Affordable Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can be a stunning space if you incorporate accessories. It’s all well having a beautiful bathrooms finished with stunning bathroom products that turn the space into a modern oasis, but without accessories it will be boring and wont’ be functional or practical.


The first of the bathroom accessories you’ll want to consider is bathroom mirrors. Mirrors play a vital role in the bathroom design. They can be used to enhance light in the bathroom space or they can be used to highlight a centre piece making it a focal point, such as that stunning freestanding bath you have just placed in the room.


Basic accessories such as toilet roll holders, tumbler holders and soap dishes are also essential in ensuring your bathroom is functional. The cone bathroom accessories are a great choice for either modern or traditional designs with a cylindrical finish that can blend into your design with perfection.

Towel Rails and Rings

Towel rails and rings are also so important in any bathroom design. They help reduce clutter while ensuring that you can easily identify your hand towels from your bath towels. The last thing you want is guests drying their hands on your bath towel and I’m sure your guests won’t want to dry their hands on a towel you have used to dry your body.

Towel Bars

Cone Towel Bar

The towel rails and rings are also available as part of the cone bathroom accessories range, so you can ensure all your bathroom accessories are the same, blending in beautifully together and enhancing the space.

Brighten up the Space with Towels

New towels are an affordable item that you can use to brighten up your bathroom area. Brightly coloured towels are a welcome addition to an all-white bathroom area. Hanging these new towels on your towel rails which are part of the cone accessories range is affordable, practical and stylish.


Another essential accessory for the bathroom is a blind. You can choose from a range of blinds available on the market, personally I prefer blinds with a bit of colour which adds to the personality of your bathroom space.


Set yourself a budget before you start shopping around. You’ll be amazed how you can accessorise your bathroom without breaking the bank, turning it into a stylish, practical and functional space.

Stylish Cubarc Bathroom Accessories

There is one thing that many people forget to add to their bathroom budget and that is their bathroom accessories. When working out the budget for a new bathroom design, they spend most, if not all their budget on the larger bathroom items, forgetting the necessary accessories which make your bathroom space practical and functional.

The cubarc bathroom accessories are a top choice for any modern bathroom design where you have chosen straight edges and square bathroom products, such as square taps, shower accessories, baths, toilets, basins and showers.

The cubarc bathroom accessories range offers so much functionality to your bathroom space with a large selection of fantastic accessories that turn your bathroom into a practical and elegant space, whether it’s a family bathroom or an en-suite.

Some of the accessories you can expect to find when looking at the cubarc bathroom accessories include:

soap basket

Soap dishesSoap dishes are a welcome addition to any bathroom design whether you choose to mount it next to the basin or bath, it reduces the soap build up on the side of the basin or bath while looking stylish and sophisticated.

Tumbler Holders – The tumbler holders available in the cubarc bathroom accessories range are available as a single or double holder which oozes sophistication and elegance. Perfect for mounting next to or above a modern bathroom basin.

Toilet Accessories – When looking at accessories for the toilet area there is the toilet brush holder and the toilet roll holder, both blending in beautifully together which will enhance any bathroom space.

Shelves Glass shelves are always practical in the bathroom environment, we always need additional storage for our toiletries, make up and shaving items. The glass shelves available in the cubarc bathroom accessories range are available as a single or double shelf, perfect above the basin or next to the bath incorporating the stylish cubed design with clear glass.

Towels – Not having a space to hang towels can lead to towels strewn across the bathroom floor or visitors not knowing which is the hand towel for guests and which is the bath towel you used this morning. The cubarc bathroom accessories offer a large selection of towel bars and rings to blend in with your overall bathroom design. The towel ring works beautifully next to the basin for a guest towel, while the single, double and towel rail rack and rail are a welcome addition next to the bath.

Finding The Perfect Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories, items you cannot afford to be without if you want a functional and practical bathroom space.

Tube bathroom accessories are a top choice for those that are looking for that modern finish to the perfect bathroom design. But what types of accessories am I talking about?

There are soap dish holders, a stylish tubular mounting with glass dish, perfect for placing next to your basin or bath. The advantage is that you don’t end up with soap on the side of your basin or bath and that your soap has it’s own space in the bathroom.

Tube bathroom accessories

Then there are the tumbler holders, I love these they are so functional in any bathroom design available in both single or double, depending on whether you’re placing them in an en-suite or family bathroom.

Next is the toilet roll holder, these tube bathroom accessories are an absolute must. Without a good toilet roll holder you end up with your toilet roll sitting on top of your cistern or on the floor, not practical and definitely not ideal. The toilet roll holders are stylish in design with a curved front flap that covers the toilet roll when not in use.

Now comes the essential bit, your towel bars. Without these tube bathroom accessories you will end up with towels strewn across your bathroom floor, thrown over the edge of the bath or even strewn over the beds in your home. There is nothing worse than damp towels on a bed.

The towel bars come in various sizes and you can choose between a single or double bar, perfect for any bathroom design, even the larger family bathroom. Towel rings are a great choice next to the basin, they are compact, stylish and the tubular design is carried through the space enhancing the bathroom.

I am so strict on always having a separate towel ring and towel bar, I don’t like the idea of my guests using my bath towels to dry their hands and I’m sure my guests don’t like the idea either. With these tube bathroom accessories you can keep hand and bath towels separate and they are easily identifiable.

My favourite of the accessories are the glass shelves. These again are complete with the tube moulding and the glass shelves are a welcome addition to any bathroom design. They can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom, though always work really well above the basin, giving you space to place some of your toiletries with ease.

The Affordable Way To Give Your Bathroom A New Look

Have you been waiting to redecorate your bathroom but budget just doesn’t allow for it? Are you looking for ways to give your bathroom a facelift without replacing the larger bathroom products? It can be done and all you need is a limited budget and a great imagination.

There are many ways you can give your bathroom a new look and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I always start off by giving my bathroom a good scrub, now I don’t have a dirty bathroom, but taking the time to wash the blind, scrub the tiles and get all the bathroom items sparkling is the first step to a makeover.

dressing gown hook

Dressing Gown Hooks

Did you know that mixing vinegar and water together can work better than some of the bathroom cleaning products you find on the shelves? In fact I find that vinegar and water works much better on the glass shower doors and removes soap and water marks with ease.

Things To Buy

What you’ll need to make a difference in your bathroom is some new accessories. The cone bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders and tumbler holders are available in a stylish design. Choose all your accessories the same so they blend in together whether it’s a towel rail next to the bath or a soap dish near the basin.

Cone bathroom accessories are finished in chrome which add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, giving it that facelift that it needs.

Invest in some new towels, towels can be used to add splashes of colour to your bathroom space and a new blind can make a huge impact on the entire bathroom design.

You’ll also want to get some white bathroom paint. Bathrooms should be light and bright, changing the wall colour to a gleaming white can automatically make the space feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.

Remember you have your towels for colour, your new cone bathroom accessories for elegance and your blind for impact.

You may want to add a bathroom mirror as a finishing touch, adding something to an otherwise bland wall. Be sure to position your mirror so that it bounces any natural light coming into the space. Mirrors are fantastic tools in the bathroom offering you convenience and functionality, but they work beautifully in reflecting light, again making the space feel light, bright and spacious.

Practical Bathroom Accessories a Must

Have you ever stopped to consider the functionality of your bathroom? You probably have a bath or shower and there is a basin and toilet, but do you have a vanity for storage, do you have bathroom accessories such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and soap dishes?

When designing a bathroom you want the space to be practical. It should function with ease making your bathroom experience convenient and easy. There is one thing that so many people forget when budgeting for their bathroom and that is the smaller accessories which make the bathroom a practical and functional space.

bathroom accessories at Kings Bathroom

Chrome Soap Dish

The curbarc bathroom accessories available offer you a range of items from soap dishes and towel rings for your basin to toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders for next to your toilet. There are the stunning glass shelves and the towel rails, not to mention the robe hooks.

If you are planning a modern and luxurious bathroom, then cubarc bathroom accessories are an absolute must. The cubarc range is square in design with rounded edges in a beautiful polished chrome finish which will complement any modern bathroom design.

When you choose square taps and products for your bathroom, you want to keep the design flowing, so why not keep the design the same with your accessories?

There are tumbler holders, soap dishes, towel rails, glass shelves and so much more to make your bathroom space practical and convenient.

For next to the toilet choose the toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder in it’s chrome finish with square design, absolutely perfect and makes your bathroom easy to enjoy.

Next to the basin you’ll want tumbler holders, a soap dish and a towel ring for your hand towel. This way you are assured your guests won’t use your bath towels to dry their hands when they visit your bathroom.

Looking at your shower or bath, you’ll want a towel rail to keep your towels hanging neatly and reduce the amount of mess strewn across the floor in the mornings and a robe hook adds convenience to an already well organized bathroom.

The cubarc bathroom accessories also come with stunning glass shelves which can be placed next to your basin to store all your bathroom items, reducing the clutter and keeping your bathroom neat and tidy.

So much emphasis is being placed on bathrooms this year. It’s a year for modern and luxurious inspired bathrooms and making them practical just adds to the overall functionality of the space, a space you can be proud of when a guest walks through the door.

Affordable Bathroom Designs

Designing a bathroom on a budget may seem difficult, but if you know what to look for and ways you can save costs, then you are able to complete your new bathroom within your budget.

Bathroom Suites

Bathroom suites is just one of the many ways you can save money when designing a new bathroom. These suites include a toilet and basin, sometimes a vanity. The advantage is that you pay one price for all the items and another advantage is that they all match and work well together. This can save you a lot of time and energy trying to source bathroom products to match the ones you have already purchased.

bathroom suite

Bright Bathroom Suites

Shower Sets

If you’re putting a shower into your bathroom taking advantage of shower sets can save you a lot of money in the long run, in fact it’s easy to finish off your shower working to a tight budget.

Shower sets usually include a slide rail, taps and the shower head. What this means is again everything is matching and you don’t have to try and source a shower head to match your mixer taps or vice versa.

In fact shower sets are the convenient way to plan your shower, there is a wide selection available for you to choose from including those designed for the more traditional bathroom to those specifically designed for the ultra modern and luxurious bathrooms.

Other Suggestions

Once you have purchased your shower sets or your bathroom suite you will want to complete your bathroom still using some of your budget. A lick of paint goes a really long way and you should bear this in mind, in fact painting your bathroom can give your bathroom a completely new feel.

Choose light colours and natural tones, natural tones are a firm favourite this year that offers warmth and texture to what would be a very clinical bathroom.

Buy bathroom accessories that blend in with your basin taps and shower sets, chrome is often preferred because it’s a modern material with a great shine that enhances the bathroom space. Choose your accessories to match from your toilet roll holder to your towel rail and then ensure they are the same shape as your taps and shower sets, so square or circular in design.

Keeping the same design throughout your bathroom helps keep your bathroom looking elegant and stylish and you can buy all these items on a shoestring budget and still finish with a spectacular bathroom.

Get Your Bathroom Ready For New Year

The chaos of Christmas is behind you and now it’s time to start planning for your annual New Year party. This means more guests and more people using your bathroom, you want to ensure your bathroom is ready for the masses and looks stylish and clean.

Many bathrooms just aren’t prepared, using a cupboard to hold their toilet roll, the side of the bath to hold their towels and hanging their robes over the door. This is fine when it’s just you and the family at home, but now you need to get ready for your guests.

bathroom accessories

Tube Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories to Consider

You may want to consider investing in some tube bathroom accessories, these will not only be helpful on New Year, but they are practical and convenient items that every bathroom should benefit from.

The advantage to the tube bathroom accessories is their stylish design. The tubular design makes these perfect for any bathroom whether you have an ultra modern bathroom or a traditional one. The chrome finish gives them an elegant and stylish look that will complement the space beautifully.

You will need a toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder next to the toilet. Where do you put your basin soap? If you don’t use liquid soap then a soap dish can be a welcome addition to your bathroom. Remember you want your bathroom to be functional and yet still look stylish when all your guests come to visit.

Add a tumbler holder near the sink where you can place all the family toothbrushes, reducing the risk of them all lying all over the basin.

Get a towel ring for next to the basin, you can hang a hand towel on these beautifully and it means your guests don’t need to search around for a towel to dry their hands on. Close to the bath include a towel rail for all the bath towels, this helps differentiate the two and your guests won’t be forced to dry their hands on your used bath towels.

Lastly you can add some glass shelves, you can add some scented candles or your toiletries, this just reduces the amount of clutter lying around your bathroom. The tube bathroom accessories glass shelves are very stylish incorporating the thin tubular design along with glass which will make a stylish statement in any bathroom.

How to Budget For Your New Bathroom

When you budget for your bathroom you need to take everything into consideration. So many people make the mistake of spending a large portion of their budget on their bath, shower, basin and toilet, they don’t leave much over for radiators, accessories and vanity units.

Before you start putting a budget together and ripping out your old bathroom, it’s always a good idea to make a complete list of everything you will need for your bathroom. Your list should include:

* Bath (if preferred)

* Shower (if preferred)

* Basin

* Toilet

* Vanity Unit

* Floor Tiles

* Wall Tiles

* Paint

* Radiator

* Bathroom Accessories such as toilet roll holders, soap dishes

* Mirror

* Plumbing Extras

* Labour

Once you have your complete list you can start shopping around for prices. Chances are you have an idea in mind of what you want your bathroom to look like. It’s at this point I measure up my bathroom and draw a layout to give me a clear indication of what I can place where.

Bath Robe holder

Cone Range of Bathroom Accessories

It’s so important to ensure everything you choose for your new bathroom works well together. I often use the cone bathroom accessories for my toilet brush holder, tumbler holder, toilet roll holder and soap dish. The cone shape is modern and works well in most bathroom designs.

When choosing a paint colour keep it light, white is still the best choice for a bathroom. The light and bright white can make the smallest bathroom feel spacious.

The Planning Stages

As you measure each bathroom item and ensure it fits into the space you have available, always ensure you leave space for your cone bathroom accessories. Leave enough room next to your toilet to place your toilet roll holder and your toilet brush holder. Always ensure there is enough space above your basin for a soap dish and tumbler holder, these items are the perfect finishing touches to any bathroom design.

Another important aspect when budgeting for your bathroom is to ensure you share the budget out evenly, you don’t want to short change yourself when it comes to buying the accessories forcing you to purchase ones that don’t work in your bathroom design.

I think the biggest problem I come across on a regular basis is people that forget to budget for their vanity unit. These are essential for any bathroom, reducing the clutter and keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.

Can You Manage Your Bathroom Routine Without Your Bathroom Accessories?

I’m really curious as to how many of us could really manage our morning bathroom routine without the curbarc bathroom accessories. You probably go through the motions each morning, as I do. You have a shower and grab for a towel, head to the basin where you brush your teeth and then grab for your hair brush off the shelving unit.

These things come without thinking, we expect them to be there. But when designing a bathroom, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make a huge difference.

Cubarc double robe holder

Cubarc Double Robe Holder

Honestly while you are designing your new bathroom are you taking your towel bars, robe hooks or even your toilet brush holder into consideration? Did you know what an impact these small items can make to your overall bathroom design?

What Bathroom Accessories Do You Need?

Take a few minutes and think about the bathroom accessories you use on a daily basis. Chances are you haven’t thought of all of them when designing your bathroom, let alone ensuring that they all blend in well with your bathroom design whether you have chosen glass, chrome or just plain white.

Have you given any thought to your toilet roll holder? Is it going to be plain or be something stylish to match your bathroom design? Would you have remembered in on the last minute or are you so prepared that you know exactly what curbarc bathroom accessories you intend placing in your new bathroom?

Then there are the tumbler holders. These are available in single or double and are an essential part of your morning bathroom routine. Lets not forget the soap dish holders which are a must in any bathroom.

Then there are the simpler things such as towel bars and double robe hooks, all designed to make your bathroom experience easier.

The glass shelves in the curbarc bathroom accessories range are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. These glass shelves with rounded edges and chrome finish not only look fantastic in the bathroom but are a very useful item.

We always find that we have way too many bathroom items, from our make up and toiletries to medicines and hair care products. Having a stylish space to store all these items keeps your bathroom neat and tidy and also helps you find what you need when you are still walking around half asleep in the mornings while getting ready for work.