A Perfect Shower for a Fantastic Showering Experience

There are very few homes in the UK today that don’t have a shower. Showers reduce water consumption and offer convenience. They also help maximise floor space in a smaller bathroom design.

Bathroom Layout

In reality we don’t all have the ideal space to put a shower in our bathrooms, maybe you’re working with a space against the wall because your bath takes up the corner position. When you place a shower against the wall you have three exposed sides, one will have the door, but you still have two sides that need an enclosure, which is where shower enclosure side panels come in.

Shower enclosure side panels are made of clear glass which blends in with the shower door you have chosen to seal to the shower tray and reduce the risk of leaks.

The enclosures available come in an unframed and framed option. The shower enclosure side panels give you the freedom to design your bathroom layout to your own specific taste and style and with the clear glass panels, you can enjoy the light flowing freely.

Easy Light Flow

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom design is how light and bright it is. White walls, white bathroom products, an abundance of glass and natural and additional lighting work in harmony to offer you a space which is light and feels spacious.

The advantage to the shower enclosure side panels is that they are completely clear, made from safety glass and these allow light to flow freely through them, brightening the shower and bathroom area and offering that feeling of space.

Shower Selection

It’s important that the shower tray and enclosures you choose blend into your overall bathroom design. There are so many designs to choose from including quadrant shower trays, rectangular or square trays, sliding doors, pivot doors and even bi-fold doors. The shower enclosure side panels work with these to help you get the perfect showering solution for your bathroom.

Affordable Shower Designs

Designing a shower isn’t as hard as you may think. You need a shower tray, an enclosure and a shower set. Once you have these items you can have your shower installed and enjoy the convenience of a shower and a chance to save on your water bill.

Why Shower Sets

Once you have chosen the right tray for your bathroom design and combined it with a shower enclosure you can start concentrating on the shower sets. Shower sets are not only affordable, but are convenient especially in a bathroom that is shared by a number of people.

The shower sets include thermostatic controls, a rod which is mounted vertically to the wall which holds the shower head. When you have people using the shower which are all different heights, the ability to adjust the height of the shower head can add functionality to the space, ensuring they have the best possible showering experience.

There are a number of shower sets available in a choice of great designs which you can blend into your overall design with ease. There are round ones for the traditional bathroom and then flat round ones for the modern bathroom, not to mention the minimalistic square options available.

When you think affordability, convenience and functionality for your shower, shower sets are the easiest option available. If you want to add a wow factor you can always incorporate shower jets which will give your bathroom that spa-inspired design on a minimal budget.

These days we are all trying to save money wherever possible, but home improvements and renovations are essential in increasing the value of your property. You can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece without breaking the bank and the shower sets are just one of the ways you can achieve this.

The twin concealed thermostatic shower valve and rail kit is one of my favourite choices when it comes to the shower sets. The controls are a plate mounted on the shower wall with two dials, very stylish indeed. The shower set itself comprises of a rail with a rectangular and minimalistic shower head which is not only stylish, but very sophisticated and elegant and will blend in beautifully with any bathroom design.

For a traditional bathroom design you may prefer the kit 7 design which comprises of an exposed thermostat with two dials, one to manage your water pressure and the other the temperature. Mounted to the rail is a round shower head which will blend in to any traditional bathroom design.

Top Shower Enclosures for Luxury Bathrooms

This year is all about luxury bathroom designs, those spa-inspired designs that ooze elegance and style. For those who have a larger bathroom area you may choose a magnificent freestanding bath combined with a separate shower, offering you the best of both. Smaller bathrooms often go for just a shower to maximise the floor space, don’t worry, you can make your bathroom luxurious whichever you choose and whatever size bathroom you have.

There are a wide selection of shower enclosures available, though some shout luxury and when combined with shower jets offering that added luxurious touch, you cannot go wrong.

Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

The first of the shower enclosures that shout elegance and style are the bi-fold door shower enclosures. These enclosures fold to one side of the shower using a concertina effect. They fold in towards the shower, so they don’t compromise your floor space in any way.

Bi-fold door shower enclosures are a fantastic addition to the luxurious bathroom design.

Walk in Shower Enclosures

Then there are the walk in shower enclosures. These enclosures have increased in popularity and ooze luxury while helping you maximise your floor space. The advantage to these shower enclosures is that they don’t have a door, so they don’t take up much space at all. They offer a generous opening to get in and out of the shower while the clear glass design allows for easy light flow.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

Sliding door shower enclosures have become the most popular shower enclosures on the market, similar to the bi-fold door shower enclosures, these doors do not swing open and do not compromise floor space in any way. The doors simply slide to one side revealing a large opening for getting in and out of the shower with ease.

Benefits of Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are very popular, especially with smaller bathrooms. The quadrant design is styled to fit perfectly into a corner position, helping you save space in your bathroom area. These enclosures are designed to fit these trays perfectly, ensuring your shower doesn’t leak.

Any Bathroom Style

A great advantage to the quadrant shower enclosures is they blend in with any bathroom design whether you’re going for the luxury look or a more traditional style. The curve of the tray and enclosure add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom space.

Easy to Use Sliding Doors

Another benefit to the quadrant shower enclosures is that they are a sliding door design, another way to maximise space in your bathroom. If you think about it a pivot or hinged door in a compact bathroom probably isn’t the best choice, these doors would swing open so you need to ensure there is nothing blocking them. The sliding doors on the other hand, slide to one side offering a large opening without compromising any floor space.


The quadrant shower enclosures are stylish in design from the gentle curve to the clear class panels and sliding function. They complement any bathroom with ease, allowing light to flow through the shower doors and making the bathroom feel more spacious.

You can choose between a framed on unframed option depending on your overall design, which makes the quadrant shower enclosures suitable for modern and traditional bathroom designs from the minimalistic to the luxurious. Compact, convenient and functional are all words which can be used to describe these shower enclosures.

Square Shower Trays Remain a Popular Choice

Square shower trays have remained a popular choice in homes around the country and with good reason. They are versatile, you are able to place them anywhere in your bathroom and they are a great addition to any bathroom design, big or small.


Before you choose a shower tray you need some idea on where you are going to place it. Smaller bathrooms often benefit with a shower tray placed in the corner of the bathroom, maximising the floor space.

Of course placing a square shower tray in a corner means you only have two shower walls, you will need an enclosure and side panel to complete the showering experience.

The advantage to the square shower trays is that you can use any of the enclosures available, though in a compact bathroom I would suggest sliding doors, bi-fold doors or a walk in enclosure, this way you don’t have a door that swings open, leaving you with less space to work with.

These shower trays are also ideally suited if you are going to turn the recess in your bathroom into a functional shower. Due to the variety of sizes available, the square shower trays will fit into the space with ease, letting you make the most of the space you have available.

Enclosure Options

You can use most of the shower enclosures available when you choose square shower trays from sliding door designs to pivot door or even walk in designs. Remember to choose your enclosure depending on the space you have available and who will be using the shower.

Walk In Shower Enclosures

Walk in showers are a very popular choice when it comes to shower enclosures because there is no door, they are easy to get in and out of and most important, they are stylish and sophisticated, blending in with any bathroom design. The biggest convenience when it comes to the walk in shower enclosures is that you don’t have to worry about your shower door swinging open and banging into any of your other bathroom items.

Bathroom Layout and Design

You will need to take your bathroom design into consideration when looking at the walk in shower enclosures available. Be sure you measure your available space and your shower tray to ensure the walk in shower enclosure is the right choice for you.


There are a selection of walk in shower enclosures to choose from, so you can find the perfect match to enhance your bathroom space. There are straight edged clear glass designs to stunning curved options available.

As I mentioned before the walk in shower enclosures don’t have a door, which means you don’t compromise on floor space when choosing these enclosures. This makes them an ideal choice for smaller and large bathroom designs.

Do You Need a Shower Door?

The reason walk in shower enclosures are so popular is because they don’t have a door, which is advantageous especially in smaller bathroom designs. Don’t worry though, the enclosures have a small glass pane that reduces the risk of leaks and with so much clear glass, these enclosures are a welcome addition in any bathroom design.

Some people just prefer peace of mind of a shower door that is entirely your choice, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your shower enclosure. Though bear in mind if you have a smaller bathroom space you want a door that slides, folds or offers a walk in design, to ensure you don’t compromise your floor space in any way.

How to Install Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

Hinged door shower enclosures have remained a firm favourite in larger bathrooms, they have a swinging action, opening up into the bathroom area, while offering a large opening for getting in and out of the shower. They are very easy to clean and maintain offering the bathroom space an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Hinged doors can be installed as a DIY project, they are easy to install if you have some DIY knowledge. The most important thing is to ensure they fit correctly and that they are water tight to reduce the risk of leaks later on.

Plan Ahead

Planning is probably the most important step when installing your hinged door shower enclosure. It’s essential you measure your shower tray to ensure you have the right space for a hinged door shower enclosure. Then measure the opening space, remember these doors swing open so you don’t want any obstacles in the way, the door should swing freely.

The Installation Process

With your shower tray already in place you need to measure exactly where you want the hinged door shower enclosure to fit. Place the jamb against the wall ensuring its level using a spirit level. Mark any drill holes with a pencil before you drill the jamb in place.

Use anchors in each of the holes to ensure they hold the screws in place. With the jamb in place you can start installing the shower door. Hold your hinged door shower enclosure against the opening and double check that it is straight and can open easily. Then you can drill the door into place, again check the door can open with ease.

An important thing to remember is that the door should swing out away from the shower tray and not inwards. These doors can be turned over so you can mount them on the left or right depending on your bathroom design.

With your hinged door shower enclosure now in place test for leaks and enjoy your new showering experience.

Understanding Shower Valves

Shower valves play an important role in any shower design. The majority of homeowners choose mixer units, adding convenience to their showering experience. With a choice of designs available, shower valves can add functionality, practicality and convenience to your shower.

To find the best one for your shower you need to understand the shower valves and what they have to offer to help you make an informed decision on which will blend in best with your bathroom design and which will offer you the easiest use.

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic shower valves are concealed units, they are very stylish and all you see is two chrome dials. One controls the water flow while the other controls the temperature. These are the perfect choice for the modern bathroom design.

These shower valves also come in a three dial option where you can manage more than one shower head, you can use the other dial to manage your shower jets or second shower head depending on your shower design.

Exposed Thermostat Shower Valves

Exposed thermostat shower valves are a very popular choice and is a bar with a dial on either end, one dial is for water flow and the other is for temperature selection. They are finished in polished chrome and cylindrical in shape, working beautifully with any bathroom design. Another design choice is a cubed bar for those who have chosen the straight edged modern bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valves

Dual exposed thermostatic shower valves are traditionally designed shower valves finished in polished chrome that will blend in with any bathroom design. These shower valves come with two easy to use levers, the levers replace the dials in the other designs, so you have one for water flow and one for temperature.

Your Choice

With a good range of shower valves to choose from I would suggest you take your other fittings and fixtures into consideration before making a decision. Keep the design flowing so if you have chosen plenty of straight edges, choose cubed shower valves that will blend in with ease.

Also note which shower you intend placing the shower valves, is it a family bathroom where children will be using the shower or is it your en-suite? Choose the shower valves that will best suit your requirements, bathroom design and preference.

Why Use Easy Plumb and Fast Flow Waste in Your Bathroom

The easy plumb and fast flow waste kits ensure that every shower installation is quick and easy. There is so much more to consider when adding a shower to your bathroom that just where to put it, where the water flows to and how quickly it flows is an essential consideration that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Shower Trays

Most of the shower trays available come with adjustable legs, which enables you to ensure the shower tray is completely level before sealing it and making it a permanent bathroom fixture. The few that don’t include adjustable legs need to be placed using mortar, which is a job for the professionals.

The easy plumb and fast flow waste kits enable you to install a shower tray with ease. The easy plumb shower tray panels come with legs which can speed up the installation process.

Shower Waste

Shower trays are not sold with the plumbing included. This needs to be purchased separately and the high flow shower waste kit will give you a complete kit on what you need to completely your shower installation. The most important thing to consider is how quickly the water flows from the shower tray, the last thing you want is water building up while you shower and eventually leaking all over your bathroom floor.

The easy plumb and fast flow wastes are designed to make a shower installation an easy one, they have everything you need to ensure your tray is installed and the water will flow freely reducing leaks and ensuring the whole family can take advantage of the water saving shower option on a daily basis.

Why Square Shower Trays Are a Top Choice

One of the biggest considerations when designing a new bathroom is space. Square shower trays are versatile, enabling you to place them anywhere in the bathroom area, maximising the floor space.


Showers are very popular these days, they not only save on water, but they offer convenience and practicality. Square shower trays are therefore a good choice because you can place them in a corner, against a wall or even in a recess in your bathroom with ease.

Which Enclosure to Choose

The biggest advantage to the square shower trays is that they are versatile enough to work with almost all the shower enclosures available on the market from the pivot or hinged door designs, all the ways to the sliding doors and even walk in choices.

Larger bathrooms can enjoy the convenience of pivot or hinged door shower enclosures. These enclosures have swinging doors, they swing open into the bathroom space and while they offer a large entry to the shower, they are not suited for smaller bathroom designs.

For compact bathrooms there are sliding doors, bi-fold doors and my ultimate favourite, the walk in designs. All of these work beautifully with the square shower trays to enhance the bathroom and offer you a perfect showering experience.

Bi-fold shower enclosures work on a concertina effect. They fold in towards the shower so they don’t take up any floor space and are easy to use. The sliding doors glide to each side offering a large opening while the walk in designs don’t have any doors but still offer you the peace of mind that your shower won’t leak all over your bathroom floor.

Material Choices

Square shower trays have three choices when it comes to materials. They are all slim line in design. For a lightweight option there is the pearl and acrylic options, both are durable and long lasting. The stone square shower trays are also durable but much heavier and are a welcome addition in a family bathroom where they will be used often.