Centre Piece Roll Top Baths

Roll top baths offer elegance and style to any bathroom design. Unfortunately not all bathrooms can take advantage of these sophisticated baths which make magnificent centre pieces, but with planning, these baths can be a welcome addition to any larger bathroom design.

Bathroom Layout

The main deciding factor will be the size of your bathroom. Even though these baths are so stylish and elegant, they need to be on display and become a statement in the bathroom to ensure you get the impact you are hoping for.

This means that these baths are better suited for larger bathrooms where they can be placed in the centre of the bathroom. Roll top baths are generally free standing baths with taps at one end or along the one side, this gives you the freedom to place them against a wall or in the centre of the room, ensuring you enjoy the elegant design that makes your bathroom so spectacular.


There are a number of choices available when choosing roll top baths, they are not all the same and the one you choose should be the one that best complements your bathroom area.

There are two choices if you are looking at placing your bath against the wall. There is the single ended roll top baths which are the perfect solution for being placed against a wall and then there is also the single ended slipper bath. Slipper baths have a raised side offering plenty of space to lie back and soak in the bath after a tough day at work.

slipper baths

Single Ended Slipper Baths

Using your bath as a centre piece there is the double ended roll top baths to choose from, again these are available in slipper designs if you prefer with two high ends. The double ended designs are suitable as a centre piece or against a wall, offering you even more versatility.

The roll top baths are your choice and comes down to personal preference, either way they are guaranteed to compliment your bathroom and make a statement. You can use your bathroom mirror to highlight your bath making it the centre piece of the bathroom at all times.

Luxury Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

2013 is the year for luxurious and spa-inspired bathroom designs and what better way to enjoy a spa-inspired bathroom than with whirlpool and airpool baths. If you want to turn your bathroom into a day spa right in your own home, then these baths are the top choice for you.

The Difference Between Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

When choosing whirlpool and airpool baths, it’s important you understand the difference between the two. While one isn’t better than the other and its’ personal choice that will make your decision for you, it’s good to know that whirlpool baths jet water while airpool baths jet air.

That being said one consideration that you need to know is you can never run a whirlpool bath empty as you will damage the motor while an airpool bath can be run without any water in the bath.

whirlpool and airpool baths at kings bathroom

whirlpool and airpool baths

The Health Benefits

There is a long list of health benefits when it comes to whirlpool and airpool baths. They save you time and energy because you don’t have to head to the day spa to be pampered, you can come home run the bath and enjoy all the health benefits associated with these amazing and luxurious baths.

The main health benefits that you get to enjoy when using whirlpool and airpool baths include muscle and joint pain relief. The warm water combined with the jets massage aching muscles and joints making them an ideal choice of athletes, those suffering with arthritis and they are superb for stress relief.

We live a stressful life, these days we are all trying to juggle family and work commitments and many of us suffer severe headaches caused by stress. Lying for some time in whirlpool and airpool baths will help relax us, reducing tension headaches and leaving us rejuvenated.

Other health benefits that are due to using these baths include improved circulation, improved immune system, a better digestive system and lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, just to name a few.

So if you’re looking for luxury in your bathroom, you want the advantage of your own private day spa with all the health benefits you can imagine, then you need to consider installing whirlpool or airpool baths.

One of the great advantages of the whirlpool and airpool baths is that they are easy to clean and with an annual maintenance carried out, they can last a long time without any problems.

Spectacular Freestanding Baths Offer That “Wow” Factor

If you’re after a “wow” factor when designing your bathroom and you have the space, then you need freestanding baths. These baths are designed to take your breath away every time you step into the bathroom. Available in a selection of shapes to suit any bathroom design, freestanding baths are guaranteed to make a statement.


The first decision you will need to make about freestanding baths is where to place them. Many people find placing the bath in the centre of the room makes a huge statement, but freestanding baths look fantastic against a wall or even under a large picture window.

Because the baths come in a choice of shapes, you can blend your freestanding baths in with the rest of your bathroom décor beautifully.


The freestanding baths come in a selection of shapes to blend in with any bathroom design. My personal favourites are the Assai freestanding baths which are rectangular in shape being wider at the top than bottom and the Rubarto freestanding baths which are an elegant oval shape. The reason I love these freestanding baths is that they are also available in a selection of colour options, enabling you to really make a statement in your bathroom area.

Freestanding Bath

Assai Freestanding Bath

Most of the freestanding baths are rectangular in shape with angled sides making them unique and stylish and giving you the ability to blend them into your bathroom area with ease.

Why Freestanding Baths?

With so many bath designs available you may be wondering why freestanding baths. Actually it’s down to preference, but the freestanding baths are as their name suggests, they stand on their own even when placed against a wall, some of them are availdable in a number of colour options and the best thing is that they are deep baths, enabling you to really soak your worries away after a long day at work.

Once you have carefully planned your bathroom and have chosen exactly where to place your freestanding bath you can start planning the remainder of the space. The most important consideration is not to compromise your floor space and if you are placing freestanding baths in the centre of the room, be sure there is enough space around the bath for you to more freely.

A Touch of Luxury with Airpool Baths

Airpool baths are a top choice this year as homes across the country renovate their bathrooms to a spa-inspired and luxurious theme. These baths are not only available in a choice of shapes and sizes, but they offer a host of health benefits and even better, they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for the convenience of a spa in your home, then adding the luxury of an airpool bath in your bathroom is the first step to achieving this.

Shapes and Sizes

The advantage to the airpool baths is that they are available in such a large variety of shapes and sizes to suit any size bathroom. From the stunning semi-circular design to the rectangular choices and the large oval options to the more square choices. You can blend these luxurious baths into any bathroom design.

When choosing airpool baths remember to keep your style the same throughout the space. If you have chosen straight edged designs for your basin, shower and vanity, then ensure you choose from the rectangular or square airpool baths. The same applies if you have chosen cylindrical or curved fixtures and fittings, choose from the oval or semi-circular airpool baths, allowing your design to flow freely throughout the space.

whirlpool and airpoll baths

Luxury Whirlpool and Airpool Baths

Health Benefits

What many people don’t realise is that airpool baths offer a host of health benefits and are the ideal choice if you are looking for that luxurious touch in your bathroom. These baths are a welcome addition to those with arthritis or circulation problems. The air jets gently massage aching joints and muscles while you bath and the massaging action dramatically improves circulation.

These baths are a wonderful addition if you are looking for that long and relaxing soak in the bath after a long day at work and can help alleviate stress.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Airpool baths are very easy to clean and maintain. It’s important to have your bath serviced by a professional at least once a year to ensure the motor is working to its best. But the rest of the time you just need to take a little time to clean the bath.

After each use let the jets run while the bath is empty and use a cloth to wipe out any excess water. Unlike the whirlpool options, airpool baths can run empty, reducing the risk of damaging the motor in the long run.

Hide Your Bath Plumbing with Bath Panels

When placing a bath in your bathroom you want it to look neat, tidy and stylish. As you probably know your bath is mounted and under it is where you find all the plumbing, not a sight you want to put on display.

The plumbing under a bath is definitely not worth putting on display, it’s unsightly and ugly and will completely ruin the design of your bathroom. This is why it’s essential to have bath panels in place. These panels hide the ugly plumbing and fit perfectly to your bath, offering you that neat design you were hoping for.

Various Sizes

The great thing about bath panels is the various sizes they come in, if you can’t find one that is an exact match, they can be cut down to size, fitting in perfectly and giving a side to your bath.

Freestanding Bath

Phoenix Rubartoi Freestanding Bath

There are different sized bath panels available, one for the elongated front section of the bath and then one for the end of the bath, if it is on display and not surrounded by a wall on three sides.

Bath panels are easy to install, they can be done quickly within an hour or two and can make a huge impact on how your bath fits into your bathroom space.

Various Colours

The next advantage when it comes to bath panels is the colour options available. Many people go for a white, lets face it, many baths are white and if you want a light and bright bathroom, then you want to choose a light colour.

Some bathrooms benefit from a focal point, a centre piece and you can do this if you have a freestanding bath, for example. Finding bath panels in bright purple, black or even red can make a huge impact in your bathroom, giving it a “wow” factor.

Selection of Textures

Sometimes you want to keep everything natural. I’ve found this in a choice of bathroom designs where they are trying to create an indoor and outdoor flow. Imagine a huge wall of glass with a bath placed near the glass, you obviously want to welcome the outdoors into the bathroom and bath panels in wood can help you achieve this.

Wooden bath panels also add some texture to your bathroom design. Even smaller bathrooms can benefit from a wooden toilet seat and wooden bath panels. Just be sure you choose a light wood that doesn’t overpower the room.

What To Look For When Installing Corner Baths

When it come to choosing a bath for your bathroom you need to take the space available and layout of your bathroom into consideration. Placing corner baths helps in maximising floor space and often these baths are chosen to be placed under a large window or sky light.


I remember years ago all corner baths looked the same, they had a triangular edge that fitted into the corner and then the bath itself was curved, offering a large space to soak. Times have changed and as bathrooms are designed more luxurious and modern, the corner baths have changed too.

corner bath

Phoenix Nice Corner Bath

These days you can find straight edged corner baths, those perfect for the modern bathroom design. Then there are those with gentle curves such as the space saving or compact corner baths and then there are the stunning oval corner baths designs.

One of my favourites is the Plato corner bath, these baths have straight sides with angled edges, making them stylish, sophisticated and elegant and perfect for any bathroom design.


The size of the corner baths you choose is as important as the design, you want to maximise your floor space leaving plenty of room for that shower you have always wanted or your vanity and toilet.

Some of the corner baths are long, the straight edged baths and even the Plato, that I mentioned earlier. These corner baths fit into the corner position and stretch along a wall. The Nice and Monaco corner baths are more the traditional design that we all know, they fit into the corner with a curved edge helping you make the most of the space you have available.

Adding a Luxurious Touch

These days bathrooms are all being designed around modern, minimalist and luxury. Spa inspired bathrooms are a top choice this year and it doesn’t matter which of the corner baths you choose, you can add a luxurious, spa-inspired touch to them by adding whirlpool or airpool jets.

If you spend time heading to the salon or gym to enjoy the jacuzzi, allowing the jets to massage your aching muscles, you can enjoy the same benefits in the comfort of your own home. The whirlpool and airpool jets available for the corner baths offer the same benefits you would fit in a professional setting, they massage aching muscles and are great for anyone with circulation problems and arthritis. It’s definitely something to consider when choosing your corner baths.

The Top Five Bath Taps For Modern Bathroom Designs

When it comes to bath taps I believe in matching the design to the overall style of the bathroom. In a modern bathroom you are looking for sleek, minimalist and elegant and you want the taps in your bath to match those in your shower and basin, carrying the design through the entire bathroom space.

There are a large selection of bath taps ideal for the modern bathroom, but these are my top five, my personal favourites that I believe will compliment the space adding that “wow” factor.

bath mixer tap

WF Series Bath Mixer Tap

ZD Series 4 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix

The ZD Series has an integrated shower head making your bath taps even more functional. These bath taps are a single unit which includes a rectangular shower head which tapers at the bottom with a gentle curve which is very sleek and stylish. This unit is a modern square design to blend in beautifully with a modern bathroom.

OV Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath and Shower Mix Tap

These bath taps are minimalistic in design and super stylish. The tap itself is rectangular with a ninety degree angle and the shower head is simple and rectangular, giving it that perfect finish. The controls are cross head in design offering your bath that perfect finish.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Filler

The WF Series bath filler does not incorporate a shower, but offers an ultra-modern waterfall effect tap that will compliment any modern bathroom space. These bath taps are a rectangular base with a unique spout in the centre with controls on either end, one for flow and the other to manage the temperature.

XR Series 5 Hole Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

These bath taps introduce a beautiful style into the modern bathroom with a sleek rectangular shower head combined with a modern tap with ninety degree angle. The three single lever controls add ease of use to the sleek and stylish design.

WF Series Deck Mounted Bath Shower Mix

This WF Series incorporates a shower while still following through with the unique and ultra-modern design. These bath taps are modern, stylish and elegant with a rectangular shower head and a flat rectangular base with unique spout offering a waterfall effect when filling your bath. The controls can be found on either side allowing you to control your water flow and temperature with ease.

Roll Top Baths For That Luxurious Touch

2013 is a year for spa-inspired and luxurious bathroom designs. It is becoming more important to have that luxurious bathroom in your home than ever before, a chance to come home and relax in a large roll top bath rather than heading to the spa or gym.

We spend our lives juggling work and family life, these days lifestyles are chaotic and we work hard to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a luxurious en-suite or family bathroom in our home so why not add that touch of luxury with spectacular roll top baths as the centre piece.

roll top bath

Slipper Roll Top Bath

Choices Available

When choosing roll top baths you probably want your bath to become a centre piece in your bathroom and you have a few choices available to make that dream a reality.

There are a number of choices available but before you start looking it’s best you choose exactly where you intend placing your new bath. Is it going in the corner of the bathroom with two sides against a wall or is it going against a back wall with three sides open?

The roll top baths are available as single or double ended which means you can place them wherever you like in the bathroom and still enjoy the benefit of a large, deep and comfortable bath, perfect for enjoying a spa-like experience each day when you get home from work.

Then you have the choice of roll top baths or slipper baths, now the slipper baths are raised at one or both ends, giving you that ideal space to lie back. In fact these baths give a fantastic statement to any bathroom even though you would expect them in Victorian times with their sturdy feet which adds to the elegance and style of the design.

Your Stylish Design

Whenever you choose a piece of bathroom furniture such as roll top baths to add that stylish finish to your bathroom you need to ensure that you are not limiting the floor space you have available. Larger bathrooms benefit from these baths being put on display as such, in the centre of the room giving the bathroom that “wow” factor.

Obviously in a medium sized bathroom, placing roll top baths in the centre of the room would not be a practical option, here you can place them against a wall or even in the corner so that you can still enjoy the luxury and style these baths offer to your overall bathroom design.

Freestanding Baths – The Luxury Statement

This year is a year of luxury bathrooms and there isn’t a better statement in a bathroom than a stunning freestanding bath. When it comes to luxury you want comfort, you want beauty and a space where you can relax.

Spa inspired bathrooms are also a popular choice this year, they also ooze that luxurious feel and a bathroom that is designed for comfort can add value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Freestanding Bath

Phoenix Rubartoi Freestanding Bath

A bathroom that is minimalistic in design finished in white with plenty of glass makes a great statement, but you want to add that splash of luxury. Some of the best bathroom designs I have seen this season incorporate the three, minimalism, glass and luxury.

Freestanding baths come in a range of sizes and designs, so you can easily find the best one to suite your bathroom design from the stunning oval designs available in a range of colours to the rectangular designs.

Picture a white bathroom with white walls and floor, a large purple freestanding bath in the centre of the room with a large walk in shower to one side with glass enclosure to capture the light. With the bathroom all being white and simple, the freestanding baths colour is the splash of colour the bathroom needs, it showcases the luxurious side of the bathroom, add a whirlpool or airpool option to the bath and you have luxury second to none.

Another of the fantastic luxurious designs I have seen is a bathroom in a home set in the heart of the country, the bathroom had a large picture window and a rectangular freestanding bath was positioned next to the window in white. The floors, walls and ceilings were white with light brown vanity units and glass basins, it made such a statement incorporating the light and bright design with the sheer luxury of the bath nestled under the window where you can soak in a steaming bubble bath as you gaze across the country landscape. It doesn’t get better than that.

Freestanding baths can be placed in the centre of the room, under or next to a window or against a wall, the choice is up to you. They are available in white to stick to the minimalist design or some of them are available with a selection of coloured panels for you to choose from. Either way freestanding baths make a luxury statement in a bathroom design when you’re trying to achieve luxury and practicality into one space.

Understanding Bathroom Wastes

Chances are you don’t really care where your water goes once you let the plug out of your bath or basin in the bathroom, but when you are designing a new bathroom these are important things to take into consideration.

For the Basin

When you think of wastes you have no interest, but when you are in the process of designing a new bathroom, the bathroom wastes you choose have an impact on your overall bathroom design.

Basically there are two choices, the traditional plug and chain design which works beautifully in traditional and cottage style bathrooms and then there are the Klik-Klak wastes, these are push designs which are easy to use.

basin and bath wastes

Square Slotted Basin Waste

The push design requires you push down on the plug to seal the unit, enabling you to fill your basin with water and when you want to let the water out, you just give the plug a simple push again. This is ideal for the modern bathroom giving your bathroom a sophisticated and functional element.

For the Baths

When it comes to bath wastes you have more than the plug to consider, there is also the overflow outlet. Obviously you want to ensure your overflow outlet and your plug match in design. There is of course the traditional plug and chain design and then there are the push plug designs from Klik-Klak with matching overflow outlets that ensure your plug and outlet match.

The advantage is that there are some really stylish choices, my favourite for modern bathrooms has to be the square design with the square overflow outlet. These are ideal when you have chosen square taps and products for your new modern bathroom, allowing everything to work together and complement the space.

Take Your Design into Consideration

When choosing wastes you have to take your overall bathroom design into consideration. Think about the items you have chosen, have you got a glass basin, a roll top bath or a modern basin? What will look best with these items?

When choosing always ensure that your bath and basin wastes are matching in functionality and design. If you have chosen push plug designs for your basin, make sure you carry it over to your bath. This is so important, it reduces the risk of your bathroom being out of sync and ensures that everything complements each other and blends in beautifully with your overall bathroom design.