your first step in the bathroom planning process should be to measure your bathroom, this will give you an indication of what you can place in there. For larger bathrooms walk in showers look fantastic and they are practical and convenient, combine these with the simplistic beauty of the walk in shower enclosures and you will have a stylish, sophisticated and very modern bathroom design.

The aim of your bathroom layout is to ensure that all the items you want to place in your bathroom will fit and will work well together. You can measure your walk in shower to determine the best place to put it, measure your vanity, toilet and if you are also adding a bath, measure that too.


These days the majority of us go modern the minute we have the opportunity to remodel our bathrooms. The modern design is crisp, clean lines and stylish. This is where the walk in shower enclosures come in they are so minimalistic, but make a statement. A pane of clear class with chrome fittings make these shower enclosures a top choice for anyone remodelling a larger bathroom.

Keep your design flowing, if you have chosen modern with plenty of white, glass and chrome, keep that flowing throughout your design from your walk in shower enclosures to your basin, toilet and vanity.


Bathroom accessories can finish off your bathroom project beautifully. From stylish mirrors to modern radiators, combine these with your bathroom products already installed such as your walk in shower enclosure and your bathroom will be finished to perfection.

The trick is to choose everything for your new bathroom ensuring that they all blend in with each other and complement each other. Once you have achieved this and what you have chosen works in your bathroom space without compromising floor space you are left with a modern and stylish bathroom.