Understanding Bathroom Wastes

There are so many decisions to make when remodelling or designing a new bathroom from what shower tray to choose to which basin or toilet is the right choice for your design. One of the other decisions you will need to make when designing a bathroom is your wastes (basin wastes and bath wastes).

Wastes are an essential part of your bathroom design, these are what makes it possible for the water to flow from the product with ease and enables you to plug up the hole and use the product, so the decision needs to be the right one.

Basin Wastes

There are two things you need from your basin, you need to plug up the hole to fill the basin and when you pull the plug you need peace of mind that the water will drain with ease. So basically the concentration is based around the plug you use and if it is stylish and elegant, even better.

plug and chain wastes

Plug and Chain Wastes

There are a number of options when it comes to bathroom wastes and depending on your bathroom design and who uses the bathroom, will determine which is the right choice for you.

The first option which is suited for traditional and cottage style bathrooms is the plug and chain design that we all know so well. The chain is attached to the side of the basin to ensure that you don’t lose the plug and this design is easy for everyone in the family to use.

The other option when it comes to basin wastes is the easy to use Klik Klak design which is where the plug is attached to the hole at all times, a simple push of the plug seals the hole allowing you to fill the basin and another push of the plug releases the seal, allowing the water to drain with ease. These are ideal for households with children or the elderly and are so easy to use.

Klik Klak Basin Wastes

Klik Klak Basin Wastes

Bath Wastes

Bath wastes are easy to install and include a plug and overflow pipe, again there are two options to choose from, the plug and chain design which is suitable for any bathroom design and the easy push system of the Klik Klak design.

Klik Klak Bath Waste with Overflow

Klik Klak Bath Waste with Overflow

The advantage when it comes to bath wastes is you can choose from a round plug and outlet design or a square option, enabling you to blend your wastes with your overall bathroom style.

Understanding Bathroom Wastes

Chances are you don’t really care where your water goes once you let the plug out of your bath or basin in the bathroom, but when you are designing a new bathroom these are important things to take into consideration.

For the Basin

When you think of wastes you have no interest, but when you are in the process of designing a new bathroom, the bathroom wastes you choose have an impact on your overall bathroom design.

Basically there are two choices, the traditional plug and chain design which works beautifully in traditional and cottage style bathrooms and then there are the Klik-Klak wastes, these are push designs which are easy to use.

basin and bath wastes

Square Slotted Basin Waste

The push design requires you push down on the plug to seal the unit, enabling you to fill your basin with water and when you want to let the water out, you just give the plug a simple push again. This is ideal for the modern bathroom giving your bathroom a sophisticated and functional element.

For the Baths

When it comes to bath wastes you have more than the plug to consider, there is also the overflow outlet. Obviously you want to ensure your overflow outlet and your plug match in design. There is of course the traditional plug and chain design and then there are the push plug designs from Klik-Klak with matching overflow outlets that ensure your plug and outlet match.

The advantage is that there are some really stylish choices, my favourite for modern bathrooms has to be the square design with the square overflow outlet. These are ideal when you have chosen square taps and products for your new modern bathroom, allowing everything to work together and complement the space.

Take Your Design into Consideration

When choosing wastes you have to take your overall bathroom design into consideration. Think about the items you have chosen, have you got a glass basin, a roll top bath or a modern basin? What will look best with these items?

When choosing always ensure that your bath and basin wastes are matching in functionality and design. If you have chosen push plug designs for your basin, make sure you carry it over to your bath. This is so important, it reduces the risk of your bathroom being out of sync and ensures that everything complements each other and blends in beautifully with your overall bathroom design.

What Are Bottle Traps?

When designing a bathroom you need to set some of your budget aside for a bottle trap. Now you may be wondering what bottle traps are and why you would need one, but they are an essential piece of bathroom kit that can save you a fortune in plumbing problems.

Bottle traps are devices which are installed below your bathroom basin, they are what collects all the hair and debris that gets washed down the drain. These bottle traps also reduce the risk of smells permeating through your bathroom and can save you a lot of money.

Think of it this way, each morning the entire family takes turns in the bathroom, they’re brushing their teeth, their hair and the men are shaving. Eventually some of the debris will wash down your drain and get trapped in the pipes below. Without a bottle trap you will find that a really unpleasant smell will start working it’s way into the bathroom and the water will not drain very well, maybe not at all.

minimalist bottle trap

Minimalist Bottle Trap

Time to call a plumber. You spend money paying a plumber to come in and worst case they need to dismantle all your drainage pipes to find the blockage. Definitely not the situation you want to find yourself in, it’s expensive and very messy.

A basin that has a bottle trap below is so easy to clean when it gets clogged, even you can do it. Pop a bucket underneath to catch any water, remove the trap, remove the debris and your basin is working as good as new.

Matching Your Bottle Traps to Your Design

Now that you know what I’m talking about chances are you’ve seen bottle traps before and usually they’re not very pretty. But you can buy really modern and stylishly designed bottle traps that will blend in with any bathroom design.

There is the minimalist bottle traps made from chrome with a rounded edge that gleam in the light and really blend in well with the modern bathroom design. You also get the square bottle traps, these are also made from chrome with a high shine finish. The square bottle traps work wonders in an ultra-modern bathroom with squared bathroom products.

You don’t have to have a modern bathroom to use these stylish bottle traps, there is nothing forcing you to use the ugly and very old traps that most of us recognise in the older homes. The main thing when choosing bottle traps is that it does the job it is designed to do and saves you money in the long run.

The Top Bathroom Wastes Selection

Bathroom wastes are the necessary equipment your bathroom needs when you pull the plug in your basin or bath. These wastes seal your basin or bath and when opened ensure the water is drained into the drainpipe, reducing the risk of flooding your bathroom.

As with any bathroom fixtures and fittings there are a choice of designs available, enabling you to find the perfect bathroom wastes that blend in with your current bathroom design.

Push Button Basin Waste

Push Button Basin Waste

Basin Wastes

I’m going to start on bathroom wastes. These include your waste and plug. They are placed at the bottom of your basin and allow the free flow of water into the main pipe. There is the traditional basin waste with plug and chain, this is the design you find in a majority of bathrooms.

These basin wastes are durable and very easy to install. The chain is attached to the plug so they are easy to pull out of the waste to allow the water to flow freely when opened.

Then there are the modern Klik Klak slotted and unslotted basin wastes. These are stylish in design and reduce the need for a plug, this can help reduce the clutter you find on the edge of your basin.

These basin wastes work where when you push the plug down it seals and give it another push to open it again, they are easy to use and are sophisticated in design.

Bath Wastes

Your bath wastes should incorporate an overflow pipe to reduce the risk of flooding your bathroom when you forget you left the bath running.

The Klik Klak bath waste with overflow filter not only reduces the risk of flooding, but will blend in with any bathroom design. This is the more traditional style that we have come to know when it comes to our bath wastes.

The round chrome overflow fits a standard size bath and comes with a plug, these are easy to install and durable, lasting for many years.

The Klik Klak square bath wastes are modern and stylish and the ideal choice for that modern bathroom where you have chosen a square basin, square shower and square bath. The overflow is square with square holes for excess water and even the plug is square, adding to the sophisticated design and finish.

You may not have realised it, but your wastes is an important decision. While they are a necessity there are a range of choices to blend in with any bathroom décor.