Which Shower Valves Are The Best Choice For Your Bathroom Design?

When choosing a shower for your bathroom you probably never imagined that your shower valves and shower heads would be such a difficult decision, there are so many options available, so how do you know which shower valves are the right choice for you design?

Basically there are three shower valve options available, the exposed, the dual exposed and the concealed.

Exposed Shower Valves

The exposed shower valves are very stylish and blend in beautifully with any bathroom design. These are long valves that have a dial on either end. The valve can be cylindrical or square depending on your preference.

Exposed Shower Valve

Square Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve

The one dial will manage the water pressure while the other manages water temperature. The advantage to this is that you can control your temperature, there is nothing worse than playing around with two taps trying to find the desired temperature when showering.

Dual Exposed Shower Valves

Dual Exposed Shower Valve

Dual Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve

The dual exposed shower valves also give you two controls, one for pressure and the other for temperature but these shower valves are usually a round valve that has a lever or cross head tap that controls the pressure and behind that you’ll find another lever to manage temperature.

These shower valves can be a little bulky, but they do look fantastic in any bathroom design.

Concealed Shower Valves

The concealed shower valves are my personal favourite and are the perfect choice for a modern bathroom design. These shower valves are a plate that mounts to the shower wall with either two or three knobs on the plate.

Concealed Shower Valves

Dual Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve

If you have chosen the plate with two knobs you can mount it vertically or horizontally with the knobs either next to each other or one below the other. One knob controls pressure and the other temperature, the same as the other thermostatic shower valves.

If you choose the plate with three knobs you’ll have one knob to control temperature, one to control the pressure on your shower head and the third is used if you have a second shower head or shower jets in the shower.

Whichever shower valves you choose for your shower remember to ensure they blend in with all your other bathroom items, such as your taps. You want to have the same style carried throughout the space leaving it with a picture perfect finish.

How to Design a Shower

The decision to add a shower to your bathroom is often because you are looking for convenience, functionality and practicality while saving on floor space. But at the same time you need to make a lot of decisions when it comes to installing shower, including where you are going to place it.


The placement of your shower is imperative when designing a bathroom, you obviously want to save on floor space, but you still want to enjoy the functionality and practicality a shower has to offer.

The best way to achieve this is to work to a strict bathroom layout with clear measurements that will help you determine the best place for your shower and the best size shower tray, this way you are assured that your shower will not be too big and overpower your bathroom space.

Shower Tray

Once you know exactly where you intend placing your shower and the size shower tray you need, you can start shopping around.  There are a number of shower trays available in various shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the right one for your bathroom space.

quadrant shower trays

Quadrant shower trays are the ideal choice if you intend placing your shower in the corner.  These are generally square or rectangular in design with a stylish curved front and work beautifully with the quadrant shower enclosures which have sliding doors helping you maximise your space.

Then there are the rectangular or square shower trays, which can be placed in the corner or along the wall with ease.

Shower Enclosure

Now that you have your shower tray it’s time to decide on the best enclosure that will work within your bathroom space.  There are such a wide variety available.  If you are limited on space then the sliding door, bi-fold door and the walk in designs are the best choice.  These three enclosures do not have a door that swings open.

If you want a large opening and a door that swings open you have a choice of either the pivot or hinged door shower enclosures to choose from.

Shower Heads

My favourite part of designing any shower is choosing a shower head.  These days shower heads come in such a great selection of shapes and sizes.  There are the star shaped shower heads, the square and even the round designs.

When choosing shower heads bear in mind that you can mount them either on the wall or directly above on the ceiling.

Affordable Shower Designs

There are four things you need for any shower design. You need your shower tray, shower enclosure, shower head and controls. In order to make things more affordable and easier, there are a choice of shower sets available.

Once you have chosen the right tray for your bathroom design and combined it with a shower enclosure you can start concentrating on the shower sets. Shower sets are not only affordable, but are convenient especially in a bathroom that is shared by a number of people.

The shower sets include thermostatic controls, a rod which is mounted vertically to the wall which holds the shower head. When you have people using the shower which are all different heights, the ability to adjust the height of the shower head can add functionality to the space, ensuring they have the best possible showering experience.

shower sets at kings bathroom ltd.

There are a number of shower sets available in a choice of great designs which you can blend into your overall design with ease. There are round ones for the traditional bathroom and then flat round ones for the modern bathroom, not to mention the minimalistic square options available.

When you think affordability, convenience and functionality for your shower, shower sets are the easiest option available. If you want to add a wow factor you can always incorporate shower jets which will give your bathroom that spa-inspired design on a minimal budget.

These days we are all trying to save money wherever possible, but home improvements and renovations are essential in increasing the value of your property. You can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece without breaking the bank and the shower sets are just one of the ways you can achieve this.

The twin concealed thermostatic shower valve and rail kit is one of my favourite choices when it comes to the shower sets. The controls are a plate mounted on the shower wall with two dials, very stylish indeed. The shower set itself comprises of a rail with a rectangular and minimalistic shower head which is not only stylish, but very sophisticated and elegant and will blend in beautifully with any bathroom design.

For a traditional bathroom design you may prefer the kit 7 design which comprises of an exposed thermostat with two dials, one to manage your water pressure and the other the temperature. Mounted to the rail is a round shower head which will blend in to any traditional bathroom design.

Make Your Shower Design Something Special

Many homes struggle with their bathroom design because they are working with limited space. This isn’t a surprise these days as bathrooms seem to be getting smaller by the year.

What options do you have? Well the first is to install a shower rather than a bath, but just because you have to have a shower doesn’t mean that it can’t be something special. There are so many options available when it comes to the shower trays available, the enclosures, the shower heads or sets and even stunning shower jets that can give you a completely luxurious showering experience.

In order to make your shower something special in the smaller bathroom design I suggest a square or rectangular shower tray combined with bi fold door shower enclosures.

bi-fold shower enclosure door

The reason I love the bi fold shower door enclosures is that they work on a concertina effect, which is unique and stylish. The doors fold away to the side of the shower offering you a large opening for getting in and out. Also the design is unique, it stands out and it’s very elegant for any bathroom design.

Another reason for choosing the bi fold door shower enclosures rather than the hinged or pivot door design is that they don’t swing open into the bathroom space, by folding inwards towards the shower and opening to one side completely, you can maximise the amount of floor space you have without the concern that your door will swing open and get caught on an obstacle.

Can you imagine having a swinging door that opens only part way because your vanity or toilet is in the way? That’s an inconvenience you do not have to deal with when choosing these bi fold shower door enclosures.

The next thing to look at is the shower head you want to install. There are fantastic designs available which will blend in with all your other fixtures and fittings such as the large square shower heads or the star designed shower head, really making the space special.

Shower sets are also a great way to go, enabling you to find the right design for your bathroom at an affordable price and leaving some budget over for your shower jets. The jets are mounted in your shower wall at heights that ensure that the spray covers your body with warm pressured water, just another way to turn your shower design into a unique and special space.

Are Quadrant Shower Enclosures the Best Choice For Compact Bathrooms?

When it comes to designing a compact bathroom there is one thing that stands in your way and that is the space you have available. Careful layout, using carefully chosen bathroom products and measuring everything is the only way to get the bathroom design you are hoping for.

One of the best compact bathrooms I have ever seen really made the most of the small space available. It was a galley style bathroom, very long and thin. When you walked in the door which was on the one side of the bathroom area you were faced with a good sized vanity in white which incorporated a stylish basin.

p-shaped quadrant shower enclosures

P Shaped Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The entire bathroom was painted in brilliant white which really made the space feel light, bright and airy. Above the basin was a window which allowed some light, but didn’t bounce throughout the space.

Next to the basin was the toilet and then opposite the toilet they had chosen a quadrant shower enclosure with tray which fitted into the corner position with ease.

Opposite the window, next to the door they had placed a large bathroom mirror with lights which helped reflect any light into the bathroom.

Make the Most of the Space

Being limited on the bathroom space available can make turning your compact bathroom into a dream bathroom very difficult. It’s how you use the space that counts.

Quadrant shower enclosures that fit to a quadrant shower tray is the first step in the right direction. These are designed for the corner in mind, either in a square or rectangular design with a stylish curved front that adds that elegance to your overall design.

Then your basin. Every bathroom needs storage space so adding a vanity which includes a basin is a space saving option which also helps reduce the clutter in the bathroom, enabling you to have ample storage. This way you don’t end up with towels strewn across the floor and toiletries everywhere. The neater the better, especially when working with such a small space.

Taking the quadrant shower enclosures, vanity units with basins and a back to wall toilet are all ways to maximise the space available. Be sure to paint or tile your bathroom in a light colour, white works best but natural tones are a top choice this year. Add a large window to allow the natural light to flow through the space and enjoy your light, bright and spacious bathroom design.

How Are You Installing Your New Shower Head?

Showers have become such a popular choice offering convenience and functionality while saving you water. It’s a fact that showering saves water over using a bath and the average person will only take five minutes to shower, so it also saves you time.

When placing a shower in your bathroom these days, you have such a selection available to you from the different shaped and sized shower trays to the various enclosures all the way to the shower heads and shower jets.

Your shower head can be ultra modern or traditional and you can add that touch of luxury by incorporating shower jets, but do you know where you are installing your shower head?

star shower head

Star Shower Head

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall mounted shower heads offer functionality and practicality, enabling you to place the shower head at your desired height, but once it’s up there is no moving it. You can get shower arms which come out of the wall with a movable elbow which allows you to move the shower head around to ensure that you get the most out of your showering experience.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

You will find many modern bathrooms will choose this option when mounting their shower heads. A large square shower head mounted to the ceiling looks stylish and sophisticated, but again there is no adjusting the height. While it may look great if your ceiling is high above the shower you may find that you don’t benefit from the full water flow. I can think of nothing worse than dancing around a shower trying to get the water to cover you when you’re full of soap.

Slide Rail Kits

Slide rail kits offer ease of use, functionality and convenience. Unlike the wall mounting and ceiling mountings you get for your shower, these kits offer a rail which is mounted to the shower wall enabling you to adjust the height of your shower head.

Slide rail kits are the perfect choice for family bathrooms where you have family members, all different heights using the shower. This enables you to adjust the shower head each time you shower to ensure you are getting the best showering experience. The slide rail kits come in a choice of designs to blend in with any bathroom design, whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom.

Top Five Shower Heads for the Modern Bathroom

When designing a modern bathroom the style needs to flow from the basin and taps to the shower and shower heads. Whether you have chosen circular designs or square, there is a large selection of shower heads to choose from, each one stylishly designed to enhance the modern bathroom with ease.

Contemporary Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These shower heads are large and circular in shape and come with a tubed arm that attaches the shower head to the wall at the height of your choice. The advantage is that these shower heads have a swivel joint which enables you to direct flow, so you are always guaranteed of an enjoyable showering experience.

shower head

Contemporary Shower Head

Star Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

The stylish star shower heads have to be my favourite choice. These are stylish and elegant in design and attach directly to your ceiling in the shower. Each arm of the star has holes for water flow offering superior water distribution and the swivel joint enables you to direct the water flow in your direction.

star shower head

Star Shower Head

Square Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These square shower heads are modern in design and work beautifully in an ultra-modern bathroom where you have chosen square fittings and fixtures. Again they fit to the ceiling of your shower with a swivel joint that allows you to direct the water flow in your direction. They offer great water distribution ensuring you have a wonderful shower.

square shower head

Square Shower Head

Round Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

The round shower heads are perfect for modern bathrooms where you have already chosen circular fitting and fixtures. They are stylish in design and finished in shining chrome which blends in beautifully with your modern bathroom design. The swivel joint lets you direct water flow while these shower heads enhance your bathroom space.

round shower head

Round Shower Head

Rose Shower Head with Swivel Elbow

These shower heads are more of a traditional design, but still work beautifully in a modern bathroom with circular fittings and fixtures. The rose shower heads fit to the ceiling of your shower with a swivel joint that lets you direct water flow.

shower head

Rose Shower Head

Add Some Extra Luxury

If you are looking at shower heads for a modern bathroom you can add extra luxury with shower jets, turning your shower into a space to be pampered and massaged as you shower. The shower jets also come in circular or square designs which can blend in with your new shower head and complement your bathroom design.

Making Your Shower Work For You

Very often you will purchase a shower, shower enclosure and shower set but find that your shower doesn’t work for you. There is no reason you should just settle with the shower you have, there are many shower accessories you can use to make your shower your own, make it work for you.

Where To Place Your Shower Head

If you have chosen to rather place your shower head attached to the wall or ceiling over the slide rail shower system, then there are some shower accessories you will need. As you can imagine placing your shower head flat against your shower wall or ceiling will not give you the best showering experience.

shower head

Rose Shower Head

There are a few things you will expect from your shower, water pressure and most of all you want the water to reach you with ease. If your shower head is too high or at a strange angle on the wall, you will need to be a contortionist to enjoy the benefits of your shower.

Using shower accessories such as shower arms or ceiling arms enables you to locate your shower head where you want it with ease. This ensures you have an enjoyable showering experience without any frustrations.

Add Luxury

Because you have had to choose a shower over a bath due to a smaller bathroom, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of jets. You can buy shower jets for any shower offering your the luxurious showering experience that massages with a range of health benefits.

These shower accessories come in two shapes to blend in with your current bathroom design. There is the round and the square. It’s so important that you ensure the jets you choose enhance your bathroom space. If you have an ultra-modern bathroom with plenty of square bathroom products including your shower head then choosing a square jet will work beautifully. The same applies to the circular ones, as you can imagine a square jet when everything else is round will look out of place.

Take Advantage of Shower Accessories

I never settle for what I have when I can make it better. You can spend hours working on your bathroom design and never be happy with your shower, using shower accessories enables you to make your shower work for you, enjoy the full benefits and enjoy the convenience and practicality of your shower without the frustration.

Does Your Shower Work For You?

I think one of the hardest things in a bathroom is finding the right shower to suit the entire family. When you are working with a family where everyone is different heights and ages, finding a shower that works can be a nightmare.

You go and shower and the shower head is in the perfect position, but when your partner goes to shower the shower head is too low and then the children head to the shower and the water barely touches them because it’s way too high. It’s really difficult keeping everyone in the family happy when it comes to your shower, this is where slide rail kits come in, they are the solution to your problem.

phoenix slide rail kit

Phoenix slide rail kit

Once you realise that your shower really doesn’t work for you and your family, you can start looking at slide rail kits. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, they enable you to move the shower head up and down a slide rail to get it to the correct height, they are so easy to use and offer convenience and practicality.

Keep Up Appearances

Just because you have realised that your shower doesn’t work for your family and are looking at slide rail kits for your shower doesn’t mean that you need to lose the stylish design of your bathroom.

The slide rail kits are available in modern designs enabling you to find one that blends in with your current bathroom décor, that is stylish and elegant. This means that your can ensure your bathroom keeps its appearance and still enjoy the convenience that these rail kits have to offer.

Take Control of Your Shower

Who ever thought you would say those words, “I have taken control of my shower.” But in fact with the slide rail kits you are taking control, you are ensuring the showering experience is easy and practical for the whole family. These kits are easy to install and so easy to use, even the children in the family can manage the height adjustment with ease.

Over and above being convenient and practical, they are stylish and will work in any bathroom design whether you have an ultra-modern bathroom or a traditional one. With so many great design choices available it is easy to find slide rail kits that will complement your bathroom.

Shower Heads to Complete the Bathroom Picture

Shower heads seem like such a trivial thing in the bathroom, they are there to wet you so you can shower. What could be more important than that?

In fact shower heads have become an integral part of any bathroom design. They can make or break your bathroom design, they can add sophistication and style and they can offer an enjoyable showering experience at the same time.

Phoenix shower head

Shower Size

Your shower size will play a very important role when you are looking for the perfect shower heads. For smaller showers the modern fixed head shower heads with arm and swivel elbow or the contemporary shower heads with swivel elbow will work wonders in the space. Even though you are in a smaller shower area, everyone in your household will require the shower heads to face different directions. Some family members may require the shower heads to face straight down while others may need them pointing a little higher, these enable the entire family to enjoy their showering experience.

Then there are the big boys of shower heads, those that offer a stylish and modern finish to any bathroom design and I believe look fantastic in walk in showers and larger shower enclosures. These include the stunning star head shower heads with swivel elbows, shower rose head with swivel elbow and the square shower heads with swivel elbows. These are masterpieces on their own and when blended in with your current bathroom design, can offer that perfect finish to the space that you can be proud of.

Choosing Your Shower Head

I love big shower heads, the bigger the better. Having larger shower heads ensures that I can stand under my shower and have the water rush over me. Of course this isn’t always practical and the one bathroom I designed, which was compact could not enjoy the benefits of these shower heads, it would have looked out of place.

The first step to choosing your shower head is to look at your current bathroom design. If you have square shaped taps in your basin and maybe your basin and toilet are square in shape, then choosing a stylish chrome square shower head can help enhance the space.

The next step is to use the space you have available. Can you imagine a small corner shower with an enormous shower head? It would look completely wrong. Work with the space you have available and choose your shower heads according to that space without overpowering the shower area with a shower head.